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RushLimboh • 2 years ago

The Virginia State Board of Elections regularly covers up how many non-citizens register to vote and vote. The democrats, Warner, Kaine, Beyer, etc., heartily applaud illegals voting! Non-citizens should be prosecuted and deported if they knowingly register and vote. It matters!! In 2005 we had a statewide election decided by 323 votes out of 970,886 (0.01663%) and in 2013 a statewide election decided by 907 votes out of 1,105,045 (0.0411%). Do the math.

brewdarms • 2 years ago

Regardless of whether they vote or not they are being counted into the population because the census up till this point did not include a citizen question.

Electoral votes are based on population, not voters.

This is why only citizens should be counted in the census. If states want to house and pay for non- citizens so be it, but on their own dime not the feds. And their charity should not determine electoral votes.

curmudgeon VN Veteran • 2 years ago

I had never thought of this, but I bet it has not escaped the notice of all democRAT politicians, strategists and operatives.

useyourhead2 • 2 years ago

Count it! That scum can only win by getting a liberal activist judge to find in favor of what they cannot win at the ballot box or stuff the ballot boxes with votes from dead, felonious, and illegal alien voters

Robert Tulloch • 2 years ago

Stop th eillegals and the vile democrats by any means necessary

Col. Kurtz • 2 years ago

From people moving out they'll lose 10........

MI33O3 • 2 years ago

Democrats can't win honestly.

Donebelieving • 2 years ago

Large populations of illegal aliens also pull Federal tax dollars into the states that harbor them. California is well aware of how valuable their illegals are when it comes to collecting tax dollars paid in by people across the nation. If illegal aliens are no longer counted for the purposes of distributing Federal dollars, CA would see a 16% cut in the Federal dollars they are appropriated based on the census.

"This paper finds that 132 programs used Census Bureau data to distribute more than $675 billion in funds during fiscal year 2015"


HalePatriot • 2 years ago

...And Hillary still loses the election.

John • 2 years ago

Light up the phones. Ca must not count in fed elections

Guest • 2 years ago
useyourhead2 • 2 years ago

And there are 11 more states and the "District of Corruption" (DC) that dispense drivers licenses to illegal aliens along with a Voter ID account of the demoncRATs' "Motor Voter Act."

Is anybody stupid enough to believe for a nanosecond that in any of these states a person with a Voter ID and a Drivers License is going to be denied a chance to vote; going to be challenged to prove "citizenship"?

Hell, it's a big fight just for the other states to be permitted to clean up their voter rolls of the dead; folks that moved so that they cannot vote in two states or are incarcerated felons.
And then you have politicans like the Clinton's pal, Terry "McAwful", who arbitrarily decides that felons can vote, requiring legal action to stop him.