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sam • 1 year ago
Desireless • 1 year ago

Testing the system at 200W. Behavior become more nonlinear. It is more apparent how pressure is changing excess heat. Higher pressure = lower excess heat which mean lower internal and external temperature. Only 10 mbar difference will cause tremendous difference.
I use 900W twintex DC power supply.

sam • 1 year ago


Can you post a picture of the whole set-up- reactors, gas feeds, pumps etc.


Desireless • 1 year ago

New reactor module is giving COP 1.36 at 50W. When deuterium is introduced excess heat is coming from a different reactor part, not originating from the heater. If there is too much deuterium introduced then excess heat lasts only for hour or so and is decreasing slowly. It is being loaded by the mesh. It seems good pressure is needed in order to not load deuterium. Instead balance between absorption and degassing is the key.

Alain Samoun • 1 year ago

Can you give us the temperature of reactor and Ni mesh as well as the pressure of D2 when getting excess heat?

Desireless • 1 year ago

Reactor core 450°C, Reactor shell 120°C, pressure 10 mbar.

Desireless • 1 year ago

Can you ask Prof. Mizuno if he is using DC or AC power supply?
What will happen if he will connect positive electrode from power supply to the reactor shell? Has it impact at excess heat?

sam • 1 year ago

水野: 以前の試験では90%が直流電源です。交流電源も使用しましたが、加熱では試験結果に違いは有りません。直流の方が測定は楽です。

Mizuno: 90% of the previous tests were DC power supplies. An AC power supply was also used, but there is no difference in the test results with heating. DC is easier to measure.

sam • 1 year ago

Just posted question for DR Mizuno on LF.

LION • 1 year ago

If you are a space Geek, watch this video, vision the future with the added asset of LENR and blow your mind.


LION • 1 year ago

Anyone have one of these they could lend MFMP to scan LION 4?



LION • 1 year ago

BOB if the company have a rep where you are, perhaps they could be persuaded to give a demo.
Cover the reactor in a single layer of cling film, apply gel and away you go. They might be excited by the challenge, showing the versatility of the devise?

LION • 1 year ago

Bombs away! Hyperion unveils hydrogen-powered car that can hit 220mph and go more than 1,000 miles on a single tank
The XP-1 goes from 0 to 60mph in 2.2 seconds and takes only minutes to refuel
Aerodynamic solar panels change position with the trajectory of the sun
Hydrogen energy is renewable and doesn't produce harmful emissions but it's difficult and expensive to produce
Only 300 cars are being manufactured for the XP-1's initial rollout in 2022


LION • 1 year ago

The Vermont Experiments


2005 D2O was added to a very small amount (~10 milligrams) of

multiwalled carbon nanotubes in two separate glass beakers. Positioned

under each beaker was a hermetically sealed piece of X-ray film. After

allowing exposure overnight, both films were developed and showed

exposure to some type of radiation.


scientists then added more heavy water to the same beakers from the

first experiment. In some of the experiments light from various sources

was impinged on the D2O/CNT mixture and gamma/X-ray and neutron

radiation detectors monitored any output from the apparatus.


apparatus that was used had water shielding and thick polypropylene

neutron moderators for safety purposes. The detectors never detected

X-rays or gamma rays. High energy X-rays (about 20 MeV) could not

penetrate the metal portion of the detector, much less the thick

polypropylene moderator. Radiation of some type was, however, detected

in these same beakers on the X-ray film in the first experiment.

Irradiation of the beaker as it rotated produced measurable radiation.

Several of the samples that were emitting energy were retained.


this preliminary work it was determined that it was possible to

generate radiation by combining deuterium in the form of “heavy water”

and CNTs.

Because we had

limited experience with nuclear systems and systems generating radiation

it was decided that further research should be conducted at a facility

having such experience.

Research at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratories


2006 we contracted with Lawrence Livermore National Laboratories to

conduct further experiments. Again, a mixture of D2O and CNTs was

subjected to various energy inputs to induce a fusion reaction. State of

the art neutron detectors were used to determine if such a reaction

took place.



LION • 1 year ago

Anomalous Dirac and Majorana states in condensed matter


LION • 1 year ago
sam • 1 year ago
LION • 1 year ago

“Bomb Carbon” Has Been Found in Deep-Ocean Creatures
detection of this radioactive relic of nuclear weapons tests in a
remote environment shows humanity’s far-reaching environmental impact.


LION • 1 year ago

This year has been for me quite challenging, chasing money and support for sufficient lab space to continue my research here in London, I am happy to say that the effort has produced some positive feedback.

It looks like for me it will unfold in two distinct phases.

First a fairly modest space here in London followed, if everyone is happy, to a professional lab space at the Harwell Campus Oxford.


I am committed to sharing some more data before the end of the year, the Pandemic has been very disruptive for everyone.

Our LENR community has a very bright future.

Dave Lawton • 1 year ago

Changed a lot since the 1960`s when I use to work next door at the Rutherford Lab.I remember the domes of the two experimental reactors Dido and Pluto that use to stand in the Harwell complex.

LION • 1 year ago
LION • 1 year ago

from Alan Smith lenr forum:

Charles Baudette died on Sunday 9th August. He authored the excellent

book "Excess Heat: Why Cold Fusion Research Prevailed" , was also an

engineering graduate of MIT and successful businessman. Another of the

old guard gone.


LION • 1 year ago

Excess Heat: Why Cold Fusion Research Prevailed (2nd Edition)

Hardcover – 1 May 2002


Charles G. Beaudette


Desireless • 1 year ago

Can you ask Prof. Mizuno if he developed a way how to run activated reactant with no excess heat?
Will it run with Protium only? Is there a comparison when running with Deuterium and Protium with the same reactant?

sam • 1 year ago

DR Mizuno

Questions from replicator
Desireless posted on ECW..

Can you ask Prof. Mizuno if he developed a way how to run activated reactant with no excess heat?

Will it run with Protium only? Is there a comparison when running with Deuterium and Protium with the same reactant?

Deactivating an activated furnace is easy. Excess heat does not come out immediately when He or air is added. The degree of reactivation depends on the gas and temperature used and the exposure time. Even with light hydrogen, heat was generated, but since there is no 100% H2 gas, the effect of deuterium cannot be ignored.

sam • 1 year ago

Posted your questions for
DR Mizuno on LENR forum.

Alan DeAngelis • 1 year ago

Does he see any helium? (at 51:00 min.)


Alan DeAngelis • 1 year ago

The palladium
nucleus, Pd of palladium deuteride, PdD2 absorbs its deuterons, D (as an even
number of deuterons are involved in the Mitsubishi transmutations) to become
cadmium in an excited state, Cd*(that would contain far more energy than the 4-8
MeV needed for it to undergo alpha, He decay via tunneling). https://en.wikipedia.org/wi...

PdD2 > Cd*

Cd* > Pd + He


D2 > He 24 MeV

Alan DeAngelis • 1 year ago

Even number of deuterons.


Alain Samoun • 1 year ago

Cancelled comment

Desireless • 1 year ago

Congrats for Prof. Mizuno!
COP looks low in this experiment. But still positive. I will report data from my experiments probably this week too.

Gerard McEk • 1 year ago

Will it be positive?
(gives me something to long for...;) )

georgehants • 1 year ago

Wonderful, but still "When the data comes out"
At least one big step nearer than another certain person I could name.
He also is aware that- "When the data comes out, an excellent researcher will give an answer." that this other person does not seem to give a damn about

Gerard McEk • 1 year ago

Yes, the answer is probably a mistake in the measurements, as always.
But 60% power increase is VERY remarkable, and Mizuno says:

The CF phenomenon is absolutely true. It can be controlled very easy. is absolutely true.

That should make it easy to replicate!
Well done Tadahiko Mizuno!

greggoble • 1 year ago

Yes, Well done Tadahiko Mizuno!
1. Easily replicable
2. Usable power
3. Control