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eplizo • 6 years ago

I can relate to Kouta on spiritual level somehow lol. I feel bad for him.

Also, I'm sad next episode will be the last :'(

Ruri Mei • 6 years ago

why i find kouta is anoying on this eps grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Dave Ta • 6 years ago

Kouta just wants to find something that he can good at because everyone else are so Kira Kira!!

Karamel • 6 years ago

He is doing exactly what the president did earlier earlier! Not asking anyone else to help
It's so frustrating!!!

Ka-chan | カッちゃん • 6 years ago

A very human thing, to have blind spots and not see that you're doing it yourself! He's repeating some of all of their mistakes actually. So you could say it's simply his turn. The frustrating part is, that he has not learned from their experiences. But then again that's also a very human thing. Just because you know you're messing up, it doesn't mean you can manage to stop an turn (the right way) upon the second try either. Some things will need to be repeated 100 times till you can graduate from them X'D As annoying as it is, it's also sth. that's understandable.

When faced with somebody who's going in circles, you'll need to decide if you've got the endurance to stay by their side till they're ready to step out of it (and the next cycle on the next level). If you can, great. If you can't that's OK, too. In best case they'll either snap out of it - thanks to your departure - or the next person will walk alongsides them for the next rounds. It's nothing that people do because it's fun. It's when they really can't help it (at that very moment). And that's again: to be accepted. From then you can just wish them the best and have faith. You can eventually (if you love them a lot) poke them carefully from time to time, to see if the next step is possible for them yet or not.

Everything that's connected to fear and lack of love is irrational and hard to overcome. They have a pace and dynamics of their own. They'll usually require very particular circumstances, timing and/or people, too. :D Well, I'm quite positive that Kouta will turn the curve though. That's the great part of such cute animes. You'll know that all (or most) will be well by the end of the series. :'3

Trashy. • 6 years ago

the camps whether you found kouta annoying or found it sad are usually divided into the people who dont relate and the ones who do, as someone who hates themselves amuch as i do i feel like i cant do nything so i relate and dont find him annoying. dont know how it is with you but thats my theory

ゼレフ • 6 years ago

He's annoying, I can relate to him and I find myself annoying too.

Trashy. • 6 years ago

its not finding yourself annoying its more a feeling of finding yourself not good enough and wanting to have something

Trashy. • 6 years ago

oops long ass text

Trashy. • 6 years ago

ryo: whats this all about kouta?!
me: its called anxiety, and it horrible

Levi2512 • 6 years ago

I thought about the same thing too lmao

💀DeathToTraitors💀 • 6 years ago

Someone needs Prince Narek's confetti boy. XD

Little Sunfish • 6 years ago

Yes indeed!!

yuria • 6 years ago

omg lol

Ain • 6 years ago

This is the saddest episode of this season. I don't blame Kouta since I could relate to him somehow.

Blue13 • 6 years ago

Of course they don't understand.. What it feels to be invisible and wanting to be seen for once. And every painful effort is just so easily overshadowed, haha..

Serinuma • 6 years ago

I wish they used a different word than sparkle =.=

Hahli • 6 years ago

Yeah I agree this word is annoying "kirakira" SHUT UP

Serinuma • 6 years ago

I'm glad i'm not the only one lol, he really needs to expand his vocabulary he's like, they all sparkle, everyone sparkles but me I wanna sparkle how do I sparkle!? sparkle THIS sparkle THAT and because it's kira kira it's like he's saying it twice as much ugh I can't take it xD

I am going to snap • 6 years ago

oh mah gawd he cant sparkle by himself :O dangggg maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan now we gotta wait for next week to see if he can shine all by himself. mAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAn

Ka-chan | カッちゃん • 6 years ago

The worst part is, that he DOES sparkle all by himself. He just doesn't see it yet X'D They do, so they have problems to see where he's coming from. It's a self-made problem that's irrational. Once you get into that cycle it can be very hard to get out and there's little that others can do. :'D I'm positive he'll be fine! It's a cute series. They'll not make it a tragedy!

Amanda K. Laurel • 6 years ago

I understand how Kouta feels but he went to far and too wrong about everything. Last episode next week... I hope it ends well

*¨*•SleighBeggy•*¨* • 6 years ago

The fact that Kouta is feeling insecure, anxious or whatever doesn't justify or make it ok the way he is treating everybody, that is just acting like a douchebag.

Helia • 6 years ago

Okay, boys, just go out for a juice and talk it over! O-or go to one of your houses and talk it over a cup of tea! Or...
*brain inserts yaoi thoughts*
Not this again! Brain, this is serious!

Yvette Vasquez • 6 years ago

dam that darkness just came out of no where ...i wonder if hes gonna visit his grandma grave ?? i dont know what to think i seriously thought he was gonna kill himself x.x scary

Little Sunfish • 6 years ago

Did you watch the scene after the ending?

Jinx • 6 years ago

Poor Kouta-kun. T^T He had to be that unlucky tree in the background that know one pays attention to.

Is it that hard to figure out he's super jealous that they all shine?

Wait... Are they breaking into Sanrio Puroland??!!!!!!!!!!!

Gray • 6 years ago

I don't think he's jealous. He just want to have something he's good at and since all the others shine by the things they do Kouta wants to have something that he can do.

Ka-chan | カッちゃん • 6 years ago

That's jealousy, which originates in insecurity, which is based on the lack of self-acceptance, which again can root in the smallest most irrational "stupid" little childhood trauma that has been left in the dark unattended and had to grow into a monster to finally be seen. :'3 Very mean thing, but part of obsolutely everybody's life, though it'll depend on each person how huge that "monster" grows, before you recognize it and how many strategies you've learnt to help yourself up to that point.

Survival 1x1 *lol*:
- Learn how to learn things on your own
- Learn to reflect yourself and your actions
- Learn to find ways to get help if needed and how to maintain a good help/self-relliance balance
- Learn how to let go completely to start over from 0 (aka, dealing with failure)

(*^*) We should have schools concentrating on these things in the first quater of each year. Having these basic skills can enable people to attain anything else they might require for their individual path in life, including general information as taught in normal school sunjects! Without these things, people get stuck on every second to 5th step. ////orz///

Sorry, I kind dived into the topic *lol* Maybe you've found it to be interesting. If not, please don't mind me and just move on. ;P

Christopher Timothy Grell • 6 years ago

I feel you.. It's called being jealous Kouta... And you are that unlucky one who has sparkling friends but can't sparkle.. You're just a shadow... No one will see it. And even you will never understand this... You just have to act like everything is fine and just be there for everyone so maybe sometimes they will talk about you... That's all you can get

青森aomorii • 3 years ago
Please don't comment if you don't like what I'm saying. I'm not looking for a fight.

I find it pretty easy to relate to how Kouta's feeling in this episode if one takes the effort to put themselves in his shoes.

The feeling of being left behind by your own friends and seeing how they leave an impact on everybody else as if they were "sparkling" must have aggravated his feeling of insecurity, the feeling that he'snot like them and that he doesn't belong.

If you look back at the previous episodes,ever since episode 1, he's unconsciously ALWAYS been looking for a place to belong. He's been outcasted for liking Purin ever since he was a kid, so finding a group of friends that liked similar things was just so refreshing and liberating.

But after a while, he realized that despite liking similar things, they were still different. They had individual charms that made it feel easier to accept their interests. Kouta was just a normal guy. He'd either be judged or no one would even look at him. And he felt that.

He doesn't know that the reason these "amazing" guys were even brought togetherwas because of him. We'll just have to wait for him to realise that I guess :<

JNFuruba • 6 years ago

my poor Kouta :( I 100% feel him ugh, I just wanna give him the biggest hug <3

ShiNe Nekomaru • 6 years ago

"404 Not Found"

Also, i know how kouta feels about "not sparkling" like other...but the different is,he have good & kind friends,& i didn't. I just wish i had at least 1 person like kouta's friend

Serinuma • 6 years ago

Anyone watched the family guy scene "i cannot get sick right now" kouta reminds me of that, I hate him he's not even doing much, and he's like no I'll do it alone it is a burden I must suffer >.> like oh no you had to listen to music how horrid.

nekokna • 6 years ago

Very kittyful

Ev violet • 6 years ago

i kinda underestimate this series lol , i thought it was all bout Sanrio and how the boys are gonna talk bout Sanrio 24/7 lmaooo i actually can relate to the boys except for Nishimiya and Yuu tho but yeah this series aint that bad

tsunderessi • 6 years ago

I get him and I get them. I relate to being anxious and it's a terrible feeling. You can't help double guessing yourself, you think people talk to you out of pity, you feel like you have to try 20 times more what you normally would and more. It's not a simple thing to "get over" but in this case, friendship is an amazing support for Kouta. I hope he accepts his friends hands <3

Rija • 6 years ago

Welp. Teenage angst.
But I kinda relate

Little Sunfish • 6 years ago

People should understand that being a tree in the stage is a problem see the amount of people suffering from being a tree.
Use freaking cardboard for tree.

Roxy Revolver • 6 years ago

uhhh all the episodes today where kind of downers . Everyone is having so many problems this saturday . Now I have to wait a week for everyone to work everything out , and I'm left sad and anxious . WHY IS LIFE SO HARD !!!!

Levi2512 • 6 years ago

He's just in his period wait for a couple of days and he'll be okay

AnimeLover • 6 years ago

Identity crisis... ok. He is back to his old self... can't wait for next episode

yuria • 6 years ago

I feel so sad for Kouta! T_T

For a while now, I haven't liked how Kouta treated his other friends, but I think it was building up to the final episodes. Hopefully, Kouta realizing that ignoring them was wrong of him has something to do with finding his kira kira. (He could of asked his friends to make the song for the musical in the first place, but it's obvious that's the surprise they were talking about so it all works in the end.)

I can't believe there's one episode left, don't do this to me and end this episode like this! lol

Trashy. • 6 years ago

i kow they are trying to make a serious drma episode here but i still wheezing. like take it out of context:
[angery] YOURE the ones who sparkled!

Xander Campbell • 6 years ago

what the hell why Kouta

plus now theirs this stupid misunderstanding going on and theirs only one episodes

Digitalbroken • 6 years ago

But but but çWç

Karamel • 6 years ago

Kouta-no baka
The magic of friendship even comes into this xD Its connected to everything

Inazuma • 6 years ago

next episode is final episode?

Karamel • 6 years ago

Yeah :(

GreenTea Gal • 6 years ago