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Howard Stein • 4 months ago

Surprised at the volume of hate I'd expect on Twitter. I'm not an architect, but a huge architecture fan as a graphic designer. None of these comments enlightens me.

Kujotaro • 8 months ago

Basic, yet powerful. But I'm sure that if this was a student project in an architecture school, it would be destroyed by jury at the very second it showed up. This says a lot about our society.

Jack Strawb • 8 months ago

No. This is an abstraction with no genuine relevance to the site, and poorly realized at that. If this was came up in a junior-year studio, the designer would be commended to a study of Aalto. That might help.

Richard Foo • 8 months ago

I love BIG's creation a lot! However, hate to break the news, but Wilkinson Eyre has done something like this umpteenth years ago, albeit in a smaller scale:-

Jacob Vivant • 8 months ago

Am I the only one seeing Hook's crocodile here?


Charles Dilworth • 9 months ago

Its essentially program-less, but many program-less buildings have done that are far less poetic.

It actually reminds me of the old railroad trestles that cross rivers in some very wild places – a new counterpoint between natural and machine. I'm not generally a big fan of big's work, but this thing is simply beautiful, and I haven't seen much beauty in architecture for a long time...Hats off!

Adrian Stokes ASA Designers • 9 months ago

Beautiful, and beautifully engineered. An utterly gorgeous structure in an utterly gorgeous environment. Well done to the designers.

TruthfulTexan • 9 months ago

Beautiful bridge. Very pleasing to the eye. I thought it would compete with the vista, but it actually allows contemplation of the vista while providing art, bathrooms, and the function of joining two other artistic sites. I was prepared not to like it, but I like it very much.

Jerry Dickman-Wilkes • 9 months ago

Fantastic piece of architecture, stunning!

Graham • 9 months ago

Wow wow and wow! It's amazing. The world needs more. Such a beautiful concept.

Cezary Marek • 9 months ago

"Why?" is the overriding question. This is not to say that it does not look well detailed and sorted, but then they would not show to what what was not resolved. The power of image yet again.

Doug Lough • 9 months ago

I believe that good architecture should complement its surroundings not distract from it. Not to say that this design is not attractive. I like it. Just not in this setting. If a bridge is needed in this location it should of minimal obtrusion and let nature be the star. Put the bridge in a setting where it can be the star and not a child competing for attention.

steve hassler • 9 months ago

Ain'ters gonna ain't. It's like you despise them because you are not them.

Paul Heit • 9 months ago

Unfortunately for BIG, it is officially at a point where whatever the company does will be harshly criticised by "armchair architects," who haven't "sold out."

chris • 9 months ago

Very nice photos but flimsy reasoning for it's 'twist'. Does Big's work always have to involve a kink, twist, curl etc? It's getting a bit pointless and achingly predictable.

Sepharine • 9 months ago

The king of the one liners strikes again.

Jesse Lockhart Krause • 9 months ago

This video interview gives good insight into the thinking behind the project: https://vimeo.com/360835501

melon design • 9 months ago

Haters gonna hate. It's maybe one of the best things BIG has done to date, it's a building for a sculpture park that is itself an iconic piece of sculpture, and creates a better logic to the circulation of the park itself. Success. Well done. Is it Foster level detailing? F No. BIG is not known whatsoever for finessed detailing, and the rotating deck of cards idea (furiousB's 'low rate parametricism' comment applies) was fiddly to execute internally and it shows. Same with the crude unresolved exposed sawtooth of the cladding against the glass. But overall, it's a strong idea that's been manifested, and clumsy/blunt detailing aside (I've seen enough BIG buildings in the flesh to know how that goes) I think it's a win.

LoveYourHairHopeYouWin • 9 months ago
Rado Iliev • 9 months ago

Did they not do this in Covent Garden few years back?

Nikola Stakinov • 9 months ago

The building is spectacular. Great. But, putting toilets in the basement is primitive.

is there anybody out there • 9 months ago

Stop promoting these phonies! This is fake in total and it is a cruel banalisation of architecture completely! BIG is the Kardashian of architecture! Please stop printing all the nonsense that this studio is delivering. You don't have to help them to surf on the media like this. You are just helping these kind of people to develop.

JZ • 9 months ago

They’re a full-on expression of the cultural condition at the moment. I’d rather shine a light on it for discussion and interrogation of the role of architecture and the design process than turn a blind eye in rejection. But I tend to agree with you. BIG offers an unhealthy relationship to the built environment and their marketing strategies are what make them deadly in my opinion.

NoBeyBarrBeitBusch • 9 months ago

Crude novelty.

Felix Amiss • 9 months ago

BIG gestures seem to be working at the smaller scale. Much more successful than the larger commercial developments that they have become known for.

furiousB • 9 months ago

It seems like this and the UMASS project they did are part of the same single note architectural idea that can basically be described as extremely low rate parametricism.

The interior of the Twist, especially the curtain wall and it's structural components and detailing, is atrocious. Not even a half-hearted attempt to resolve in an elegant way any of the ceiling lighting or sprinkler heads.

HeywoodFloyd • 9 months ago

The architectural equivalent of a high concept movie. A blunt, unambiguous, easily marketable idea which it's creators use to bludgeon the audience until they cannot remember the difference between nuance and clarity.

JZ • 9 months ago

I think, sadly, this the root of his/their quick ascent and continued success.

jon • 9 months ago

The proportions are not quite right, resulting in a heavy-looking intervention when it should be a lot lighter in its touch.

Troy Smith Studio • 9 months ago

It's awesome.

Jacopo • 9 months ago

It is a beautiful bridge in the wrong location. It's not the first time I notice like Zaha glass "Arc" box I think was in Dubai or another desert city. They have a beautiful form and shape but disconnected. I understand to make a sculpture, but even a statue needs to keep in mind the shape of the square the material of the building around and the space in general.

This bridge in this condition with all those tall, slender trees which are very delicate and with active vertical component surrounded by all organic landscape with a dialogue of full/void – shadow/light, transparency natural "screen" effect. "Delicate/vertical/organic/dialogue/transparency" and we get a fat, short (even if very cool looking) metal bridge with no perforation no real transparency very, very solid with no dialogue between shadow/light or full/void.

I understand the idea to contrast with the existing in architecture. But here it looks more like BIG had this idea before it doesn't look like the place inspired them. Nothing I see in that scenery I see reflected the bridge.

patrick kennedy • 9 months ago

The twist is very elegant.

HiKoo • 9 months ago


Troels Steenholdt Heiredal • 9 months ago

What a self-centred bridge. It's like it doesn't even know that it's in a beautiful landscape, but then again I think the photographer got it right, as the landscape is only present in one photo, the rest is self serving egotistic photos of twisted metal. There's a whole lot of talk about what the building does and the interior and a panoramic view of the landscape, though this window seems to be one sided and squeezed up against the riverbed and so no drawings and all you see in the photos are spinning metal, it leaves me to think it's all just empty words.

Jakob • 9 months ago

Another totally overdone project by BIG that is going to attract millions. Not for the art inside but for the spectacular and extravagant design. Sad!

furiousB • 9 months ago

Based on the photos I'm not even sure it's really meant for art inside. None of the spaces are scaled in a way that makes viewing art seem pleasant.

Anon • 9 months ago

A building as a sculpture in a sculpture park, there is nothing wrong with that. More sad to hear somebody complain about architecture being a crowd attractant.

Katie • 9 months ago

LOL agreed

Aaron Albinder • 9 months ago

Would love to see the interior.

Donacio Cejas Acosta • 9 months ago

Extrude, twist, done.

Z-dog • 9 months ago

Good execution.