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thruthisimportant • 3 years ago

Here is my own <100 words salespitch:

The E-Cat SLK power module is capable of 24/7 continuous self generation of 4.5 kW of
electrical power by a an already well patented and certified revolutionary plasma technology.
With a 100% climate-friendly characteristic the E-Cat technology
carries the potential for ultimate replacement of all non-renewable energy sources:
– unique purity - no emissions nor waste
- unique efficiency - lowest net cost[$/kWh]
- unique flexibility -
*scaleable to MW levels
*industrial and domestic
*grid and off-grid
*stationary and mobile
The global introduction of E-Cat SLK is planned for second half of 2021.

Axil Axil • 3 years ago


New quantum particle may have been accidentally discovered

The find suggests a brand new type of quantum particle, which the team calls a neutral fermion.

We have seen this in the LENR reaction as a Dirac neutral spinor which is a spin only particle.

From the research paper:

"An intriguing possibility is the formation of fractionalized, charge-neutral fermions—for example, spinons and fermionic excitons"

These are the particles that make LENR go.

Amateur science has previewed this cutting edge science on this site before professional science has discovered it. We are a number of years ahead of science in that we have seen and characterized a Bose condensate of these particles and the electroweak unification reaction thereto.

Instablographer • 2 years ago

Hmm. I'm afraid that you lost me after the second sentence. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

David Linebarger • 3 years ago

"We are about to enter a new age because of the extraordinary work of few scientists that have exploited the atom to create a new fire, one that is completely novel world changing technology. One that will liberate mankind from the mundane into a whole new paradigm shifting reality. A reality in which mankind will no longer be bound to standard chemical reactions. One in which not only fossil fuels, and nuclear, but even clean energy such as solar, wind, geothermal will become a relic of the past. With this new powerful and clean energy source no other completing energy technologies can even stand in it's shadow. It's called the E-Cat SKL. What makes it so special is that it creates energy that is 1/1000th the power of all previous energy technologies by transmuting elements, as well as being as small as a microwave, making it very energy dense, as well as the cleanest non-polluting energy technology to date. To put this into perspective, once the E-Cat SKL fully saturates the markets around the world in the coming decades, it will make all goods, only a small fraction of the cost they currently are now. Instead of paying $4 dollars for a gallon of milk you would pay a few pennies, Instead of paying $20,000 for a new car you would pay $50 to $100 dollars. It would be like reverse inflation. Why? Because the cost of producing the materials that run the economy will go way down. This is especially true of energy intensive industries. It would give clean water to the whole word because desalination would become not only feasible, but easy to accomplish. Welcome to the future."

Enginer01 • 3 years ago

"Over many thousands of years the Greatest Story Never Told is Humanities' increasing energy consumption per person and our lack of understanding of what it costs. But that is about to change. CO2, pollution, environmental destruction, per kWh (kilo-watt-hour) are about to go away. Scientists have discovered how to rip an atom apart using smaller-than-microwave vibrations, liberating electrons as electrical currents with no harmful radiation.
The first product using this new physics is is the Leonardo E-Cat, currently undergoing industrial certification. A normal nanowave plasma is fed regular hydrogen, one atom at a time with tremendous, but safe generation of energy. The actual unit, smaller than a kitchen toaster, produces up to 5 kilowatts each hour from a replaceable catalytic fuel cartridge that lasts a year and can power houses, cars, factories and the entire electrical grid when enough modules are assembled together. Commercial units should be available in 2021."

David A • 3 years ago

A simple question...
Where is the one operational independently verified unit now?

Cashmemorz • 3 years ago

There should be several units in existence. One or more were or are at the the place where the certifying institutions have checked it out for certification of its claims of function and safety. They know where that is, but will not say much to protect the inventor.

if asked by reporters, the certifiers are only obligated to point one in the direction of the inventor at the most. If they can point you in that direction, that means they know who the inventor is and that means they know about the device having been in the hands of those same certifiers. Not complete proof of the existence of the device or if it even works, but that is the next best info, until the inventor decides to divulge more. So you would better ask the inventor, directly.

colinsky • 3 years ago

I'm dumb about electrical units. How much is 5 kilowatts? Will the toaster-sized box run my refrigerator for a month? For a year? Will I need a separate unit for the stove?

Leonard Weinstein • 3 years ago

5 kilowatts is enough to light 50 conventional 100 W light bulbs. If you use LED equivalent bulbs, it would light close to 500 of these. A microwave oven uses about 1 kilowatt of power for a few seconds to minutes at a time. A stove may use several kilowatts (e.g., 2 to 5), but only for a short time. A typical home uses an average of about 2 kilowatts of power (based on the full day average). If batteries are used with the 5 kilowatt generator to supply any short term surge power use, the 5 kilowatt generator would be more than enough power for most homes.

Omega Z • 3 years ago

Peak demand can far exceed 5Kw. My heating system uses 21Kw alone(this is small compared to many). An electric range can use 10Kw. On demand water heater can require 40Kw. Even a simple blow dryer can use 2Kw.

catnv • 3 years ago

Hear! Hear! I like "...discovered how to rip an atom apart using smaller-than-microwave vibrations, liberating electrons as electrical currents with no harmful radiation...." So cool! :>

Horus • 3 years ago

Here is my proposal:

"The E-Cat SKL is a revolutionary small device, designed and produced by the Italian inventor Andrea Rossi with his industrial partners, that generates an almost unlimited amount of cheap energy, in the form of electricity and/or heat, with no fuel needed and no waste nor harmful radiation produced; the only requirements are a catalyst and the power supply (either from the mains or battery) for the control electronics. It is based on a novel physical mechanism that we are only beginning to understand, but that has the potential to transform our entire economy and society. It can be applied to any energy need: industrial, transportation, domestic, etc. as a complement or replacement of the existing fuels and grids, and it is already certified and ready for the market. It is the future knocking at the door!"

That's a bit more than 100 words (in non native English...) and will require some further refinement and trimming.
Also, the statements about partners and certification need a more solid evidence before release.

Frank Sedei • 3 years ago

Ball Lightening in a bottle with power outlets. : - )

Richard Hill • 3 years ago

+1 (lightning) (otherwise the ball would fly away!)

Ophelia Rump • 3 years ago

This seems a little premature, we do not even have a spec sheet yet.

Frank Sedei • 3 years ago

If Rossi was asked this question, I believe he would decline.

Guest • 3 years ago

At the very least, the SKL will amplify the global societal, economic, and energy trends described in the linked Wall Street Journal analysis.
It is remarkable that, per the WSJ, "90% of new electricity generated in 2020 comes from renewables". It seems fair to say that with a 2021 introduction of the E-CAT SKL, this trend may permanently hold true from 2022 and beyond.


LilyLover • 3 years ago

E-Cat SKL is an energy generation device the size of a typical microwave-oven generating about 5 kWh per hour of electrical energy based on advanced Physics tapped by Eng. Dr. Andrea Rossi. E-Cat SKL or Energy-CATalyzer, Sven Kullander, eLectric was a name adopted to honor late Dr. Sven Kullander whose contributions along with that of Dr. Hanno Essén were useful in E-Cat SKL's development. This Lego-like stackable device can be scaled to meet any level of desired output, produces no pollution whatsoever, and is safer than gasoline, and more energy dense than any other fuel known to date. Moreover, this is cheaper to buy and maintain at less than 1/1000 of the cost of any other energy source and is fully recyclable. Rich countries and investment parasites, whose income depends upon controlled energy prices are resistant to this invention but are forced to adopt for the fear that the rest of the World may leave the late-adopters in the dust. This energy democratization will foster a bountiful and humane society. This technology can make vertical farming and converting desserts into food production centers possible. This antidote to climate change is so green that, ironically, even the green activists oppose this because it will render their "activism" futile. This technology makes desalination of seawater, metallic transmutations to plentiful gold, and cheap anti-missile defense a reality. While the E-cat "lifts all boats" and benefits the general society, some countries, whose prosperity depends upon prosperity-differentials, are vehemently against this overall progress of humanity and are in bed with the oil giants to preserve the existing power dynamics in favor of the few rather than allow general prosperity to prevail. E-Cat SKL is a lot more than an a free-energy device — it's a free freedom device for upliftment of humanity. If you love it, you are a good human. If you hate or oppose it, you are evil. Philosophy simplified! Enjoy the upcoming abundance, courtesy of Eng. Dr. Andrea Rossi's E-Cat SKL!!!

David Linebarger • 3 years ago

What does "cheap anti-missile defense" have to do with the e-cat?

steve swatman • 3 years ago

This is all I need to see.

The E-Cat SKL,

A small, cost effective, reliable electricity generation unit, ideal for the home.

Depending on requirements, Costs from $xxxx

Fitted and installed by certified engineers. Cost $xxxx

Requires a fuel change 1x per year by a visiting engineer, Cost $xxxx

Available now, delivered, fitted and working within 1 week of order payment.

colinsky • 3 years ago

If you run an electrical current through a bar of nickel that has absorbed a large amount of hydrogen, the bar heats up a lot more than the amount the current would normally generate. Portions of the nickel are changed into copper.

bfast • 3 years ago

Oh I wish you were correct. First, MFMP have repeatedly tried and failed to obtain measurable excess heat. Second, the SKL certainly does not put electricity through a bar of loaded nickel.

colinsky • 3 years ago

See, I've been reading this site for eight years and I still don't know anything. Erik Petersen said, "High voltage is applied to a transition metal and in some instances more heat than is explainable by chemical processes in released." Instead of "transition metal" I picked nickel.

Specifics. Concrete nouns and active verbs is how you pack info into 100 words. "Simple revolutionary energy device" is an abstraction, an opinion. "Potentially world changing."

Dan Woodward's opening sentence is explanatory, but then it falls back on "We've been working real hard!" and dives into acronyms. Hey, if you don't know what ECAT SKL is, tough titty, but we'll spell out "Research and Development" in our 100 words in case you never heard of R&D.

For a hundred years, researchers have been noticing inexplicable results during electrolysis of nickel infused with hydrogen. New results in the lab are now on the verge of converting this reaction into a cheap source of abundant energy.

gdaigle • 3 years ago

I think the 100 word description would be useful to the general public. Probably the 500 word version would be best directed at media outlets desiring a more technical description or one that focused upon the SKL as an agent for change. As for audiences composed primarily of scientists or technologists, 1 word (for skeptics) may be too much, and 10,000 words (for those seeking highly specific details) may not be enough.

Sanity is Overrated • 3 years ago

The E-cat is one of a group of potentially world-changing power generators, based on physics that is not generally accepted by mainstream physicists. Many researchers have had difficulty establishing the conditions for reliably reproducing their observed results; but the E-cat's developer asserts that he can reliably obtain power from a new form of usable energy, independent of nuclear energy and different than electromagnetic energy as presently understood. If this new approach towards power generation proves effective, it would potentially provide a non-polluting, non-radioactive, extremely compact and inexpensive source of power for civilization, and would likely replace every power source that preceded it.

Frank Sedei • 3 years ago

"Proven Safe and Reliable" is a needed addition to this well thought-out description.

bfast • 3 years ago

Things I particularly like about this post:
"one of a group of ... " gives room for others such as brilliantlight and Saphire.
"based on physics that is not generally accepted by mainstream physicists" This is necessary.
"Many researchers have had difficulty establishing the conditions for reliably reproducing ..." This too is necessary.
"the E-cat's developer asserts ..." Well said.
"If this new approach towards power generation proves effective ..." also shows a necessary tentativeness.
"it would potentially provide a non-polluting, non-radioactive, extremely compact ,,," This is the statement that demonstrates a reason to maintain this Pascal's wager.

Aureon Addict • 3 years ago

The E-Cat SKL is a simple revolutionary energy source that copies the natural phenomenon of self organization. Similarly to when a luminous sphere forms from a bolt of lightning, this device utilizes a specific type of electrical discharge and a favorable internal atmosphere to entice positive ions and elections to form an ordered structure. This "ball of fire" is it has been called in science papers going back many decades produces copious excess energy, many times what is required to maintain it. Producing no nuclear waste and no traditional form of radioactivity, this technology represents a true miracle. Better than hot fusion with none of the drawbacks, this technology holds the potential to dramatically reduce energy costs while reducing pollution at the same time. A power source not only for decades to come but perhaps forever, the E-Cat SKL is the future. The world's future. Your future.

Dan Woodward • 3 years ago

Description of the new ECAT-SKL electricity Generator

There is a new technology about to hit the world that can generate electricity for very little cost, with zero air or water pollution, and zero residual radio active waste. In addition, its fuel can be recycled for other purposes !

It is called the ECAT-SKL, and is the culmination of 15 years of Research and Development (R&D).
This R&D began as a heat generator, the last of which is the 250 watt ECAT-SK. This led to the -SKL which produces 20 killowatts of electricity, with a very small electrical input, mostly for the control electronics. There is no generator available anywhere that has a higher efficiency (output power divided by input power). To learn more:



Dan Woodward

bfast • 3 years ago

"about to hit the world" is too hopeful for me. I've been disappointed again and again ever since I got excited by this technology back in 2011.

Dan Woodward • 3 years ago

My intent was that I think the first markets to explore are the countries that are under served and have near zero politico/economic reasons to block it!

Calle H • 3 years ago

Good idea but may stumble on the hurdle that there is no convincing answer to where the energy comes from. If the E-Cat delivers energy there must be an explanation to the source for the energy. Else the layman may se the wordings as incomplete.

Wish there soon will come an answer, which should be a simple answer leaving out details. An answer something like: the E-cat sources its energy from macro cosmos, i.e. from the universe (aka ZPE), or the E-cat sources its energy from micro cosmos, i.e. interactions by atomic scale particles (aka E=mc2) or something else that maybe AR will disclose in his presentation.

Cashmemorz • 3 years ago

That info is for investors due diligence for knowing the level of risk to make a sound decision towards investing, those who need to know in terms of raw controlling power over the device like the government who will use the excuse of safety, for the military to know how to reverse engineer and use the tech to its full potential and industrial interests to reverse engineer it for personal gain.

Omega Z • 3 years ago

The layman doesn't care how it works. Only that it works.

Calle H • 3 years ago

I could agree to that the layman doesn't care how it works. But for a Nobel Price award the Swedish Academy of Science will not nominate AR for the prize if the nominee committee has to guess if the energy comes from macro cosmos or from micro cosmos. For sure an answer will come one day. Just hope that that day is soon.

Cashmemorz • 3 years ago

For a Nobel, one has to be connected to academia, or no Nobel is possible. Neither Rossi nor Mills have any kind of connection to academia, except by third parties, such as sceptical physicists who have checked out the tech and have been convinced that it works and how and therefore are just friendly towards the inventor. These have no wish to talk about it to their academic friends, for fear of being ostracized, for being involved or connected to pseudo-science.

Stephen • 3 years ago

Perhaps that part could be explained in the 500 word part.

There could be two kinds:

1. slightly technical for those with a basic science interest. Something aimed at popular scientific press.

2. more general aimed at the interested general public.

For these we should avoid details and discussion points where there are strong differences in opinion but still try to convey in an accessible way the over all concepts. Using familiar language, examples and models would help I think.

It’s not easy to find the right words though.

Harvey Hamel • 3 years ago

This one is 100 words. Maybe too simple?

The E-Cat SKL is a revolutionary 2 part system, capable of generating enough electricity to power up to five 1000 watt microwave ovens for a full year without any external energy source or refueling. The basic system consists of a small cylinder shaped reactor that is activated and operated using a controller about the size of a standard Rubics' cube. Each controller can simultaneously operate up to 100 reactors.
Invented, patented and developed by Andrea Rossi of Leonardo Corporation, after 10 years of intensive research and testing, he has recently published his latest technical theories about this technology at https://www.researchgate.ne....

gdaigle • 3 years ago

How about 77 words:

The E-Cat SKL is in a class of HME (hydrogen-metal energy) and plasma generators that have been in development for well over a decade. The SKL reacts nickel metal and hydrogen in plasma form, generating energy as both heat and electricity. Output is rated several orders of magnitude higher than in today’s most advanced battery systems and contains only a small fraction of their elemental nickel while providing a runtime of months under typical load.
Bruno • 3 years ago

Too technical. To catch the layman's attention, the description needs to say WHAT it does, rather than HOW it does it. Mention the small size, the ability to generate useful quantities of electricity & heat, at competitive cost, with zero pollution for long periods of time without refueling. Play up its off-grid potential.

Omega Z • 3 years ago

Layman- Do you guarantee this works.
Yes, with double your money back guarantee...

Layman- Ok then. Load it into my truck.

Erik Petersen • 3 years ago

This is more of a general description of the properties of LENR/condensed plasmoids/EVOs (which are at the heart of all of these reactions):

High voltage is applied to a transition metal and in some instances more heat than is explainable by chemical processes in released. Other effects of this reaction include elemental transmutation and gravity shielding. The proliferation of these three effects into commercial technologies could single-handedly transform and safeguard the future of humanity. The reaction also emits a form of radiation that is currently not well understood.

(also please correct me if I've made any mistakes I'm just an amateur)

Some other good resources include the history of this reaction - http://condensed-plasmoids...., the Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project, and the LENR subreddit.

Gerard McEk • 3 years ago

A very good idea, although we might need to wait what the presentation reveals more. Additionally I would suggest also one-liners like:
“The Ecat gives you more energy than you ever need”, but I think you will come up with better ones.

rudyswiss . • 3 years ago

Excellent suggestion ! I also always use an electric lighter as a show model in my lectures. The audience has something to pass around which does not look "nuclear".

Stephen • 3 years ago

I was wondering about glow sticks and hand warmers. But an electric lighter is cooler and it also has a spark!