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9.8m/ss • 4 years ago

Talk to anyone who lives in Australia or Canada or Sweden. I've met plenty. I never met one who would trade their system for the rip-off we endure in the US. They don't have medical bankruptcies. We do. They don't worry about whether their doctor is out of network. They have better medical outcomes than we do. They spend 33% less than we do, and get more.

James Owens • 4 years ago

They also live longer and have less infant mortality and pregnancy complications.

Floop • 4 years ago

You miss the point. Here in the US we like to squeeze every possible sick or dying patient as much as possible to maximize profits. It is the American (Republican) way!

PqP • 4 years ago

Wrong...It was actually HRC and her ""managed care" snakes that started this increasing health insurance scam in the early 90's.( How do I KNOW that? I was in the medical trenches for 45 years.).....Floop.,, got any documentation that backs uo your divisive claim?

Brian • 4 years ago

This is the most blatently dishonest article I've ever read. The US already pays twice as much as every single payer country in the world for healthcare and we get worse results in most cases. You mention the costs of healthcare from those studies being 32 trillion for the next decade but fail to mention we are already spending that much. We spent 3.2 trillion last year with an expected increase of 8% this year and an expected cost of 5.4 trillion per year by 2028. Yes if you do the math it means using our current health care model we will spend significantly more then 32 trillion over the next 10 years. Quit your propaganda you right wing shills. People are on to your bs and aren't buying it anymore.

Betty Weaver Woods • 4 years ago

If you ask citizens from Sweden and Denmark how much it costs them they will tell you it about 20% of their income goes to Medical care and many citizens from Canada come here and pay cash up front just to be able to be seen by a doctor with in a timely manner...Another thing they don't like is that bureaucrats make life and death decisions as to what your treatment should be...not your doctor...and that usually would be the cheapest treatment for them to pay for ...and if you are elderly you can forget about any treatment at all...

Linda • 4 years ago

Agree. Read an article that stated American taxpayers could expect a 19% increase in their taxes. And that’s if the Dems don’t make it law for the single payer to include their illegals that they protect from being deported. Included all them too, as Dems want to do, those cost numbers could double.

Along with creating even longer wait times due to 325+ million using the system and Americans not all paying into the system, needing other taxpayers to pay their way too.

Amicus Curiae 01 • 4 years ago

'For instance, in flu season, the National Health Service canceled 50,000 “non-urgent” surgeries...'

Best headline out of the UK last year - Woman Dies after Routine Surgery Postponed FOUR times - at Hospital she was DIRECTOR of...

And apparently, Sanders is so senile he's unaware of the fact Youtube videos of him are still online stating - "Universal Healthcare would bankrupt the nation'

I'm in the midst of some serious medical issues ongoing since last spring. I have received NO actual help with the issue - despite ER visits. We're past 'bureaucratic incompetence' territory in the field now.

Anaussieinsingapore • 4 years ago

The UK has an extreme right wing government that would like nothing better than to privatise the British National Health Service so that they and their backers can own it and make profits at the expense of sick people.

They are attempting one of the oldest tricks in the book by starving the NHS of funding to the point where its cannot perform and then claiming that privatisation is the only solution.
If they reversed the tax cuts they have handed out to the nation's top earners (sound familiar?) they would have enough money to fund the system adequately and people would not die unnecessarily.


"New study finds 45,000 deaths annually linked to lack of health coverage

Uninsured, working-age Americans have 40 percent higher death risk than privately insured counterparts"

ROO2 • 4 years ago

Sadly Brexit, sold to the public on the basis of providing additional funding to the NHS, is providing the perfect vehicle by which this will take effect.

Part of the problems with referendums is there are an unhealthy number of people who are extremely ignorant. Maltow and Matt are perfect examples from the UK.

9.8m/ss • 4 years ago

Dog bites man, no headline. Man bites dog, headline. Talking point.

Amicus Curiae 01 • 4 years ago

And by the way, boys & girls - keep in mind...as yet another article noted in the last week...

The #3 cause of death in the US - is medical error - generally in a hospital setting...

Fun stuff. Three weeks ago at an ER visit, the first thing they did was insert an 'IV stub' 3" long - but oddly, I recall NO blood sample being taken. A female staffer popped her head in a few hours later and said, "Your bloodwork looks great!". I specifically asked her..."So cool...no diabetes...pre-diabetes, anything like that?" She replied - no.

Another doctor drew blood last week - and I got the independent lab results back this morning - 'no problems...except (wait for it.....) 'pre-diabetic'.

So the hospital simply lied, or never even drew a sample...at a cost of - $7,500 for a 7 hour stay - which in no way, shape, manner or form - even *addressed* the serious ongoing condition I'm dealing with...

And people think *socialized* medicine would improve this?

James Dawson • 4 years ago

The day congress stops blocking imported prescription drugs is the day I'll start believing that anyone in Washington actually cares about health care costs. NO ONE has a plan. Obamacare doesn't really work, but at least they tried. Democrats bungled that one, but Republicans have never brought anything credible to the table. They could easily have repealed the affordable care act if they had actually had something to replace it with. Its just a talking point for them. Obama had 4 more years to improve Obamacare and never did.

I just say to heck with all of congress. They're all crooks in my book.

Mark Funk • 4 years ago

For a less slanted and more non-partisan take on many of the
issues involved in Single-Payer, perhaps you could start by Googling for “Creating A Single-Payer Bill” or simply go here: http://mrfunk.info/SinglePa...

mrmars72 • 4 years ago

Highly dubious figures with no mention of trade offs and benefits. There would be NO premiums unless one opted for some sort of "over and above" policy that covered elective stuff and so on. No precondition bullshit. No lifetime limits. No attachment to any particular job. No inflating cost for those who can pay to cover the costs of those who can't. Negotiating power will lower drug prices. No health cost bankruptcies. The Koch brothers of all people sponsored a study that showed it would LOWER costs overall.

And (drum roll) over 20 countries that have it but NOT ONE has gone back to a for profit system. That's hundreds of millions of people all over the world.

Kenshin0011 • 4 years ago

Article brought to you by The Heritage Foundation. Nowhere do they even begin to suggest their own ideal alternative...or I guess they're just fine with middle class families paying upwards of $6000 a year JUST for the crappy insurance, let alone any costs added from pills and procedures that the insurance doesn't cover.