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Alex • 1 year ago

GUNDAM. What else?

Momonga • 1 year ago

people complaining about episodes being late...
meanwhile gogo: best i can do is a less than 3 minutes gundam thing that aired almost 15 years ago!

vovan1 • 1 year ago

better late when never xD

vovan1 • 1 year ago

Shouldn't it be already 40th anniversary?

Yash • 1 year ago

More like around 45th!

Watchforever • 1 year ago

This was a thing huh ?

NoMoreSloppyMoves • 1 year ago

30 years? Old age just slapped me in the face.

Coldplay23 • 1 year ago

one day future wars will be fought with weapons like these and the power of friendship, and the majority of us won't be around to witness it

eat shit gogo

i need a new gundam game to play. or a double feature episode of witch of mercury.

Shiny Bidoof • 1 year ago

isn't one full pvp with almost all Gundams in ps4-5?

Dezusa • 1 year ago

youre in luck then, gundam battle operation 2 releases in a few days

Erikthonius • 1 year ago

dam beat me to it

Phillip Brooker • 1 year ago

I downloaded SD Gundam Battle Alliance on Switch and it's good. The other day they released a DLC of Aerial as a playable.

Araragigatari • 1 year ago

I think Gundam MIGHT be sexist. But they're protecting the wamans in the kitchen so they couldn't possibly be bad guys.

Ndukwe Agwe Eme Ndukwe • 1 year ago

where is 00 riser

Namico • 1 year ago

Too many types of gundam to count in one video, are they going to release new UC story or something ?

George Cowley • 1 year ago

This is like when other things reference it.

shinigami sensei • 1 year ago

Wow cool i was watching zetta gundam right now. Came to download the new yamada episode and then gogo puts this up