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MEREDITH LIBEN • 5 months ago

This is terrific, and makes my heart sing. Important to note that the link to your org: Teachers Against Child Detention above (join us) has sign up information and ways the rest of us might help with this, in specific, concrete ways. THANK you!

Jim Boyd • 4 months ago

Too bad America's own homeless children do not receive the free food, warm beds, and educational opportunities these illegal children do.

Curious Mainer • 4 months ago

Yes, it is but that does not negate the needs of these children, many of whom have relatives ready and waiting to take them. The US can and should address the needs of all children.

Laura K Waight • 4 months ago

I'm so glad that you are concerned with all children, Jim. What are you doing for your local homeless children and how can I help you?

ChristineVM • 4 months ago

Wonderful! How does someone sign up to go, when exactly will it be held, and is there someone going from Illinois?

Tracey Farmer • 4 months ago

I was in New Mexico last summer trying to connect with others who were wanting to address this travesty last summer- Is the teach-in still happening ? How do we connect with organizers?