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MPax • 7 years ago

This was a wealth of great information. I haven't seen the movie yet, but I will.

Maurice Mitchell • 7 years ago

I haven't seen Argo either, but I hear it's pretty special Mary.

Tony Laplume • 7 years ago

It'll be interesting to see how all these plans fell apart. The link between Jack Kirby and Grant Morrison seems pretty apparent in the story of Lord of Light. No wonder Morrison has been so keen about the New Gods (a little sad they aren't even mentioned here).

Maurice Mitchell • 7 years ago

Well the Lord of Light novel predates both Kirby's involvement and Morrison, so maybe it's a slight link, but an interesting one.

Alex J. Cavanaugh • 7 years ago

Didn't know there was a real story behind Argo's fake one.

Maurice Mitchell • 7 years ago

It's not really a "fake" movie after all Alex.

Pat Dilloway • 7 years ago

Wow, that would have been some kinda theme park if it had ever opened.

Maurice Mitchell • 7 years ago

It would Pat! I'd be all over those tubes.