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mnedes • 7 months ago

City of the Deranged. Hope he commutes to work by bicycle, YEAH RIGHT !

JasonB • 7 months ago

In addition to the fact much of the electricity CA produces comes from natural gas plants, they also import much of their electricity from states that burn coal to generate electricity. This law makes absolutely zero sense.

ZiggyMan16 • 7 months ago

Electricity is produced by natural gas in California at 36 different Plants.

Natural Gas-fired Plant Location Coords. Capacity (MW) Refs

AES Alamitos LLC Gas Power Plant Long Beach, California 33°46′48″N 118°5′44″W 2,025 [3][4]

Blythe Energy Project Blythe, California 33°36′44″N 114°40′51″W 520 [3][5]

Colusa Generating Station Maxwell, California 39°21′55″N 122°16′7″W 660 [3][6]

Coolwater Gas Power Plant Daggett, California 34°51′43″N 116°51′22″W 727 [3]

Delta Energy Center Pittsburg, California 38°1′2″N 121°50′44″W 860 [3]

Donald Von Raesfeld Power Plant Santa Clara, California 37°22′37″N 121°57′4″W 147 [7]

El Segundo Power Plant El Segundo, California 33°54′26″N 118°25′08″W 550 [5]

Elk Hills Power Plant Taft, California 35°16′48″N 119°28′14″W 567 [3][5]

Encina Power Station Carlsbad, California 33°08′11″N 117°20′13″W 965 [8]

Gateway Generating Station Antioch, California 38°1′1″N 121°45′32″W 581 [6]

Harbor Generating Station Wilmington, California 33°46′10″N 118°15′56″W 466 [3]

Haynes Gas Power Plant Long Beach, California 33°46′0″N 118°5′41″W 575 [5]

High Desert Power Plant Victorville, California 34°35′42″N 117°21′52″W 855 [3][5]

AES Huntington Beach Huntington Beach, CA 33°38′39″N 117°58′41″W 904 [3]

Humboldt Bay Generating Station Humboldt Bay, California 40°44′27.04″N 124°12′30″W 163

Inland Empire Energy Center Sun City, California 33°44′20″N 117°10′11″W 400 [3][5]

Kern River Cogeneration Bakersfield, California 35°26′23″N 118°59′22″W 300 [3]

La Paloma Generating Power Plant McKittrick, California 37°17′47″N 119°35′34″W 1,124 [9]

Los Esteros Critical Energy Facility San Jose, California 309 [10]

Los Medanos Energy Center Pittsburg, California 38°1′48″N 121°52′23″W 594 [3]

Magnolia Power Plant Burbank, California 34°10′38″N 118°18′58″W 328 [3]

Mandalay Generating Station Oxnard, California 34°12′23″N 119°15′2″W 573 [3]

Marsh Landing Power Plant Antioch, California 38°1′0.45″N 121°45′53.61″W 720 [6]

Metcalf Energy Center Coyote, California 37°13′11.5″N 121°44′40.5″W 566 [3][6]

Moss Landing Power Plant Moss Landing, California 36°48′17.54″N 121°46′55.19″W 2,802 [11]

Mountainview Power Plant Redlands, California 34°4′51″N 117°14′34″W 1,058 [3]

Ormond Beach Gas Power Plant Oxnard, California 34°7′45″N 119°10′8″W 1,516

Otay Mesa Energy Center Otay Mesa, California 32°34′11″N 116°55′0″W 510 [12]

Palomar Energy Center Escondido, California 34°7′10″N 117°7′3″W 546 [3]
Panoche Energy Center Firebaugh, California 36°39′40″N 120°34′51″W 400 [3]
Pastoria Energy Facility Lebec, California 34°57′21″N 118°50′37″W 750 [3]

Pittsburg Power Gas Power Plant Pittsburg, California 38°2′21″N 121°53′40″W 1,029 [13]

AES Redondo LLC Gas Power Plant Redondo, California 33°50′59″N 118°23′43″W 1,343 [3][14]

Sunrise 570

Russell City Energy Center Hayward, California 37°38′7″N 122°8′4″W 691 [10]

Tracy Power Plant Tracy, California 37°42′40″N 121°29′23″W 341

SMUD Cosumnes Power Plant Herald, California 38°20'17.82"N 121°7'26.13"W 1,000 [15]

TRUTH • 7 months ago

Living in SoCal, with family in the Bay Area, I've never heard of this before. Isn't natural gas clean to burn, and cheap to produce?

For the liberal's sake, we should also ban ropes.

(Isaiah 32:5-8) "The vile person shall be no more called liberal, nor the churl said to be bountiful. {6} For the vile person will speak villany, and his heart will work iniquity, to practise hypocrisy, and to utter error against the LORD, to make empty the soul of the hungry, and he will cause the drink of the thirsty to fail. {7} The instruments also of the churl are evil: he deviseth wicked devices to destroy the poor with lying words, even when the needy speaketh right. {8} But the liberal deviseth liberal things; and by liberal things shall he stand."

Excalibur • 7 months ago

What about BBQs? Guess people will have to use charcoal or propane?

I have natural gas for cooking and heating. One nice thing about it is that you can still use it for cooking during a power outage. My understanding about electric utilities is that it's very expensive to run.

R2 • 7 months ago

Nope you can't use charcoal! Oh the humanity! The libs would have a cow if you burned charcoal. Yes electric utilities are expensive to run. IF the foolish state doesn't turn around & demand that everyone go completely solar, they will have to get their power from some dam somewhere or atomic power plant. I've been told that there is a lot of pollution caused by dam usage. I'm not sure what but that's what I was told. I know that there is a lot of pollution from atomic power plant usage.

apple knocker • 7 months ago

Moron, but typical of those brain dead ultra leftists in all phases of life in Califoricate

R2 • 7 months ago

So why do you folks continue to allow them to be reelected? Just asking. I know there are a LOT of Repubs in CA. I use to live there for a long time until I retired. These folks need to rise up & take back the state from these loons. Just my opinion of course.

apple knocker • 7 months ago

I agree

Fivecenturies • 7 months ago

aaaaa, do they not know where electricity comes from? Haven't they pushed for decades the idea that power generation causes pollution and habitat destruction? Sounds more like they are lining their own pockets with pay offs via the electricity producers. Hypocrites... be interesting to know who they hire also...

Jeremiah Puckett • 7 months ago

Don't they already use inspectors a hundred different times in a building process? Seems redundant. But what should we expect from a state on the coast that seems to have water shortages? What should we expect from a state with massive debt who elects a governor that claims a surplus?

R2 • 7 months ago

Well this isn't a state is it? It's just Berkeley isn't it? Though I'm sure the rest of the state will eventually follow them.

larryjcr • 7 months ago

Silliness. The electricity they want to use in place of natural gas will largely be generated by ... wait for it ... natural gas.

PSmith • 7 months ago

Q: What did Socialists use for light before candles? ………A: Electricity

R2 • 7 months ago

Very prophetic.

PSmith • 7 months ago

Ask people living in Venezuelan darkness ...how they like Socialism today.

Badonk Adonk • 7 months ago

I bet they could get by with paying $55-60k

R2 • 7 months ago

WHAT?! That's not a livable wage for a good friend of the governors!

Jeremiah Puckett • 7 months ago

They want to pay illegals that much!!

Butch • 7 months ago

We´re going to burn wood!!!!

R2 • 7 months ago

You'll be run out'o town if you have a mass of libs living nearby. AntiFa may show up at your door too. They don't like it when folks don't do what the socialists want done.

PSmith • 7 months ago

I’ve used bio-fuel for years to heat my home, in a small hot burning woodstove.

Ho-Hum ✔Covfefe • 7 months ago

Are you really that full of sheet?

PSmith • 7 months ago

Yep... guess I am, been burning wood and bio-fuel for 45+ years and love the way it heats the house. It still works when the power goes out for 2-3 days. We have oil lamps too. Others prefer to freeze in the dark.

nineleven • 7 months ago

lets see, last time i looked, electricity is not free but must be harnessed by various energy producing manufactured items:
• wind power: uh,oh the turbine blades kill migrating birds. sorry cant use
• nuclear power: too dangerous, eliminate all nuke plants, sorry.
• coal: absolutely not, too dirty and too much CO2 emissions, sorry.
• dam and water power generation: this is harmful to nature and a few tiny species might die, sorry
• solar: very expensive to manufacture, very inefficient and unpredictable if cloudy, and solar cells use a lot of toxic chemicals and cannot be easily recycled.

where the left is taking us is back to the stone ages and the intentional destruction of the world's population.

R2 • 7 months ago

Now you're getting the picture of what they want!

nineleven • 7 months ago

the reality is God gave wisdom and inventiveness to man to discover the ability to manufacture electricity but to do so requires work and expenditures of resources to capture it...whether its building windmills or coal fired energy plants or tide driven power. there is no free lunch when it comes to physics in this age until the Lord comes back. the left is motivated by fear which is where most of their insane ideas stem from.

R2 • 7 months ago

While I'm not competent enough to contend on whether God gave us the wisdom & inventiveness to discover all these things, I do know that He did command us to "Seek ye first the Kingdom of God & all these things shall be added unto you". Meaning to me the necessities of life. But that's just me & my opinion. I do know there are a lot of truly inventive people out in the world both gentiles & Jews. Many of who unfortunately invent things "for the money only" & rarely care about the possibilities of their misuse or the side effects of the use of their products. I use the invention of plastics for an example. There have been millions of things that are not made out of plastics.BUT only until lately have folks tried to find ways to reuse the broken or "waste products" of the leftovers as I call them. I use to truck the plastic trash & medical wastes, (not body parts) just from hospitals & clinics to Nevada for a year or two. I only covered a small area in the Bay Area in CA. We had 6, 53 ft semi trailers that we filled every week & dumped the contents in a Nevada dumpsite. I was "always in a long line of trucks dumping these things & other waste products there. The environmental impact will eventually wreak havoc on our environment. YET these plastics & medical wastes are used to help people. So was the invention of plastics a good thing or not? No one considered the consequences of the leftovers. The same goes for aluminium products. It takes a long time for aluminum to break down in our environment. Steel & iron take a few hundred years or less depending on the thickness. But even thin aluminium will last a thousand years. It can of course today be recycled. But a LOT of it has been dumped in dump sites & eventually "built over". Just my opinions here of course.

nineleven • 7 months ago

R2, ultimately the Lord is going to make a new earth so i dont think there are definitive answers on a lot of stuff. Certainly some technologies and products are evil like agent orange, monsanto terminator seeds, DU ammunition, etc... The old is going to pass away. Radical leftists will be critical of everything--this is part of the marx/leninist call-to-action to destroy capitalism--its all about "merciless criticism"--this is the standard operating procedures of all radical leftists.

aluminum can plastic ring holders and plastic straws in the crosshairs of the left. Yes, there is probably some legitiimate concern especially on ocean wild-life, but my take on it is its all being overblown for political reasons. i seriously doubt its a life-death issue as AOC would pretend everything is. They dont give a crap about this stuff in reality--its all fake tears and its all a ploy to get power and control over us. Green nonsense. communists regimes are in fact the worst polluters and destroyers of the earth because they hate God who created the earth and they have no real idea of what stewardship is about. They just like to blame capitalist nations because there's is the politics of envy and tyranny.

Fivecenturies • 7 months ago

They still have not been able to find a safe way to dispose of nuclear waste... a long term killer...…………

R2 • 7 months ago

Oh pshaw! The dim state government will just send it all over to some tiny island state & pay them to store it for them. See! No problem at all.

Fivecenturies • 7 months ago

Actually the dump it in our own country. Yucca mountains in Nevada for one. They use to bury it in WA state... it leaked.

Ho-Hum ✔Covfefe • 7 months ago

Freezing is a short term killer, you moron.

Fivecenturies • 7 months ago

not to bright are you? Funny, civilization survived without Nuclear power until recently... how the heck did we manage? LOL

Ho-Hum ✔Covfefe • 7 months ago

Fine - I suggest you live the way they did 25000 years ago.
But: Expect to die around 35, if you manage not to get eaten alive or starve first.

Fivecenturies • 7 months ago

I take it you are very young.. your arguments aren't.
A child that has no concept of history, people or even the energy industry.
You do know, or don't you, that there are people alive today that lived w/out nuclear energy? LOL

Ho-Hum ✔Covfefe • 7 months ago

Should have taken George Carlin's advice with you:
Never argue with an idiot. They will only bring you down to their level and beat you with experience.

Ho-Hum ✔Covfefe • 7 months ago

^^^Proof: Climate Change Worshippers want to bring us back to paleolithic times.

Fivecenturies • 7 months ago

yes they do, but only for the masses not for their elites.
Most of us want to be smart about how we create our energy and not leave a mess for future generations caused by nuclear and solar power with by products that do not disperse and will create future hazards.

R2 • 7 months ago

What where in CA where the masses are living does it get cold enough to freeze at?? Only up in the mountains maybe. So don't live there. Hey, just ball up some newspapers & use that to keep warm in. I saw in in a socialistic movie about a freak super snow storm. They all survived there.

Ho-Hum ✔Covfefe • 7 months ago

The question is not only about CA.


wisdomcries • 7 months ago

Yup, the Georgia Guidestones want a 90% reduction in the population to bring us back into harmony with nature.
I wonder if these rocket scientists are aware that natural gas is the second leading source for generating electricity.

R2 • 7 months ago

Somebody is going to be making a LOT of money on this deal. The corrupt dim government officials don't do these things for any other real purpose but to line someone's pockets with money.

Fivecenturies • 7 months ago

yet, these same idiots promote over population via third world immigration.... considering we reached zero population growth decades ago and are adding millions of legal and illegal immigrants annually.. shows the hypocrisy and how the so called environmental groups are nothing more than greedy liars.

R2 • 7 months ago


nineleven • 7 months ago

WC, thats asking too much for most of them to think it through. the communists win by getting as many useful idiots as possible who parrot an agenda and dont ask questions.

Richard Beckwith • 7 months ago

Many universities are also hiring, with $175,000 salary, a "diversity officer" who contributes nothing to improved learning for all students. And people wonder why the cost of education has skyrocketed.

PSmith • 7 months ago

Switching to all electric is foolish… as most urban-metro electrical grids are already at max performance. Anything that natural gas can do… could be done with (clean) H2. Even natural gas power generation plants can be switched to H2 in the future. Many mobile applications are today switching to H2 over electric. Japan just ordered 400 city buses (H2-electric) and EU has ordered 1000 buses (H2-electric). Many railroads have already changed their smaller ‘switch’ engines from diesel-electric to cleaner (and cheaper) H2-electric locomotive engines. The world is going to H2 power, especially for vehicle, rail and ships (North Sea ferry fleet).

R2 • 7 months ago

See, the problem is that whoever is the one(s) really getting all the money for doing all of this are NOT interested in H2.

larryjcr • 7 months ago

H2?? Are you referring to hydrogen?? Do you have any idea of the difficulties in generating and storing hydrogen?? And the result would be water vapor with is a much more important greenhouse gas than carbon dioxide.