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Stewart Mitchell • 2 years ago

The Bhor atomic model is dead.,Protons and Neutrons do not exist

( ) • 3 years ago

Why can't Rossi just put a kit on the market and let folks mess with it? It's not like they're going to burn a hole through the earth or anything.
If you really have something then sell the catalyzer and win the Nobel Prize. All you are doing now is inviting criticism by behaving like a crack pot.

sam • 3 years ago

Colin Watters
September 7, 2019 at 2:35 PM
Dear Andrea, At the beginning of May (four months ago) you mentioned you were having problems with the first wave of reactors and that you consider you were still in the R&D phase, not production.

Q1:Can you tell us if you have resolved these issues?
Q2:Have you been able to start or restart production and shipping of your reactors?
Q3: If you are shipping reactors, what is the current estimated delivery time?

Andrea Rossi
September 8, 2019 at 2:20 AM
Colin Watters:
1- we are improving
2- in part
3- it depends on the situations
Warm Regards,

astralprojectee • 3 years ago

What is LRPI?

Thomas Kaminski • 3 years ago

Look at the title of Rossi's paper (hint: starts with Long Range ...).

sam • 3 years ago


August 31, 2019 at 2:34 AM

In your opinion, it is more probable that one of the firms producing heat by your Ecat reveals it:

A) by the end of this year
B) by the end of next year
C) never

Andrea Rossi

August 31, 2019 at 11:35 PM

Warm Regards,

Navid Sadikali • 3 years ago

It is painful to see physicists and "lenr' people spinning over this subject, when the answers simple (albeit new), well documented, and reproducible. I suggest this is an admission of a chemical reaction. Read this book - Brett Holverstott spent years of his life trying to bring this immense story together https://endofpetroleum.com/... and listen to this interview bit.ly/eop-radio-interview

Karl Venter • 3 years ago

Just a thought !
How do these structures differ from burning with oxy acetelene?

hunfgerh • 3 years ago

No Fusion , No Fission, No COP > 1

Omega Z • 3 years ago

If we knew all there is to know about physics, there would be no reason to continue studying it. All we would need is engineers.

georgehants • 3 years ago

I am amazed at the lack of Wonder on page at what we are witnessing.
Unknown science, no doubt about it's genuineness, unexplained forms from inanimate materials.
It does not seem to create any excitement, sad.

Frank Sedei • 3 years ago

Imagination is more important than knowledge: Einstein. Rossi seems to have cornered the market on this subject.Time to really start thinking "outside the box"?

Gerard McEk • 3 years ago

I assume you are taking about Rossi, indication that the energy does not come from the conversion of mass into energy. This hints to new science, something Andrea has always refused to consider. Obviously he has found no indication of signals (radiation, forming of elements or transmutation of fuel) that should accompany fusion or fission. That leaves him no other choice.
We should either consider Axil’s suggestions (energy from vacuum, Higgs field effects, generation of quarks) or Mill’s theories (Hydrino’s) and maybe there are others, like reconsider our view on nuclear physics. We will not progress until Andrea proves without any doubt that his E-cat produces energy with a COP of >1.

Stephen • 3 years ago

I think it should be possible to calculate how much hydrogen is needed to account for the energy generated assuming its Hydrinos.

I think I read that the maximum energy released to from transition to very deep Dirac level Hydrinos is 511 keV. I apologize if that is mistaken... maybe someone can correct me if I’m wrong there.

20kW over a year is about 6.3072 x 10^11 J

1J = 6.242 x 10^18 eV

6.3072 x 6.242 x 10^29= 3.937 x 10^30 eV

This gives

Edit: (I see the error I made previously. now corrected)

3.937 x10^30 / 5.11 x 10^5 =

7.704 x 10^24 deep Dirac level Hydrino atoms

Avagadros number is 6.023 x 10^23

So we have about 11.6 g or 11.6 moles of Hydrinos corresponding to 5.8 mol of H2 gas

This seems a bit much and that’s just the Hydrogen.

Add to this the heavier Lithium, Aluminium and Nickel in the other components of the fuel in the right ratios and well the mass is getting pretty big. Too much I think to fit in the E-Cat SK.

Unless I made a mistake.

It’s also clear that we would apparently get probably substantially less energy than this per Hydrogen atom in clusters formation. Perhaps 200 eV or so per atom.

So something must be replenishing the a Hydrogen from its dense state. What ever that is. Or the energy is coming from elsewhere.

Stephen • 3 years ago

Proton proton fusion yields 1.44 MeV to deuterium per fusion or 730 keV per Hydrogen atom.

Still the Hydrogen amount would need to be comparable

Edited (see above)

fusions yielding 5 MeV or so would need 1g or 0.5 Mol of Hydrogen gas or so

Even if other materials were involved and we were getting say 511 keV per atom. We would still need 10 atomic mols of that material. If that was Nickel say that would be 620g of nickel.

Gerard McEk • 3 years ago

That’s a very nice approach, Stephen! Maybe fusion to helium/lithium from protium would just do for the size of the E-cat content, but in that case these substances must be easily detectable with e.g. spectral analysis. I assume that Andrea has not found these, so he has abandoned fusion.
As you say also the hydrino conversion would not do either, that leaves us no other way than new science, if AR can prove that the E-cat really works. Thanks!

Stephen • 3 years ago

If I recall correctly Andrea Rossi claimed not to have seen evidence of Helium yet. I’m not sure about Lithium.

The aneutronic proton proton cycle like reaction and lithium burning like reactions would be expected to leave helium... and I think even fractions of a mol of Helium in 1 liter volume should be visible in the spectrum and I suppose would be pretty high pressure?

If the energy released by the e-cat SK over 1 year (3.93 x 10^30 eV) was accounted for by Li7 + p -> 2 alpha + 17 MeV.

It would require 2.31 x 10^23 lithium and Hydrogen atoms. Or about 0.384 mol atomic Li and similar amount of atomic H. If this was all in LAH it would require about 14g or 13 cm3 LAH. (Perhaps 1/4 of that if sufficient extra lithium was present)

It would generate alpha equivalent 0.768 mol of Helium.

1 mol Helium at atmospheric pressure at 0 degC occupies 22.4 liters.

So according to the ideal gas law 1 mol in 1 liter at 0 deg C would be at 22.4 atm.

1 mol At 2000 degC it would be something like 186 atm

Apparently it’s not there.

I’m curious now if he has seen evidence of Carbon and/or Oxygen (triple alpha like processes) And perhaps Nitrogen (CNO like processes) gases would have a similar issue to the helium. But perhaps carbon? Or other solids?

It could be hard for him to tell if Carbon is generated if he uses it in the device. But different than normal isotopic ratios might help determine that

Stephen • 3 years ago

It could still be possible with some high energy nuclear reactions. If p + Lithium7 to two alpha is still involved in some process it could still theoretically yield 17 MeV per Hydrogen and lithium atom.

And I suppose we would have 1/4 the lithium than H in LAH and perhaps a closer ratio if wi include any Li added to the fuel.

I suppose this would make sense given the original sizing of the reactor perhaps assuming this process.

Omega Z • 3 years ago

New science does not need to be exotic. Just a deeper understanding of current/existing science.

Gerard McEk • 3 years ago

I agree, it would be revolutionary and exiting, though and maybe a good lesson for some nuclear physicists.

Omega Z • 3 years ago

There are many of us that would like to stick our thumb in their eye and say suck it because of their arrogance.

georgehants • 3 years ago

Gerard, nothing to do with Rossi but the Wonderful science shown on page by Bob, LION et al regarding the completely unexplainable effects of their experiments.

Gerard McEk • 3 years ago

I agree, and I would love to test it myself. I just need a lab.... ;(

malkom700 • 3 years ago

For laymen this may be incomprehensible, but for a scientist this is why it is becoming very interesting.

Bob Greenyer • 3 years ago

Call to explain whiskers growing out of the bizarre 'crystals' that were instantaneously formed during the explosion on the Titanium Exposed to Ohmasa Gas after touching PTFE.

They have a Ti, Cr, Fe, Ni (separated by Alpha?) base and grow into C with apparently some field or crystal aligned directions.


Stephen • 3 years ago

Those whiskers are interesting just in them selves.

If carbon and every thin and long: resistant to higher temperatures, highly conductive to heat and electricity.

You may have stumbled on a way to make something very useful to other applications:

1) Spikes like that are ideal for glow discharge. I wondered before about using arrays of nano spikes for this but these could be even better.

2) they could be used for needle like sensors such as used in electron microscopes.

3) they could be used as very fine needles and probes for nano biology

4) they could potentially be used as terrahertz antenna for sensors or communications interferometric arrays if these could be interesting in that context too

5) the could potentially be used for THz communications

If twisted they may be sensitive to circular polarization

If very fine effectively 1D structures they may have reduced dimensions physics for Electron conductivity may be even superconductivity etc can be tested

I wonder how long they are at some point their width is likely below the resolution of the SEM. But they taper like a spire... they could be a longer nm wire.

The possibilities with these structures would make an interesting subject in it self.

georgehants • 3 years ago

Stephen, in your "nano-biology" would you include the possibility on consciousness sensors?

Stephen • 3 years ago

Yes why not.

One could probe ordered and collective behaviors under stimuli or under unperturbed environments. In microscopic structures. Perhaps even across a number of different sources.

I suspect it is those kinds of behaviors that relate to consciousness rather distinct local controlled actions and responses in detail.

Consciousness needs loose coupling but open degrees of freedom to express it self in my view.

But I suspect it could be probed at some level at this scale like this.

georgehants • 3 years ago

Wonderful, would you go so far as to consider that it could help to answer some pertinent questions regarding "proven" telepathy etc.?

Omega Z • 3 years ago

Telepathy is real. Years ago, my brother was injured. Situation- my aunt was 250 miles away. No one knew where she was or how to contact her. 5 hours later she showed up at the hospital and asked specifically by name if he was going to be ok. She just knew he was hurt and came directly to the hospital.

A few years later it was around dinner time and my mother was carrying a bowl of food to the table. Drops the bowl, places her hands to the side of her head and screams OMG, something has happened to sis(my aunt who lived 250 miles away). My aunt was caught in the crossfire of a robbery and had been hit in the leg by a stray bullet(police can't shoot straight.) This ability was strong between my mother & her sister.

I inherited this ability, but it is not nearly as pronounced. A preminition. At a family gathering, I said OMG, change the channel. The space shuttle just blew up and they just stared at me then changed the channel just as NASA was saying there appears to be an anomaly.

Another preminition on a job that something was wrong & I started to move away just as an industrial furnace blew up. Yeah, I was slow to paying attention to this feeling. Spent 11 days in the hospital.

Woke up at 1 am and told my wife somethings wrong with our son and got dressed. 10 minutes later there's a knock at the door. He was hurt and at the hospital. Another time, 5 am. Same thing. 5 minutes later a knock at the door. My father had passed in an accident.

This is all anecdotal. It can't be proved or disproved in a lab. Thus science denies it's reality as they must until science can find a way to verify it one way or another.

Here's what we do know. We all radiate energy. Starting with implanted electrodes we can detect and translate brainwaves. Graduating to fitted skullcaps with sensors and on to implanted sensors in the walls. No. This isn't today's tech.

This is a government research project I read about 40 years ago. We also know today they are working on transmitting signals directly to the brain. This was also discussed in that same report I read 40 years ago. It's all about how advanced technologies are. That it's possible isn't in question.

So I see know reason why some people can't have the ability, tho to a much lesser degree be able to pick up on these brain emissions. Even at a great distance.

Perhaps we are all connected to some grand cosmic consciousness. Thus claims from people like Tesla and others who claim they were given knowledge from other entities makes a lot of sense. Perhaps when we die, our souls or self, joins that cosmic consciousness.

Roland • 3 years ago

One of the typical test set ups in parapsychology involves two test subjects in separate rooms; the first subject is wired to an EEG and is periodically shocked with low voltage electricity, the second subject is to guess when this is occurring and press a button to register the time of their guess. Some pairs of subjects do better than chance, most do not.

The interesting part starts when the first tester wired up both subjects, the conscious guesses didn't change but the EEG monitoring revealed that the subject doing the guessing responded physiologically with perfect precision to every shock administered.

We don't know that we know except, occasionally, in extraordinary circumstances but aspects of self below waking consciousness absolutely do.

Stephen • 3 years ago

It could be tested if any observed microscopic behaviors had for example EM or chemical signatures that could be detected at microscopic level for example the result in particular mechanical behaviors of part of a structure in a cell. If these are coordinated in some way across separate sources then that would be pretty good proof of something going on.

georgehants • 3 years ago

Again thank you and Wonderful to talk openly about such things.
The criteria would be if such communications are EM etc. in origin, or some as yet unknown possible way.

Stephen • 3 years ago

Yup. Thinking openly. I sometimes think it is something that expressed through resonance that may or may not have an EM signature. Perhaps the media is not important but the process it self and that takes advantage of the most suitable media available.

Bob Greenyer • 3 years ago

In a few days, I hope to be able to put the sample on a higher resolution instrument.

Gerard McEk • 3 years ago

Interesting Bob! It looks like you have found considerable transmutations (Ni& Fe) happening, and that in such a short moment.
BTW: what do you mean by ‘separated by Alpha?’?

Bob Greenyer • 3 years ago

Using the Fusion reaction calculator here



The last Co60 reaction will not happen as it is radioactive.

Bob Greenyer • 3 years ago

https://uploads.disquscdn.c... And... of course, there is always this.

Gerard McEk • 3 years ago

These reactions look more probable because the reaction seemed to happen at the moment PTFE was pressed against the white-hot titanium.
Let us debate the situation, also with regards of what Andrea tries us to believe.
It seems that burning OG brings the titanium in a state where it looses its structure. It is not particularly hot but it glows like it is very hot. Can it be that protons in the OG (H+) grab the valence-electrons of the Ti, causing the lattice structure to fail. At the same time capturing the electron it produces an UV photon, which brings the atoms in resonance. That may be this mechanism also helps EVO’s or clusters of electrons to form in cones if UV light. The resonance with the OG at UV frequencies and the electron clusters or EVO’s, screen atoms which makes them easy to collide and cause, in this case, carbon and titanium to form nickel and generate a lot of heat.
Under these circumstances also protons and titanium, oxygen and nitrogen may help to form alpha particles and allow for the step 1-3 alpha reactions.
The main difficulty may be the lack of radiation, but you did not measure that, did you?

Bob Greenyer • 3 years ago

There was a lot of light.

In this sample did not measure radiation - with straight exposure to gas the day before we did with no observed radiation.

Bob Greenyer • 3 years ago

The CNO, with C from PTFE, N from air and O from Air and Ohmasa Gas can either fuse to make Ti


Ti can fission to make CNO - as either CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) or N2O (Nitrous Oxide)


Bob Greenyer • 3 years ago

The starting Titanium sheet is confirmed to be pure Titanium with oxide layer

The PTFE is confirmed to be PTFE

This is not any type of contamination.


Axil Axil • 3 years ago



A SEM of me356 fuel. Many of the me356 fuel pictures showed many spikes and rods.

See all picture here


LION • 3 years ago

Have Bell Labs been in touch?????!


Bob Greenyer • 3 years ago


LION • 3 years ago

I am certain before we are through they will be Knocking at our door.
I like some of Ed Storms ideas, some times when I read what he says, I feel that that he knows a great deal more than he is prepared to say. He is a fine Scientist, if Google had any brains they would give him as many Millions as he needs and just set him free to follow his scientific Nose.
The History of Bell Labs and the dawn of the development of microelectronics is being played out all over again.
There was a reason I sent you this:


LION • 3 years ago

Lessons from history:



Great video- change is painful for some, History repeats itself.

The response of most scientists to LENER is to sweep it under the carpet and hope it will go away.
A few real and honerable Scientists have followed their calling and investigated it.

LION • 3 years ago

His advise at the end, is what we all need to remember.

LION • 3 years ago

WOW, just used the link above to zoom in and take a CLOSE look, such long fine catcus needles on the tips.
It would be interesting to have a close up watch over time and see if it continued to change, using the energy of the electron beam to grow by further Transmutation.

Bob Greenyer • 3 years ago

That had crossed my mind - however, it is important that we get this on a better microscope to get a closer look.

It is a bizarre form, the main 'crystals' are a internally a COMPLETELY AMORPHOUS form of mixed elements - just like your (in my view) instantly formed Cu2O on the outside of LION2. But it has a crystal like structure, THEN there are the whiskers - which kind of have rules and then kind of dont...