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Gapao Club • 7 months ago

What is the DAPS Project?

DAPS (Decentralized - Anonymous - Payment - System) aims to be the world's leading privacy protocol.

DAPS is a planned fully private blockchain network that will include a unique work algo, staking, and masternodes.
DAPS is planned to be the first fully private blockchain that preserves
the “trustless” status of traditional blockchains, utilizing an
in-house PoW algo called Proof-Of-Audit. The DAPS coin mainnet is
currently in development.

The DAPS Project is the
open organization that we have created to organize and maintain the
development path for the DAPS protocol. We represent all people. Please
consider joining our team if you're passionate about blockchain like we

Read more about the DAPS governance and Project structure on the Team page. You can even apply to join directly!

is free (and welcomed!) to become a developer, a contributor, or an
adviser. We have roles from Development, Media Team, International
outreach, and Moderation. All official members must follow the code of
conduct, which ensures a level-headed and professional attitude is kept
at all times. We have a written governance and NDA requirements. Our
team represents some of the best in cryptocurrency.

Development team members or DAPS core members will be ID'd in the same
process as Know-Your-Customer compliance is followed. We call this Know-Your-Developer,
and have written such requirements into the long-term DAPS governance.
This KYD process also protects the privacy of vetted members with our
Privacy Policy.

We believe the written governance of DAPS
combined with the Know-Your-Developer process applied to all DAPS team
members with any access protects members of the community as well as the
integrity of the development.

The DAPS governance and KYD process sets us apart from even top-ranked altcoins.

team is known as one of the most professional and helpful in this
industry, and we are always looking for more members to bolster our

traditional blockchains, the users are exposed to analytics. Groups
around the world use this data to track cryptocurrency users. This
threat will only grow in time. We aim to preserve everyone's right to
control their finances as they see fit.