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Haru • 1 year ago

Why does the test have the solar tile horizontal and the other 2 vertical..

I mean that defeats the whole demonstration

Sahil Malik • 1 year ago

Elon just replied to my tweet - https://twitter.com/elonmus...

Daniela Mitrovic • 1 year ago

It's nice that Tesla doesn't discriminate based on orientation.

Vunderkint • 1 year ago
Americo Garza • 1 year ago


bill_christian • 1 year ago


GIGABYTEXXL • 1 year ago

If you can,Send him my comments. i am a residential roofer and i work with asphalt shingles and metal roofs. This solar roof looks great but we must ensure with a guarantee that this new roof with be fully sealed. no leaks.

Christian Orpinell • 1 year ago

I haven't logged into Disqus for like years. I just felt compelled to log in and tell you how many giggles your comment provided for me.

"We're making a roof for roofers" - Company ABC
"Does it leak?" - Experienced customer in residential roofing

"We're a car" - Company ABC
"Does it drive?" - Experienced customer in automobiles

"We make burgers and fries!" - Company ABC
"Can I eat it?" - Experienced customer in the food tasting business


Tim Houghton • 1 year ago

Oh FFS do you think Elon Goddamn Musk is going to be some incredibly stupid that he introduces a new roof tile which leaks? You didn't think he might have checked that before spending a billion dollars on it?

David • 1 year ago

I have a very large flat roof, at Cape Agulhas, that has very strong winds from all points of the compass. My big six sheets continually spring leaks, an ever ongoing problem, so Yes for me it is a problem.

Thomas Dexter • 1 year ago

It says on the site guaranteed against leaks for 30 years.

Peter Duncan • 1 year ago

Sturdiness should not be a concern..

joeinslw • 1 year ago

I would imagine they would install this tile much like the Spanish red tile we see everywhere, they first install a heavy weight 90lb roofing tar paper over the finished plywood roof, then that becomes your roof.
The tile is installed over the 90lb roofing material, if installed properly, there are no leaks.

Sahil Malik • 1 year ago

I don't have any way of reaching him, but let me tell you as a potential customer I have this and many other similar concerns/questions.

SavetheFuture • 1 year ago

You think the guys who developed such mind boggling technology would not have thought of all these problems ? They are backing up their product with infinity warranty compared to regular asphalt shingles whose practical warranty is 10-15 years. I agree roofing is a tricky business but TESLA is committed to this product and even if first few iterations of does not meet expectations of all, it will eventually become totally viable for everyone. Remember earlier asphalt roof lasted only 9-10 years. Now they claim it will last 30 years !

flamingoezz • 1 year ago

Do you actually even read the articles, or do you just spew out bias? The infinite warranty is just on the tile itself not physically shattering. You are covered 30 years on the panels actually producing electricity or the roof sealing out water.

There are plenty of asphalt shingles that, granted, are not solar but offer lifetime warranty (see: owens corning) for 1/5 of the price installed. I'm due for a new roof and was signed up to be notified by Tesla about their roofing product, but at this price I'm not sure it makes sense.

Sure, you may save 15K over the course of 30 years, but you could have put the 40K you saved on buying a traditional roof in a savings account and collected 15K in interest over that span, or better yet invested in the stock market for a 7% annual return.

Luciano • 1 year ago

They said from the beginning that they expected their main market to be new homes.

Also, investing in such product also has to do with your commitment to the whole "save the planet" ideology.

If you don't buy that idea, then you will only think about the money.

PS: Owens' warranty is not for a lifetime on their cheapest models.

Valerie Shannon • 1 year ago

I just think its really cool concept I first saw it when solar city was canvassing Home Depots and wanted it then. Tesla bought out Solar City, that's how they got this!

flamingoezz • 1 year ago

I can see your point. this product could work for someone who
a) has 50K collecting dust
b) has a 25 year old roof
c) would pay a premium to make a little difference in the world

I think the people meeting all 3 of those criteria are few and far between.

PS. I know Owens doesn't offer lifetime warranty on every shingle they sell, but i think its unfair for the OP to generalize other roofs as lasting 10-15 years when there are comparable warranties available elsewhere.

Kaitain • 1 year ago

I qualify on all three fronts!

mike • 1 year ago

When they are advertising it as a "cheaper" option that uses bogus comparisons and no inclusion of the time value of money then critiquing the cost is definetely valid. If they were advertising it as an eco-friendly option and not spewing out bogus value estimates then it is a different story.

Greg • 1 year ago

your not paying an electric bill, how isnt that a saving,

flamingoezz • 1 year ago

If paying 40K more for a roof to save $100 per month sounds like a great deal, I have a bridge I'd like to sell you.

John Griffing • 1 year ago

You actually lose 4000 over the 30 years - without factoring in tax write-offs.
So yes I agree with you @flamingoezz

Chris Supinski • 1 year ago

But there is a 30% Tax credit, not write off, CREDIT. So take your $40,000 -$12,000= $28,000...Plus the fact the cost of electricity goes up year over year. 36000>28000

Not only that, but one would only do this when one needed a new roof. And needed to spend call it $20,000 on the roof.

vexnsiolence • 1 year ago

What about inflation?

Peter Bilski • 1 year ago

Even more. $40,000 initial investment will produce 5% return in dividends, interest in the bank.
Even invested blindly into Tesla shares could bring bigger return then solar roof at proposed format.
The point is that solar roof concept could be realized 10 x cheaper using existing technology to produce solar structural panels 1 x 2 square meters instead of tiny tiles.

bill_christian • 1 year ago

I don't see 7% return for 30 years. How can the world economy continue to grow like that? 30 years of true 7% growth means the economy doubles 3 times. Eight times as big as today. What will that look like? We each own 12 cars? We live in 45,000 square foot homes with two helicopters? I believe that would be the end for our environment and us soon thereafter.

Conor • 1 year ago

why.... may economists have noted despite increased growth our energy consumption is staying flat or decreasing

flamingoezz • 1 year ago

7% is the average stock market return..

joeinslw • 1 year ago

I think that Elon already said the the roof will be there long after the house is gone, and I also think he said the roof would be warranted as long as you own the house, so if you own the house for your lifetime, then it's a lifetime warranted roof, if this is accurate how can any other roofing company beat that?

Sam • 1 year ago

Sahil, can you let us know if anyone in India may source these in near future? May not be able to follow here. If you could mail me on pdss.ucs at Gmail dot com, I will be grateful.

Sahil Malik • 1 year ago

I have no idea, I don't work for Tesla.

nROBeRAB • 1 year ago

I don't buy his answer. The tesla tile is so much better supported than the other two tiles. The amount of un-supported surface area is atleast 30% higher on the other two tiles.

bill_christian • 1 year ago

You have it backward. The Tesla tile is at a disadvantage from this orientation. It has less material across the span for strength. If you had a sheet of plywood to cross a 3.9 foot span, to make it as strong as possible you'd place it like the other two tiles - more material to support you. Kind of obvious (but I are has a degree in civil engineering (structural concentration).

Sergio Carvalho • 1 year ago

again, more bullshit!! I have performed the same tests with the same materials on different supporting structures ...
tesla supporting structure works best not the tiles them self !! it's just so basic even for an illiterate engineering like me
Mr Bill
propaganda !!! FU

Adam T Fink • 1 year ago

Don't know if you're a troll or not, but bill_christian is correct. What concerns me is the metal tab on the top of the solar tile that is not touching the other 2 tiles. I don't know if there is or is not a backing behind the solar tile for that reason.

Everyone else talking about flexing with regards to the orientation of the tile clearly hasn't taken a course in mechanics of materials (assuming the spacing of the vertical backing members are equidistant for all three scenarios and there are no other backings behind the tiles besides the vertical members in the gif). If the tile was rotated such that the long sides were resting against the rear support the factor of safety would increase by approximately the ratio of the long side divided by the short side (not exactly, but very close assuming the tile is thin... the thicker the tile the worse this assumption). The increased surface area of contact between the tile and the supports in the new orientation reduces the distributed reaction force when the ice impacts the tile. This would reduce shear stress experienced by the tile and therefore increase the load/impact the tile could experience before failure (on a macro-scale... a tiny area of impact from something like the point of a spring loaded glass breaker effects the glass on micro-level and should not be considered for this type of test). With what can be observed in the image above it is clear that turning the solar tile on its side would actually improve its resistance to breaking upon impact. I think what this test shows is the importance of maximum strain, especially in brittle materials.

Chauffeur • 1 year ago

The tiles that break are supported at the far edges of the tile - allowing them to "flex" and break during impact. The unbroken tile is supported almost behind the impact area - limiting flexing and preventing breakage.

Jared_Smith • 1 year ago

It appears that the vertical supports are the same distance apart so the moment generated by the impact will be identical. The length of tile that must react to the moment is longer on the center and right test articles, allowing those to distribute the reaction over more material. If anything, the Tesla tile is at a structural disadvantage to the other test articles, assuming the materials are isentropic as Mr. Musk claims in his tweet.

Chauffeur • 1 year ago

No, a shorter span results in a smaller moment for a given load. That's why a long 2x4 beam will snap before a short 2x4 under identical heavy loading conditions. It's likely reinforced (?) ceramic tiles would be structurally superior to unreinforced clay tiles. But the test appears to show superiority of the material while in fact, it's the installation methods (shorter spans) that provide the improved performance. Clay tiles MAY be installed with additional supports and might then be structurally superior.

Jared_Smith • 1 year ago

OK, what you said is true. Does the span between the vertical supports appear different in the three images? They look the same to me. Admittedly there is no scale to be precise about it.

Chauffeur • 1 year ago

It might be that the clips at the top edge and the bottom edge of every tile are the actual points of support. Therefore, the actual distance between supports is perhaps double for the clay tile specimens. It's hard to tell. The top clip on the Tesla tile vibrates during impact - but is held in place by something concealed by the tile. In any event, identical orientation should be provided in this type of test.

Alber • 1 year ago

Your point is valid. But for me personally this test is not important if I'd get a 30 years warrenty.

Chauffeur • 1 year ago

Well my point is.... if they'd lie about providing fair testing, what assurance do we have that they wouldn't lie about honoring their warranty? I like Elon Musk, but his minions may not be as honorable - providing false data.

Kato • 1 year ago

From Elon Musk's twitter in response to that. @sahilmalik That's how the tiles sit on the roof. There is no difference in strength for the Tesla tile based on orientation (not like wood).

Carl Edward • 1 year ago

Roof shingles aren't supported by two raised metal bars, they sit flat on the roofing board, and they flex.

nROBeRAB • 1 year ago

You can't believe that was a fair test. Just look at the supported surface area of teslas tile vs the other two. Atleast a 30% difference.

bill_christian • 1 year ago

The layout puts Tesla tile at disadvantage!!!! I must leave the internet before people drive me crazy, Put a playing card between two books (if you own two books), Try both orientations. Do NOT change book spacing. See how many pennies they support. Tesla orientation LOSES!!!!! Please just do this before you ever post again!!!!

Matthias Fritz • 1 year ago

how often do you have stone showers?

nROBeRAB • 1 year ago

In Indiana?! 2-3 times a year.