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Sheri • 3 years ago

It's too high risk right now. Incase it splits and loses value. Best to wait till after Aug1 before investing in bitcoin

reformist • 3 years ago

best is to keep mining... buy more pools. when mining, we don't care about fluctuations. buy mining shares while value is still high

Jon • 3 years ago

There won't be a split, SegWit2X is a bluff, UASF will win, Bitcoin will get SegWit. ATH. End of story.

Gurtrude Goodbody • 3 years ago

Better to wait out the risk and buy back in after Aug1... it's already a volatile market... better to make sure before diving back in

Billy Williams • 3 years ago

bitcoin will be really scarce at halving this time. prices will be over 5000 people will wish that they would have gotten . but will be to late 0.01 of coin will then be 50$. WOW.

Marco T. • 3 years ago

It is going to go much higher and that will depend on how many more people start adapting to the system. Most people don't understand that the U.S. liquidity is created through debt. When they do, there will be a push for those that find it unfair.....I hope it is a rush of people. For those of us that know how they system is rigged and want to contribute more to the use of this medium to purchase products or services, look into the Shift Visa card. It uses your Bitcoin deposits to make purchases. The market cap of 40 billion for bitcoin is pittance compared to the market cap of fiat currencies. Most people do not even know how easy it is to use. It is definitely a lot easier to pay with the scan of a QR code than entering credit card information.

Billy Williams • 3 years ago

bitcoin far from done in rising of price

CrpGuru • 3 years ago

see now?

Linuxmaster • 3 years ago

Should we not allow the Banksters in the Bitcoin economy. They will destroy it

Adam • 3 years ago

Bitcoin was seeing almost $6 in fees per transaction when the network was only handling 9 transactions per second. Imagine what the fees would be like if the bitcoin network was processing transactions at the level of Visa (20,000+). Bitcoin is a good idea that unfortunately doesn't work well with mass adoption, one of the key reasons why Mike Hearn left the bitcoin community and sold all his coins.

Pamela Alford • 3 years ago

Emerging technologies don't come out of the gate processing at the level it took Visa years to achieve. So before you write off the latest emerging technology - it might be a good idea to study the successes of the past vs. compare something new and dismiss it, yes?

Gurtrude Goodbody • 3 years ago

I have $3.50 AU bitcoin in one wallet that I would never move as every time I try to transfer it it asks for a $3.25 fee... it's absolutely rediculous 😡

Merrill Jenkins • 3 years ago

I bet Mike Hearn wishes he was so wrong now lol

Kev Tootill • 3 years ago

Goldman Sachs’ Chief Analyst makes a total guess about something he has no idea about lol

Merrill Jenkins • 3 years ago

Goldman Sachs prays bitcoin . Gold and silver fails every day. As real money can be had and folks do not need them to get it.

Cormando • 3 years ago


Billy Williams • 3 years ago


Jack Sawyer • 3 years ago

What if bitcoin gets replaced by something better? It makes for a decent "proof of concept" but I think the world at large is going to think it best to restart with technology that isn't so ancient...
That or switch over to LTC for daily transactions. And that's only _if_ marketplaces decide to ever adopt btc-like protocol for purchases. So far (nearly 10 years in the making), not looking so great.

Nathan Pool • 3 years ago

give me ethereum or give me death!

Jack Sawyer • 3 years ago

Why? How can you trust the ETH dev team after all the shit they tried to pull? And what about the fact that 'smart contracts' and dapps haven't been implemented at all? Yet, the ETH network is clogging up and appears to be breaking under the load of speculators trading the coin.
I've been looking around for someone to help me understand the justifications behind Ethereum's price as of late. It doesn't appear as though anything has happened... The price just suddenly jumped. Did a few whales get on board or something?

Logically, I don't see a future for Ethereum in the long-term.

Nathan Pool • 3 years ago

Yes on whales, http://fortune.com/2017/06/...

Now why show your hand? Why put 10% of wealth into something then talk about limit on Price? Cuz you got in late and want to bring down value to buy more and force others out to then drive back up over $400 again.

Who cares about long term? Get in early, have a sell point, Get out and diversify into other things. Maybe leave half of profit in and see what happens, take rest out and put into other coins, or gold or Apple. Or max the Roth IRA with $5500 of fiat profit.

Jack Sawyer • 3 years ago

In late? Not really. I had a bunch at 6 dollars each. Made a profit and am not looking to get back in. I just can't trust the development team.

Gurtrude Goodbody • 3 years ago

Ethereum will shoot up again over $400 in a couple of weeks... it will be the new internet and a lot will run on it. It has more upgrades and devs in the pipeline. The public and the whales have decided. Buy a few and put them aside... bitcoin has a place and so does ETH...

Jack Sawyer • 3 years ago

Haha, well I did have quite a few of them but exited because I don't trust the devs. Apparently they're working things out. I thought for sure that they would have lost the publics trust for good after they essentially "undid" a mistake and did tge hardfork. Not to mention the pre-mining. Smart contracts in general don't sound so useful to me anyway. Change the internet? Mehh... Maybe the way ad revenue is paid out but that's about it. Maybe I'm just unimaginative.

The Iota team is way, waayyy better in my opinion. I'm hoping they get Industry 4.0 up and running and become one of the worlds largest companies. Smart contracts are also going to be implemented but they aren't their primary use case.

Nathan Pool • 3 years ago

Iota is promising, hopefully you got out when it was $300-380 at least.