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LION • 4 years ago

Thanks to Ruby for all her great work for LENR.
A very interesting talk by Cook at ICCF21:


LION • 4 years ago

This article link, provides an insight into modern thinking about the challenges of Radiation shielding and its application in diverse industry's.


Stephen • 4 years ago

I should be keeping this page bookmarked.

There are some interesting follow ups in this thread.

May I ask if you tried stacking dental film. This could be a good verification if similar images appeared on back to back films and could provide good back up information if any trajectory information could be deduced from their differences?

Or is this impractical in the set up due to focusing or x-Ray diffusion constants or something?

I wonder if you have a device producing X-Rays or Gamma in the coming tests if you can gat hold of a spectrometer? I’m Very curious what it would show.

Looking forward to your next data LION

LION • 4 years ago

Hi Stephen,
Yes stacking is in the pipeline for the coming Test and CR39 Type monitering. Their front facing side shielded by various metal plates.
Thanks for your interest.
I do not have the facility to read the data myself for CR39 , that will be done by an independent laboratory. The report will be made available here on ECW.

LION • 4 years ago

This Photo (in the link below) looks the same as my Lion Emulsions-interesting.



LION • 4 years ago

A Dark story about the photographic industry and the birth of the Atomic Age.


LION • 4 years ago

Some useful information for researchers:


I suggest googling dosimetry measurement service---- in your respective country, many companies offer this service and indeed some both supply and will read / process the collected data for you as a part of the service they offer.



LION • 4 years ago

Food for Thought, -- neutron halos,-- very interesting research:

Jim is also a BBC Science STAR, involved in the Public Engagement with Science.

He has made some really fine programs for the B.B.C.



Gerard McEk • 4 years ago

Maybe 'Anomalous microwave emission from spinning nanodiamonds (around stars)' are the cause of LENR? http://www.nature.com/artic...
LION uses small diamonts for stimulating LENR effects. It seems that hydrated nano diamonts spinning in space near stars can generate micro waves. At the same time one can assume that those hydrated Carbon cristals will also be stimulated by micro waves. Would there be a link between LION's diamonts and these nano diamonts?

LION • 4 years ago

Hi Gerard McEK,
see ref below:


LION • 4 years ago

I have just bought some BORON for use in future experiments.
I must look into boron steel too. Sheet and Rod.

LION • 4 years ago

Boron powder arrived in the post today, so China to UK was 9 days.

Axil Axil • 4 years ago

Boron is not a all purpose magic transmutation dust. Getting the transmutation product that you want is like baking a cake...not every ingredient combination will work.

For example, if we want to make gold, we must use calcium and lead. Boron will not make gold.

LION • 4 years ago

Hi Axil,
in the first instance I want to try it as a MODERATOR, if it can slow the Netural Particles then there is reason to believe that the Density of Particle Tracks will improve also, and ditto better evidence.

can • 4 years ago

To be more accurate, while light elements or molecules like graphite or water are generally good as neutron moderators, some light elements like Boron-10 are mainly used as thermal neutron absorbers, which depending on the application might be an undesired effect or not.

It's not clear yet whether these might have a useful effect in LENR reactors, but if neutral or pseudo-neutral particle emission is indeed inherent in LENR and if thermal or transmutation effects are better seen with such elements or materials, that might suggest a possible correlation, which at this stage is still mostly a speculative hypothesis.

LION • 4 years ago

Hi can,
THANKS for that, I have (yesterday) sent an email to Ilford and am waiting a response. If I don't receive a reply then a phone call will be next.

I am very clear where I need to go and why.

As I have said before on ECW, Frank Close is one of our most Celebrated Particle Physicists, and has a History of interest in Cold Fusion, he wrote his book.
Frank knows everybody and is very Highly Respected, in fact last time I looked he was still associated with The Rutherford Appleton Laboratory and spent years at CERN.

I reject the idea that only people like CERN or Fermi Lab can make discoveries in this field today.
What I do accept is that the evidence must be Top Quality to interest the Mainstream, thus Ilford with their fabulous History in this field.
The one thing that I personally am very clear about is that Frank is a Quality Scientist. If he is presented with evidence to engage his curiosity in a big way, he will not stand on Ceremony, whatever his Colleagues think.

The US Navy have done good work and a few others but when I see that people have had Millions in research Money, I think we should be a lot further along the track than we presently are.

Frank Close could start by watching this video of course:




All the best.

LION • 4 years ago

An interesting discovery:


LION • 4 years ago

In light of what has been reported by the SAFIRE Team:


about Haloes and double layers I thought I would post the following link about a SEARL replication done in Russia that experienced som related phenoma:

V. V. Roschin, E-mail: rochtchin@mail.ru

S. M. Godin, E-mail: serjio@glasnet.ru

Institute for High Temperatures, Russian Academy of Science, Izhorskaya 13/19, Moscow 127412, Russia


Fig.6. Corona discharges around the converter. On the background of luminescence glowing on rollers' surfaces, we distinguished a «wave picture.» A number of more vigorous strips of discharges around the rollers were observed. These discharges were of a white-yellow color but the characteristic sound for arc discharges was not audible. На поверхностях статора и роликов не имелось никаких видимых эрозионных повреждений as well

as. Erosive damage induced by arc discharges were not present on any surfaces of the stator or the rollers .

One more effect previously not mentioned was observed i.e. the vertical concentric magnetic "walls" around the installation. We noticed and measured the abnormal permanent magnetic field around the converter within the radius of 15 meters. For the magnetic field measurement the Russian magnetometer F4354/1 was used. Magnetometer used the Hall-effect sensor in the copper shielding. The zones of an increased intensity of a magnetic flux 0.05 T located concentrically from the center of the installation were detected. The direction of the magnetic field vector in these walls coincided with the direction of the rollers' field vector. The structure of these zones reminded us of circles on water from a thrown stone. Between these zones, this portable magnetometer did not register abnormal magnetic fields. The layers of an increased intensity are distributed practically without losses up to a distance of about 15 meters from the center of the converter and quickly decrease at the border of this zone. The thickness of each layer is about 5 - 6 cm. The border of each layer has sharp shape, the distance between layers is about 50 - 80 cm where the upper limit is seen when moving from the center of the converter. A stable picture of this field was observed as well as at a height of 6 m above the installation (on the second floor above the lab). Above the second floor, measurements were not carried out. The similar picture was observed and outside of a room of laboratory, directly in the street, on the ground. The concentric walls are strictly vertical and no had appreciable distortions. In Fig.7 the schematic arrangement of the converter in a room of laboratory and arrangement of concentric magnetic fields are shown.

Fig.7. Schematic placing of the converter and pattern of magnetic fields in the lab's room.

An anomalous decrease temperature in the vicinity of the converter was also found. While the common temperature background in laboratory was + 22°C (±2°C) a fall of temperature equal to 6-8°C was noticed. The same phenomenon was observed in concentric vertical magnetic walls as well as. The measurements of temperature inside the magnetic walls were carried out by an ordinary alcohol thermometer with an inertia of indication about 1.5 min. In the magnetic walls the temperature changes can even be distinctly observed by hand. When placed into this magnetic wall the hand feels very cold at once. A similar picture was observed at the height above installation, i.e. on the second floor of the laboratory as well as despite the ferro-concrete blocking of the ceiling and also on open air outside of the laboratory.

Fig.8. Dependence of intensity of a magnetic field and changes of temperature vs rotor's rpm of the converter.

Concentric magnetic walls and the accompanying thermal effects begin to show themselves by an appreciable image beginning approximately from of 200 rpm., and linearly grow with increasing of revolutions up to a critical mode. The measurements above 600 rpm were not made because of fear of destruction of magnetic system. In Fig.8 the curve of intensity of a magnetic field in мТ and change of temperature in Celsius degrees due to rpm changing is represented.

NOTE of Interest:
During the running of LION 2 a K Type Thermocouple was placed in port 1 of LFH Model T (LHS), in less than a second ie essentially instantaneously it became luminious and glowed including the Nut. on removing the thermocouple it was placed in contact with metal to cool, it was then that I saw sparks jump from its tip, this was done several times and every time sparks leapt to the metal plate. I have not mentioned this before as I need to replicate it in another experiment.
However Diverse observations in different fields of research can lead to new understanding. Patience and an Open Mind are Key.


Bob Greenyer • 4 years ago

Congratulations LION, you have seen 'glowing without the expected heat' and further evidence of CCs

What colour did it glow? was the TC connected in any way at the time?

I explained what, in my view, this was in a response to a presentation by Dr. George Egely during ICCF-21, not a person questioned me after.

LION • 4 years ago

Hi BOB, it was great to see you talking to the SAFIRE people also was that Godes from Brilloin in the photo??

The thermocouple glowed a little red but mostly yellow the spark was predominantly white with a tinge of Blue.
Great that George gave a presentation too.

Bob Greenyer • 4 years ago


I have not seen an example where it gets more than 'yellow hot'.

LION • 4 years ago

I see I missed a point. The Thermocouple was pluged into one of ALANS Digital Thermometers.

Bob Greenyer • 4 years ago

ok - is that floating?

Bob Greenyer • 4 years ago

I talked at length to both of the people either side of Childs - but neither of them offered anything of substance despite my inquisition other than when I said that I have observed across LION, ECCO and Hutchison samples, the production of minimum energy structures of transmuted elements - to which the statistician said, "that is very interesting you said that" and asked for my contact details.

It struck me they felt a little out of their depth dipping their toes into the LENR cauldron.

Godes was not at the conference, which was surprising, but at least two of his investors were.

LION • 4 years ago

THANKS for shareing, very interesting. It gives some hope for the future.

Axil Axil • 4 years ago

Regarding: "An anomalous decrease temperature in the vicinity of the converter was also found. "

The cause of the temperature drop.


Magnetic refrigeration

LION • 4 years ago

Hi Axil,
the magnetic walls are most interesting, especially at that distance from the machine.

ALSO: I like this idea of yours:

" In my opinion, cold electricity is the production of electrons from the transformation of protons and neutrons first into mesons, and then into electrons through a meson decay process."

All the best.

LION • 4 years ago

This is very interesting too:


LION • 4 years ago
Axil Axil • 4 years ago

I have commented on more LION reactor based video in support of the posit that magnetic flux tubes from LENR produce the LENR effect.

I would appreciate your opinion on that posit if you have time to read them.

The posts are in the thread


I have submitted those posts here but frank stays away from accepting heavy posts.

LION • 4 years ago

Hi Axil,
I feel greatful that someone as smart as yourself is fully engaged in trying to get to the bottom of the LENR Riddle. I enjoyed reading you posts and I am sure you are in the correct area to find a solution. Since it is Nuclear I always believed that the Quarks were being disturbed and exchanging energy.

Many years ago I had this DREAM.

I was in what looked like a car park, suddenly to my right appeared a large round metal looking Sphere, that rolled to a stop. I could see on its outside 3 windows in a row, each covered by a hanging round cover hanging from a single pin, like the cover of a peep hole on many front doors.
Suddenly the middle cover was moved aside and to my great suprise there appeared a double barrel shotgun which fired. The shotgun was then withdrawn, the cover closed and the metal sphere rolled on its way.

I believe that when the Neculus is pumped the Quarks absorb this energy are excited and then emit particles as they fall back to their prefered state. This I feel sure is at the heart of LENR, so I find your ideas very interesting.

I was thinking last night that part of the problem with scientists is that they are too rigid in their thinking due to fear of sanctioning by their collegues. They always think you are trying to throw the baby out with the bath water or challenging one of their sacred cows.

QM being Stisticlal/Probabilistic Theory accepts that quantum systems are in a continual flux, but overal the energy dosen't change, the fluctuations cancell out.

Waterfalls don't grow legs and get up and move about, they are static but have a dynamic internal structure that is never still and is always changing.

Scientific investigation has revealed that a negative static charge is not only negative but a mixture of positive and negative charge but overall it is more negative and vive versa for a positive static charge.

Last night I was thinking about penguins at the south Pole.
The motion in their colony is fairly random when the weather is normal to them, but when there is a blizzard their motion changes abruptly. Instead of random motion they become highly organised forming a round huddle. But this huddle is not static, but dynamic. The hottest place is the centre and the coldest on the outside. The penguins then shuffle in 2 directions from the outside to the centre and from the centre to the outside all the while their metabolism keeping a fairly even temperature by burning more or less of their fat to cool or keep warm.

Personally when you see how adaptive nature is to changing circumstances I personally happily accept that Quarks have the freedom to alter their behaviour according to circumstance, such as when forming a super dense medium.
Such changes in charge may very well be at the heart of Quantum Tunnelling and the drawing together of Neucli at closer distances that lead to Fusion. No one is suggesting that this is the norm, clearly it is not, but that it can be so under the correct circumstances.

People always want to put things in boxes and label it and then claim because they have given it a name they therefore understand it completely. Such simplicity has never sat well with me.

I commend you for thinking your own thoughts Axil, that they are also backed by solid Scientific research is facinating, I think because of clear thinking by people like your self we are closer than ever to understanding what is actually happening.

Toussaint françois • 4 years ago
Bob Greenyer • 4 years ago

Some good thinking Axil, keep going - huge clue - what can be a boson?

Axil Axil • 4 years ago

The polariton is the proper boson, not that Piantelli invention.

Bob Greenyer • 4 years ago

That is not what I am suggesting.

LION • 4 years ago

Hi Axil,
THANKS. its 23;06 here in London so will have a good read tomorrow, and get back to you.

artefact • 4 years ago

Thanks! You should videotape your experiments.

LION • 4 years ago

Climate change: Pope urges action on clean energy---


Curiosity rover sees seasonal Mars methane swing


Has US physics lab found a new particle?


A fourth flavour, the sterile neutrino, has been proposed before, but has never been detected by experiments.

The existing three flavours of neutrino would interact with matter through the weak force (one of the four fundamental forces of the Universe) and gravity.

The sterile neutrino, however, would primarily interact with gravity. However, one that's detectable with instruments would have to mix with the other (active) neutrino flavours to some degree.

"If the sterile neutrinos were completely decoupled from the active neutrinos, they would be impossible to see," says Prof Stefan Söldner-Rembold, head of the Particle Physics Group at the University of Manchester.

The sterile neutrino is important because it would represent new physics beyond the Standard Model, and must have played a role in the formation of the Universe, potentially affecting our models of cosmology.

In fact, says Prof Ray Jayawardhana, an astrophysicist at York University in Toronto, Canada, "one of the reasons for people to propose sterile neutrinos in the first place was that they might explain dark matter in the Universe, because you would see the gravitational influence, but they wouldn't interact any other way."

can • 4 years ago

Is water just for cooling/calorimetry?

LION • 4 years ago

Hi can,
WOW 4 Bloggers from LENR Forum in one day. Lucky old me ( I recently had my 60th birthday ).

The water is primarily to avoid a melt down as in LION 2. But a thermocouple in the in line and one in the out will give interesting data.

The key is can you do something useful with the heat generated. If it is necessary to argue over the calorimetry then my response would be let's do some more experiments.

It is great to see ALAN and RUSS so commited and involved with their experiments, I of course wish them success.

LENR is not about individuals but its import for Humanity. The personal Kudos is secondary. It is in the nature of things that vast numbers of people in all walks of life make enormous contributions that go unacknowledged, (ask any parent).

All the best.

Charlie tapp • 4 years ago

Have you explained to mfmp in detail how to obtain your results? And if so can we expect without speculation a positive heat result? I play around with this stuff also but it is all junk I would just like a clear path to some xs. I probably wouldn't even try passed that. Don't know why but cannot leave this type of stuff alone ( lenr,perpetual motion,cold fusion all of it) more because I can't do it than anything. Heck I would still buy gas I like the way my old truck sounds it wouldn't be the same with all the extra steam it makes enough the way it is.

LION • 4 years ago

Hi Charlie tapp,
and here:

LION Bruce__H • 27 minutes ago

Hi Bruce-H,

the whole idea about replication is that everyone should be able to make their own fuel, at the moment that is a stumbling block to the kind of replication I seek. However I believe that with patience a solution can be found for this problem.
All the best.

can • 4 years ago

To be less opaque, I'm only wondering if in your opinion flowing water has a more active role in the apparatus than just being a passive cooling medium, e.g. do you think using borated water would give better results?

LION • 4 years ago

Hi can,
water does have mirror like qualities, but only if the flow rate was slow or in a closed loop would there be any resonant coupling, I think.
The truth is I don't know.
But Boron powder in an AL Tube as a Moderator has crossed my mind.
Careful Experimentation is the key, while remaining open to the unexpected.
Our collective Nuclear History has much to teach us.
I expect ilford nuclear emulsions will play an important role, I hope to speak to them soon.
All the best, thanks for your interest.

can • 4 years ago

In the description above it's mentioned:

The central Tube is a LION 3 and is the source Driving the energy release

In what way is the central tube driving the energy release from the other tubes? If it's largely (not necessarily completely) trough the emission of neutral particles that might be viewed as "neutron-analogues", it is speculatively possible that materials that work well as neutron moderators and absorbers might better retain some of such energy. They wouldn't necessarily have to be in the so-called "fuel", but also in surrounding materials.

LION • 4 years ago

Hi can,
a) In what way is the central tube driving the energy release from the other tubes?

answer--it is a modified LION 2 tube, ( cant say more at the moment as I am still exploring its capabilities) what I can say is that it contains no copper inside or out and climbs to 980C Rapidly at .3 to .6 of a volt AC it has survived more than 10 heating cooling cycles. It has a permanent but weak electrostatic field and I believe that in the new configuration it might turn into a true Rossi Tube as described to me by ALAN. Time will tell.

b) it is speculatively possible that materials that work well as neutron moderators might better retain some of such energy.


artefact gerold.s • 7 hours ago

From Jean-Paul Biberians Blog of Day 3


Imam: "Characterization and Evaluation of Palladium-Boron Alloys

Used in LENR Experiments". In the 1990s, it manufactured palladium

cathodes with 0.25, 0.50 and 0.75% boron. These electrodes all gave heat

to Miles. To make this alloy, it started from a 99.999% pure palladium

foam, and the boron was of high purity. After formation of the alloy,

the electrode was annealed, and gradually, the size of the grains

decreased. An experiment with cerium instead of boron did not give heat.

So indeed Boron it seems may also be active and useful. to be sure in my set up I need to try it. All in good time.
My Tubes are being sent to BOB who shares with the whole community.

There has been so much wonderful, quality work done since 1989 that it is astonishing that the Theory has lagged so far behind. I believe that if we turn up the flux better understanding will come, because we will have clear data for the particle physicists.
I think BOB deserves Great credit for what he has done and continues to do in driving this forward, and I intend to continue doing what I can.

All the best.

Stephen Harrison • 4 years ago

Keep at it Lion it's good to see enthusiasm like yours.

Alain Samoun • 4 years ago

Are you going to try to detect neutrons?

LION • 4 years ago

Hi Alan Samoun,
Yes. as you know many have tried. If they are there they must be of very, very low energy or we would all be dead. The good health and bright smiles of ICCF21 speakers bears testimony to this. Many of them have been conducting experiments since 1989.
However Data speaks for itself so better emulsions than I presently have, taliored to that specific task from experts such as ilford nuclear emulsions may be will show some?
Experimenters need to provide the best Data they can for the Theory people.

Alain Samoun • 4 years ago

Thanks Lion, I'm interested by the ilford emulsion for neutrons detection,please let us know what is your experience with this company for this application.