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MeguminExplosion • 2 months ago

Bro fed the tomato plant milk 💀

BunnyLuvr • 2 months ago

He just wanted the sweet taste of pizza, give him some slack 🤣

Os • 2 months ago

But it has calcium oddly enough it does pretty well with tomatoes reason it failed must have been since he just went with to strong a milk, never go all milk needed a better mix :D

arra1213 • 2 months ago

so it was moms fault that the tomato dies lmao

Superb Villain Veigar • 2 months ago

Kids doing kid things lol

arra1213 • 2 months ago

yeah laugh so hard with that scene btw aonos mom is f***ing hot xd

Archie Andrew's 1000 • 2 months ago

So true xD

Anime & Rutabagas • 2 months ago

With Aono's first note I already knew Saseki lost lol

JDC • 2 months ago

That "taste of your own medicine!!!!" was soo deserved.

Kurogiri • 2 months ago

Bro, they put the budget in this episode for sure!
It's better than the usual.

Pukoy • 2 months ago

Saeki's still a bit off, while Aono was able to clear his mind and delivered a flawless performance. Hope Saeki won't perch for the second chair (although he's quite docile and he's trying to avoid any hassle).

Mecazor • 2 months ago

so aono won the retest right?

Crimson.Princess • 2 months ago

yeah he won the retest

Nick Raph • 2 months ago

didnt the winner get the inside spot?...aono got the outside spot.......inside is main player, the outside acts as support

Gangan • 2 months ago

Notice the head tilts when violinists perform. Whoever sits in the outside spot is the one other violinists in his row can easily notice by moving their eye to the right for a split second. So the outside spot is where the row leader sits. Meanwhile the row leader only looks at the next row leader in front of him to follow, repeat until the row leader of the first row who is also the overall leader of the violin section. I've forgotten all the technical words that's used to refer this.

Netonixen • 2 months ago

Outside is seat closest to the audience, that is the main player who is more noticeable.

Mecazor • 2 months ago

Oh so he lost,still he was fine with it, it seems

Watchforever • 2 months ago

Only 3 episodes left

Haruhi • 2 months ago

We win those babyyy. Fvk can't wait for the next ep. The last scene is too funny lol and I can't stop simping for Aono's mom

Annecy Change • 2 months ago

Good he found his timber. He could still improve himself.

Riceyy • 2 months ago

That very last scene xD <333

Watchforever • 2 months ago

I’m wondering how season 1 will end though

Maka Evans • 2 months ago

I think it will end with the concert 🤔...

Pabby • 2 months ago

Yeah I think in the manga they got all the way to their last 3rd grade concert. This means more than one season of anime, right?

nanika • 2 months ago

so sad and happy at the same time 🤧

Mecazor • 2 months ago

baka kodomo aono, putting milk to plants

IStandAlone Roronoa Zoro • 2 months ago

So Saeki lost to Aono this time. Too bad I guess.

Deus The Great • 2 months ago

Aono should say he wants to drink his mom's milk instead ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Shika • 2 months ago

AYO, you need to relax...

There's a site for that ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Krazy_Kirby • 2 months ago

seriously, why would you cheat on her?

GreenTea Gal • 2 months ago

maybe s3x is the only way to improve his timbre :P

Krazy_Kirby • 2 months ago

his retest sounded just like the previous clips of that part of the song...
they should have had the violinist play differently before, if they wanted the same exact piece to sound vastly better

Gangan • 2 months ago

Yeah. I've heard people on reddit complain of the same notes playing over and over throughout the show.

Maka Evans • 2 months ago

They are so in sync🤣🤣🤣

Asian Lady Jean • 1 month ago

Hajime has grownth even more, so happy he get to sit behind Sou in the orcherstra concert. So funny that the teacher said to Sou that he should repeat a year.

Bloodyraven54 • 1 month ago

she meant if you drink milk you dummy! XD i laughed so hard when he called her a liar

sol666 . • 2 months ago

Makes more sense now....."you lied to me!"

bari • 2 months ago


Os • 2 months ago

Haha hit a peak right in time for the test and clapped back :D

GreenTea Gal • 2 months ago

milk: *exists*
baby aono: "greatest anime betrayal of all time"

Netonixen • 2 months ago

I am so glad I gave this series a chance. It was an impulse watch as I don't really care for music anime but I will never regret watching this.
Thank you so much to Tezu for the subtitles. I would not be able to enjoy this anime without you. Just as there are unsung heroes in an orchestra, Tezu is the unsung hero for this anime.
Keep up the good work and may we enjoy this medium for decades to come.

Trix • 2 months ago

Lots of ups and downs, but we finally made it here.

Deus The Great • 2 months ago

So, that tomato plant died because of too much MILF.

dwagsragon • 2 months ago

Good progress made this episode

Watchforever • 2 months ago

Nothing like practicing for music