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jayne Samford • 4 months ago

love them or hate them you have to admit that they have come a log way in the shortest of times, They even had mainnet running before due date. How often in crypto does that happen. I use trx dapps everyday. It's fast amd cheap. When sending btc or eth to a new exchange i will trade it into trx and get the fast transfer speed at a super low fee.

Alpesh Solanki • 2 years ago

best website

D Fresh • 1 year ago

Put your big boy pants on and invest at these prices, hodl, or average down!
You will soon never see these prices again. If you have no vision, get out of the crypto game and throw your damp panties in the dryer, and invest in the Dinosaur Stock Market.

Maksim Sony • 1 year ago

You can order coins from me, I accept PayPal, TRX. 1pcs - 15$/300TRX including fast shipping from Latvia EU, tracking number, plastic box.
Let me know, if you are interested. https://uploads.disquscdn.c...

William Ward • 2 years ago

Yes, this is an incredible website! Oh, Btw, better jump on the Tron Train while you still can! ;)