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Brandye C Ward • 6 months ago

Cash App Deposits for checks are still down. How do I just close my cash app. Not a good service

Timothy Hampton • 6 months ago

My money still not on my account<

Parrion Chapman • 6 months ago

Direct deposit hasn’t came through and was supposed to come through yesterday night

Brandye C Ward • 6 months ago

Still not working on my end

Brandye C Ward • 6 months ago

They got Hella people for their money. I called and they just told me to wait and hung up on me

Gorge • 6 months ago

@techfix_fox on IG thank you for your help on my cash app , contact them for you problem too

Tylea • 6 months ago

My timesheet got turned in on Monday and I'm usually paid late Wednesday or early Thursday morning, I still have no payment and their feeding me lines from their scripts.

YoungSheldon • 6 months ago

I still haven’t received my direct deposit. I’m pulling my money out and going to chime

YoungSheldon • 6 months ago

Cashapp is literally the worst app

Matthew L Faulks • 6 months ago

Is this for ssdi payments for people who receive it the fourth Wednesday? Is it coming today or tomorrow

Matthew L Faulks • 6 months ago

Is this for people that receive ssdi on the 4th Wednesday? Will we get it today or tomorrow

Lyndy Legrand • 6 months ago

It's coming yall my pending add cash was just added to my account 20 minutes ago.

Drexel Dragon87 • 6 months ago

My money was released from pending status so its working now

Jonathan • 6 months ago

Here in Hagerstown md, still waiting for my direct deposit, usually my money is in my account by like 1:15 and still nothing, this is annoying af🤬

Ashley • 6 months ago

Have not received my direct deposit as well.

Drexel Dragon87 • 6 months ago

Ever since the last incident I switched my direct deposit to my Navy Federal account, but I still use my cashapp to pay smaller bills and etc. At 9:21am I cashed out money to my cashapp and it's still pending. So after today I will no longer use this app in any capacity. There's no security for it's users

Brenda Patterson • 6 months ago

My cash has finally been added!!!🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾

Jenna May • 6 months ago

Same here, tried adding cash at 9 am, Bowie, MD. Still pending. Already taken out of my primary account t so..
.yeah I need my money. Like now. Like 5 hours ago. Smh.

B Cla • 6 months ago

This is ridiculous.... The $ I'm waiting on is to pay my hotel room.... It's been pending since 9:40am. And I'm outside until it comes through.....thanks cashapp.! 🙄 👎

Renee White • 6 months ago

Are they going to give us our money it's pulled out of bank but still pending in cashapp since 6 am

Mae • 6 months ago

Any news?

Brenda Patterson • 6 months ago

No news yet.

Zyarah Johnson • 6 months ago

I’ve been waiting for almost 5 hours to my money to be made available , cash app getting in the way of me paying my rent , it’s always something

Robert Keeton • 6 months ago

So apparently there's a ton of money just floating around in digital world....... at least I'm only waiting on 100$ that was instantly taken from my checking account and has been in limbo for 3 hours now

Gene • 6 months ago

Have renters sending me deposits and each transaction was cancelled "for my protection"
Called customer service and they couldn't tell me why or how to fix it !

Brenda • 6 months ago

Cash added still pending for past 3 hours; reached out to tech support; stated they are working to resolve issue.

Mae • 6 months ago

Have you had any luck/updates?

Brady Ratcliffe • 6 months ago

Added cash from my verified bank to pay a few bills, been stuck in pending for 4 hours.

Lane F • 6 months ago

I called support. They verified this is a known issue.

Mary Rogers • 6 months ago

Me too

Bleek 904 • 6 months ago


Angela Hillebrand • 6 months ago

I’m having same issue $620 in lingo from my bank to cash app, money already taken from my bank but cash app hasn’t made it available shows as pending wtf

Bleek 904 • 6 months ago

Same $1200 for me

Teresa Beacham • 6 months ago

agree this is ridiculous

Cj • 6 months ago

still aint got paid smh. I been waiting since yesterday cuh lol

Brady Ratcliffe • 6 months ago

And yet their website says the bloody issue is fixed. Absolutely insane.

Alex Patton • 6 months ago

Added money at 9:34am it's now 10:12am still nothing

Teresa Beacham • 6 months ago

added at 830 am central and still frozen

Lane F • 6 months ago

Adding money is getting stuck at pending.

Aquariyen • 6 months ago

Tried to add money and it’s stuck on pending

Justin • 6 months ago

Add and receive money not working, payments are being stuck pending. Don’t add money or send to anyone at this time.

JavaKaffee • 6 months ago

I'm not getting a verification email.

Aye Jay • 6 months ago

got one payment

Many • 6 months ago

It’s my money and I need it nowwww

damien • 6 months ago


Jay • 6 months ago

Any updates

damien • 6 months ago

now working

Brandi Melvin • 6 months ago

Money still pending after an hr .. I need my $

LoyalHomie216 • 6 months ago

Money pending! OMG!!! I NEED CASH APP

Angela Hillebrand • 6 months ago

Has urs shown up yet or are u still getting pending msg? I tried to add $ 2 hrs ago so I’m trying to figure out how long this might be until it’s available