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Void • 5 months ago

Season 2 when

Anime & Rutabagas • 5 months ago

Looking at all the recent popularity of AI, this series sure came out at the right time...

Coincidence? I think not! lol

Byno • 5 months ago

All according to the AI Algorithm XD

vovan1 • 4 months ago

AI: All according to keikaku

Superb Villain Veigar • 5 months ago

Oh Chatgpt, Which Anime will rack in the most amount of cash??!!

Chatgpt: Make an anime about A.I. and the cash will flow!

And so this anime was born

Deus The Great • 5 months ago

I asked her to marry me once lmao. Just because.


Reemus • 5 months ago

There were more (although less scientific and more dramatic) AI series before. It's not a coincidence, I'm afraid.

Just Kiss Already! • 5 months ago

For a probable genius he is still lacking in communication skills sometimes.

Mega-Chad-Type-Hero • 5 months ago

I-Q is not the same as E-Q; business-success is also more reliant on E-Q than I-Q

Archie Andrew's 1000 • 5 months ago

Also lacking in emotional expressing as well.

Solomon Whyman • 5 months ago

There is a very deliberate reason for the creators of this series to present the main character as more cold and robotic than the androids he services.

All part of the underlining propaganda

Deus The Great • 5 months ago

Everything can be fix when you get a girl. Dude smile and rizz up even for just a moment lmao.

Tomato Kyouko • 5 months ago

shelden cooper

N99dels • 5 months ago

This was a great anime

It talks about various questions on atificial intelligence like practicallaty and morality.
How should we act with an AI? When does an AI become sentient? What happens if you convert your mind into a robot, is it still you or a program acting like you?

It not only delivers these questions but also shows potential examples on how advanced AI can influence regular people's lives
Yes te animation was mid but i find these questions so fucking intresting

I may or may not have forgotten to watchh since ep 7 but i doubt my opinion will differ too much when i'm caught up


Solomon Whyman • 5 months ago

Thank you for underscoring/confirming a few of the concerns/warnings that I elucidated sporadically throughout this season. (Reposted below)

esesemssm • 5 months ago

AI isn't going to be sentient for atleast next 500 years. Humans haven't even begun to understand how Consciousness works

vovan1 • 4 months ago

I agree this was the most peaceful AI anime in years!
If only there was more action, 7/10!

Lucy Heartfilia • 5 months ago

Hey, hey, hey! It can't just end like this! Not when we've just started seeing Sudo's real self! Not only that, his journey to find his mom has just begun!
I'm glad he finally acknowledged how important Risa is to him and gave her a hug though...

IStandAlone Roronoa Zoro • 5 months ago

And we have come to a conclusion for this as well! Ai No Idenshi was one of the anime that described the evolution of AI at its most realistic that I have seen! It is not a coincidence since there has been so many news about the evolution of technology as of late and people's fears of being replaced by robots infused with ChatGPT capabilities. Sudo really impressed me as a character and I wondered how come he is NOT a Humanoid based on the fact that he is cold as a machine! Each episode with its different characters impressed me, and Sudo going to see his mom will bring him back a stronger man than ever. Also, based on how it ended, we might expect a second season of this! But yeah, a good watch, although boring at times, full of life lessons as well!

Overall Score: 7/10! Sayonara! :)

Divock • 5 months ago

this was great, enjoyed every bit

Paradise SLU • 5 months ago

9.99/10 it was an awesome anime, Sudo be safe out there.

Zarunagi Iromano • 5 months ago

What makes you not give more 0.01 score?

Paradise SLU • 5 months ago

If Sudo took Risa, I would have given it a full score.

vovan1 • 4 months ago

i expected this outcome tbh, there was no way he would take her to war zone. And he him not leaving was also not an option. I'm glad they made up before he left :)

Paradise SLU • 4 months ago

Agreed I hope he returns safe and sound, how are you vovan1.

vovan1 • 4 months ago

thanks Sylas i'm good, how are u?

Paradise SLU • 4 months ago

I am good Vlad, happy Saturday just tired hows it going.

vovan1 • 4 months ago

i finally caught up to gogo front page, i skipped "Good night world" setting didn't get to watch all 12 eps.

Paradise SLU • 4 months ago

Oh okay vovan1, how was your day.

vovan1 • 4 months ago

i got some home stuff done, what about u?

Paradise SLU • 4 months ago

It was okay, I got a lot done yesterday happy Sunday.

vovan1 • 4 months ago

Awesome! Weekends is only "time when you feel

And the only time you heal"
- Nomy Cocain

Paradise SLU • 4 months ago

Cool, thanks vovan1, happy Sunday.

zEscOOt • 5 months ago

Interesting show about AI but it lacks something that other AI based anime have

Serif Mango • 5 months ago

skynet and terminators, is that what you were hoping for

lampuiho • 5 months ago

He better come back and get married with the nurse

vovan1 • 4 months ago

and have million children xD

Kuroi San • 5 months ago

Excellent anime, looking forward to another season, it was sort of an indie type, new concept with a pretty unique artstyle which i liked. 8.5/10

I really hope he finds her

Düölingöhhh Snorlax • 5 months ago

Awww I hope Dr. Sudo dies. Or at least his personality gets so twisted that he‘s unrecognizable :D

xX><Xx • 5 months ago

This show was very thought-provoking. At the beginning I thought it would be so heavy that I'd want to take my time with it, but it turned out to mostly be episodic.

Justmadeanaccount4 • 5 months ago

I'm glad I didn't drop this. Turned out to be pretty decent. I hope the two sequel series' to this get adapted but I'm not holding my breath.

Coldplay23 • 5 months ago

yayy sweet ending, he pretty much told her he wants her in his life and that's all she wanted to hear, nice airport hug. need season 2. also i got no issues with what his mom did, she pretty much seems like she did what she had to to save her son, even her clone wouldn't be mad. that little girl always getting free rides from him, charge her ...CHARGE HER!!!!!! :)

sol666 . • 5 months ago

Not a lot of shows today that educate the audience on real world problems through a fantasy plot. AI is everywhere today and life has been convenient for many nations but at the same time it has become a source of more diverse and complicated criminal and terrorist threats, ones that don't fall under any criminal laws unless they directly threaten the government's themselves. Until our laws catch up to the new AI powered criminal enterprise people will always have their identities stolen, their data encrypted by ransomewares and companies tracking people's every move without fear of prosecution.

Bittersweet Revenge • 5 months ago

This was a good anime

Solomon Whyman • 5 months ago

A refresher of the concerns I had posted on episode 1. (which may be wasted on those that:
ONE- haven't/won't give much thought to this issue beyond its fictional promises and/or
TWO-those too young to know of a society without an all-encompassing presence of this manner of technological advancement or
THREE- Don't fully grasp the points and long-term 'end-game' ramifications being made.):
Entertainment value (or lack thereof) aside, this is clearly the latest example of scientism/transhumanist propaganda [such as Ghost in the shell and Psycho pass]; manipulating the masses via emotionalism couched in a veneer of "plausible" sounding science fiction (as is the standard modus operandi).

And at least it differs somewhat significantly from the Klaus Schwab & Yuval Harari (World Economic Forum) model of the near future...but give it time.
Furthermore, this series has been very sneaky in its use of sophistry to get its message across in a way that superficially shows both sides of the issue; giving precedence to 'AI rights' again, mostly via emotionalism [and 'stacking the decks' by presenting the humanoids as unquestionably sentient 'living' beings a priori ] but also by way of the opposition being presented in a more unfavourable light.

TGN • 5 months ago

You said a lot of big words, but I'm not too sure what the point of your comment is supposed to be. The series operates on a principal assumption: that AI can grow complex enough to simulate consciousness. Yes, that point remains in contention, but the series did not endeavor to prove that AI could become conscious. Like the works of Isaac Asimov, it paints a world with a civilization's struggle to accept something new.
If you wanted a work that proves whether or not AI can become conscious, then no one can give you that answer. I saw the message of this series as a challenge -- exploring what it means to be human, using AI as a medium to do so.

Typecero • 5 months ago

I agree with you.

If anything, this anime did the opposite and made AI look like a joke. By the third episode I was recalling a hentai called “Fella Hame Lips”, and how I took a sex robot’s budding romance with the MC more seriously than this show that is wide as the ocean, shallow as a puddle.

Sometimes grand ideas aren’t necessary. If I were to stack this next to Vivy: Fluorite Eye's Song, an anime where a robot’s continued existence caused an evolution where AI created something of their own, I would consider it an insult for these two to be in the same category.

It felt like we were too busy wrapping Human Problems in an AI foil.

The issue with this show is that AI should be logical and cold. It is only when you start to blur the line (like was done in Vivy and another show called Plastic Memories) and AI start becoming humans in terms of emotion that they should not have.

We need more Vivy’s. Less Gene of AI.

Maybe the next Sci-fi show Bullbuster will be better. We have had a string of L’s in the sci fi category since Witch from Mercury season 1.

Archie Andrew's 1000 • 5 months ago

Lets also put out there with the anime Stainless that doe the same similar things.