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ericsiverson • 3 years ago

It is unconstitutional to even Charge Assange with a crime . Our constitution promises a free press So the press could expose government crimes . Of course a criminal government wishes to keep their crimes secret . In fact most criminals do . Trump should drop all charges against Assange . Oboma being a constitutional lawyer should have done this too .

DianePBono • 3 years ago

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DianePBono • 3 years ago


Stephen Morrell • 3 years ago

It's quite probable that the judge will rule the CIA spying operation to be irrelevant on grounds that it violated no British laws as it was perpetrated in the foreign territory of the Ecuadorian embaassy.

Mattie Llanes • 3 years ago

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ericsiverson • 3 years ago

The trouble with the United States is they have to many laws . and to many regulations . The establishment and fake news make it possible to prosecute anyone or no one We really have no justice at all . So that now days we do not have a free press or even a free county