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John Turner • 3 years ago

This result has no value for electrolysis, while the science is nice, the proposed application is just hype. You can buy large-scale alkaline electrolyzer now and they have been commercial since the 1920s. (look at Nel hydrogen or McPhy, even Cummins sells them). The alkaline electrolyzers use nickel electrodes and do not use expensive precious metal catalysis like ruthenium. They operate at hundreds of mA/cm2 and run continuously for over 60,000 hours. Today about 2 million metric tonns of hydrogen are produced via electrolysis every year. These types of reports do nothing for the field, except make it sound like electrolysis technology is not commercial; in reality you can buy MW sized electrolyzers. The issue has been that steam methane reforming produces cheaper hydrogen than electrolysis, although with cheaper electricity and low cost electrolyzers, hydrogen from electrolysis is catching up. The dropping costs of electricity from renewables is one of the things driving the discussion of green hydrogen via electrolysis.

GnomeCoach • 3 years ago

This hyping article gives no clue regarding how long this new laboratory creation can be turned into something that can be produced on a massive industrial scale. We don't have a lot of time to replace mobile fossil fuels with a 'green' hydrogen fuel based economy.

UN chief: World has less than 2 years to avoid 'runaway climate change'

Lawrence Kosowan • 3 years ago

What does it mean, "adsorbed," and "pre-adsorbed?"

Shakeelur Raheman • 3 years ago

Prior to nitrogen purging and after nitrogen purging.

Lawrence Kosowan • 3 years ago

Thanks. I searched the definition also.

Black Pearl Aruba • 3 years ago

One day. Let's see, but we need it NOW
, sorry. EV all the way.

Lawrence Kosowan • 3 years ago

There's optimism afoot.

zeh2m.com • 3 years ago

wrong. it is happening now