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Choviz-michu • 12 years ago

i don't really give a fuck and my excuse is that im young...

Clarissa_b_08 • 12 years ago

i love drake<3

Lana Banana • 13 years ago

This guy is WISE!

Double-D • 12 years ago

Dear Drake

Your wise, nice, and different from those mice.

A Fan..

Marques Timothy • 13 years ago

all i care about is money and the city that im from

guest • 12 years ago

juliet loves drake

Naaomyy ! ^.♥ • 12 years ago

Drake Is Tooo Cleaan With His Ryhmess ! Total Fan ! Lovee Himm !(:

Leecie • 12 years ago

Drake is my hubby!<3 ;-*

guest • 12 years ago

Yeh i'm living on top of the charts, i'm gettin money, you ain't getting shit, i'm livin life. life as it is, fuck the bullshit i aint going know where im staying in the same spot i left my self in.

guest • 12 years ago

I got car money,fresh start money I want saudi money, I want art money I want women to cry and pour out their heart for me and tell me  how much they hate it when they apart from me Yeh, and lately i do bitches the meanest tell em i luv em and don't ever mean it.

guest • 12 years ago

They say my lyrico's  are so good they don't even put then on the schedule...

Hey • 13 years ago


collins • 11 years ago

i love drake more than word any order rapper speak

collins • 11 years ago

you are the greatest even greatest call you greatest .......fuckin right

lilyaya • 11 years ago

young money entertanment im da youngest money out here gettin payments

lilyaya • 11 years ago

i hope u like me lil rap drizzy come holla at me @ yanner@yahoo.com lilyayasofly is my name it stays the same i stay in da game haha im from indianapolice in come holla at yo girl peace

lilyaya • 11 years ago

dat is my own thing and if u copy i say bang bang haha get it

lilyaya • 11 years ago

i love u drake maybe we can meet some day maybe on the bay or on santa claus slay haha u say u started from the bottom but i say its ok bay bay

lilyaya • 11 years ago

if u really wanna holla come do it big my cell is 317-599-7925 love u 4 ever call me drizzy young money

michaela • 11 years ago


michaela • 11 years ago

be cool if he did , he's gotta massive fan base here

michaela • 11 years ago

is drake ever coming to new zealand?

Denisealtamirano31 • 12 years ago

i love all the quotes you wrote your the best

guest • 12 years ago

I'm forsure drakes biggest fan. No doubt.

Amanda Joy • 12 years ago

Mandee Joy here ! i freakn love drake all i listen to all i got on my phone ! i stopped listening to chris brown just for drake if i was old enough id get a tatoo of his face on my back! but im just too young 4 him but wen i turn 18 he culd holla at me !