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Nathan Cutright • 1 hour ago

Have y’all tried reaching out to their support on Twitter/X?

YoungSheldon • 2 hours ago

All I know is I’m deleting cash app when I get my check

Caiden Hester • 11 minutes ago

Did you receive it

YoungSheldon • 2 hours ago

They’re pretty much dead now. Weekly crashes

Joshua • 4 hours ago

Direct deposit still hasn't hit. Normally get it every Wednesday no matter what between 4-6. Today? Nothing. Support is no help at all, once my chime card comes in the mail never again will I use cash app

Nathan Cutright • 6 hours ago

Anyone else not getting direct deposit?

Stephanie Smith • 3 hours ago

I'm not getting mine either a d support won't do anything

Chaz • 4 hours ago

Me. It’s going around

Stephanie Smith • 7 hours ago

Once again cash app direct deposits nit posting and support won't give any info!!@ im so sick of this

Chaz • 5 hours ago

Me too. No deposit. I always get mine by 2pm at latest

JPN • 7 hours ago

Is anyone having issues with cash app borrow?

Late Night jugg • 10 hours ago

Anybody not able to receive funds all of a sudden??

Spedz21 • 15 hours ago

I normally get paid on Tuesday and nothing anyone ever get there deposit

Chaz • 5 hours ago

Didn’t get mine today either

Spedz21 • 3 hours ago

Finally got mine around 430 pm central time

Stephanie Smith • 8 hours ago

Did u get yours? I get mine today on weds and still hasn't been deposited

Jordan • 8 hours ago

Still nothing was supposed to get paid 3pm Tuesday. Customer support is no help.

Stephanie Smith • 8 hours ago

Yeah I know they keep telling me there is no info they can give me at this time I'm so pissed

Spedz21 • 8 hours ago

Not at this time

Stephanie Smith • 8 hours ago

This is insane its always something with cash app use to be good but now I need to find something else we depend on these deposits and they don't care

Angel • 9 hours ago

Supposed to get paid Tuesday as well nothing yet

Deb • 22 hours ago

I am still waiting for my direct deposit! Every week it is an issue with these incompetent people working this CashApp

Nate • 1 day ago

My direct deposit Is 2 hours late this is ridiculous

Katelyn Troncone • 2 days ago

Anyone else’s direct deposit late?

Chaz • 5 hours ago

Mine too

Nathaniel Curry • 1 day ago

Did u get yours

LaToya Warren • 1 day ago

Still waiting!

Vickie Green • 2 days ago

Yup. Waiting

Leah Stratton • 2 days ago

Sent money 3 times it's still in my account and receive hasn't received it

San • 2 days ago

The same thing happened to me. I did an instant cashout 2 days ago, but the money never hit my bank account. CA says the money was deposited to my debit card and has since refunded the instant fee. However, Chase claims they don't see the transaction nor can they trace it.

Has anyone received their money yet? If so, how long did it take?

Ryan • 2 days ago

I cant add cash or buy anything? Anyone else?

Sharon Stoner • 4 days ago

Still haven’t received my funds!

Susan Villaescusa • 5 days ago

Is any one having issues with adding cash to cash app

Susan Villaescusa • 5 days ago

I added $10 just about twenty mins ago but has not yet shown up on my cash app

April Coleman • 5 days ago

My direct deposit has not hit!!! Anyone else having a problem!??

Katelyn Troncone • 2 days ago

Did it ever come? Mine still hasn’t come today, and it’s usually here around 12.

Spedz21 • 1 day ago

Did you all ever get your deposit to hit

April Coleman • 5 days ago

Is anyone having issues with direct deposit?

Ashley • 6 days ago

Anyone having problems with instant cash outs? I cashed out $1300 instantly and it’s still not showing up in my bank account.

S G • 5 days ago

Yep. I did an instant cash out and have been waiting for over an hour. Cash not showing in bank account.

Ashley • 5 days ago

Did you ever get it?

S G • 5 days ago

Yes it finally deposited

Capone J Wade • 6 days ago

Anyone else instant deposit but the funds don't show up to your bank account but say that's it was sent?

Ashley • 5 days ago

YES! I’m having that same issue and it’s been over 24 hours.

S G • 5 days ago

Having the same issue. I cashed out and it was instant but still not showing in my bank account. It’s been over an hour!

Ashley • 5 days ago

Did you ever get your money?

Clarissa Edwards • 6 days ago

Smh this is the last time I will ever use cash app they should be shut down this is ridiculous no direct deposit as of yet

Ado • 6 days ago

Direct deposit late today usually get it by 12am all bad

Mac • 6 days ago

My direct deposit just failed. It states it was returned to originator. Has anyone had the same issue?

Jackie • 6 days ago

Every payday it's the same thing. Direct deposit should have come 8 hours ago