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MyWikiDisQus • 2 years ago

These atrocities will not end until the Palestinians decide they have nothing to lose and start shooting back.

Instead of Hamas launching crude rockets into Israel from Gaza, they must start training teams of Arab snipers. The cowardly IDF soldiers will learn what fear is when they see their comrades falling dead beside them.

Revenge is the dark side of justice but is necessary when no legal remedy is available to punish the Zionist murderers and thieves.

BobValdez • 2 years ago

No. Anti-sniper techniques require sophisticated weaponry and clever tactics (plus HUGE balls and a cool head). IDF snipers are quite good, so the correct way to counter sniper fire is with anti-tank amd anti-aircraft rockets. This allows maximum impact with minimal exposure to retaliatory fire.

MyWikiDisQus • 2 years ago

The reason IDF snipers "are quite good" is because they operate in a killing field with no anxieties or concern they could expose themselves to a counterattack. It's analogous to attending a traveling carnival where small caliber rifles are used to shoot at controlled moving objects for amusement. They win a prize (or a medal "for bravery" in the case of the Zionist thugs) and then return to the safety of their barracks or homes stolen from the Palestinians.

Anti-tank missiles and rockets are difficult to acquire and smuggle into Palestine and are too high profile when used. However high-quality sniper rifles can be dissembled and shipped innocuously in many different ways of packaging to hide their deadly intent.

Think about the effect on the mental state of the IDF infantryman who stands atop some fortification at dusk. He and his fellow soldiers give no thought of reprisal while they look through binoculars during their watch . . . until ... a bullet from somewhere puts a small hole above the bridge of his nose and he falls dead on the floor.

The look of surprise, of horror, of shock that would be felt by his comrades as they witness blood flowing from the head of one of their own. Every night and boldly during the day an IDF soldier is killed at a checkpoint, up on a parapet or standing near his/her vehicle from a great distance. Silent death awaits these cretins everyday.

The psychology of terror becomes real and weighs heavily on the mind of each soldier. They get the reports of how many of their ilk are killed by Arab snipers and they will then know what real fear is as it could be one of them lying dead at any time.

The Jews suffered for 12 years under the Third Reich but the Palestinians have endured greater hell for over 70 years. Revenge is a huge motivator for even greater redress against the ongoing cruelty of the Zionists.

BobValdez • 2 years ago

While I accept some of your comment, you clearly have no real time knowledge of sniper training, operations and anti-sniper tactics, so I won't bother trying to educate you. As ex-SF, I have qualified for sniper and anti-sniper activities, and understand what is needed for both. Armchair warriors needn't bother trying.

MyWikiDisQus • 2 years ago

Your attempt to brush aside my opinion of how the Palestinians must respond to the Zionist murderers is a red herring. Your insinuation the Gentiles don't have the ability or are unable to learn the discipline or possess the fortitude necessary to use a sniper rifle is insulting to the intelligence of Arab people.

You wrote that you are a former special forces (i.e., "SF") trained person. Then you must know the psychological effect on an enemy when one of their own falls down dead right besides him/her. That observation does not require first hand knowledge of the rate of success of 900 meter+ shot but only to see with their own eyes when someone they had a conversation with moments ago lies on the ground with a mortal head or body cavity wound.

Yes, anti-tank weapons have a greater destructive capability but how do you train men to use these munitions and get them within the necessary 100 meters or so of a ground target for a successful shot without drawing the attention of the IDF?

Once two-team man/woman teams of Palestinians are trained they become highly mobile and can kill soldiers day or night. They don't need a lot of ammo to carry either and the cost of a cartridge is a lot cheaper than a rocket.

BobValdez • 2 years ago

Again, you have no concept of the modern battlefield, and the advances in optics and sensors. You conveiniently skip over what is required to counter a sniper team and go straight to the effects. The MINIMUM qualification to be a sniper is a head shot @ 500M and a killing body shot @ 800M. Modern weaponry and ammunition have taken this requirement out to 600 and 1200m respectively. The IDF in Palestine is NOT using proper snipers, they are IDF marksmen with telescopic standard weapons, shooting and short ranges (no greater than 200M and easily within most military standards). During my entry into the army, I was capable of hitting a Static Mechanical Range target (1/2 human size) @ 200M with OPEN SIGHTS, so the IDF hitting un-armed protestors at shorter ranges would be childs play. REAL sniper TEAMS back up these cowards, scanning for anti sniper fire and other threats. these 3 - 4 man teams have one shooter with a precision weapon and 2 - 3 spotters, each using 60X power optical devices capable of counting youe eyelashes at 400M. These optics are also heat sensing (FLIR type for night use) and have laser ranging. These spotters are TRAINED to look for anti sniper teams. Do you seriously think the IDF doesn't know anything about snipers shooting at them? It happens HOURLY. Just because WE don't hear about their losses, doesn't mean they don't happen. IF a sniper team detect a sniper (or snipers) they engage them immediately. If a sniper team cannot be eliminated by rifle fire, TANKS are called in to DESTROY the building or hiding place they occupy. Failing that, AIR STRIKES are used to eliminate the sniper nest. The IDF is not concerned about collateral damage, so the after effects aren't an issue.
Sorry, but you talk like the usual idiot who has never been in a combat environment and has no understanding of the requirements and risks involved in what you suggest. Granted, the psychological effect of death from unknown sources would be great, but the IDF responds by dealing out more and more cruelty to those who defy them. To them, those losses justify their actions and they will just kill more innocent people. You need to stop reading wikibullshitter. Remember, a closed mouth says nothing wrong.

MyWikiDisQus • 2 years ago

What was the point of presenting a technical overview of the business of shooting at a target static or otherwise, over a great distance? I don't need to know exactly how it's done (not withstanding the lack of experience), only that it can be done and with regular precision.

You claim the IDF have been shot at "hourly." I'm a frequent reader of Middle Eastern Arab and Persian website sources and have never read any article about Palestinian sniper teams (including Hamas militia). If IDF soldiers were being killed it would be public knowledge written in Arabic, Farsi and English, just like we know about the IDF murderers of innocent civilians. So unless you can provide written references to that effect, then your story is Zionist bull crap.

The battle space is not just the confines of the Gaza Strip, it's the entire land of Palestine including the West Bank. Apparently hit and run guerilla warfare is not part of your "video game calculus" otherwise why write such folly. You also stated how Merkava tanks or F-16 fighter planes would be called in to counterattack alleged Palestinian snipers hiding in buildings. The idea that Israeli tanks or aircraft could respond at a moments notice anywhere in Palestine and Arab snipers would not know that and escape the area after their successful attack is ludicrous.

As far as civilian deaths, war has killed more civilians than belligerents throughout the history of military conflict. Palestinians have to be made to realize the more than 70 years of occupation is a prolonged war akin to the hundred year wars of yesteryear. They only way for their freedom is to join together with a single purpose of overthrowing the Zionists. There is nothing left for them to do but gird up their loins and fight the beast.

However you would rather the Palestinians continue to lie down like sheep in meek protest and endure the brutality of the Talmudic thugs instead of engaging them in battle. You gave not one word of encouragement, not one word of heroism, not one word of hope in your responses to my posts. Your negative opinion is that of a person who throws up his hands in despair in the expectation that others would follow and do the same. Take the bribe and live another day, care nothing for your fellow citizens' plight. That is the stark exegesis of how the corrupt political governments of Hamas in the Gaza Strip and Mahmoud Abbas, President of the Palestinian Authority in the West Bank operates.

Lastly you are correct that, " a closed mouth says nothing wrong." That's how you know you stand near a coward who freely wears the yoke of domination around his neck.

Guy • 2 years ago

Lost for words at this criminality.