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Tobias 27772 • 1 year ago

Who wants to go to a concert where the whole show is pedophiles telling you how fucked up YOU are.

Akira625 • 1 year ago

I thought that was a whole flock of birds, taking wing!

Gary Burnaska • 1 year ago

Even R Kelly does not tell you that you are broken and only he can fix you, unless you are an underage girl.

EllyR • 1 year ago

Is the shot from Encounters of the third kind?

Akira625 • 1 year ago


EllyR • 1 year ago

El sol llegaba de noche y cantaba https://uploads.disquscdn.c...

koseighty • 1 year ago

It's only Sunday, and you've already won the internets for the week! Well done!

Good game, everyone.

CRAP--I was busy doing some investigatory work on the life cycle of world religions and other forms of pestilence.

Kin haz "Cage Match" with winner of last game?

Who wants to go to a concert where the idiot behind you is there--because he is a paedophile--or, where the idiot in front of you is wearing a weird fucking pointed hat that is blocking your view?

Akira625 • 1 year ago

Not too long ago, this sort of negative response to the Pope by Ireland would have been unthinkable.

Dessany • 1 year ago

It's the worst kind of negative response. No one could be bothered to show up. Even to turn their backs on him.

Mr. James Parson • 1 year ago

I wish I could find it. There was an Interview Jay Leno did with Jerry Sienfeld where they talked about the crow sizes.

One of them said they would rather fill up a small venue with a small crowd over almost filling up a large venue even if there were more people. (I am doing a bad job paraphrasing here.) The empty seats mean you are not as popular as you thought you were. You can't do what you think you could do.


Back to me being me. They had to have a lot of staff to cover this event. The only real take away from all this. Nobody cared. The next time a Pope comes, they better plan for a whole lot smaller.

Houndentenor • 1 year ago

As a performer, I can tell you that a half empty house is a real downer. The number of people might actually be impressive but somehow all we can see is the empty seats.

Watch a Yankee's home game and you will almost always see EMPTY seats behind home plate.

I'm told those seats go for up to $5K per. Whether that is true or not, they have to be very expensive seats.

A Yankees fan I know told me that those seats are sold and technically occupied by persons who are in the dining room BEHIND them or up on top of the grandstand where they are noshing on lobster and such delicacies. I wonder if they have a vomitorium?

Also, too, OT:

Open note to the vets and others who come here.

Should there be a #TakeThemOutToTheBallgame for vets who might like to see a game but don't have the means? There are ALWAYS seats somewhere in the park--regardless published attendance.

So bring some number, 20, 50 whatever who can get there (or be brought there by DAV vans or other means). And if there are open seats in the luxe boxes--park 'em there.

I know it might mean that some plutocretins would be sitting next to a guy with the Edward "An IED blew my fucking limbs off" Scissorhands or some fella with an unfortunately misshapen skull due to something similar*, but like their idol,Trumpligulamygdala, they too will have to make sacrifices.

* One of my favorite things about the idea!

muttpupdad • 1 year ago

They can use Manifort's tickets, I understand he won't be using them any time soon!

Those tickets are almost certainly locked up in Mueller's office--but, shit yeah, just tell the usher: "My uncles is Bobby Mueller, he's looking for aiders and abetters to Manafort's skullduggery. Shall I give him YOUR name?"

TakeMe2MonkeyTown • 1 year ago

I just have to say, because words matter and misrepresenting another language is bad form, that "vomitorum" was simply an entrance or exit to a roman theater... not the extravagant "place where people vomit up food so they can keep gorging" that people seem to think it means...

So yes, unless it was a completely sealed box, they had at least one.

Thanks for the lesson. I love words but I don't look ALL of them up. I was using it in the sense that I'm familiar with it. Is there a proper name for the Puking Place or is that lost in the mists of antiquity?

TakeMe2MonkeyTown • 1 year ago

Sorry, I really didn't mean to imply that you were required to know all the things :)

-Pretty- sure that such a space never actually existed in the first place, so no, I don't believe there is a word for it. It's just a common misconception because of the term vomitorium.

Thanks! I, like most folks, tend to believe things that are:

A.) Not of great importance to me

B.) Get repeated often enough by enough different people.

It's always good to get a different perspective.

TakeMe2MonkeyTown • 1 year ago

I understand :) I'm intensely naive about a lot of things of that nature, as well (and exceptionally gullible when it comes to things I have no real reason to question). This tidbit I just happened to know from my Latin classes.

I do a lot of googling when I post things, just to make sure I'm not misrepresenting things (even when I'm -pretty- sure I know what I'm talking about), but in my daily life, I don't. I like to correct common misconceptions when I come across them... However, I will say that you took it a lot better than some people.. I would think people would want to be corrected about things they are flat-out wrong about, but most of them don't... Most perplexing... I love being corrected about facts, because it means I will be less wrong in the future.. ^_^

Anyway, thanks for taking it like a champ, even though my wording could have used work! ^_^

I've made about 12K comments in the last year . In that time I have said a lot of things that seemed "correct" to me and been shown where I was wrong.

Lesson is good. Lesson with pat on head is better. Lesson with stick teaches only hatred.

Yours was pretty much in the sweet spot.

pandoradog • 1 year ago

Way OT: You are a New Yorker who loves the Yankees and yet you spell "pedophile" with an æ? 🤷🏻‍♂️ 👋🏻

I'm from Omaha, NE. I lived in the Boston area for 34 years. I root for the crimson hosed ones.

Someone who's british was upbraided by a pedant, years ago, for using the "ae" in "paedophile". His reply was that, "Pedphile" means you love feet. I thought it was so elegant and funny that I've spelled it that way ever since.

pandoradog • 1 year ago

Thanks for that! You made my evening. 😁

I'm a transplant from "way too expensive" SF area to the Midwest. I'm a lifelong fan of the SF Giants, the Santa Clara 49ers, and the Oakland Warriors. Ice Crockey and Soccer don't float my boat.

Moving from San Francisco to the Midwest musta been some severe reverse sticker shock.

Gary Burnaska • 1 year ago

then his PR people will say something about the Pope wanting smaller more intimate events, the same line of shit some fading pop star who cannot fill out stadiums and needs to book smaller venues does.

Akira625 • 1 year ago

I can’t blame them for being pissed off from all the hell the Church put their people through, it’s a shame they didn’t act sooner, though for a long time they may have been afraid to openly challenge the Church.

Mr. James Parson • 1 year ago

We know exactly what that kind of fear looks like.

Have any major religious people taken on Trump? I think they are afraid. But they don't even know what they are feeling is fear. Once they figure that out...

Tobias 27772 • 1 year ago

Never turn your back on a catholic priest !!

Pyrolon • 1 year ago

That's why they have a room called the "rectory".

David Miller • 1 year ago

Specially is you're a prepubescent boy.

Die Anyway • 1 year ago

Hmmmm..... rectory... rectum... I think I see where you're going with this.

Akira625 • 1 year ago

Especially if you’re a child.

GrandmascienCe • 1 year ago

Is that the worst kind of negative response or the best kind of negative response? ;)

Dessany • 1 year ago

Both LOL. Depends on what you want.

Houndentenor • 1 year ago

The church overestimated the love of Irish catholics and abused them accordingly. This is what happens when you are shitty to people for long enough.

Ameribear • 1 year ago

The "church" did no such thing. Very rotten members of the church are the ones responsible for this.

Akira625 • 1 year ago

Wow, denial ain’t just a river in Egypt. This is a systemic problem within the church spanning multiple countries and multiple decades, if not centuries. The fact is, is that the Church leadership has allowed members of its clergy to rape children with impunity for a very long time. Instead of turning these rapists over to the police like they should, they shuffled them from parish to parish, endangering even more children on the process. There are coverups, payoffs to buy the victims’ silence, obstruction of justice, all while the Church plays the persecution card, as though they are somehow the victim in all this mess. This is a disaster of their own making, anyone who still thinks this church has any moral credibility left needs to have their head examined. It’s not just a few apples, the entire tree is rotten. Burn it the fuck down.

McJakome • 1 year ago

Raping children is nothing to them, they have raped cities, whole countries and ruined generations.

David Miller • 1 year ago
Ameribear • 1 year ago

According to the most recent reports the number of clergy guilty of this misconduct is still a very small percentage of the total number. If you have proof that most of all of her 4 billion or so members are guilty of this then lets see it.

I retract the 4 billion number. I should have done a better job researching that before I posted it. My original demand for proof still stands numbers notwithstanding.

Sharon Horton • 1 year ago

Wait; the discussion was about *clergy,* not members. Why are you distracting the discussion with a misdirection like this?

Ameribear • 1 year ago

The discussion is about clergy. The author of the post I replied to is asserting that everyone in the church is guilty of these same crimes.

AtticusOSullivan • 1 year ago

Let's see proof that there's 4 billion or so members.

Akira625 • 1 year ago
StevoR • 1 year ago

Very rotten powerful high up authorities in the Church running it and others that knew and looked away and shifted the abusers from parish to parish to preserve the Churches reputation and never mind the fact that they were priests raping children and they were enabling those child rapes and rapists at the highest level of the organisation.

David Miller • 1 year ago
Brandon Binczak • 1 year ago

Well you are correct. The physical buildings themselves are innocent, and in general quite lovely to look at. The people that work in them, on the other hand...