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Tony Grimaldi • 2 months ago

ITs hard for this 90 yr old man to see what the democratic party has become. A bunch of lying hate filled idiots. Thanks to Trump for exposing them

Craig Vandertie • 2 months ago

Someone needs to track down that warped CPU computer programmed by the most deviant minded people on earth going by the name guest and cut its power supply.

Craig Vandertie • 2 months ago

"Gonadless" Nadler needs to oozed back into that toxic waste cesspool it oozed out of.

adler56 • 2 months ago

Biden's son should not be included unless all of trump's thieving kids are also investigated for theft, graft and other crimes.

norinco • 2 months ago

ANY witness that would clear Trump and reveal the crimes of Biden/other democrats would be considered a NON RELEVANT witness by "Humpty Dumpty" Nadler/PIG losi/Adam Sh%t

Jo-Anne O'Brien • 2 months ago

REALLY!!!! Does anyone else feel that the whole impeachment sham is a cover up for Hunter Biden?

Dave Sanders • 2 months ago

there is more to it than just Hunter - or the DS wouldn't be trying/working so hard - it goes higher than just a VP's son...js

Discusted • 2 months ago

Nadler is a Damned Commie Democrat IDIOT ! They all must be replaced with those that will uphold the US Constitution !

DouglasDauntless • 2 months ago

Jerry Nadler is always, like all the rest of the Demo-RATS lying about what President Trump does. That goes for that Rat Shifft also. They are still taking orders and protecting Obama, Biden and his family of spies and Kerry's son a spie, and now Pelosi's son another spy for Russia and on the payroll for the Ukraine and other countries to get our secrets for millions of dollars from their father's influence, thjey can still get their hands on our secrets. While this is all going on with them, how much money is Hillary and Bill Clinton selling our secrest for to anybody who has the Money. All Traitors and all spies working for Foreign Countries including China!

Burt Vincent • 2 months ago

They are after our money and our freedom. Donald Trump just happens to stand in the way.

bill levy • 2 months ago

Jerry Nadler is an embarrassment to every law abiding Jew in this country. This fool who falls asleep during legal proceedings should resign and take that Vietnam liar Richard Blumenthal with him.

MudEngineer • 2 months ago

Hunter Biden and his father could testify to the corruption that occurred in Ukraine so therefore his testimony is absolutely relevant to Trump trying to investigate that corruption. Nadler would need to go up several levels to reach the level of Idiot!

disqus_KxeiCb7zsl • 2 months ago

all the senate has to do is call john Solomon.recorded interviews with all the players in Ukraine.and has documented prove of the bidens corruption

Valdez • 2 months ago

Dem's short joke. Everything is relevant in a public trial, especially when involved with substantial evidence showing critical motives of the participants. Hunter Biden is up to his neck with involvement with the Ukraine events.
Delusional and without a consensus typical of a uneducated democrat and the state elected. I am beginning to wonder if the United States makes it to the next generation. There is a reason for different points of view and when a minority can drown out the majority, reason flies out the window. Remember that when a group reaches more than 51% and dictate public policy the minority loses out. Our system of government does not allow for mistreatment of the minorities.

Dave • 2 months ago

Certainly from the Senate to the House, CLOWNS A PLENTY, Clowns in charge of Lying to the Senate, Clowns left behind in the Clown Section of the HOUSE, The Clown Squad, and the Clowns in charge of W VA who are trying to take gun rights from the public. Then there are the CLOWNS running for a chance to get slaughtered by Trump in 2020.. Yes, a FULL BLOWN CIRCUS of IDIOTS!

frank shea • 2 months ago


Jim • 2 months ago

Editorial Team, you apparently wrote this article before the GAO report came out advising that Trump broke the law by delaying (withholding!) the funds for the Ukraine. And you also may have missed the Giuliani associate saying Trump knew about everything. These are facts. Not fake news or opinions.

frantantoni • 2 months ago

No, Jim. It IS opinion, if fact it is the opinion of one little guy who is under indictment. Of course he will say anything to get a plea. And is it any wonder he made these statements on the wacky MADCOW show?

Up Huff • 2 months ago

Nitwit Nadler's fat didn't leave him, it all went between his ears.
That said, it'll be interesting to see if both he and Shifty Schiff are on the Republican witness list. To determine how much illegal leaking each/and/or the other did.

apprazer101 . • 2 months ago

Funny it's not up to Nadless or Schiff for brains to decide what witnesses the President can call. Hopefully Trumps team will be calling Hunter, Quid Pro Joe, Schiffless, Piglosi and the fake whistle blower.

Bobby • 2 months ago

Obviously Nadler has to say that Biden's is Not a credible witness because he doesn't want to pull Pelosi's panties down!!!!! Even though she is old and worn out someone will want to F___ her!!!!! If Biden's son goes down so does Nancy's son !!!!!

Retired ARMY • 2 months ago

Jerry Nadler , has not lost any Weight his only bought a LARGER SIZE OF CLOTHING ! He still a knowingly as HIPPOPOTAMUS NADLER πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„ !

tryscavage • 2 months ago

IT IS ESSENTIAL that if witnesses are allowed the Bidens and the Whistleblower MUST APPEAR FIRST ! If Bolton or any others appear first the Bidens and Whistleblower will REFUSE to appear.

Jo-Anne O'Brien • 2 months ago

The Senate is in control so they should be able to call witnesses in whatever order they see fit.

tryscavage • 2 months ago

The Democrats never show up and no one cares. They MUST come first.

Guest • 2 months ago
gvette • 2 months ago

Name the crime, moron.

Retired ARMY • 2 months ago

Spot On ! The Whistleblower and the BIDEN TWINS will all run for the nearest Eixt and leave the Country for UKIRCRANE on the first flight out the Country .

Dan • 2 months ago

That group of managers selected by Pelosi looked like they'd all just climbed out of a clown car. Nadler looks like a waddling fatman....It's a sad group of sore losers that couldn't get their candidate elected in 2016 even when they cheated, and now they don't have a candidate for 2020, Have you watched the Democrat debates? Their only solution to removing President Trump is by abusing their power and forging ahead with impeachment charges that never happened.

adler56 • 2 months ago

speaking of waddling fatmen- you have trump and barr and at least two or more of his helper thieves.

Bob Morton • 2 months ago

Dan - It's pretty bad when CNN and other MSM "journalists" and Jesse Jackson complained that there was not a single person on that debate stage that could beat Pres. Trump. This is Bob's wife.

adler56 • 2 months ago

So you're against the truth moron? I could beat that lying pos

SLindauer • 2 months ago

Absolutely We the People have a right to know what role Joe Biden played in Crossfire Hurricane, as Obama's point person on Ukraine. If Biden commits felony perjury under oath, he should face criminal prosecution. Very possibly, Democrats have used foreign aid to Ukraine to OBSTRUCT Ukraine's cooperation with the Justice Department investigation of Obama/BIDEN's crime against the Trump Campaign. Reallistically, Ukraine should receive NO $$$ from the United States until U.S Attorney General Barr determines that Ukraine has fully cooperated with US Attorney John Durham's investigation of Crossfire Hurricane, and Ukraine has PROSECUTED all wrong-doers in their country, who helped the Democrat National Committee attack the 2016 election campaign of Donald Trrump.

Guest • 2 months ago
Craig Vandertie • 2 months ago

You have been sucking up to much toxic Crap News Network koolaid.

Jeff Capco • 2 months ago

And you are just a guest TROLL !

gvette • 2 months ago

FOX is number one every year for a reason.

Guest • 2 months ago
Craig Vandertie • 2 months ago

Please! increase your routine regiment IV drip of Dimethyltryptamine to put yourself into a much deeper hallucinatory state making it impossible for you to spew such gibberish.

lorddragonstar • 2 months ago

If you'd bother to actually research FACTS, rather than repeating the lying-meadia's talking points, you'd fine many truths like the following: https://www.thoughtco.com/l...

norinco • 2 months ago

Obozo and Killery has NEVER told the truth about anything....even where/when Obozo was born...

Guest • 2 months ago
gvette • 2 months ago

Nov 4, 2013 - Today, we’re pleased to announce the official launch of PunditFact, a partnership of PolitiFact and the Poynter Institute, the journalism school that owns the Tampa Bay Times. PunditFact has a team of journalists to research claims by pundits and other media figures and rate them ...
They tell lies, and you suck them up.

Retired ARMY • 2 months ago

But Jerry Nadler is not really concerned a wedding Batman ! He's well knowingly as HIPPOPOTAMUS NADLER πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„!

CCblogging • 2 months ago

No Neck Nadler and Pencil Neck Sh*t in my pants look like the fools that they are.

WVF • 2 months ago

Jerry Nadler is a short, fat, delusional anti-America democrat numbskull.

Retired ARMY • 2 months ago

I wonder if he hated his Parents so bad that he ate to keep them out of his mind if he ever had One . That's why he looks that way when he was a kid ?

merryinfidel • 2 months ago

He was the inspiration for the Penguin in the Batman films...

WVF • 2 months ago

Perhaps, but it's for certain he's a mental midget.

gene smiith • 2 months ago

Good Lord.....stupidity on the very GRANDEST of scales.Does NADLER imagine that everyone except him are STUPID?