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Glinda • 1 year ago

Finally 🀧 I screamed a loud when I sew it!!!! 😍😍😍😍😍😍😭🀧🀧 Thank you, I will watch it now!!!

Nan Demo K(Nai)ves • 1 year ago

Lol I was surprised as well, I wasn't expecting it at all. Definitely a welcome surprise.

Glinda • 1 year ago

Wow what a crazy and perfect movie with so many emotions in one movie 😍πŸ₯°πŸ₯°πŸ₯°πŸ€—πŸ€—!!! I felt so bad and so sad for their captain who was an amazing and such a good captain, I felt bad and sad for him and also for the other two senpai who are leaving... because they won't have another chance... I was a little bummed πŸ™.
It was also sad afterwards to see their dorms empty... If they had succeeded they would have had more time to be together for the rest of the competition, that would also have been frustrating. I literally cried at these parts. When their teacher announced that he was leaving I was really shocked and could no longer contain the pain I felt 😒. But their appreciation for the teacher and support for his dream moved me very much. The fight they had about Watari's fear was really understandable, and it was also sad. I really understand Watari and also Futaba and Misato. I liked what Asa said to the teacher - "It's all your fault (πŸ˜…) but it will be okay, they are strong"
Wow, when Watari asked for help from Shiro High, I really appreciated him. 🀧πŸ₯°πŸ₯°
The joint practice of the two high schools was really fun to watch. As for the concerns of Watari, Shotaro, and Misato's reactions, I understood them all. I'm happy that Watari was able to get the new role, and I'm happy for everyone who was united together again, I cried a lot in these parts. I was so happy to find out that all three of their senpai will continue this sport in university and that they will stay together and I'm sure the other three will join them later as well. Their conversation with the teacher at the graduation ceremony and the teacher's reactions really moved me, and their show at the end at the Tshaya Festival was the most perfect show I've ever seen, and that they thanked their teacher out loud and then Futaba shouted that he loves this sport - I was really excited. The encore was just stunning too.
I want so much more and more and I wish I could also see their lives after high school and the lives of those who are still in high school πŸ€—. I will keep this movie in my heart forever!!

Glinda • 1 year ago

In conclusion - it was a great movie, I cried, I laughed, I was disappointed, I was upset, I was sad, I was happy, I was overwhelmed with happiness, I was excited, and in short I felt so many emotions and I really enjoyed this good movie!!! I'm so glad I watched it 😁.
The support of their parents is really amazing too!!
I will miss it!!! I will miss it a lot 😭😣☹️❀️❀️❀️❀️❀️
They really all went through such an amazing way together...

Nan Demo K(Nai)ves • 1 year ago

Let's hope they gives this series an encore soon.

Glinda • 1 year ago

I really hope so!!!

Nan Demo K(Nai)ves • 1 year ago

This was such a fun ride, had me smiling so hard by the end. It did get sad in the middle, and the movie didn't go in the direction I had thought it was going, but it was a great movie nevertheless.

It took me by surprise when Watari made a huge mistake in the performance, I didn't think they were going to pull a perfect performance because of how stiff they were but I thought they would at least get some sort of ranking but it was a lot sadder and heavier as it cut to a time skip.

It was hard to watch Watari the entire time during the middle portion the guilt, burden, anxiety and responsibility as a captain looked way too heavy for his shoulders. He was either really lost or too meek and it was so visible. I'm glad he eventually is able to overcome it and it was such a dramatic but Watari way of pushing through. You could really feel the sincerity as he prostrated and pleaded to the Shiro High team.

Thanks to that, we got to see some great interactions, I really enjoyed watching them all connect with one another. Watari and Azuma was hilarious, a new brotherly bond was formed that night. Also Shichigahama's disappointment when finding out Takase wasn't as dumb as him was great.

I'm glad Mabuchi was able to help the three third years get into the same university and it sounded like they might continue doing rhythmic gymnastics especially after Takase expressed that he was looking forward to seeing them do so.

It'll be interesting to see what they do with the sequel, there is so many perspectives we'll have to see as there's a lot of split ups between them all. I'm sure it'll continue focused on Futaba as the center but I hope we'll get to see how the third years get on and Shida too. There'll be lots of new characters to be introduced too since they'll try to recruit new members, hopefully they'll be as wholesome as the third years.

Nan Demo K(Nai)ves • 1 year ago

Performance wise, I really like how they animate the performances. I was wondering why they went all out of Shiro High's practice but it eventually made sense but it was so damn cool to watch them even in practice clothing.

I like how they were a lot more experimental with the camera angles in this movie, you can tell they actually got people to perform these choreographies and filmed them to use as bases for the animation. You could tell in the first season but this really emphasizes that notion.

The last performance for Ao High was great to watch too, I was so glad Watari was able to perfectly do that one move and his huge smile after succeeding put a huge smile on my own face. Then seeing everyone else smiling for him, happy that he succeeded was just so heartwarming. I love the soothing vibes this gives off.

And to my surprise, I wasn't expecting a 12-man performance, seeing the two teams performing together like that was such a great addition to their last performance as high schoolers, even if the third years had already graduated lol. The light-up wristbands was such a great touch and I like how they ended up merging up a bit and they were just two teams performing together.

Once again, this was such a great movie, I'm still smiling writing all this down, I wish I could point out specific parts that was really made me happy but then there'd be too many and my comment is already long as it is. I hope we get a sequel series or movie, even an OVA! I just hope we get more of their story.

SkyNatsu • 1 year ago

Ahh&hhhhhh so happy 😭

animeinreality • 1 year ago

Ah finally!! Been waiting for ages. Thank you!

reese's πŸ”» • 1 year ago

still not over the illustration at the end I WILL CRY

Noy_Rican • 1 year ago

The song always gives me goosebumps.
Ah, That is why this is a great anime.

Mandy Muller • 1 year ago

Finally 😩

Alecavalleri ♀️ • 4 months ago

I still hate the camera movements during the performances, but this was a great movie! Also a great closure for the story, it was kinda nice not seeing the protagonists win the final tournament for once

Noy_Rican • 1 year ago

Oh, After a long wait
I got see this 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

IStandAlone Roronoa Zoro • 1 year ago

OMG, this series made me cry so much I almost fainted from a heart attack!!!

Why couldn't they at least win 2nd place in the Inter High? So unfair!! This story touched me so much because I felt the same when my senpais graduated and even when I graduated - graduating is sad and alike a goodbye to those happy memories that you know will never come back! :'(

I am happy however in the end that they were able to do gymnastics one last time in a major event! But I wonder if they won the event? They did so well, I believe they deserved to win! Amazing and touching anime and I will miss it from the bottom of my heart! Overall Score:10/10! :')

Daemon Redfox • 11 months ago

saw this 2 months later just because, and it is a lovely movie, makes one cry :c

the movie didnt go the direction i or everyone thought, it was heartbreaking see them lose so soon, but the movie still took a very good direction, would love a second season XD

Helia • 1 year ago

Beautiful... BEAUTIFUL!!! 😭✨😭✨😭

GreenTea Gal • 1 year ago

OH WOW they sure took their time with dis :O

Tanlio • 1 year ago

the smiles, the comedy, the ups and downs, the grief and love, the animation, the colors, the performance, this love developed for the sport, the characters, i will truly remember this from the deepest parts of my heart, i swear on my life that this is the best anime i've ever seen

Nick Raph • 1 year ago

Wuuuuu.....their team is as good as done already.....lets go back to reality guys.....their 3 most experienced members graduated and their coach left....they cant just take anybody to fill in the blank as their coach cuz i doubt their school care enough to hire a new coach unless they got multiple new experienced students joining their school....so sad there wont be another season cuz their club just died....

Ugh • 1 year ago

Bro ur pfp is soo creepy πŸ˜΅β€πŸ’«

Wait… I think I’ve seen the anime :o

RSA Max • 1 year ago

Jesus took em too long. But better than Yuri on Ice MIA

Tsukkiss my ass • 1 year ago

bakutennn been so longggg