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Haru • 1 year ago

Why does the test have the solar tile horizontal and the other 2 vertical..

I mean that defeats the whole demonstration

Sahil Malik • 1 year ago

Elon just replied to my tweet - https://twitter.com/elonmus...

Daniela Mitrovic • 1 year ago

It's nice that Tesla doesn't discriminate based on orientation.

Pluto is a Planet • 1 year ago

The only reason I can think of to have the differing orientations is if each of these shingles are installed the way they're demonstrated, giving a realistic example of weatherization (even if it's not entirely benchmark-comparable). But I don't know that that's the case.

EDIT: Elon confirmed the orientations match how each is installed.

Jau • 1 year ago

The tesla tile have a lot of support from the tw bars.
This test is basically like demonstrating that reinforced concrete are stronger than concrete without reinforcement.

Lopf • 1 year ago

Calm down guys. It's not supposed to be affordable for everybody - which was forseeable. It's a luxury roof tile. This absolutely makes sense from a financial point of view. With the profits they make here they can afford to raise production numbers to leverage economy of scale bringing down costs an order of magnitude of magnitudes for future roofs ... maybe even some more! Seems we regular folks have to wait for Tile 3 which is probably maybe announced soon. Go Tesla!

Aceskywalker • 1 year ago

Or you could get an traditional solar panel array that costs significantly less than this will bear for the near future.

Lopf • 1 year ago

Got one already, that's why it was interesting me alot what this solar tile prices would look like.

cronin • 1 year ago

Wait... do roofs really cost $60,000?

Bill Weinman • 1 year ago

Depends on the size and construction. I have about 3,000 sq ft roof (5,000 sq ft house - 2 stories). I've had estimates in the 50k range (Spanish tiles, without solar). I just reserved a Tesla roof and I'm happy with the price. With saved energy costs (I live in the desert) It'll pay for itself in 15 years.

cronin • 1 year ago

Being rich must be nice. Check out your utility fixed costs before you calculate payback unless you have enough solar roof to go totally off grid. Those costs aren't included on the calculator.

kontis • 1 year ago

Maybe in the US. In many European countries you can build something like 8 roofs with good tiles for that price. LOL.

vilpertti • 1 year ago

Not in western countries, i just did my roof last summer, roof was only straightened and new sheet metal was installed, 12,500 euros.

Aaron • 1 year ago

That's actually quite a bit cheaper than I thought...granted it's for the basic design. Still looks quite good.

I doubt I'm the only person who doesn't particularly care about making money on the investment...just like the idea of having a slick looking secure roof that provides clean power for my house/PEVs.

Carl Raymond S • 1 year ago

That's $235 per square meter, for readers outside of Myanmar, Liberia and the United States.

Saules • 1 year ago

How much is a panel per square meter installed?

Matthias Fritz • 1 year ago

you won't care.

Lopf • 1 year ago


I don't like word games, they should flat out explain, costs more then asphalt, but the power you get back makes it cheaper then no roof at all.

Haru • 1 year ago

When they unveiled the solar roof it was supposed to be cheaper than tile and slate BEFORE any electricity generated >:( based on articles from November of last year. The graph shows tile and slate to be cheaper than 21.85$/ sqft

MorinMoss • 1 year ago

That $21.85 cost includes installation & removal of the existing roof.

cronin • 1 year ago

Not for me... plus the recommendation of only one power wall means I'd still need the grid which means mandatory minimum "connection" fees regardless of usage.

realjjj • 1 year ago

lol Tesla's address in their solar calc

jeffhre • 1 year ago

Ha, they should get right on that. Did you submit the order to expedite that happening!

P_Engineer • 1 year ago

Solar roofs are the future of residential solar. Regular solar panels are not. The interresting cost of the solar roof is the differance between a new high-end shingle roof and a new solar roof. That cost (calculated per kWh) have the potential to be competetive against large-scale solar farms since it's only a reflects the cost of the solar cells themselves. Small-scale solar cell installations will probably not be competetive in the long run in residential installations since they also include additional materials and labour costs.

If it looks expensive right now, that is probably ok. All tech companies charges a premium to the early adaptors.

I'm also looking forward to solar facade cladding and windows. It's a logical next step.

Aleksi Kolehmainen • 1 year ago

Another product for the 500k/year salary group, i.e. SV yuppies. Oh well.

Anti Lord Kelvin • 1 year ago

Like...first cars, first, phones, first televisions, first cell phones, first travel trips by plane, first residential solar panels, etc...
But, honestly, I think not only 500k/year salary group will be able to buy this, like not all Tesla car owners have a 500k/year salary...
In the other hand, there is more than 6 million millionaires in USA, it would be enough to Tesla to crush competition if each ones bought a Tesla car, a powerwall and a Tesla solar roof!

Mariusz • 1 year ago

$70k for my roof @ recommended 50% coverage?? Yeah that's definitely cheaper than regular shingles /s
For that price I could have 30kWh offgrid system.

Pobrecito hablador • 1 year ago

But no new roof. This only makes sense if you have to change the roof anywhy

Billy • 1 year ago

And for new-build houses.

Haggy • 1 year ago

All this works if I assume that I would have bought a new roof anyway. If Tesla could match a section of my existing roof and I could replace part of it with 100% solar tiles, that would work too. But for now, it's a lot of money if I don't need a new roof and my current one might last a lifetime.

vipregan • 1 year ago

I'm looking forward to the Tile 3, the version that everybody can afford!

Bubba2000 • 1 year ago

The top 5-20% of the homeowners may choose the solar roof! Because of durability, looks, image, personal choices. Just like they buy expensive cars. If it was just dollars and cents bean counters, we would all buy 1-3 year old used Toyota, Hyundai, Kia.

In certain countries with unstable electricity, it makes sense to have solar roof. Parts of Africa, Asia, etc.

I think the solar tiles will be sold out quickly.

Johnny • 1 year ago

This is not good. I have to cough out over $60k for the roof and it says after 30 years I make $3k profit.

cleeee • 1 year ago

Your normal roof would give you no money...

Johnny • 1 year ago

Yeah, but it would only cost me $12k. So the question is how much I would make if I put $50k into Tesla stock. I hope I can make more than $3k in 30 years.

Tom610 • 1 year ago

at least you would make a profit on yours...

Brandon • 1 year ago

Wow, pretty cool!!

But this is what I really want to know: how does the cost of Tesla solar shingles at $42 per square foot compare to the cost of a new asphalt shingle roof + solar panels?

As near I could tell in researching it just now, asphalt shingles (I choose them because they are the most common in the U.S.) are around $4 per square foot, and a solar panel system cost per square foot is $7.50. So that's about $12 per square foot for a new roof plus panels installed.

I know there is the asthetic pleasing factor with the Tesla solar shingles, but aside from that the costs for the solar shingles at $42 per square foot seems high, like more than three times higher for a given area where panels and shingles are installed on the whole area.

Robin_Harrison • 1 year ago

Comparing them to the cheapest possible roof is like comparing a Model S to a Fiat 500.

Brandon • 1 year ago

Well, here in the Northeast (and the majority of the U.S. for that matter) tile roofs are basically non existent.
What available roofing material options would you compare to? A standing seam metal roof? Standing seam would very likely cost half of the Tesla solar roof.

Edit: just googled standing seam cost, and it's $4-$6.50 per sq ft. Still three times cheaper for roof + installed panels than Tesla solar shingles.

orim181 • 1 year ago

Hmm may I ask how did you get to the "$42 per square foot" cost? My calculator is showing ~$23 with 40% coverage or ~$32 with 70% solar coverage.

Brandon • 1 year ago

It's there in the article. That's the cost per sq ft for the whole roof covered in the actual solar shingles, so that's the real number to compare.

Kevin Smith • 1 year ago

Where's the damned calculator? I don't see it on their site.

Anthony • 1 year ago

Yeah, I couldn't find it. Did they pull it?

cronin • 1 year ago

put in your address first

Tom610 • 1 year ago

My estimate comes out to $63,200 for a solar roof. lol That is NOT cheaper than a normal roof thank you very much!!

cronin • 1 year ago

He meant to say normal high end tile roof PLUS the cost of electricity for 30 years all up front.... Plus the cost of minimum grid connection fees from your utility company. For my utility company if I use 0 kWh I have to pay over $30. over 30 years that's an additional $10,800 if I was able to produce 100% of my energy. Although I'd also need two additional powerwalls so that another $15,000... It's insane.

theBrandler • 1 year ago

Then he should say that.

Tic • 1 year ago

I didn't see the metrics for this roof displayed very clearly for easy comparison so here's the figures worked from their calculator in a straightforward format:

• Solar tiles cost - $40 per sq.ft
• Non-solar tiles cost - $11 per sq.ft
• 120 sq.ft of solar tiles = 1kW of output
• 1kW of solar output = $4800

Based on this you can easily calculate different comparisons with conventional solar set-ups:

Example: 1000 sq.ft roof and 5 kw solar system (assume $3/W conventional solar for residential rooftop)

Asphalt @ $5/sq.ft - $5,000 + Solar @ $3/W -$15,000 = $20,000

Tile/Slate @ $15 - $15,000 + Solar @ $3/W - $15,000 = $30,000

Tesla Roof – 5kW = 600 sq.ft

600 sq.ft @ Solar $40 = $24,000 + 400 sq.ft @ Non-solar $11 - $4,400 = $28,800

So in this case of a retro-fit of a high end roof, the Tesla solar roof makes sense. But, a substantial price premium over a cheap roof + conventional solar.

Carl Edward • 1 year ago

$67k over 30 years is $185 a month, my electric bill averages $150 a month.

Where is the savings? Not to mention you have to take out a loan for $67k or pay up front.

How many homeowners will treat their electricity as a capital expenditure that takes 30 years to recoup rather than a monthly bill?