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frandy alexander • 6 years ago

i did all the methods, and still not solved.. bad luck.. :(

markece ewell • 5 years ago

Did u delete u content

MovieMuscle • 3 years ago

Nah, just shitty design on PlayStation's part...

Joshua Taylor • 2 years ago

To true

DrNicket • 5 years ago

Tried them all, I suspect the USB port is hooped on this controller. The system sees that it's trying to connect via Bluetooth, but doesn't see it via USB.

My other controller worked fine first time.

Thanks for the above. It was worth trying. If anything it helped me diagnose the problem.

emma • 3 years ago

So today I decided to connect my controller to my phone so I could use the PlayStation remote play app and now after that I’ve done that I’m unable to connect my controller back to my PlayStation and I have tried everything. The controller glows orange when it’s connected but when I hold down the ps button it just flashes white and won’t connect. If anyone knows what i should do your help would be appreciated.

Matthew Collins • 3 years ago

im pissed it still wont connect its just flashing a white light even with usb im mad annoyed

Mary Katherine Symmons • 5 years ago

Totally unable to make anything work using all the remedies I can find online. PS4 has been working, then one day the problem occurs:
-PS4 boots up normally
-Attempt to pair ANY controller, either with a cable or without.
-Controller flashes white then goes to amber.
Unable to boot in to safe mode. All controllers work with my other PS4. Any ideas?

Mary Katherine Symmons • 5 years ago

So here’s the rundown -
One day, out of the blue my PS4 consul decided to start this crap.
- powers up fine
- gets you to start screen
- all controllers connected flash white, and then go to amber.​
- all controllers are charged, and fully functional with my other PS4​
- can be connected w/wo cable, and problem still exists.​

Controllers are not the issue
Cables are not the issue
The issue seems to be the PS4 console has lost its ability to pair with anything
Every controller used is in perfect condition, and works fully on other devices
Any idea what the issue is?

Gill • 5 years ago

Yes! Press and Hold onto ur ps4 power until it shuts off! It worked with me and i had same exact issue as u!

igobythisname • 4 years ago

this resolved my issue, THANKS A MILLION!!!

Shay • 11 months ago

this is happening to me and i tried what you said and my controller still won't connect

Format_c • 2 years ago

it works! fóóking workss!!!!!!!!!!!

Sheeoni • 3 years ago

This happened to our ps4. Suspected the actual port that connected the controller to the ps was a problem but still couldn’t link it via Bluetooth pairing. The other controller still worked. We resolved the issue by trying to pair it in Bluetooth mode through the settings (via other controller) and then once it was flashing we had to scroll through a list of invisible Bluetooth devices until we saw the controller. It was so far down the list that we wouldn’t have known it popped up if I hadn’t noticed a scroll bar on the side.

Em • 2 years ago

This worked for me just held down the ps button in Bluetooth devices and it came up and asked me if I wanted to use it with Bluetooth, nothing else worked but this

ZFuePS • 4 years ago


Tj • 4 years ago

Best thing to is take the plug of the PlayStation out the socket and then leave it ten seconds, then plug back it. Should work

markece ewell • 5 years ago

Nothing helped me my controller works in safe mode then once it reset it does nothing please help me

Festus Frimpong • 5 years ago

exactly what im facing here

Zach V. • 5 years ago

Same for me. Nothing has seemed to work. Nobody has an answer. This has happened to me before, but it just magically started working again one day. Now it's happening again and there's nothing I can do.

Liquid118 • 4 years ago

My PlayStation won’t connect with any new controllers. My friends come over with their controllers and it just ignores the controller. It will charge it and everything but will never connect. I’ve tried wire and via Bluetooth but nothing. Reset the controller and PlayStation but nothing. I need help

Joshua Taylor • 2 years ago

I tried this but I don't think this works if u connected it to ur phone

Zac • 3 years ago

None off these worked I tried them all except for the pc one as I don’t have a pc but it is really annoying and it winds me up as it just stopped working I have two controllers like this now and joy con drift on a pair of joy cons but I have another pair but it’s still very annoying who feels the same 🤬

A • 3 years ago

none are working

London chicken • 3 years ago

my brother gave me his ps4 but he didnt shut it down he just unplugged it and it took me a while to find a new controller but my cousin gave me his used controller and ive reset both and tried them all its still blinking white ;(

Cristian • 3 years ago

Try holding down the power button . Worked for me

Jim Street • 4 years ago

I can turn my ps4 on but when i turn it on normally there is a screen telling me how to connect my controoler with usb like you get when you buy it new. When i turn my ps4 on in safe mode i can move around and select different options. I have tried all. No matter what I do it will always go to that screen with the 2 instructions on how to connect my controller. I have tried nearly every wire in the world. I have tried all data transfer cable aswell. So the cable is not the issue. The ps4 charges my controller but doesnt pick up the sigal when on this screen. I can use the controller with a cable on safe mode somehow though? I have tried all the methods above aswell and all the ones on youtube. I went to CEX, a gameshop in the uk, and they couldnt fix the problem either. What should I do pleae help...

adis reve • 4 years ago

For anyone still having this issue, after trying all possible methods, I fixed it by installing Remote Play on my PC, connecting there to my PS4 - from there head to settings -> devices -> bluetooth - remove the PS4 Controller from Bluetooth connected devices and press Share + PS button for pairing - it shouldn't take long to find the device, connect to it, pair it and voila.

ZFuePS • 4 years ago


ZFuePS • 4 years ago

All Methods dont work my ps4 is now stuck in safe mode with no controller to help it work i have nothing but 1 controller and reseting wont work ethier NOTHING WORKS AND IM IN QUARINTINE

Brony Time • 4 years ago

Nope nothing works. Never had this issue till i updated to 7.50 looks like i can no longer use this PS4 i don't have the time or patience or funds to deal with this. Which means i will not have a PS4 for a long while if ever. Really sucks was hoping to play P5R for myself but no dice it looks like i will have to turn to youtube let's plays.

Lee • 4 years ago

if none of the methods worked for you and you tried EVERYTHING, try connecting your controller with a SAMSUNG CHARGER that fits into your dual stock 4 controller. i used a samsung galaxy grand prime charger.
this worked for me even after trying everything i found online. i know maaaany other people had the same issue where neither of their controllers we’re connected and just wouldn’t connect.
i really hope this helps people, because it helped me! both of my controllers are now connected because i used a samsung charger :D

Kay • 4 years ago

Thank you it actually worked

Deth • 4 years ago

If nothing is working try unplugging the PlayStation after putting it to sleep and plugging it back in. Replug the controller and start the PlayStation with the PS button on the controller

Gill • 5 years ago

Last step actually helped. I counted the blinks for about 60 times and then tried turning on PS4 with remote. Kick is, you have to hold onto powe button on PS4 for tv screen to show its shutting off not putting it in sleep or whatever!

billy • 5 years ago

I fixed this by using my TV's input. I turned on the PlayStation by selecting the PlayStation option on my vizio TV. It turned on the PS4, and I pressed the PS4 button. I don't know if any other tv have this option.

Sebastian Gamemaster • 6 years ago

PS button and Share button works for me thanks!

Lillian Lai • 6 years ago

Cool. Glad that it works!

Barry Doucette • 3 years ago

Anyone trying this issue with COD Coldwar, kit is the game and not the controller. Another great programming effort by Activision. My controllers worked fine on other games once I rebooted but once I launched Fractured Jaw on Call of Duty the controllers would disconnect.

Jim Thompson • 3 years ago


Jack • 4 years ago

In my case, i managed to fix the problem by doing number 5. Go to your settings, go to devices, Bluetooth devices and go to controllers. Note this only works if your controller is already connected to the ps4 before and just wont connect again. Anyway go to the controllers you already have and disconnect the one that dosent work. Hold down the ps button and the share button to make it start pairing. After that it should show the controller again. Connect it and the problem should be fixed, Results may vary

희은 • 4 years ago

thank you. you saved my game life there with clear explanation. to add, i bought a new hori pad and it worked even without prior connection history.

Dar • 4 years ago

Jack, thanks for this. This method worked for me. I just followed the instructions then forgot the device that couldn’t pair. After that I let it pair with the console. Viola, issue resolved.

Again, thanks a lot, Jack

Gothamjoke • 4 years ago

Wow, after everything i've tryed, this worked! Thanks man!

Murat • 4 years ago

How you can reach settings without using controller?