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PA • 1 year ago

It breaks my heart to see outstanding employees leaving. Sad for our country.

PA • 1 year ago

I had the my COVID-19 shots.
The shots should NOT be mandatory. The media and others are hard at work weaving a web of confusion, misinformation, and conspiracy surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic.
Medical science should be about the TRUTH not POLITICS!

Agent144 • 1 year ago

Since Bidum requires all Feds and Fed Contractors to get the vaccination, why doesn't he also mandate it for everyone who receives Federal assistance?

HMCUSNRET • 1 year ago

Gas lighting continues & more reasons to suspect this DC bunch. Remote work vaccine requirement makes no sense and is evidence that this is not at all about public health. No mention of the utter vaccine failure in UK, Israel, Ireland with more cases & deaths now than this time last year without vaccines. No mention of Natural immunity which is 13X-20X more robust, durable and lasting than vaccines. So, is the goal immunity, which covid recovered have, or vaccination? We all know the answer to that.

The_Oracle • 1 year ago

Don't forget there is no vaccine for those coming across the southern border. This is all a sham.

Anybody who understands logic, understands this. No logic, No reason, No consistency in a national policy.

It is a clown world but actually it is much more sinister and planned by the left. The question always is who owns the puppet strings.

Amber • 1 year ago

Natural immunity only last about 4 months I was tested.

HMCUSNRET • 1 year ago

Antibodies always decrease over time, that's normal. They mount a defense when needed however. B & T cells last much longer, often for life. Peer reviewed studies support all of this.

Batson Belfrey • 1 year ago

Spot on! By all objective evidence, this "vaccine" is an utter failure at best, and a dangerous destructive manipulative gene therapy at worst! In retrospect, this "vaccine' was not created for COVID, but COVID was created to justify the "vaccine".

coffeeguy1950 • 1 year ago

I think the name should be BatsIN Belfrey, seriously, what Planet do you come from? COVID was created to justify the "vaccine"? I don't at all like the former President, but even in his weirdest days (and his kids and assorted nit wits) none of them would come up with this idiotic thought.

IT Lady • 1 year ago

OMG! Gene therapy??? You actually believe that? Please tell us what "they" are manipulating and what the goal is! This should be entertaining!

Bill Mannion • 1 year ago

Read just a small amount of history regarding the rise of authoritarin regimes. You may find education entertaining.

HarleyGirl795 • 1 year ago

Surely you jest!

kevmeist • 1 year ago

It's amazing to me that Bidet wants to mandate vaccinations for all Federal employees YET doesn't mandate it for the southern border invasion!

PA • 1 year ago

Also… does not apply to members of Congress, employees who work for Congress or the federal court system, White House press secretary Jen Psaki confirmed.
…… all federal workers — all federal agencies and all members of the armed services — must take the COVID-19 vaccine with no testing option to opt out.

MILCONCIV • 1 year ago

"That's Correct!" ~ Psaki

anewera • 1 year ago

Or his own administration.

Dingo • 1 year ago

That's because you don't understand "Bidel's" vaccine policy.

kevmeist • 1 year ago

I sure don't. Neither does Bidet.

Fed Up with Stupidity • 1 year ago

They are all in on the vaccination. forget that those who have had the virus are better protected then those with the vaccine. The DEM are finally going to reduce the size of the government because of their false belief in the vaccine only as getting it under control, not their politics.

Dan Diego • 1 year ago

This is simply a test at how easy it is for this administration to strip Constitutional Rights from Americans.

And from the look of these comments, leftists give them up very easily. But democrats don’t care much for America and the Constitution, anyhow.

Some facts: Americans have a 99.7 recovery rate from the ChiVi. Vaccinated sheep can still catch and transmit the ChiVi. Recovery rates among those vaccinated and not are about the same. The ChiVi mainly affects those in very poor health.

It’s sad to see sheep so willingly giving up their Rights.

HarleyGirl795 • 1 year ago

Constitutional Right??? Where in the Constitution does it say that?

Dan Diego • 1 year ago

Right next to abortion on demand, genius.

anewera • 1 year ago

Good one!

HMCUSNRET • 1 year ago

Actually 99.85% recovery (Dr. John Ioannidis PhD, Stanford), you wouldn't want to mislead, would you?

Rod Smith • 1 year ago

Amazing, you can order a drone strike on innocents and not lose your job, but telework from home and neglect to get the vaccine and you are gone!

PA • 1 year ago

The federal employee vaccine mandate does not apply to members of Congress, employees who work for Congress or the federal court system, White House press secretary Jen Psaki confirmed.
Through an Executive Order all federal workers — including the White House, all federal agencies and all members of the armed services — must take the COVID-19 vaccine with no testing option to opt out.
I have to say — many are extremely upset - even those that got the vaccine and retirees. This anger has definitely brought Independents and Republicans and Democrat employees closer. Very interesting!

USLADY • 1 year ago

Don't forget to mask up while your teleworking too. ROFL

eye • 1 year ago

Get the jab or get another job!

anewera • 1 year ago

If you get the shot you won't need another job. You'll be dead!

HarleyGirl795 • 1 year ago

Nonsense. I got it and I am just fine...

Dan Diego • 1 year ago

Wanna bet? Ask those around you if you’re “fine.”

Your posts have proven there’s a mental health issue…

anewera • 1 year ago

Good for you if that's true. But I guess you don't care at all about the people who weren't as lucky as you are.

Dingo • 1 year ago

Holy false equivalencies, Batman!

mr1 • 1 year ago

The only Americans Biden did not mandate for the Covid shot are those he left in Afghanistan 😉

Ray • 1 year ago

This would be funny if it wasn’t true.

BeamMeUpScotty • 1 year ago

So ends my Federal employment. I see MRA +10 Retirement in my future for Nov 22nd. It is obvious the Gov't has more interest in someone's vaccination status than retaining any SME's in their field. I know when I'm not wanted.

Amber • 1 year ago

Bye bye

anewera • 1 year ago

I hope you have a wonderful, healthy retirement. You made the right choice.

Fish Logistician • 1 year ago

Don't quit. Make them fire you.

Amber • 1 year ago

Why you can’t get unemployment if you refuse to get the vaccine. If he can retire he should.

Andy2x • 1 year ago

That's ok, we (the other SEMs) will take up the slack and train the newer folks. Enjoy your new adventures outside the federal workplace.