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Dan Gross • 1 month ago

another day and still not able to log in to chase.

Ryan Crouch • 2 months ago

Can't log into the app.

Carol Rudzik-Cicerelle • 2 months ago

Cannot log in to Chase credit card site for 2 days now. Get some funky screen that takes you nowhere..

jimmy turner • 2 months ago

The ATMs in my town never work. Also I've tried to open an acct at other banks and they won't let me because Chase has a delinquency against me and they say I have to call Chase to correct it but when I call Chase they can't find anything. I asked them to give me something in writing that says I don't owe them and they won't do it.

jeff kaplan • 2 months ago

Unable to log onto Chase from the app and directly through their website on my computer. Anyone else having these issues?

Message from Chase logging on from a computer:

It looks like this part of our site isn’t working right now

Mobile App:

We’re temporarily unable to connect to Chase. Please try again later

David • 2 months ago

Chase downloads duplicate transactions. I downloaded and categorized transactions from my chase CC and it downloaded the same transactions today which means if I categorize them I will have duplicate transactions in Quickbooks Online. This is exclusive to Chase. I don't have the same issues with any other bank or Credit Card

dmcrane • 2 months ago

I haven't been able to log on to check my Chase Credit Card Accounts with my Computer for at least a month. This is ridiculous. I can get on with my phone, but not my desktop computer. When I try to sign in I just get a spinning circle that never stops.

Kenny • 2 months ago

chase mobile is down

Crocodile • 2 months ago

Chase wont let me do a wire transfer to my other bank account. I have money in there, don’t know what the issue is. Makes me nervous about our deposits tomorrow…

Crocodile • 2 months ago

Got hung up on by a rep when I asked if they’re having system issues again.

jeff kaplan • 2 months ago


Artinicheal Buchanan • 2 months ago

My balance just dropped and I didn’t even use a dime… also I sent money TO my account from Venmo and it’s not there either…. LIKE WHY DOES THIS KEEP HAPPENING

Fyp • 2 months ago

Transferred money from cash app instantly and it’s not showing in my account.

sevinn • 3 months ago

Anyone else having problems logging in on laptops or desktops? My mobile app is working fine, but my computer version isn't working and says the site is down. Has said so since last night.

jeff kaplan • 2 months ago

I can’t log on from the mobile app or my computer

Goober • 3 months ago

Has anyone else not gotten there direct deposits yet?? Everyone else at work besides me got their paychecks.

Matthew Dolores (Maaachu) • 3 months ago

I currently am curious why my deposit hasn't hit

nancy nelson • 3 months ago

Called on 11/24/23 because could not purchase through publix. We told they were having a problem. That things would be fixed in a few hours. Its is now the next day, almost 24 HOURS LATER AND IT HAS NOT BEEN FIXED! Ready to move on from this untrustworthy company!

Matthew Dolores (Maaachu) • 3 months ago

Update- My debit seems to be working now

PeteC130 • 3 months ago

I'm trying to take advantage of Black Friday deals for multiple items for a golf simulator bar I'm opening soon (TVs, CPUs, graphics cards and such). Totally unimpressed but have taken screen shots of everything I've been declined to purchase due to issues today. I hope they'll make it right......otherwise I'm gone after many, many years.

Richard • 3 months ago

Yep, failed to work for America Airline and Amazon Prime and it’s a Prime Card. This is probably costing retailers hundreds of millions in sales. I switched used another, but some might only have one option!

Osrs • 3 months ago

Chase in person transactions getting declined. Called customer service and was told it’s a system issue on their end, no ETA for fix.

Matthew Dolores (Maaachu) • 3 months ago

Same this morning i bought a coffee then a few hours when i wanted to get my second cup this crap started happening for me smh

Tommy Reames • 3 months ago

saw a bunch 10ish $1 debits and credits to my transaction history, while trying to figure out why my card was being declined at AT&T while I paid my T Mobile bill while waiting on a response from AT&T, Called chase and was told I would have to "call back in a few hours they are having global problems right now" If she would have said the sky is falling I would fell better.

Davieboi09 • 3 months ago

Was told to give it about an hour to try my transaction again

Matthew Dolores (Maaachu) • 3 months ago

Im still not able to do in person transactions 😒

nz • 3 months ago

Awesome, Chase can't process payments on black Friday.

nz • 3 months ago

Awesome Chase not working on black Friday.

Coffee Machine • 3 months ago

Credit Cards seem to be out entirely!

Matthew Dolores (Maaachu) • 3 months ago

Hope they're gonna be getting this resolved, whole reason i left mbo harris was thinking chase was gonna be great 😒

J. Spencer • 3 months ago

Every time I try to login today for the past 6 hours, it says "Looks like this part of our site isn't working right now." I've tried multiple browsers. So it seems like they got hacked or are having technical difficulties. Why isn't is showing up on this site?

disqus_ZP2wAVB4aN • 3 months ago

Can't login to check balance on CC or make payment. Just get blue screen with rotating circle.

mwc1 • 3 months ago

Chase online not working for me get an error when logging in trying to view accounts, all else works just cannot view my account balance, transactions

Sophie • 3 months ago

Well I transferred money from my Uber acct and daily pay and neither deposit is in my acct...I need gas and for some reason the money is being delayed...anyone else still having issues today 11/12 with transfers and deposits not showing up in the account?

CherryBomb0930 • 3 months ago

HOW IS IT POSSIBLE THAT I CAN’T speak to a live agent from the call center!! This is ridiculous! Yesterday the call center was closed and now due to whatever problem they’re having i get a call back. I’ve been trying to talk to someone for the past hour

Shelly • 3 months ago

I think it is absolutely ridiculous that Chase can continue to take out money from checking accounts and authorize automatic payments and then charge for overdraft fees but they cant deposit my check from my employer. I have been waiting for my check to get direct deposited in my bank for over a week now and because the funds are not there, automatic monthly payments for bills are being subtracted from my account when funds are not available due to the error and ongoing unresolved delay with deposits which is not the customers fault! The least Chase could do is inform businesses about this error because now my bank account is negative and I am receiving aggressive calls for non payment from already subtracted and then reversed payment. I hope Chase realizes that places of business charge late fees and reversal fees so what are they going to do about that? Most importantly, who can explain to my kids why we have no money to buy food because of the bank error with direct deposit?? I have called Chase over and over again and I get directed to customer support in India where the inform me that they cannot connect me with someone in the US.

Crocodile • 3 months ago

You still don’t have your deposit? What has your employer said? They may need to cut you a physical check. I wonder how many people still haven’t recieved their deposits. Makes me worried about next week.

SNS • 3 months ago

Im still waiting on my pay from 11/3 as well

Crocodile • 3 months ago

If your job uses dailypay for payroll, etc. they’re down.

Claire • 3 months ago

No direct deposit today? Wth?

Exurius • 3 months ago

Did not recieve direct deposite paycheck today. I am guessing because of the Bank holiday. This is causing problems at my work who use Dailypay and Chase.

Latrese Sowells • 3 months ago

No paycheck today. This is bull...this was supposedly resolved last week......

Rhiannon Mejia • 3 months ago

My husband never got his check for 11/3/23 finally the company he works for cut everyone a check that did not receive one. Now this morning 11/10/23 my daughter didn’t get her direct deposit. It’s obvious the problem has not been fixed. This sucks!

Cristina • 3 months ago

On 09/29/2023 I made a transfer from Chase to my credit card in Dover Federal Credit Union. The transfer was never received. However, Chase is charging me with the payments, interest and late fees. I called Chase almost everyday requesting information and everyday I received a different answer from the employees. I requested the ACH number, they said they do not have it because it was a check, I requested a trucking number and they said they do not have it. Today's employee answer was they need more time to review if the check was missing. Worst bank to work with. I DO NOT RECOMMEND J.P Morga Chase!!!

Mike L 70 • 3 months ago

Still no DD from. Chase going on 5 days. This whole thing smells rotten. Little or no coverage in the media. This has ransomware all over it. Let's see if Chase returns the favor if I pay my cc bill 5 days late.

chris • 3 months ago

still no DD and still no communication from Chase. And why is the media not covering this more? I have to actively search and refine my search to find any articles about this. This should be front page, 5'oclock news stuff. Where are the interviews with people who are behind on their rent? Can't afford groceries or fill up the tank in their car? I feel like our country is failing these families.

Ohio Girl • 3 months ago

Finally! Last night 11/7/23 it showed my dd was pending and this morning it’s in therr. A little nervous about next payday. And btw not one notification from Chase that this was being resolved. Poor customer service indeed!

Washingtonian • 3 months ago

I too was expecting my DD to be in my account on Friday, 11/03. It's Tuesday, 11/07, still no paycheck. I was relying on that check to pay my rent and now I incurred a late fee for not paying rent before 11/04. So, I think the bank, ACH, Federal Reserves should be accountable and reimburse us for fees we've incurred from not being able to pay bills on time due to THEIR ERROR IN PROCESSING OUR DD...just sayin'

Dyllon J • 3 months ago

I literally just got paid 😤😤! 4 days later smh

MA • 3 months ago

What bank do you have?