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ddx • 3 months ago

Im not gay, i just love any story thats not about big booty bitches and nipples all the time. at least here we get an adult story and not some overpowered over sexualized teenager

Nan Demo K(Nai)ves • 3 months ago

I don't think you have to be gay to watch BL. Most who watch BL are women anyways and it's not like watching two men get together is going to turn any one who is comfortable in their sexuality gay lol.

But yeah, there are some BL that are quite sexualized, I much prefer the wholesome kinds like this and Sasaki to Miyano which is one I highly recommend.

Gaedo7 • 3 months ago

As a gay guy, same. Don't misunderstand me, I'm grateful for every BL anime (since they are pretty rare), but I prefer the cute and wholesome BL that focus more on the relationship, build up, etc, than the sex part (so series like Sasaki to Miyano, Given, Umibe no etranger, Yuri On Ice, etc). It's a shame that those kind of series only get a live-action at best.

That's why I'm loving this show and I'll keep my fingers crossed for a season 2 and more BL anime (my love mix-up, Hirano to Kagiura, Harukaze no etranger, I hear the sunspot, etc)

Nan Demo K(Nai)ves • 3 months ago

I still can't believe they didn't milk Yuri on Ice. I think even if a season 2 comes out, it won't get half the popularity it did when it originally came out.

Archie Andrew's 1000 • 2 months ago

So true.

OmO • 3 months ago

Tadaima Okaeri got an anime, it's gonna start airing in april. It's a super cute and wholesome omegaverse story where 2 guys are rising their kids together.

Archie Andrew's 1000 • 2 months ago

I don't mind if some BL that has a proper balance of both myself.

PicHor • 3 months ago

i watched so many straight, man and woman stories and ended up neither man or woman. pretty much proof right here. xD

Eldershield • 2 months ago

Honestly, i never watched any bl before mostly cuz i thought it would be weird watching smth like that as a straight man, but when i finally said "fuck it, i want to be more open minded", and so far i've enjoyed this, it feels the same as watching either a straight romance or yuri for me, tho i seem to be analyzing scenes a bit more that just feeling them(or just focusing on that beautiful piano piece that signifies their romance even tho i feel it was a bit overplayed in the first episodes). I'm loving this anime so far, especially kurosawa's inner fights and the subplot with the author and dancer(idk why, and i hope their age gap isnt too big) and im glad i this anime was the first BL i've watched

1WingAngel • 3 months ago

My dewd, I'm Ace and I enjoy watching BL... or at least wholesome BL. Its not really about your sexual preferences, its about enjoying a chill story of peeps getting to hang out and talk crap

Kay Southpaw • 3 months ago

same, I don't usually watch BL but I can't stop watching this for some reason. It has such a good balance of romance and comedy :)

Yoi Ya • 3 months ago

the main target audience is hetero women/girls anyways... wich is quite wierd.... but maybe it's because there are no oppressed or sexaualised women in it? but i would not want to watch an anime with an oppressed man (or worse - boy) too. i think the men who are afraid of beeing seen as gay (when doing stuff wich is associated with beeing gay in thier mind) are maybe just indoktrinated by other men or suffer from peer pressure.

Nan Demo K(Nai)ves • 3 months ago

Lol Kurosawa was so happy about being on a date with Adachi he had an internal musical break. I have no idea why Kurosawa thought going on a helicopter ride would be good for the first date, that seems way too excessive lol

Kurosawa being half-dead the next day was amusing and Adachi was of course the one to bring him back to life. I like that he was so nervous the entire time too, not that I'm surprised, but it just shows how much he cares about Adachi.

I liked their after work date than their actual first date lol, it felt more personal to me and I'm glad Adachi held Kurosawa's hand since Kurosawa deliberately avoided his hands.

I have a feeling Kurosawa would be happy that his mind could be read by Adachi, his tone didn't sound unpleasant before he got cut off. But I'm sure Adachi is going to feel guilty for the time being whenever he gets touched by Kurosawa somehow, I just hope it won't cause a big misunderstanding/drama.

Anime & Rutabagas • 3 months ago

Kurosawa pulling out all the stops for the first date...

and his song was pretty catchy too lol

Gaedo7 • 3 months ago

Guess Kurosawa really wanted to impress Adachi. But I'm glad that both of them had fun on their 2nd date :D. the communication in this show is great!

The song was cute and funny!
But damn, I wish I could find a man like Kurosawa IRL. he planned everything, from roses to helicopter and then italian dinner with a view of the ocean just to make the first date with his boyfriend memorable!

I also like their chibi versions. They are so adorable (especially Kurosawa's when Adachi tells him "a little bit at a time" ahah)

Anyway, I'm really loving this show

Dr. Prometheus • 3 months ago


Seriously, at times like this I somewhat see the appeal of being a younger gay lol. I once had a girlfriend who was more financially developed when I was at that time. She really enjoyed seeing me experience some things that were not within my financial reach back then. After some time we parted ways though, since I couldn't really afford neither to accompany her in some of her more expensive hobbies nor to be payed for, and she grew tired of this. Cannot really blame her, that was the right choice on her part.

And I do realise how it sounds. But sometimes I'm extremely tired of being ever-capable ever-deciding ever-coming up with plans and finance for both parties dude. Sometimes I want to just sit back and allow someone to entertain me and be happy about it. Regardless of how much it may sound egotistic and unmanly lol

Nan Demo K(Nai)ves • 3 months ago

LOL! I hope you get taken out on a helicopter date.

Everyone deserves to be spoiled so I don't think there's anything wrong about wanting to feel loved like that.

Yoi Ya • 3 months ago

feel you. made the same expierience but in the role of the girlfriend with a normal friend. but sometimes it's also nice to be creative and find ways to get away cheap :D

but remember never jump in a swimming pool at night, there could be no water in the pool.

i want to be taken on a mountain via helicopter and then watch the sunrise. *-*

Amy Park • 3 months ago

Sounds like you fumbled it ;3

Dr. Prometheus • 3 months ago

Won't deny it but both of us are happier now - she got married to a wealthy guy and moved to London and I'm finally seeing my and only my goals bear fruit instead of just money chasing. So it was a win-win in the end.)

Amy Park • 3 months ago

Helicopter first dates is a cliche in dramas

Anime & Rutabagas • 3 months ago

Holding hands?! How lewd!! lol

Nan Demo K(Nai)ves • 3 months ago

And no protection too. They have no shame.

wwlaos • 3 months ago

It's okay, I don't think this is a universe where men can get pregnant. >_>

Though, there IS magic. <_<

Yoi Ya • 3 months ago

THE CASHIER!! :,D be careful boooi.

1WingAngel • 3 months ago

Such a weirdly wholesome, awkward date 😂 Bro is going for overachiever of the year with the helicopter ride.
I like the fact that he's realising that at some stage he's gotta tell Kurosawa he can read his thoughts. I think it poses a bit of a moral dilemma and an unfair advantage... gotta ask myself: how would I respond if I knew someone could read my mind?

Amy Park • 3 months ago

Helicopter ride tour is a cliche in dramas

Idk but he would have no excuse for our dates and anniversary😹

Kay Southpaw • 3 months ago

That little song was so funny :D

Archie Andrew's 1000 • 2 months ago

Anime shoujo Singing in the Rain vibes.

Yoi Ya • 3 months ago

i laughcried :,DDD

Glinda • 3 months ago

Mmmm... First date wasn't very good 🙁, too bad...
Well, but at least thier 'second' date was very nice 🤗.
Can't wait to see how their relationship will develop ❤️!!.

SigmaDemon • 3 months ago

Kurosawa offered a really cool date idea! And Adachi responded well for an introvert. I wish though he wouldn't have taken his hand just when he was about to hear Kurosawa's thoughts about if he were a wizard. I am sure Kurosawa is not bothered by that, just that he would need to be careful what he thinks! :)

wwlaos • 3 months ago

Adachi: "I'll do my best, a little bit at a time."

Kurosawa: "...just the tip?"

Yoi Ya • 3 months ago

:,DD your comment killed me

Melfina Rose • 3 months ago

Newbie Adachi with the save, the casual date in the comic shop was really sweet, grandeur is for special occasions and anniversaries, don't know why people got ott for an actual date but the poor guy needs a boost though, even now he still feels second rate.

Amy Park • 3 months ago

Why not? Do you have to wait for your birthday to eat cake?

Nymphaea • 3 months ago

I kept alternating between squealing at the first date and laughing at Kurosawa's internal musical, this series is phenomenal at balancing the romcom parts. Kurosawa's dead eyes when Adachi confessed he was scared and him withering into dust particles the next day was so funny, but I'm glad Adachi was able to clear the air and get them back on the same page

Anime trope about gasping over hand holding is in full effect, I had a full on meltdown when Adachi grabbed Kurosawa's hand lmao. Look at him challenging himself so he can show Kurosawa his true feelings :(((

Toby Light • 3 months ago

STOP! KUROSAWA WAS SINGING A WHOLE SONG 🎶 About their date together. I cannot right now. What is this High School Musical? I done spit up my whole drink when he started spontaneously singing like that. It was the best thing ever... 🤣

Zain Mudassir • 3 months ago

He's a j pop star ✨

Tegan • 3 months ago

The song was so unexpected and adorable! I love these two idiots.

Yoi Ya • 3 months ago

OMG he answered out loud to a thought! O_O what when he finds out?? @_@

Düölingöhhh Snorlax • 1 month ago

Damnnn… Adachi living in a shabby Apartment & has only cheap hobbies while his bf is like, loaded or something :o

Uncle Karma • 2 months ago


Zain Mudassir • 3 months ago

Loved the hand holding at the end. True love between men ❤️

Vinge • 3 months ago

Kurosawa's song and dance oh my godddd xD <3

bluegreen • 3 months ago

HAHAHHAAH kurosawa's happy song 🤣 he's giving happy spongebob

Big Banana • 3 months ago

It was too laud to hear, what he really said will you ride me haha

Unholy laugh • 2 months ago

Hear me out I may be straight but this is good so I like it

Endariel • 3 months ago

Lol, I can't get over it that they made the song from the Manga into an actual performace. Nice! :D

Zain Mudassir • 3 months ago

Cute first date