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danahan01 • 2 years ago

So the unintended consequences of this is that they are moving to my neck of the woods. The same $1,000,000 house in the bay area literally cost $200,000 here. This will inevitably raise housing prices here, which can be good or bad depending on if you already own, or are a first time home buyer.

The biggest issue I see here is that most of the people that are fleeing California in general are still liberals. So they kind of fit in when they move to the metropolitan areas.

I was at the gas pump not too long ago with the old Chevy loaded up for a day of phunn in the hills wearing a mild case of tactical gear and was openly carrying (which I almost never do, except I just needed a splash of gas) and the car next to me had Cali plates on it. I said a nice little hello, and I guess they assumed I was law enforcement when they mentioned they had never seen an unmarked police vehicle like mine before.

I said, "No, I just live down the street and a few of my buddies are going shooting and practicing some tactical drills," I don't think I have ever saw a face go white faster than theirs. They noticeably picked up the pace of getting in the car and driving away.

Maybe that's the way to scare them off, I don't know.......

Notmybrotherskeeper2 • 2 years ago

Brother, the mass exodus from BOTH Left coasts into fly-over country in MANY cases isn’t unintentional. And it’s been going on for some time now with as little attention as possible paid to it.
Similar to the necessary influx of migrants from “sh*thole” countries everywhere invading the United States, unabated for decades but has drastically increased in recent years, these movements and relocations too are equally as strategic.
The aim is indeed to turn red states blue. A “saturation effort”, basically. But even more sinister efforts than just that are afoot.

On the surface, below it and at its core, the Left is evil. As we all know.
There is a deliberate alignment taking place here. All should be concerned and highly aware.

(PS - Loved your story!👍👍)

⭐️ Lady Blue 🐝 • 2 years ago

Exactly correct. Browning down the country. White genocide!

Guest • 2 years ago
⭐️ Lady Blue 🐝 • 2 years ago
WM • 2 years ago

I'll initiate the scaring as they come across our southern border, my friend. ;)

danahan01 • 2 years ago

Thanks brother!! Any stragglers that get past you will be in for more phunn and games!!

I'll bring a few of my friends just for Shiites and giggles.....


⭐️ Lady Blue 🐝 • 2 years ago

My kind of men. Now if I could find one for a husband I'd be in hog heaven. Im not a liberal and free to a good home. ☺️

mf garrett • 2 years ago

Might be time for polygamy to come into style. The libs seem to think every other form of oddity is acceptable.

⭐️ Lady Blue 🐝 • 2 years ago

That's being pushed, by Whites in the mid-west seriously because they allow homo marriage based on homo's saying you can't help who you love and it's not the states buisness to discriminate, so the logic follows, polygamy.

mf garrett • 2 years ago

I can't make one wife happy, how do you think multiple wives would work out?

danahan01 • 2 years ago

Yep, and guess what happens when their cycles sync up at the same damn time!!

Women’s Amazon Battalion!!

mf garrett • 2 years ago


⭐️ Lady Blue 🐝 • 2 years ago

I understand that. I am not promoting polygamy just letting you'll know there is a real effort to make this legal.

mf garrett • 2 years ago

I need a beautiful woman, a woman with a great job or money, a woman who is great with the kids, A woman who will do anything in the bedroom, a woman who cooks and cleans. I just can't have them finding out about each other

⭐️ Lady Blue 🐝 • 2 years ago

Hehe. That's why my SFC married me:)

CJ66 • 2 years ago

lol! : )

WM • 2 years ago

Hahaha! Hell yes!

gofasturnleft • 2 years ago

Still is.

⭐️ Lady Blue 🐝 • 2 years ago

I assume these were White liberal SJW's? The worst of the lot. I hope they left and went back to liberal shithole California!

danahan01 • 2 years ago

No, they stick around, but tend to migrate to the urban areas that they are used to. The town I live in is relatively small by their standards so you don't run into to too many.

It is refreshing though when I do run across a Cali transplant that isn't scared to death at the sight of a civilian carrying a firearm. It just doesn't happen very often.

Not to long ago I happen to witness a conversation between one of our managers and an angry customer because she saw another customer openly carrying a 1911. She was concerned what kind of impression it would make to children. I bit my lip and walked away.

Right after that I was leaving and the store I work at also has a gas station right off of I-5 (the main interstate between Canada and Mexico) and I went to fill 'er up. I noticed the same customer bitching to one of the attendants, why we don't run out to her car and pump the gas for her and she was irritated that she had to ask someone to do it.

My next thought..... Cali plates.

Nailed it......

I so wanted to say something to this person, like, "If you don't like it here, don't bother coming here, and please don't ever move here....." But I was irritated enough already and knew that would just not be the right thing to do, plus I like what I do..

⭐️ Lady Blue 🐝 • 2 years ago

I didn't realize full service gas stations existed anymore? She wants equal rights basically to be treated like a man but she wanted a man to pump her gas? STUPID 🔫

danahan01 • 2 years ago

Ha ha!! In Oreegone it’s fu@king illegal to pump your own gas!! When you pull up to get fuel in that state you’re supposed to wait until someone does it for you!!

However, on the rare occasion that I need to get fueled up in Oreegone, I just hop out and start the process.

Then if they say something after I didn’t have to wait for someone to do it for me I just ask for them to call the boss or the cops. Pick one....

⭐️ Lady Blue 🐝 • 2 years ago

Why is it illegal to pump your own gas? Did SJW's start the gas challenge, like they did the Tide pod challenge?

danahan01 • 2 years ago

That’s the law in Oreegone. Evidently someone probably spilled a couple drops of gas at some point so they passed a law that you can’t pump your own fuel.

⭐️ Lady Blue 🐝 • 2 years ago

I would have had to say something by then. Being a woman myself I could have gotten away with telling where her to stuff it.

BIGBADDAD • 2 years ago

I moved to Kentucky from Shitcago. The yankees that move here have 2 choices. (Just like immigrants). Assimilate totally or be crabby and an asshole just like where they came from. Ask about my AR 15 and you can tell which way I went. BTW, lets go fishing!!

gofasturnleft • 2 years ago

Bless their soul's, they just don't know better.

Guest • 2 years ago
danahan01 • 2 years ago

I live in SW Washington State. It's a gimme that these folks fly north where they can almost retire by selling their house and the weather is pretty mild. My concern is they are bringing their liberal baggage with them and that is how they will vote.

WM • 2 years ago

He's not in TN, sir. He's in my neck of the woods. :)

Peter Brown • 2 years ago

How can this be?? This is di finesteen country.
I recall reading that the vehicle towing dead castro, the commie's trailer broke down en route to the recycling center.

How can this be? What of excellence in central guvamint? If one listens to fake snews and infamous politicians, one has the impression that socialism/communism has succeeded everywhere. Sure! Selfish Americans cling to outdated capitalism and democracy.

Btw, it was s.fran that was banning outdoor grills but take a dump wherever you'd like, someone will clean-up after you.


TeuTonic KNiGHT • 2 years ago

Yes.....the name is GarBage...

Mark726 • 2 years ago

They are tired of Divershitty.

Mi Nombre Es Ninguno • 2 years ago

These people make a mess of the place they currently live then move and jack up the place they're moving to.

Exactly, look what happened to Colorado.

Midlandr • 2 years ago

a couple of generations ago, they infested Oregon and Washington, now look at their messes there.

I had forgotten about them, I wrote them off as a loss long ago.

Midlandr • 2 years ago

I lived in Ore-gone and Washington as a child. I can remember Oregon's governor (McCall) telling Khalitardians to stay out and don't bother spending money here. Washington, well, they now elect communists too.

♔WeedLordBonerHitler™ • 2 years ago

There isn't a day that goes by I get cut off on the IH-35 in Texas by a California transplant, in Austin. I had a guy in a Prius try to fight me with his family in the car. I would of indulged lol. I waved we can pull over, but he wasn't that interested in remaining hostile anymore.

I believe it, every where you go there are always some bone head has to fuk it up for everybody else.

WM • 2 years ago

"“We don’t like it here anymore. You know, we don’t like this sanctuary state status and just the politics here,” she said."

I don't know, brother. From the sounds of that, I might not mind having that lady as a neighbor.

At some point I agree with you, but, and I'm not saying all the people of California are culpable, there are far more that are. Once the avalanche starts for what ever reason there is no stopping it.

WM • 2 years ago

I'm an ex Californian, who brought three more republican voters to my new state about 5 years ago. But yeah, there's a lot more of them than there are of us. :(

It's sad that people have to move like that, but I guess I tend to err on the side of caution.

We have Muslim's demanding Sharia Law.
Illegal aliens demanding citizenship.
Liberals demanding special rights for everyone under the sun, except white heterosexual of both sexes.
I say they can all pound salt.

⭐️ Lady Blue 🐝 • 2 years ago

White women get no rights either unless they are gay or coal burners!

I hear you sister. I edited my post to include all whites, women, and men.

⭐️ Lady Blue 🐝 • 2 years ago


Rand • 2 years ago

And Florida. Frikkin carpetbaggers.

zoobreath • 2 years ago

They have been in my southern Appalachian area for years. They started life in the northeast, made their money then moved to Florida for the winter months. They come here in summer and a frightening percent of them are arrogant, loud and generally ill-mannered.