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Adam Stankiewicz • 4 years ago

One annoying this is that every node module has different setup and different tools. Fortunately recently Node community is setting on Jest for testing, Prettier for formatting, Eslint for linting and Standard as set of rules for Eslint. I've published a package that packs all of them into one module: https://github.com/sheerun/...

emrah • 5 years ago

You have no idea about anything.

Olga Didenko • 2 years ago

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Salif • 4 years ago


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Julie • 1 year ago

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John Mathew • 2 years ago

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Shiv Technolabs • 2 years ago

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Jake Clarke • 2 years ago

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Sunil Rawat • 2 years ago

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Sunil Rawat • 2 years ago

Most languages use synchronous processing — requests are placed in a line where they wait to be processed one by one. Node.js development services refused this traditional system and adopted an asynchronous structure — next requests are processed together with the first one. No process blocks another one.

Rodolfo Davis • 2 years ago

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Ajay Kumar • 3 years ago

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Ajay Kumar • 3 years ago

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Gee Shaug • 3 years ago

Node is garbage

R. Munar • 3 years ago

All points made here are absolutely false, first, performance(Look at techempower benchmarks, the round 19 has been released, php is faster by a margin, and node has far more errors than any other server-side language) , Package management (we all know the trouble of having thousands of dependencies and managing their versions in a single codebase). Microservices architecture are much more difficult to implement in production, and node was never meant to be as such.
The only reason one might choose to use nodejs, is typescript and the general familiarity for developers.

jimmy page • 3 years ago

Node is still suffering from Javascript not knowing if it's an OO language or not. JS needs to fully commit to OO and THEN maybe it can start displacing java. But until then there are too many idiosyncracies for mainstream develoeprs that have to maintain code in other languages to have the patience to deal with all the JS idiosyncracies. Case in point OO Class vs JS Prototype. Arrow functions not supplanting protype property functions.

Production isn't kind to language specific finickyness because a bug was created due to some JS idiosyncracy.
That said I think node is incredibly powerful once you get past all the b.s. but you have to be fully committed to it to exploit it correctly. YOu can't be switching between REAL oo languages and duct tape OO languages like JS.

Nachiket Gaikwad • 4 years ago

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Ayed Ramadeen • 4 years ago

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Nirav Shah • 4 years ago

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James Peters • 4 years ago

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Seasia Infotech • 4 years ago

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Gagandeep Singh • 5 years ago

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Karolina Gawron • 5 years ago

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Prakash Parmar • 5 years ago

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