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jeannonkralj • 5 years ago

I think it is kind of funny how California people are moving to Texas, Idaho, and Nevada.

Austin, where I live, is being ruined rapidly, but traditional Catholic here are a dying breed and long for a Texas strictly traditional Catholic little community. Ain't gonna happen. The Catholic Church got infiltrated and ruined by the same Freemasonic, Talmudic, Satanic factions as Texas, Idaho, and Nevada.

Sad what has happened to the Democrat party. Sad what has happened to the Republican party, and sad what has happened to the real meanings of the terms "liberal" and "conservative" and "freedom." I vote rarely because there are a large and growing number of people in Austin who are fighting with all their might to prevent US citizens and residents of the precinct to present quality ID at the voting booth. I do not belong to any party and am trying to get through this valley of tears without damnation of my soul.

Idaho is the home of some huge NSA type government facility of the New World Order death and slavery for all operation on the American people. Read https://governamerica.com/s... Vicky Davis is the expert of Idaho's ruination.

Austin, Texas is ruined because of the new kind of Democrat party operatives, not the old traditional kind of Democrat party I was raised with.

The Republicans of Texas are often of the neocon variety and that is nothing but the One World Death and Slavery System for All based on big New York banksterism and crazy addiction to mainstream media of the controlled opposition kind of Fox TV News network.

Regarding Nevada
some of the hotels and casinos here in Las Vegas, the Asians have taken over
70% of the gaming dealing positions!

This is not about "diversity" which as I see it is not God's plan or word as it is presently being defined by Soros and other SJWs.
It is about REPLACEMENT of the make-up of American citizenry. (paraphrasing Cyrus 992)

Never forget the giant Lie and EVIL deep state "false flag" event of the Mandalay casino "shooting." All filthy lies being either not talked about AT ALL by any form of any media outlet. True investigative journalism and searching for facts and truth under the rule of law ended with California's Gary Webb, murdered by California's deep state operatives.

And all of this evil is based in human trafficking, and child trafficking for sexual abuse and sacrifice.

Christus vincit! Christus regnat! Christus imperat!

Richard Rider • 5 years ago

No one leaves California BECAUSE of the weather. They leave IN SPITE OF the weather.

Thank you, CA governments.

community minded • 5 years ago

A good news piece would dive deeper into this issue- I'd be interested in the demographers of who exactly is leaving the Bay Area?? Is it a new White Flight away from this area due to increased diversity? I would love to see a report on that to assess it's accuracy. It has been reported to me by 98% of the 50+ families I know of personally who have left this area in the past 5 years that it is primary due to the Asian influx that has caused schools to be test driven and so competitive now that the suicide rate of teens is astronomical in the Bay Area compared to anywhere else in the U.S.....so many families have left due to that. Increased Asian population turns the political climate even more to the left since far left democrats prefer immigrant rights over Ca. natives.....I wonder if that is accurate?

Richard Rider • 5 years ago

Source for suicide rate?

metaldaze • 5 years ago

Are you certain that 49 of the 50 families you know all left because of Asians? You hang with a weird crowd.

CM • 5 years ago

I find that Asians tend to be more conservative, politically speaking.
Not having kids, I can't speak to the school situation.
As for us, we're leaving because even though we own our home, it is cheaper, quieter and not as politically insane elsewhere. For every over priced home that no one can afford, someone CAN afford it, leaving the owners (such as myself) thinking they won the jackpot and taking the money and running.
Oh, and we're retired Baby Boomers.

community minded • 5 years ago

do you mind stating your ethnicity?

CM • 5 years ago

I'm white, but I have a lot of Asian neighbors.

Kelly Cox • 5 years ago

Someone must have posted a link to this story over at not-so-bright-Bart, from all the right wing trolls posting here from other states.

Guest • 5 years ago
metaldaze • 5 years ago

You can always move to the deep south where they get wasted on oxy instead. I guess it's the republican opiate of choice.

CM • 5 years ago

Amen to that Brother!!

Myth Dispulsion • 5 years ago

Once again there's a story about Vancouver, not just the "high-rise capital of North America," but at the forefront, even more than Toronto (and Ontario with its housing plan), with high housing costs and some action being taken. It's one of the places long known for high-rises, point-tower high-rise construction, in a fabulous physical setting that arguably outdoes Seattle's, competing for San Francisco city-city status as well as with San Francisco for the nicest location on the West Coast. Housing is a principal problem there, as well as traffic, etc. (There is so much growth an willingness to develop in some places that even suburban sites removed from downtown, such as Burnaby, also have such development. I've used views featuring Burnaby with the water area and mountains in the background to refer to the South Bay.)

Read all the details and ponder. What if you were in a house 15 minutes from downtown SF, the financial district (the analogue here), or in more people's cases, the job sites? (Think of Sunnyvale, across highway 237 from the "Lockheed-Moffett" growing and changing area, where there are plenty of single-family homes and even multiple large mobile home parks. Consider that contemporary-US mid-rise wood-frame construction could be built there, and high-rises, maybe residential, or maybe additional commercial offices to the south as well as the north of highway 237, eventually. Might one or more streets get a crossing of highway 237 there for better circulation, etc.?)

Vancouver, with a mild climate for Canada, has long been favored not only by people elsewhere in Canada, but by foreigners, giving the city the name "Hongcouver" by critics back in the 1990s, when many left before Hong Kong was ceded to China. It predates the bigger money presence of China now there, as well as in Toronto, also highly popular and especially expensive. Where would Canadians move?


Myth Dispulsion • 5 years ago

Though so many, not just retirees, who leave the Bay Area or So-Cal don't relocate elsewhere in the state, due to politically-based problems affecting the entire state and its taxes and costs, in addition to other characteristics, I'm glad to see some people at least discuss going to other parts of the state, especially the Central Valley cities. I've even seen a good word put in for Fresno by someone other than me.

The Merc just published a story about the Dems trying to boost their presence and power in the Central Valley as it is now; imagine if not just more commuters, but business and truly relocated people lived there. It's sad, but Californians and solid-Blue political economy and more spreading even elsewhere in the state cause the same concerns felt and experienced by people in other states, raise the cancer-metastasis metaphor routinely, etc.

Note that the Monterey Bay area isn't developing into another major and even national-class metro area. "The Bay Area's San Diego" and place to go, as with LA in the 1980s-1990s+, is not to be, so far. (Why not?)

P Roppo • 5 years ago

This is simply the market correcting itself. The way it should be. Exactly what I had to do in 1980 in New York - leave.

Maybe the politicians will get off this kick to pack us in like rats.

Linux Pauling • 5 years ago

Just like locusts.

jimmy meeker • 5 years ago

KQED has a story about the same topic. The people who are profiled in the story are the living and breathing version of what everyone here is hating: The California transplant moving away (and ruining the place they move to) Check out the pic of them loading up their Prius to move out of Los Feliz neighborhood in LA. They are moving to Lansing Michigan, so look out for them!


Myth Dispulsion • 5 years ago

Lansing = state government, secondarily, perhaps Michigan State University. (Or it's just stronger eastern-US family ties.)

It's intra-state, too though less so than in past years, as the state suffers its governance based on that notorious politics. One news story once in LA when I lived there was California-style, not just big city-versus-hinterlands, about someone in LA who moved to San Luis Obispo*, a nice city at the northern fringe of Southern California, and promptly was incensed to learn there was only one Mercedes dealer in town. (Aside from such a garbage and stuck-up attitude, there was air-headed Californian neglect of homework beforehand, so she knew before she went.)

* My parents liked San Luis Obispo long, long ago, but retirement has long mean moving out of the state.

hikertom • 5 years ago

What don't you like about them?

robco74 • 5 years ago

The primary issues are that there isn't enough housing, and infrastructure hasn't kept up with growth. This isn't an indicator of a failed state. Indeed, there are areas that have the exact opposite problems. Even the conservatives, like the ones posting here who make griping about rampant liberalism their favorite pasttime, are staying in the state for some unknown reason. The underlying problems of not enough infrastructure and housing development have been with us long before the second coming of Brown or even the Governator. These problems won't be solved overnight.

If supply-side Reaganomics were correct, then Kansas, Oklahoma and Indiana should be booming - but they aren't. If religious piety really were rewarded with material gain, then the Bible Belt should be the nation's economic powerhouse and not California, New York, New Jersey, and other heathen blue states.

I would guess that many people who are leaving would stay if they could secure affordable housing, had better transportation options, and/or better schools. We can work on these issues, but it will take time. Some people can't wait around for a solution.

Robert Glass • 5 years ago

You don't seem to understand that other than weather, the quality of life for average Americans in middle America is better because the income inequality is not so severe and the cost of living is a fraction of what it is in California. Further, the establishment of silicon valley and Hollywood predates the take over of the state by the leftists. Give it a few more years, silicon valley is slowly moving out of the state, and Hollywood is not as good as it once was. Dig a little deeper.

Myth Dispulsion • 5 years ago

It's always true: "You can't eat climate." It's over-hyped, though you miss it if you move, most likely in winter, but ...

Captain Jack • 5 years ago


1. Housing
2. Transportation
3. Schools

And yet, the liberals are working on:

1. Sanctuary Cities
2. A high speed train that will never be built
3. Protecting the failed K-12 education system

Reed More • 5 years ago

All of the same problems exist in other job centers, they just aren't as acute in other areas because they aren't experiencing the same level of growth as CA... YET.

For instance, TX has done a better job at getting federal dollars. But all of their major water reservoirs are managed by the Army Corps of Engineers and while they do a great job applying for federal funds to maintain their roads, those dollars are being reduced. If you've been in Dallas (or Austin) during rush hour, they have some terrible traffic. Houston was suffering from a housing shortage and costs that are out of whack for the wages and since the hurricane, it has only gotten worse. Funny thing, Trump wants to transfer all of those costs back to the states - https://www.npr.org/2017/01...

Fundamentally there is a bottom line cost to supporting the population. How states and local government choose to collect the needed funds differs, but the same services are needed.

M A R • 5 years ago

As California implodes, the Californians flee to states like Nevada and sadly bring their big government, demo-rat ideas with them. They are like locus, destroy everything they touch, have forgotten why the fled California and are turning Nevada blue! Do us Nevadans a favor and move to deep blue Oregon or Washington and leave us alone!

Steve • 5 years ago

I’m in Oregon. It’s great here, with the exception of Portland. If that city can be overcome by the rest the state, and we’re working on that, things could be perfect!

I was in Nevada a long time. Loved it there, but I’m seeing the “blue invasion” now (Eph-ing CA transplants) and blue is gaining a foothold there in Reno and Vegas, where 90% of the state population sits. It’s beginning to look like NV will go heavily bluer with time. Uh-oh!

Washington .... lost cause.

Idaho looks like s good choice?

Louise Fitzhugh • 5 years ago

Reno's current problems mirror problems that began to develop in San Francisco 25 years ago.

Homelessness. Street beggars. Traffic snarls. Gentrification.

The Reno Gazette-Journal printed an opinion piece from a woman who moved to Reno from Marin. The writer expressed distress that her commute by car was slowing due to traffic congestion.

She had lived in Nevada for 3 months. Her words were thick with entitlement.

Dalton • 5 years ago

Communist Democrats is the equivalent of metastatized cancer ... spreading cancer throughout the country ... turning America into a third world crap hole one city and state at a time

Ex-msft • 5 years ago

You must be fun at parties.

hikertom • 5 years ago

Conservatards love to stereotype people and spread hate.

Dalton • 5 years ago

Communist Democrats have nothing but commmnidt slogans - callingveverything and everyone racists and haters .. Communist Democrats are deranged and killing themselves with their own hate and racism ...

HockeyDood • 5 years ago

First, spelling counts. Especially when engaged in an internet war.

Second, you are clearly delusional because Democrats aren't deranged and killing anybody with racism. That's Republicans, like the orange cheeto in office in DC.

Third, everything you seem to hate about Democrats are actually Republican traits. Perhaps it's time you turned off Fox News and formed an opinion yourself from a neutral news source such as Reuters. Because it's painfully clear from anybody with half a brain that you are clearly out of touch with reality and what is happening around you.

Louise Fitzhugh • 5 years ago

<< That's Republicans, like the >>

You used a singular verb with plural noun.

I wouldn't have mentioned it, but when you diminish a post over a typo, someone might notice your grammar.

bearman • 5 years ago

It has nothing to do with people it is their ideas that are a scourge.

Sir Roft • 5 years ago

Uses a made up word that exploits the mentally disabled and generalizes an entire group of people, accuses said group of hate.

Nelson • 5 years ago

$800k buys a palace in Austin.


A condo in Morgan Hill.

Captain Jack • 5 years ago

$800K buys you nothing in Palo Alto. And the “for sale” signs are popping up on farmland in Gilroy.

Reed More • 5 years ago

For $200k more you have the same house in the eastern hills in Morgan Hill overlooking the lake but you can go outside all year and your A/C bills won't be $1k per month.

Captain Jack • 5 years ago

And good luck driving to work northbound on the 101...

Reed More • 5 years ago

Completely agree with you. Traffic from south county is bad, but it's bad in every major job center. Been to Seattle or Dallas lately?

Guest • 5 years ago
Nelson • 5 years ago

Silicon Valley has the fifth-worst traffic in the country, according to a new study released by the Auto Insurance Center.

The glass-half-full takeaway? At least it's not as bad as the rest of the Bay Area.

Commuters in the San Jose metro area lost an average of 67 hours in 2015 to traffic congestion, measured by the difference in commute times during congested and non-congested time periods. That's 60 percent higher than the 42-hour nationwide average.

Drivers in the San Francisco metro area have it even worse: The 78 hours they lost last year is the third-highest of the 471 metro areas looked at in the study. The San Francisco metro includes most of the Peninsula and the East Bay, while the San Jose metro is made up of the counties of Santa Clara and San Benito.

hikertom • 5 years ago

That's assuming you don't take Caltrain or BART. Public transportation is much better in San Francisco than in any Texas city.

Nelson • 5 years ago

Property tax on an $800k home in Austin is $11,000. In San Jose it is $7,000. Woop di doo.

Sales tax is the same. Food in Austin is much better. Tap water is the same. Traffic in San Jose is some of the worst in the country.


Guest • 5 years ago
Reed More • 5 years ago

@Malcom Evans - that is my point below. You'll make less money in TX, but the costs of things evens out with CA. No state income tax, but much higher real estate taxes (start at 2.75%.) Durable goods cost the same - refrigerator, cars.

A person really needs to know what questions to ask and go down there and spend some time (in the summer.) These articles stir up people's frustration about the bay area and try to make other places sound better, but they aren't "better." They just have different problems.

Nelson • 5 years ago

Facts are stubborn things.

HockeyDood • 5 years ago

And, apparently, subjective things as well.

Cabrito • 5 years ago

These aren't the best or brightest leaving California. Good riddance.

HockeyDood • 5 years ago

Rofl. Where's your data to back up your asinine assumption? It would take a moron to stubbornly stay here when the cost of living continually increases, the quality of life decreases, the commute times are going ever higher, and everyone moving here does so to make money. The Bay Area is merely an investment opportunity for most, and it shows in their actions. Very little exists from 20+ years ago anymore. Everything is being torn down and rebuilt brand new. There's no history here. Nothing that connects today to what this area was in the mid 90's. People point to HP or Apple and their buildings as if it's something to champion, when in reality they're just fortunate to still be here and in business for a lot of reasons. The reason why this area is on the decline is because there's nothing keeping people here. It's all temporary shit. Come here, get a great job for a few years, make a ton of cash, then go somewhere else where you can actually afford to live. And it pisses people like me off who grew up here and no longer feel like this area is home anymore.