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eyeonthings • 4 months ago

This is the correct CD10 MAP

eyeonthings • 4 months ago

Statement from Devyn Bakewell, Communications Director for Councilperson Heather Hutt.
"The colored flyer provided by The Neighborhood News was not printed out by Council District 10 nor the Heather Hutt for City Council 2024 campaign. The resource guide with the Council District 10 logo is a sheet of paper that our office readily hands out at various meetings and community events. It is obvious that someone printed the flyer on 8 ½” x 11” normal paper (the incorrect size and paper stock) from a personal printer after it was posted to the City Ethics Commission website on February 1st, and packaged it with an easily available City resource flyer to make a false claim and complaint against the City and the campaign. The actual flyer (see attached) printed by the campaign contains slightly different coloring, an additional sentence with Mayor Bass’ endorsement, shifting of text, and a union bug/marking from the print job.

In order to prevent the waste and abuse of city resources in future elections, Councilwoman Hutt introduced the following motion on February 6th to prevent nefarious and unethical activities based on technology like this from happening to future candidates for city office."

eyeonthings • 4 months ago

Response to statement from Councilperson Heather Hutt's office:
In your statement you are implying that someone else printed out the flyer after downloading from the ethics website and attached the "easily available" resource list in order to discredit and cause an ethics problem for Councilperson Hutt.

There is one problem with this narrative.
Heather's campaign posted this flyer on the ethics website on Feb.1 BUT the texts with the photos (which were sent from 3 different sources, we have names and dates) were received Jan. 27, 28 and 29.
So are you now going to imply that someone, somehow got a hold of the image before it was uploaded, (how?) spent lots of money printing them up, hired distributors with official jackets (got pics) and then illegally distributed the flyers in the hopes that someone would file a complaint with the ethics board? That's a lot of money, time and effort to spend "hoping" that efforts would be made to discredit Ms. Hutt. Doesn't make any sense.
BTW When the Neighborhood News reached out to Councilperson Hutt's communications director inquiring about the issue, they had Kimani Black, her Chief of Staff call TNN to explain. That is using official City resources to deal with a campaign issue which I believe is also forbidden. Why didn't they have her campaign manager return the call?

eyeonthings • 4 months ago
eyeonthings • 4 months ago


“Mark Ridley-Thomas was arrested and convicted of a crime committed before he was elected to our district so he didn’t get a chance to serve out any of his term.”

MRT was never “arrested.” He was indicted and arraigned.
He took office in December 2020 and served until his October 19, 2021
From Vincent Harris