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Dan Patterson • 1 year ago

Tyrants are available in many flavors and this one is of the shrieking, hectoring, empty husk variety. And she is immune from critique; just look at her skin and note her "she-ness". Can't say a damned thing about this immature high-school debate team star else ye shall feel the wrath of the Bitches of Affirmative Action.

Doctor Weasel • 1 year ago

It's the one-drop rule. She is less than half black, but counts as black because that's how the Democrats have always wanted it, from slavery through Jim Crow to today.

Sonata • 1 year ago

She is Indian (India) and Jamaican.

Signor Ugarte • 1 year ago

Just another dindoo.....


BluesJunky • 1 year ago

From what I saw in the Kavanaugh hearings, the only thing she deserves is a backhand and a boot in the ass on her way out the door. Sadly, though, she oozes sleaze, so she's got a real shot at winning the Democrat nomination.

Number 6 • 1 year ago

The new face of evil...

Kelly J • 1 year ago

Being from California, its no secret that Harris slept her way all the way to the Senate seat. Perhaps not the best method to use in a POTUS campaign.
All these issues were known here, but since she was the Party's Choice she won her election. Facts and Truth not withstanding.

linnilu • 1 year ago

At least if she is the nominee, the women don't dare say anything about the false "pussy grabbing"! Can you imagine the comebacks? LOL! What was SHE grabbing?

Doctor Weasel • 1 year ago

She took a position on Willie Brown's staff.

linnilu • 1 year ago


antsey • 1 year ago

Very precisely stated with comical wit.

Tom Petty Bourgeoisie • 1 year ago

Shafted all the way to the top!

teridavisnewman • 1 year ago

She sure did--with her toes pointing at the ceiling...

TheRealTruthSerum • 1 year ago

Acknowledgement of the sleazy snail-trail left by liberals. Also, she's one of the whitest looking black women I've ever seen. You never see a black woman in politics with long press-on nails, a shag carpet weave, and more makeup than a drag queen. Bad for business, I guess.

Oldav8r • 1 year ago

Whatever happened to the “content of her character” test Jill?

Igor • 1 year ago

I think that went out with the Boy Scouts accepting homosexuals. Maybe sooner, though.

will ford • 1 year ago

OUT w/slick willie, me thinks

SR 71 • 1 year ago

I just hope information like what was presented in the above article is remembered or at least re-published closer to election time.
Is it just me or does that unflattering picture of Harris above remind you of MooseSchell?

V Burckard • 1 year ago

Let's face it, the last, ethical, Black, Lefty was probably Thurgood Marshall. I assume he was a Dem?.?.?

Jude MacAbaech • 1 year ago

I thought it was Frederick Douglas, but he was a Republican - my bad.

Ron Ronglien • 1 year ago

Was this report out there when she ran for the senate? We had a half black Obama for president and we all know how that panned out. Now the democrats are going to try again! Why don't she run as 1/2 Indian?

Get out • 1 year ago

She is a female obama, a toilet trout, a lying scheming subhuman.

Kurt Ingalls • 1 year ago

.....not a snow balls chance in hell........ :-)

deplorable_radtraveller • 1 year ago

So was the lab tech sabotaging dna analytics to ensure innocent men went to jail for crimes they did not commit?

Maybe the lab tech and Kamala were just letting loose on their “believe all women” regardless of the evidence, even if the evidence needs “adjusting” to make sure these men go to jail:
Regardless of innocence.

Robertthebruce8850 • 1 year ago

She needs to be put back into the zoo where she can squat naked on the edge of the mote while throwing her excrement at the white people staring at her.

Howard • 1 year ago

Haven't we tried that flavor before and it was not good at all.

Dan • 1 year ago

She is another moronic liberal, elevated to a position far above her IQ level, due to affirmative action or servicing an old negro mayor who was cheating on his wife and liked young, dumb, compliant black whores. Harris is now a middle aged whore, good for nothing but politics. If she is asked about her adultery era in which she blew Willie for advancement, she will not answer the questions. She is a total idiot and a slut, and the face of the new Democrats. But still, looks better than Hellary..........

silvestris • 1 year ago

“Shoulder additional burdens”. What BS.

Faiillia . • 1 year ago

She's a corrupt whiner.

Laurel • 1 year ago

She did help cover for Archdiocese in SF because the Church is deeply embedded in SF politics including the money spigot. The bulk of politicos children attend Catholic schools there including the non Catholics. The rivalries are deep as well.

Kamala was also against the death penalty for murder including cop killers. She flat refused to prosecute them seeking the death penalty. This country doesn't need any more politicians of any stripe ignoring the law they swear to uphold. It amounts to a dictatorship be default.