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Dana • 6 years ago

I love playing video games, like The Sims franchise, for fun. I also love reading and listening to music.

carla • 6 years ago

I love to shop in thrift stores and auctions, but what I love to do most is put on my swimsuit when it rains so that I can go outside (after dark) and play in water puddles.

Dani Tureud • 6 years ago

I play videos games with my kids and grandkids. Or put on some music, majority old school like Patrice Rushen , The Temptations, Envogue , Changing Faces and old school rap and little bit of new school. And we go til the kids get tired. So much fun, they be like look at Grandma, lol.

Anissa • 6 years ago

I love playing games with my children and friends, exercising and cooking while dancing in the kitchen.

Monte Clark • 6 years ago

For fun I take my son to the movies and trampoline park Skyzone to jump around and be a big kid for a little bit with him.

Kafilah Muhammad • 6 years ago

I love dancing around in my room for fun and losing myself in the music!

Andrea B. • 6 years ago

I love creating for fun, whether it's making a crocheted purse for someone, baking something chocolate for myself, diy beauty products or redecorating a room in my home. Being creative is my outlet and release from my stressful accounting job! People at work don't understand how I'm good at the artsy stuff as well as the analytical stuff. Guess I'm just lucky like that! 😉

Jara Sturdivant-Wilson • 6 years ago

Being a new mom in a new city has really changed my ideas of fun free time activities. Before I would do happy hours for hours and hours. I would visit friends randomly and stay up talking. But right now my idea of fun in my free time ranges from going to the gym, taking my daughter out for a stroller walk, watching a movie over and afternoon between naps. This morning we blared some Stevie Wonder as we got ready and danced with our daughter. Must be why I put my pants on backwards :)

Dani Trevant • 6 years ago

I love to shop and do fun activities with my 3 boys! I enjoy supporting local minority businesses and finding ways to give back to the community. I also enjoy educating others on the importance of eating a plant based diet and how their choices can help improve our world. I love to cook!

TyaD • 6 years ago

I like to go bowling, travel, spend time laughing with friends until we are literally crying tears, and dance until I’m out of breath! :-)

Trish Cole • 6 years ago

My son's teacher has been teaching him how to use American Sign Language to communicate with the deaf and hard of hearing and this was really exciting to me, because one of my friends taught me how to sign when I was a kid. For fun, I like to practice signing with my son-we even go to deaf coffee chats around Chicago to brush up on our skills.

Erickka Sy Savane • 6 years ago

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Pariss G • 6 years ago

For fun, I enjoy sip and paint classes (come for the paint, stay for the sipping 🙃) trying new restaurants, doing anything with my nephews because they make everything fun, sleeping and acting like a kid whenever I get the chance!

Ilka • 6 years ago

Every Saturday I dance with my African peeps. Fun class with live drumming that takes you to the jungles of Africa for a hour and a half. Nothing like it!

Hillary • 6 years ago

I love playing video games, walking my dog and spending time with family and friends. I also enjoy reading, drawing, coloring, puzzle books and listening to soothing music. I love spending quality time with my husband. We can a lunch or dinner date twice a month. I love it!

Tangi Jones • 6 years ago

When I want to unwind and have fun I settle in for a conversation with my 83 y.o. grandmother who lives in Mississippi. When she's feeling it, she shares all sorts of old wives tales, home remedies, gardening tips, child rearing dos & dont's, relationship advice, how to preserve my hot peppers from my garden for winter chili and salsa! And don't even get her started on her soulja days of sit ins and boycotts in the 50's! And she's so funny! She gives me life! ❤

Erickka Sy Savane • 6 years ago

You won. You have a few days left to claim your prize. Send an email to
Nikki@curlynikki.com with your size and address with MADFREE giveaway in
the subject line. Thx!

Abera • 6 years ago

To top off my mommy-ing cup of tea I enjoy taking cardio kickboxing classes, training to become a black belt in mixed martial arts (while attempting to master a Bo Staff form), spending quality time with my senior citizen "pups", laughing at my mom, and lastly, but certainly not least, basking in the loveliness of watching random movies and playing Mario Cart (one of the few games I completely stink at) with my husband. Just a taste of my day-to-day life. ;-)

Davina916 • 6 years ago

For fun, I sleep until 9a.m. Yep! Thanks for the opportunity!

Karen Williams • 6 years ago

I really don't have a fun time like everyone else, but I try to do as much cooking, meal preparation, making smoothies and natural hair and skin products, I love to be in the kitchen. I also cleaning is one of my fun times. I also use my time to volunteer helping the elderly people who can't Cook or help themselves with everyday motives. It might sound crazy to you all but really this is my fun time I spend helping others first, I don't have a fun time for myself, even though I like doing what I do. But hey pick me as one of the winners that bag is popping, and maybe someone can give me some fun ideas and I'll try to start finding me sometime for real fun.

alecia johnson • 6 years ago

I enjoy yoga, dancing, spending time outdoors in nature and just time with family and friends

eXtraOrdiNary Chic • 6 years ago

I like to read and listen to music in my downtime, but I also like to attend as many concerts as I can manage.

B Lynne Hunter • 6 years ago

Thrifting, cooking, crafting, reading, gaming and designing next year's must have dress.

Nik • 6 years ago

I love to cook or bake for fun. Making for others makes me happy

Lynn • 6 years ago

Being active duty military what I do for fun is simply enjoy when I'm in my own home in my own bed and able to curl up with a glass of wine and a good book (or binge watch every season of Grey's Anatomy lol)

June Safford • 6 years ago

I have a women's group of which I am a member and every three months we do something special without the kids: last month we took a day trip to Portland (a nearby city) and went to the Saturday market, ate breakfast together and visited the beauty supply. Three months ago we attended the Motown review. Before that we made a trip to the museum.

Meelah SimplyMe Matthews • 6 years ago

For fun, I love to read natural hair blogs, go to my local natural hair store and look at new products to try on my hair. I love going to the beach and listening to waves while meditating, running, yoga and cooking new vegan foods. Lastly, for fun I love dressing up and embracing the naturalista in me.

Evelyn Massey • 6 years ago

I love watching Old Black Vintage Films.....with my chocolate ice cream and Ice water!!! And then I play dress up like the women on the screen💋

Shakinah Brown • 6 years ago

To me, fun is making up scenarios out of everyday events. The other day I was talking to a friend about possibly getting a dog for my son. We discussed in detail how my cat would put the dog through paw camp when the humans weren't around- and laughed the whole time. I don't know anything more fun than laughing at the ridiculously impossible 😊.

Ravey Baby • 6 years ago

Fun for me is all things Trap! Trap yoga, trap karaoke, trap n art I've done them all! I
love blasting Trap music in my car, rapping out loud & not caring who sees me! I have fun freestyling & sharing memes with my friends!

KimberC. • 6 years ago

One of my self care routines is going to the museum, Staying in touch with creative energies clears my soul, keeps me grounded and inspired. Shopping for vintage items from clothing to antiques...i imagine the life of the items before I collected them.

Natural MiMi • 6 years ago

what I love to do for fun may sound boring but R&R. I'm a wife, mother about to be a full time student again (sigh) All I work full time. So after a busy week being a all those things. I just want do is SLEEP, or take a hot bath or nothing at all. This how I get back to me.

Summer Moore • 6 years ago

For fun I like to shop for deals, play in my kinky hair and enjoy the outdoors! :)

Meowowow • 6 years ago

I like reading, traveling, music, comedy shows, photography, and learning new things :)

Lori Bennett • 6 years ago

I read voraciously and travel for fun! I love meeting new people, cultures, and foods!

Michelle Renée • 6 years ago

I mostly like to spend quality time with loved ones; watching new & classic films or playing games (board, video). I also like to read & create whether it’s writing, coloring, making music etc. Lastly, a nice outing is always appreciated, whether it be dinner, a movie, a museum & more.

PS - I don’t know if this is a “thing” but I enjoy researching things that pop into my head. Such as if I think of a topic or want to know if something is real or not I would spend hours just researching all there is to know about it, the correct terminology for it etc.

Briana Shmiana • 6 years ago

I love to cook while listening to black women podcasts (2 Dope Queens, Thirst Aid Kit, Another Round, etc.) with a glass of wine for fun. It's my favorite part of the day 😊

Erika Nikole • 6 years ago

I like to go out to eat and have drinks with my family.

Key • 6 years ago

I get in comfortable clothes, hop on the four wheeler & ride through the wooded trail in back of our house. Then after a nice shower...I go to the foot spa and get a pedi (wine included) followed by an amazing 30 min foot massage. When with my family we all play Micheal Jackson Experience or Just Dance 2017 & I show them no mercy! We also build a fire outside & roast marshmallows for smors!

Erickka Sy Savane • 6 years ago

You won. You have a few days left to claim your prize. Send an email to
Nikki@curlynikki.com with your size and address with MADFREE giveaway in
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Key • 6 years ago

Wow! Thank you! I sent the email today. I will wear the shirt & tote alongwith my natural proudly!

Alexis Coleman • 6 years ago

I love hugs. And I give tight hugs. Some people are completely apprehensive to my ability to hug, but I will hug a smelly person. Resistant or not, we all need it. As I was a music student, I as a vocalist like knowing the chord changes that I sing on top of. Sometimes I listen to a song and play along on my keyboard to transcribe it. (okay that was long)

nylse • 6 years ago

Mispronounce words intentionally though I know better just for laughs among friends. I also like to cook and bring my culture to my west coast friends.

La Sheenlaruba Tyacke • 6 years ago

If I am lucky to get away, as a mom of a young child, I enjoy relaxing at the spa and a nice dinner and plum wine to wind that spa dayout. But really my regular fun time is spent exploring our port city as a family!