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Ricardo Duchesne • 10 months ago

Encouraging, assisting, and celebrating the "rise of China" against "white supremacists" is now becoming the acceptable political line in the West: https://twitter.com/RaheemK...

Robrecht • 10 months ago

Did I read somewhere on this blog that Japan would never be caught up in this ' diversity ' madness?
Well, this may change some opinions.

WheninRome • 10 months ago

Having lived in Japan, I can tell you it ain't gonna happen, the Japanese would not put up with this. And who would go? The only people who flood Japan are people who actually like Japan, unlike the west where people seem to like the money. The only people who stay in Japan permanently are those who accept their fate as always being a foreigner living in Japan and have some deep ties such as a wife and kids.

Robrecht • 10 months ago

Thank WheninRome. I worded my comment in such a way as to elicit a few reactions, hoping they would go against what that Japanese minister was voicing. You did it a perfect way, just as I thought when reading the article. One Japanese minister can say something strange like this but millions of Japan citizens would never accept their country being invaded by ANY foreigners.
Curious to see if other readers will follow suit.

WheninRome • 10 months ago

Thank you! Never say never, anything is possible, but that conversation simply does not take place in Japan, Japanese only grudgingly accepts a few Pilipino nannies and a few migrant Thai workers, but that's about it, in Japan, you're Japanese or you're not, and that's okay!

WheninRome • 10 months ago

China contributes nothing to the intellectual space, they only serve to spend their massive manpower to copy, cheapen, mass produce and sell to countries with money. That is the Chinese way, just like the Jewish way is to deal out money that doesn't exist. And so the solution to stopping China is exceedingly simple; stop buying Chinese crap and encourage all others to do the same.

Stuart Mills • 10 months ago

Let's take your point one step further. Not only should we buy Canada made but we should foster small businesses to manufacture Canadian made products. Let's take the bicycle product for example. Since this Covid fiasco, I wasn't able to find in stock parts from my kids bicycles. Every bike shop and service centre in town was short on parts because they all came from China. So when China's shutdown happened it affected all the retail stores.
Now if I bought a bicycle that was 100 per cent manufactured in Canada, then the parts supply chain would also be Canadian. Regardless of China's economy shutting down, business would be as usual. Across the board with any product, this should be in place. We should not be reliant on China for all goods including essential ones. To do otherwise is a threat to our national security.
The more self reliant we are, the more we can survive beyond global enslavement or a possible global economic collapse.
One should do a study to see if it is even possible for Canadians to manufacture their own clothing anymore. And I don't mean just sewing a shirt. I mean sourcing locally manufactured textiles and yarns. Because we live in a winter climate will we have to resort to hunting animals for furs if we aren't able to buy textiles from China?

Robrecht • 10 months ago

I agree with you 100% on this and I could see this coming many, many years ago even when I was still residing in TO during the early seventies.
I also recall seeing large Canadian Maple Leaf signs in large department stores with the slogan: Buy Canadian or Proudly Made in Canada. Unfortunately, that did not last very long and after a period of Made in India, Made in Taiwan, Made in Hong Kong, Made in Pakistan, it has now mainly become Made in China.
Remember how, at the beginning of the influx, most of the English/French instructions on the products were so pathetic and ridiculous? Today they do have that taken care of.

jimmy • 10 months ago

An astute observation by Joe Hoft of The Gateway Pundit:

"Crazy thing is, if this is true (Biden is President-Elect), then why hasn’t Kamala Harris, the first female Vice President in US history, not resigned from the Senate?
If she and Joe won, wouldn’t she resign from the Senate and get a head start on her new job as Vice President? Hmmm….Oh, and oddsmakers have yet to pay out on a “Biden victory.” They’re more honest than our garbage dump media."

In other words, Biden and Harris know the truth and if Kamala resigned and they fail at their "fake it til you make it" scheme then Kamala would be out of a seat/job in the senate.

Robrecht • 10 months ago

I wonder sometimes how courageous people like this woman can survive without being put out of service.
Ok, the reference to Nuremberg, the 'gulp ' hollycost by the Nazty Nazies could have been left out but other than that she makes sense to me.

P_F • 10 months ago

OT but relevant to the topic of how our educational institutes are being used as back door entry to Canada.

Canada is allowing online study at a Canadian designated learning institution between May 2020 and April 2021 to count towards future Post Graduation Work Permit (PGWP) eligibility. The PGWP is coveted among international students because it enables them to gain the Canadian work experience they often need to be eligible for a range of economic class immigration programs. These programs include Express Entry’s Canadian Experience Class, the Provincial Nominee Program (PNP), and Quebec Experience Program.

From the article it appears that foreign students who has never physically attended a school or set even a foot in Canada but has enrolled for online course with any Canadian institute will be counted as Canadian Work Experience & will be given preference on their immigration application.

Stuart Mills • 10 months ago

It is definitely an academic racket to sell visas. Everyone seems to be selling out for a piece of the global pie. The short term sell out means long term pain for our progeny who will have to be at the boot of a mongoloid's despotic mindset as the Chinese eventually take over all of Canada both economically and demographically. I used to think the Muslims were a problem until I discovered that one fifth of all Canadians are Asian. And what if there is a NATO war with China. We have a fifth of our population that would be considered a foreign enemy on our soil. Let's face it, Canada has no national security policy to speak of.

ELN • 10 months ago

The "inside scoop" about China and its people, can no better be acquired than viewing/listening to this articulate White South African who spent some 14 years living, working and travelling throughout that COMMUNIST country. He eventually had to abandon China for his own personal safety, taking his Chinese-born wife and child with him. Now residing in California he's able to reveal some of China's darker aspects.


P.S. Anecdotal personal stories offered up by Robrecht and Stuart Mills are a welcomed relief apart from the serious erudite tone taken up here at times. Judging by results of my own efforts of reaching out to friends/relatives of the importance of C.E.C. and its primary message, I seem unable to muster up much interest, ... or perhaps it's "too racist" considering how normie Canadians are brainwashed by mainstream academia/MSM not to speak of such matters. However, expressing relatable "feet on the ground" personal testimonies could spark more readers into revealing similar encounters with these ungrateful, interloping foreigners who reside on OUR soil. (Through word or deed, if we don't vigorously take possession of our inherited country built by our ancestors ... be assured the invader migrants WILL take it from you! White Canadians are reduced to only 27 million vs 11 million NON-whites. China has over 1, 400, 000, 000 people and about 99.9% are Chinese!)

Pointing out the haughty/disdainful characteristics of Chinese foreigners to contemporaries is often met with a "gimlet eye" as of having such "racist" thoughts. Chinese people and their government see Canada as "ripe for the taking" ... and how right they are, given our simple naivete and fear of a single word.

Robrecht • 10 months ago

Thank you for your reference, ELN. After all, one cannot be in various places at the same time and I would also welcome more personal stories from other visitors. It would help one realize that others are experiencing similar experiences.
I have seen several of this Afrikaner's videos but not lately so I will get to it without delay.
Thanks for this reference as well :-)

Stuart Mills • 10 months ago

The word "racist" is the iron fist of the globalists. They want white people to believe that by standing up for their race, they are losers. Nature says otherwise. The real losers are those whites who do not stand up for their race.

spud • 10 months ago

Trudeau is a Commie and a Gehaddy Musclehim. In America 330,000 prime university positions are taken by CCP sanctioned students. In Australia 22 % of positions are occupied by CCP students.

Stuart Mills • 10 months ago

I have another recent story of an encounter with an Asian. Just outside a store an asian was looking at me funny for not wearing a mask so I said to him that his mask wearing culture was the cause of all this. He took it personally and told me that he was richer than I was and used profanity, implying that whites don't make all that much money which relatively speaking is most likely true. But it is important to note the stereotype that Asians have for white people, that we are a race of poor beggars and that what really matters to them is how much money they can make.
Now another interesting thing that happened is that a white guy who happened to be in the vicinity overheard us and the media brainwashing must have kicked in and he decided to intervene taking the side of the Asian and told me that I was being inappropriate. I told him that he should remember he is white and not be a race traitor. Interestingly enough that stopped him from continuing to intervene and he turned away. He must have felt a sense of shame. The race traitor characterization is a powerful statement and I do believe that a lot of self respecting white people don't want to be associated with that. I believe the psychological reasoning for this is that he knows most of his peers are white and the last thing he wants is for his in group to be mistrusting of him.
The big take away from this story is that this offers another example of how how Asians in Canada identify not as Canadians but rather as a collective group of national wealth rapists. They are extremely offended by whites making the point that China is their homeland. They are raping Canada and see white Canadians as a group to exploit and feel that we need to be put in our place for speaking up against it. They want us all to wear the mask so they can be reassured that we are docile drones like themselves. I don't wear the mask because it is a fake pandemic and even if it were real, the efficacy of the mask is useless. But more than this, the mask is a globalist symbol of solidarity. The wealthy elites suffer from rich guilt and the only way they feel they are connected to the world is when the world is ritually conforming to a certain globalist creed. The mask is that globalist creed.

Sergeant Preston • 10 months ago

The chinese are known as the "jews of the east" by other asians.

spud • 10 months ago

Money is all a Confucian society values.

Robrecht • 10 months ago


Et voilà! No stopping them now.
Coming soon to a theatre near you:
--- Old queen Victoria played by a 300 pound Black woman
--- The Conquest of Gaul with a gay Black actor in the role of Julius Caesar thwapping and kicking around a few revolting Belgae
--- The Story of Rob Roy MacGregor played by a Black transgender in a kilt.

Curmudgeon_49 • 10 months ago

I'm looking forward to playing Martin Luther King.

Robrecht • 10 months ago

So, you have a dream, do you? :-)

Robrecht • 10 months ago

Please stay tuned for more thrilling Blackbusters in the making.

Peter Goodchild • 10 months ago

I'm not so sure that data cannot be retrieved from a turned-off device. Back in the 90s, my paranoid-conspiracy pals took if for granted that you could still be caught if you tossed your turned-off phone into a garbage can. Hearsay, maybe, but probably with a foundation. And now it looks as though the technology is expanding well beyond merely tracking your location.

"When you turn off your phone, it will stop communicating with nearby cell towers and can be traced only to the location it was in when it was powered down. GPS will be of no help as it consistently needs cellular and/or internet access to gather the location details. . . .

"According to a report from Washington Post, NSA is capable of tracking cell phones even when they are turned off.


"The Washington Post story doesn’t throw light on this. But the only way NSA could track switched off phones must be by infecting the handsets with Trojans. That would force the handsets to continue emitting a signal even if the phone is in standby mode unless the battery is removed."

Marina Dupuis • 10 months ago

Dr Arthur Bradley, PHD site : https://disasterpreparer.co...

P_F • 10 months ago

It's almost impossible to remove battery from newer models Samsung & iPhone. The back cover is glued sealed, once taken off it's not possible to seal it back to factory level.
That being said, it still can be done but only by a trained technician or at factory hence rendering it impossible to throw off any tracking by cell phone companies/authorities by simply switching the phone off or randomly disconnecting the battery by owner.
Was it done to improve functionality of phone or by design to not provide phone owner any option to turn his phone off at will is anybody's guess.

Stuart Mills • 10 months ago

Electronics enthusiasts would have a field day showing YT videos of turned off cell phones emitting radio signals that they could easily test with an RF signal test meter. Ignorance of physics is a huge factor in why the populace is easily duped by con artists like Snowden. He's a controlled opposition media prop not unlike many others. Con artists are a dime a dozen. They want their minute of fame and they will concoct any story they can to be in the public eye. I personally uncovered a millionaires scheme to be the first private citizen in space which I discovered was a complete fraud. He had no intention of going into space but he certainly had an intention of being on TV. People in the media are gullible and they don't care to fact check anything. That is why it would be so easy to stage a fake terrorist event like I believe happened in Nova Scotia. All you need to do is just make sure the media is kept at a distance and then feed them testimonial stories. Because people like to be on TV you could easily recruit someone to pretend to be associated with the event. The strange thing about the Nova Scotia incident is that even the RCMP were kept at the perimeters of the event. A certain branch of the military was brought in to compartmentalize this area. Why the military if its a domestic issue? I believe our military is under the control of the United Nations because our military commanders are hand picked globalist traitors.

Canadianer • 10 months ago

Mostly disagree.

1. Scientific researchers do research. They will do r&d for local or foreign companies. That is their job. Since we don't have many indigenous tech companies, researchers that are smart will look to foreign companies like Huawei for research grants. All chinese students understand this which is why schools with a high Chinese population get the biggest research grants from huawei. They are just extracting as much money from Huawei as they can because they know innovation is a priority for Huawei.

2. If Huawei is paying for r&d it is unlikely they are stealing tech. If they stole 5g tech from us - why do we need them to build our 5g infrastructure?

3. 5g is a communications protocol. It means faster download and upload speeds. That means you can build more sophisticated applications if data transfer is faster. China just put up a 6 g sattelite that allows 100gb/s transfer speeds. That means you can download the entire library genesis database in a few minutes. Pretty good!

4. Huawei sells handsets that compete with apple and samsung and telecom infrastructure that they lease out to companies like Rogers telecom. The US hates Huawei because chinese telecom infrastructure will not allow NSA spying. Spying is part of usa's soft power strategy.

5. China is transitioning from "made in china" to "created in china". This means they are trying to move up from manufacturing and assembling to building their own global brands with their own IP and technology. Huawei is one of the first big Chinese brands that uses their own technology. I think they will dominate global telecom within 10 years. https://uploads.disquscdn.c...

werpor • 10 months ago

The Chinese leaders know that Canada is an empty country. They covet it. People forget China had an extraordinarily sophisticated society 4000 years ago. Certainly they missed industrializing. They were late to the party. But they turned left for a long while — which proved to be a disaster. But they learned many things during that experiment. They ought never to have had a one child policy. This was the outcome of believing the most insidious tommy rot socialist implicitly believe. Which is that resources are limited — human and material. It makes sense that if you believe that you believe many other things. Canadians believe most of the other things. Abortion is good, is one belief. Redistribution is another belief. Seeking final solutions is another — in other words far too much navel gazing and hand ringing. What to do, what to do!...about, this that and the other thing. And let’s stop anyone from doing anything not endorsed by the State. As though the State can do anything about all the things it rings it hands about.
The Chinese though know our weakness. They suffered it once upon a time. Gunboat diplomacy works both ways. But they had to detour first. Communism did not work. So they changed their minds. The Chinese after realizing their mistake, backed up, made a three point turn and made it back to the main highway to prosperity. Hard work, sacrifice, relentless dedication, indeed ruthless commitment to catching up to the west and surpassing it.
While Canada submits to all kinds of social engineering experiments which to my mind is sheer madness the Chinese couldn’t care less if in the end we finally succumb to the inevitable decline. They will simply remove our decedents...
Canadians have been duped by their leaders, indeed thrown under the bus. The entire Liberal elite is busy doing business with the Chinese. They are however penny wise and pound foolish.
People unfamiliar with Chinese history ought to do a little reading. There are no Mr Nice Guys in China.

jimmy • 10 months ago

Wow! You sound like you work for the CCP PR dept.

Let me give you a point-form rundown that comes from experience of having gone to school and worked years with Chinese:
1. They are not smart. They aren't smart enough to know that they shouldn't or can't do something. All they think about is the payoff. This comes off as ballzy. But it's not ballzy, it's, "too stupid to know not to do it." That's why we actually have Chinese in parliament who can barely speak English! It's why our professions are full of Chinese who have a scary level of incompetence. Any smarts they appear to have comes from the fact that they focus on speed. More about that below.

2. They are the most unimaginative humans on the planet. The dumbest Black has more creativity in his little toe than a whole class of Chinese students. Innovation is the domain of the White man. A 1/4 of the world's population (the Chinese) didn't have an original thought today.

3. They are so deeply dishonest that they don't see their behaviour as dishonest. There's no research going on; it's thievery and monkey imitation.

4. They are extraordinarily racist. They see themselves as the master race.

5. They are not deep. They assess the value of something by making judgements on superficial qualities. If they deem something good then they will try to take ownership of it. If not, they will attempt a knockoff.
6. If they decide to do something, nothing will convince them, including the force of the law, to not do it. They will find a way to skirt around any barricades and barriers.

7. They don't understand quality. They work quick and dirty, always. Everything is "good enough.' That's why they are known as the Goodenoughs. Some of their imitations/knockoffs are hilarious!

8. Extraordinarily, character-wise, they seem to all be the same!!! Individuals seem to not have any uniqueness of personality. Maybe that me. It's the same for bananas.

9. They will never be your friend. If you think they are being friendly then they are after something. For them, it's all about their immediate family. I suspect that they are incapable of feeling compassion, except for members of their own family.

10. They always do business expecting to never have to risk anything. We expect that high risk deals have high payoffs and low risk deals have low payoffs. Not them. They expect that if there is any risk, you will be the one to bare it.
11. They will always side for other Chinese over non-Chinese. That was pretty evident with the arrest of Meng.
12. It's not Communism that makes the Chinese a danger to the rest of the world. It is the fact that they are Chinese. If the Communist party were to disappear tomorrow, the Chinese would still be a danger to those who have to deal with them.

They are such bad news that now I never knowingly or/and willingly deal with them.

WheninRome • 10 months ago

Excellent list, I have a lot of experience with the Chinese as well. It all boils down to the extreme conformist mentality. In everything, Chinese operate as a group, and extremely rarely as an individual. Hence why when you call out the Chinese "Canadian", he will quickly re-identify with the Chinese when it suits him. Totally agreed about them not being smart, most of it comes from tiger moms who push them to study hard (i.e. learn facts hard).

Stuart Mills • 10 months ago

The fact that the Chinese operate as a group is a huge strategic gain for us if we take advantage of this. Since the Chinese currently make up 20 percent of the population of Canada which is higher than any other minority ethnicity and they are quite predominant in the more affluent sectors of our society, they should be the dividing wedge that breaks up Canada's globalist system. To inflame tensions between them and white Canadians would cause them to unite against us and cause significant instability in the social order of Canada. This would then fan the flames of succession which is ultimately what we want and what the neoliberal globalists fear the most. This is why we are constantly bombarded with movies and commercials showing the races in absolute kinship with each other when the reality is that the races cluster to their own. The globalists are psychologically conditioning us to go against our natures so that they will profit off a form of mutli-ethnic slavery.

Sergeant Preston • 10 months ago

I agree that secession is now the only way out of this mess, for the USA, even if Trump manages to pull it off, and for Canada. We cannot live with those who want to destroy us...they work night and day to achieve their goals.

jimmy • 10 months ago

"... when you call out the Chinese "Canadian", he will quickly re-identify with the Chinese when it suits him."
As we saw with the arrest of Meng.

Canadianer • 10 months ago

I don't know what this has to do with my comment.

I was simply saying that Huawei is doing what all tech giants do - which is paying for research and development. That is how companies build intellectual property portfolios.

All they want to do is sell cellphones and telecom equipment. The conspiratorial thinking that Mr. Duchesne and others fall into comes from anxiety about China as a rising power.

The biggest thing that we need to fear from a rising China is something nobody talks about. That is competition -- we are going to have a hard time competing with China economically. Huawei is just one global brand we have to deal with. What about Xiaomi? They sell phones at 5% profit -- which is similar to the assembly fee that Foxconn charges Apple. That means Xiaomi can build a phone with $200 worth of parts and labor and sell it for $210. We dont even have our own companies, but if we did - how do we compete with companies like that?

The real yellow peril is economic competition. It is not the spread of Chinese communism, or foreign meddling, or even the Chinese setting up a technological control grid to enslave us -- ooh scarey stuff!

Chinese are fundamentally a merchant race. We are an innovative and creative Faustian race - which Mr Duchesne is correct about. Jews are a power seeking race with a unique prophetic spirit. Once you understand that you understand all of our race relations and motivations.

A merchant race is wholly concerned with economic development and and money getting. In that way they can be harmful because they will soak up a large portion of the world's wealth and it is as hard for us tomcompete with them economically as it is for them to compete with us in the realm of innovation. This is why they use their wealth to buy innovation by investing in foreign research and development.

I met a Chinese- French girl a few years ago. She had fifty- six houses in France and wanted me to move there with her. She had an autistic obsession with growing her real estate portfolio. Now, imagine 1.5 billion people with the same mindset! When they go to bed and wake up they never stop thinking about how to extract as much money from the world around them that they possibly can.

We as Faustian man are creative and innovative people, but that does not mean Jews and Chinese are not brilliant in their own way and dangerous because of their own peculiar strengths.

Sergeant Preston • 10 months ago

The chinese will eat us up in the process of acquiring their materialistic wealth. The laws of nature at work.

Canadianer • 10 months ago

Every race is a threat in its own way.

Mercantile East-Asians are an economic threat because they are money minded and excellent business people. That means wealth flows to Asia and our assets end up in Asian hands.

Jews are a political threat because they have a lust for political dominance and are mercantile only insofar as it can guide them toward political power. The best expressions of the Jewish spirit are color revolutions, communist militias, protest movements, imperial wars for regime change, and the growth of centrally planned geopolical blocks like the EU and USSR.

Europeans are a faustian people. Our advantage is our curiosity and ability to create new knowledge and our security comes from a knowledge asymmetry with the rest of the world. Giving away our knowledge and tech to hostile foreigners by educating them in our universities anf transferring our tech to offshore manufacturers destroys the one global advantage we have as a race.

Lastly, blacks are a demographic threat because they are pure libido. They are the embodiment of the libidinal spirit. The best expression of the black spirit are the mandingo, their high birthrate, their refugee migration, and the rate at which the try to misceginate with whites.

jimmy • 10 months ago

They aren't just another tech giant. My list should have made that self-evident. No, they don't JUST want to sell phones. They just want to build intellectual property portfolios? No, they STEAL their way to prosperity. Are you aware that our own Northern Telecom (Nortel) was gutted by the Chinese and that's why they went bankrupt? The shell company that replaced Nortel makes its revenue by suing Chinese telecoms as they bring stolen Nortel technology/patents to market.
There is an entire city in China dedicated to industries that do NOTHING BUT illegal knockoffs. The Chinese are okay with this because they are a nation of CHEATS. We need to firewall ourselves from them.

Curmudgeon_49 • 10 months ago
Are you aware that our own Northern Telecom (Nortel) was gutted by the Chinese and that's why they went bankrupt?

Sorry, but Nortel went bankrupt because of stock manipulation. There is no evidence, of which I am aware, to show the Chinese were in on the stock manipulation. Nortel stocks, for no reason other than perhaps they began offshoring production, started to rise dramatically, which gave them lots of cash. They used that cash to start buying other companies, which inflated stock prices and gave them more cash. It created its own bubble. I spoke to a number of investment advisors, including my own, and virtually all were saying stay away, because there was nothing solid behind the dramatic rise. The few that thought it was a good idea suggested going in, in a limited amount, and sell at the first sign of any leveling.
Nortel was self inflicted. The Chinese just profited from the stupidity of those running the show.

jimmy • 10 months ago

Michel Juneau-Katsuya, who headed CSISs Asia-Pacific unit at the time: "They’re (Chinese) sucking your (Nortel) intellectual property out." Docs ended up going to an IP address registered to Shanghai Faxian Corp. I know an engineer who worked there. Nortell did not respond to the breach. That's where the arrogance came in. As usual, you don't know what your talking about.

The Chinese are the Chinese. They can't help it. They aren't the White race's biggest enemy. The White race's biggest enemy are the loud-mouth, know-it-all contrarians Whites who run excuses for the enemy. History shows that in dire times, the White race hangs them.

Curmudgeon_49 • 10 months ago

I acknowledge that there has been industrial espionage by Chinese. However, it isn't limited to them. Anyone that thinks the US wasn't doing, and continues to do, the same is dreaming. It has been Canadian technology that has been running their "smart bombs" for 25 years. I have little doubt they have figured that out and will introduce "their own" as something "new". Industrial espionage is everywhere and has been for decades. The Japanese got their start in many areas by scrutinizing the engineering on products being built under license, designing minor improvements or finding a different way to do the same thing, then turning it over to Japanese companies as "new".

Nortel did what all of the Anglosphere did - off shored, brought in cheap foreign labour, and didn't police any of it. Whether the stock market or industrial espionage, it was self inflicted.

jimmy • 9 months ago

Straw man argument by diverting blame: everybody does it; the Americans do it too (that old Curmudgeon chestnut); the Japanese did it too.

I'll let you in on a little, badly kept, secret: it seems the execs at Nortel thought they were going merge with the Chinese offender (precursor to Huawei?) and end up in the big money, and that's why they didn't fight back.

The lesson: just don't dance with the Devil.

Curmudgeon_49 • 9 months ago

Stuff your straw man argument. The US was engaged in industrial espionage and patent theft before PRC existed. Canada gladly allowed the US to come in and buy up Canadian companies for the last century, turning us into a branch plant economy, as did the UK post WWII. The problem with the Anglo-American style of capitalism is that it does not think long term, and will not correct mistakes until forced to do so. That is why their auto and motorcycle industries are dead in the UK, and on life support in the US. It has always been maximizing profits first, regardless of the long term consequences. Read up on how "the City" killed Jaguar in the late 80s when it wanted to re-tool with basically the same plan as Benz and BMW, who thrived.

Any merger with Huawei's precursor would have been a different way of off-shoring, and they weren't going to be the junior partner. They had already closed Canadian plants and shifted some production to Taiwan in the early 90s. That trend was set by NCR closing its Dayton, Ohio HQ shifting 40k jobs, in the mid 70s.

Do you think Microsoft is any different? They have loaded up with Indian and Chinese engineers and programmers on visas, because they are cheaper, not because they are better. Of course the Indians and Chinese are stealing information, because they continue to have an ethnic interest in their native economies. The Anglo-American style doesn't. Their own people are ground up and spit out to maximize profit. It is all self inflicted.

Stuart Mills • 9 months ago

The problem with the Anglo-American style of capitalism is that it does not think long term, and will not correct mistakes until forced to do so.
Spoken like a true Icelandic. Speaking of long term, why is it that you guys are still able to read your books from the 1400's? Stalwarts of tradition it seems. The English are a bit too fast and loose for their own good. I am your typical ethnic Brit however I had to experience a lot of liberalized and short term decisions from many of the family members around me as I was growing up. One could say that the microcosm of my extended family history offers a perspective into the greater transience of the AngloSaxon spirit.
Only about a third of my extended family of aunts, uncles and cousins are truly conservative planners.
In my youthful dating years I had the opportunity of dating some very pretty Anglo-Saxon girls. They all cheated on me. So I moved onto other white ethnic groups like Germans and Russians. Alas, my fears were availed. I could trust women again. So I maintain a bit of caution towards my Anglo-Saxon kin. I err on the side that you can't really trust them completely. And an absolute hallmark for not trusting a Brit is how well they virtue signal. I absolutely despise the virtue signallers and a big part of why they do this is because the are not being physically put in their place. And I stress the word physical because this anti-physical new age is the result of hypocritical and passive aggressive people rising to the leadership in our society. One has to go back to the generation before the baby boomers to find salt of the earth Anglo-Saxons.

Curmudgeon_49 • 9 months ago

I'm only half Goulie. They see (or at least used to) the world in terms of Icelanders and foreigners. They have a very high literacy rate and publish more books per capita than anywhere else. It seems to be lessening in the last 20-30 years, but still a big core of tradition. Given that roughly 96% of the population is related somewhere in the past, it is easy to understand why they ask "who are you", not "where are you from" when meeting someone for the first time. Who are you means you have to give your genealogy back several generations.
As for reading the old books, I suspect isolation and poverty was a good start.

Canadianer • 10 months ago

Regardless of what they are alleged to have done in the past, their focus right now is on buying intellectual property by funding research and development.

When you have no IP of your own, your options are limited to manufacturing and counterfeitting. That was China from 1978 until around 2001 when they entered the WTO. Now, China is trying to transition into an innovation nation by focusing on building their own IP. That means the Chinese bay area is getting turned into an innovation hub and their companies fund research abroad. The slogan now is "created in China".

That is the reality of the world we live in right now.

I doubt there will be much return in investment from a few dozen Chinese researchers at UBC when China has a billion plus people for Huawei to choose researchers from and seventy-five million in the bay area alone.

Personally, I think they should just bring in some Swedes and Frenchmen that want to escape refugee crime. The Chinese could put them in one of those ghost cities built to look like Paris. They could market it as a humanitarian mission - like building a panda sanctuary.

A few million Swedish innovators teamed up with the rising Chinese juggernaut would turn them into an unstoppable superpower.


jimmy • 10 months ago

What are you talking about? I read your comment and my eyes cross. (An IP address is a unique number address that identifies your network node location.)

What part of Chinese culture is not criminal in nature? None!

Canadianer • 10 months ago

IP in this context means intellectual property. Please slap whoever educated you.

jimmy • 9 months ago

"Please slap whoever educated you."

Haaa haaa. That's too funny. Seriously, that was funny. You won the debate: the Chinese are a virtuous lot ... off to Shanghai you go.

Ricardo Duchesne • 10 months ago

I disagree that Canadians should allow the Chinese to increase their influence on Canada and develop surveillance technologies with Canadian universities because they happen to be good merchants. It is in the interests of white Canadians to get our elites, globalist as they are, to start acting like the Australians, at the least, and it is in this sense that this article was written, as well as to show that it is not conspiratorial to see that the left has sought all kinds of partnerships with the Chinese with the aim of imitating their totalitarian goals, and that we should expose them for this.

Few countries have soured more rapidly against China than Australia: https://foreignpolicy.com/2...