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Rugweld • 4 months ago

I was sleepy at the moment then I saw the last part and my body felt alive again due to the shock.

Ian Nava H • 4 months ago

the ebst way to wake up

Kawaii • 4 months ago

Then why not censor 06:32 lols

Monkey D. Luna • 4 months ago

there's actually quite a number of panty shots without Shirogane blocking it... good thing they don't have consistency. XD

Archie Andrew's 1000 • 4 months ago

Same here XD Ofc they could just get rid of the Shirogani censor for all the pantsu shots since it just be convenient and only the nude shots since the BD's will/may have the uncensored parts.

Monkey D. Luna • 4 months ago

ikr! pantsu shots are nothing! they should reserve Shirogani censor for really lewd stuffs like nips... or hand holding. XD

Iced Up Dragon • 4 months ago

they need a uncatted version of the show

Omnipresent, V2 • 4 months ago

Shhh just... let it happen

Nemesis Claus • 4 months ago

she is off limits

TeeKayz • 4 months ago

For those want to know what happened at the end.
That's not the real Suzu, hint is at the end.

Also no more new episodes already might just drop this till wait bd release.

Royland Sidam • 4 months ago

Best part about Suzu's omokage clone is they share senses so the Suzu's real body can feel the kiss too, worst part about the omokage is also any damage inflicted to the clone Suzu can also feel the pain too.

sj.tm7 • 4 months ago

When bd releases?

TeeKayz • 4 months ago

Probably a year later.

Divine demon GOD Aris • 4 months ago

shirogane getting freaky?

TeeKayz • 4 months ago

Omokage, its similar to Naruto's clone jutsu.

Carl • 4 months ago

wait no new episodes coming out ever or like next week?

TeeKayz • 4 months ago

Sadly nope, myself also don't know.

joblesshobo • 4 months ago

In total, Suzu ate 2 lollipops, 1 donut and a plate full of dango in this episode.

Oh and add 1 Mitsuru to that list because she is snacc.

Evilspyre • 4 months ago

She ate 3 plates of dango as it said 3rd time today.

Divine demon GOD Aris • 4 months ago

suzu devours all

Disappointed Kazuma • 4 months ago

Give me the damn UNCENSORED ASAP

Just for research purposes though ☺️ it's not like i am some hor*y beast or something i swear

MeguminExplosion • 4 months ago

WA GA NA WA Disappointed Megumin. My YURI senses are tingling. My brain is telling me nooo but my body is telling me yesssss.

Masumi • 4 months ago

I'd find it hilarious if there is no uncensored version, and they just used low angles and stuff to fit in more shiroganes XD

Noah Winns-Cromer • 4 months ago

Suzu: You pretty much always stay out of convos with Yayo and Lu.
Me: Yeah, cause who the h*** would wanna be friends with a girl who gropes people, and a blond chick who uses social media terms like "grammable"? Which BTW, IS FREAKING CRINGE!!!

LowJack187 • 4 months ago

They all want the sausage!

Ian Nava H • 4 months ago

Give credit to the anime
Lu basically called out Yayo about it and she genuinely wanted to apologize.
Other anime in general wouldn't even tell her anything

And the social media terms you get used to it. I had to give her meme cred points for actually recognizcing the existence of furries

Seroux • 4 months ago

I hate Shirogane. Move ffs you shithole.

biskutjacob • 4 months ago

Hi there, where can I see the uncensored version? Everywhere I go, I see his face

KeqingMain • 4 months ago

For me telling Suzu about Ayakashi and Exorcism could be the most dangerous thing to do because we all know how she interacted with Shirogane after he told her about the King of Ayakashi title😅 also Shirogane so powerful with the censorship on this one and it makes me realise how powerful he is😂

Kawa 💎 • 4 months ago

'legs' should be a genre nowdays
this anime is all about legs

Divine demon GOD Aris • 4 months ago

and boobs

Divock • 4 months ago

the thighs camera is just

Monkey D. Luna • 4 months ago

that's what brings all the boys in the yard...

zEscOOt • 4 months ago

Why have so many panty shots if shirogane will keep blocking them

Divine demon GOD Aris • 4 months ago

shirogane hogging the panty shots

TR • 3 months ago

I can't see the panties because there's a pussy in the way? how does that work? ffs

Rob • 2 months ago

When are we getting the uncensored version?

SkyNatsu • 3 months ago


Episode 5 airs on March 6, Episode 6 airs on March 13, recap on March 20, special program on March 27.

Episode 7 air date will be announced later, due to unforeseen circumstances

Himiko Mizukawa • 3 months ago

stop watching
wait bluue ray for cultred vers

Marek Šajner • 4 months ago

This episode this anime took a weird turn lulz

Monkey D. Luna • 4 months ago

Ponosuke... I recognized that voice anywhere... it's Satomi Arai-sama!
she just kept getting supporting roles. T_T

Void • 4 months ago


Censorship: I'm tired of this shit.
Viewers: FINALLY!!!


Abby Chan • 4 months ago

Time for another Ayakashi Tuesday! (Mononogatari and Ayakashi Triangle)

Ian Nava H • 4 months ago

But it was monday when the episode was released

Abby Chan • 4 months ago

Yeah but it is Tuesday for me

MonikaMonika • 4 months ago

i really hate shirogane!!! blocking those shots!!!

MonikaMonika • 4 months ago

she didn't even hold up, directly assaulted matsuri on her/his bed
--- oh ma gawd -- ma eyes was blessed and got yurified hard

Ninlil • 4 months ago

And so the yuri yuri action begin

Deus The Great • 4 months ago

I want to be MC's fundoshi ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Noah Winns-Cromer • 4 months ago

Bout time, though I've watched today's episode elsewhere.

No new episode next week, because Ayakashi's delayed due to COVID.