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john dobozy • 4 years ago

The Pope's use of the image of a "hole" echoes the comment Francis made
recently to Mexican journalist Valentina Alazraki about border walls:
We knew of one, of Berlin and the many headaches and suffering it caused
us. ... But it appears that man does what animals don't, right?
Pope Francis utters: MAN IS THE ONLY ANIMAL..........................
Peter did not comprehend Jesus' pronouncement of raising from the dead and denied Him. Pope Francis and the Catholic church should accept Jesus to be the Truth, subsequently denying the claim of evolution. Either Darwin claimed the truth or Jesus does. This is the CORNER STONE that this generation stumbles, accepting man's superiority over God's. The road of scientific knowledge lead us all to the wide gate in opposite direction of target God.

Robert F. Scott • 4 years ago

Oh, Benedict abandoned the flock, and fled in fear of the wolves, make no mistake. Msgr. Gaenswein can spin it however he likes.
Benedict will have much to answer for. I hope he repents.

MARK • 4 years ago

I can only imagine their birthday parties. They probably play “Musical Beds” and “Pin the Tail on the Predator.”

Marguerite • 4 years ago

I dont care what anybody says ,I think Pope Benedict is being held prisoner....That's always been my belief....Hes 90 something..Its not hard to do...This group in the vatican now, I wouldnt put anything past them...Maybe he started to clean up yrs ago,and they threatened him...Who knows!!!!Lord protect and keep him safe...Mary most holy wrap Your mantel of blue around him and keep him safe....


Right now, anything is possible.

Charmaine • 4 years ago

Antonio Socci is a famous Italian journalist and author who had been seriously questioning the validity of Pope Benedict's resignation since at least very early 2014. In September of 2014, Socci released his book, Non È Francesco (not available in English), where he explained his belief that neither Benedict's renunciation of, nor Bergoglio's ascendancy to, the Petrine Office was valid. Numerously written articles on this very topic on his own personal blog as well.

Now we have the latest publication of his new book, The Secret of Benedict XVI: Why He Is Still Pope (recently available in English), and thankfully Church Militant is giving Antonio Socci HIS well-earned moment by even allowing this article to be published. Can't we just be grateful for that by appreciating the enormous gift of his work, without having the need to steal the limelight?

jay • 4 years ago

The truth will set us free. Please be open to reporting the truth (as shown by the fruit of the tree). Thanks.

What up with the ban on "Battleship-Barnhardt"? It like Dr. E.M.Jones and his dislike of Voris. What up, people?

JDebattista • 4 years ago


CMSGRET • 4 years ago

Cmon, CM. Swallow your pride and give Ann her well earned moment. It's about truth after all, right? She's done the work. You talk about how you were years ahead in pointing out the truth of the Lavender Mafia. Ann's been way ahead in examining what's wrong with the current papacy. Take a deep breath and let us acknowledge her work here.

Shawn Albert • 4 years ago

I have one question: Where exactly does the Church teach that laypersons have the authority to declare who is or is not Pope?

Name the Papal document or the Council and the statement with the word Canon as its first word that says layperson have the authority, no Canon law, no saint quotes, no theological opinions, or other sources can or will be accepted.

I'm no fan of Francis, but Benedict walked away from his responsibilities, not to mention appointed several heretics to be Cardinals, and made no effort to remove those appointed by his predecessor.

Paul C Atria • 4 years ago

Saint Athanasius and Saint Hilary did not remain silent against the Arians, nor did Saint Peter Damian against the corrupt prelates of his time. Saint Catherine of Siena did not keep silent in front of the popes of her time, nor did Saint Vincent Ferrer presenting himself as the Angel of the Apocalypse. In recent times, these did not keep quiet but spoke: the bishop of Münster, Clemens August von Galen, in the face of Nazism; and Cardinal Josef Mindszenty, primate of Hungary, confronted by Communism

The pope is infallible only under determined circumstances

ArthurMcGowan • 4 years ago

Read Canon 212.

Catherine • 4 years ago

The significant question is this: what Church teaching says that laypeople must recognize and follow the teachings of someone they believe to be a fake pope. These have existed throughout our history.

Bernard Samson • 4 years ago

unblock Ann B, please.

CMSGRET • 4 years ago

Ann is pursuing papal issues no one else will go near. Sort of like when CM was exposing the Lavenders in Rome. CM's blocking is akin to Amazon removing Dr. Nicolosi's books. Rethink your petty policy CM, please.

TheFlyingTigers • 4 years ago

Mention her name in a post, such as "A__ B_______ makes a darn good bean casserole" and your comment goes right into the moderation queue.


Bernard Samson • 4 years ago

We are in a different time now. It isn't 2016 anymore, and we need to bring all the pieces together. CM has been doing so well and they now have the chance to be the bridgebuilder that we are so sorely lacking.

Asinello • 4 years ago

I believe she would be an excellent guest on Mic'd Up. Many guests on that fine show hold opinions that differ radically from those of CM and its followers: Ben Shapiro, Milo, Father Paul Sullins etc. Now that CM has posted an article by Mr. Socci, I see no reason why this lady should remain persona non grata.

Catherine • 4 years ago

For information on The Imprisonment of Pope Benedict see the From Rome blog.

EpicMichael • 4 years ago


Wildfire • 4 years ago

So Francis is moving forward to prove to the world that he is the false prophet of Revelations, about whom Our Lady has been warning us for over 100 years.

TheFlyingTigers • 4 years ago

Just look up "Storyville Secrets Of The Tribe" on YouTube. These are the pristine Amazonian people, represented here by the Yanomami tribe, that the Pope & his German friends would have the Church Universal imitate and who were at the Vatican earlier this year.

This tribe has a common practice of the women going into the forest to give birth and if the the child is deformed or the girl in a set of boy/girl twins, the infant is left to die or is buried alive. The rationalization here is that since the mother has not 'accepted' the child it is not a human person...so hey, no big deal.

The Salesian priests and nuns down there are proud of the fact that they haven't baptized any of the Yanomami Indians in over fifty years. Don't wanna go imposing "European Ethnocentrism" religio-cultural mores on these dignified, advanced folks, y'know. Stuff like "And Jesus spoke to them, saying: All power is given to me in heaven and in earth. Going therefore, teach ye all nations; baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you..." The Salesians apparently think in their capacity as amateur anthropologists, it's more important to 'accompany' pagan people as they become one with Mother Earth than bring them salvation in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. Why else brag that you haven't baptized anyone there in fifty+ years???

Satanic. This is pure syncretist heresy and if carried out to it's logical full extent in the Church Universal, will lead to the Great Apostasy.

wilby1941 • 4 years ago

This Pope is a heretic.

Mrs. Diogenes • 4 years ago

Is the book worth buying?

Charmaine • 4 years ago

Yes, absolutely. Here's a 5-star Amazon review of the book: "An excellent, carefully researched, and convincingly argued assessment of the current unprecedented tumult of the Catholic Church, and the roles of "the two popes" in the midst of it all. This book brings so much clarity to what Catholics are now living through, and in so doing removes some of the confusion - and the fear that accompanies confusion. However, in my opinion, the real tour de force, is the final chapter, "Everything Is Possible" -- a truly stunning, prophetic, and, yes, frightening examination of the place of "the two popes" in the current state of the Church AND the world. It should serve as a wake-up call of the highest magnitude to everyone, regardless of religion or background."

Mrs. Diogenes • 4 years ago

Ordered! Thank you, Charmaine!

cyberman304 • 4 years ago

The final chapter was riveting.

JBQ21 • 4 years ago

Bill Clinton said it best. "It all depends on what the meaning of 'is' is". The nature of Marxism is that it is a sociological phenomenon. You take the human environment and basically start over.----Francis is destroying religion and starting over. He wishes to blend every aspect of humanity and human behavior into a new world religion. Read on Francis of Assisi. He is supposed to have called all of the friars together shortly before his death and predicted a future "destroyer".

cyberman304 • 4 years ago

May God grant Benedict XVI many more years.

TheFlyingTigers • 4 years ago

We are indeed in the midst of the gravest crisis in 2,000 of Church history. The Pan-Amazonian Synod (some of whose priestly 'preparers' of the Instrumentum Laboris openly boast of never baptizing a single indigenous Amazon tribesman in fifty years (!?!?!) is a clear attempt to formally introduce syncretism into the Body of Christ. If successful, this introduction of rank heresy will be the latest step on the quickening road to the Great Apostasy, or "the ever-louder approaching scream of that Ancient Beast..."

Agree or disagree with Ann Barnhardt, she has performed an invaluable service by posting on her website the BBC documentary on anthropology among the Yanomami Amazon tribe entitled "Storyville Secrets Of The Tribe" (search under this title on YouTube). Not for the faint of heart or children. Via this film, we get an uncomfortably close look at the tribe that the current Holy See has designated as the poster children for their “new church with an Amazonian face." The Yanomami, however, do NOT live in recognizable family units, and there is rampant homosexuality, pedophilia and bestiality. For thisreason, anthropologists who have “studied” the Yanomami have been sex predators themselves, and have engaged in prostitution with theYanomami, essentially paying for sodomy with adults and children of both sexes, which the Yanomami have willingly participated. The two maincriminals here are Jacques Lizot and Nicholas Good. Good preferred female children, and Lizot preferred males of all ages. (The aforementioned is from Ann's site).

This is a tribe where the women go off into the jungle to give birth and if they do not "accept" the baby, for any reason, it is either left to die or buried alive.

We no longer DESERVE chastisement, we NEED it.

jay • 4 years ago

The Yanomami need Baptism. Pray for the conversion of sinners and nonbelievers.

TradMom3 • 4 years ago

Ann has done many invaluable things lately. I used to think she was a bit whacky but recently, she’s looking more & more sane.

TeflonicusPercepticus • 4 years ago

If Ratzinger doesn't like it, perhaps he shouldn't have abandoned his post.

Catherine • 4 years ago

He may not have abandoned it completely, and therein lies the controversy as well as the mystery, according to Socci in his latest book about Benedict: the original title in Italian reading “Benedict XVI, Why He is Still Pope.”

TeflonicusPercepticus • 4 years ago

Wishful thinking, I’m afraid.

M.R. Schwartz • 4 years ago

Is a retired priest still a priest? Yes

Is a Bishop Emeritus still a Bishop ? Yes.

"They then become "emeritus bishops" meanings that, even though they are
no longer in charge of leading a diocese, they retain their full capacity... to fulfill the great missions of the bishop."
Emeritus Archbishop Joseph Doré of Strasbourg,

Is a Cardinal Emeritus, still a Cardinal? Yes.
Cardinal emeritus Francisco Javier Errazuriz Ossa still advises Francis.

It follows then that a Pope Emeritus is still... the Pope. For if Benedict renounced his office entirely, he would become Bishop Emeritus Joseph Ratzinger of Rome - yet we all know he is not.

"The "always" is also a "for ever" – there can no longer be a return to
the private sphere. My decision to resign the active exercise of the
ministry does not revoke this. ." Benedict XVI

Does a Pope have the authority to enforce a novel essence of the papacy on the Church ? No. it is a Divinely created office for the Church instituted by Christ himself. ( unlike the office of a Cardinal which can be changed by a Pope)

TeflonicusPercepticus • 4 years ago

A bishop emeritus does not perform the functions of the bishop. There is no question as to who the bishop is for any given diocese, including that of Rome.

Mrs. Diogenes • 4 years ago

Don't ever forget about the lightening above the dome of St. Peter's the night he announced it.

TeflonicusPercepticus • 4 years ago

They say lightning strikes St Peter's all the time. My response is, "Given what's gone on there lately, that doesn't surprise me."

Mrs. Diogenes • 4 years ago

Ha! I'm not surprised either. The place needs to be exorcised from top to bottom and every room doused with Holy Water.

Guest • 4 years ago
janmil200 • 4 years ago

But Luther did not pass. He just started the whole Protestant heresy that now envelopes us all.

Johann du Toit • 4 years ago

Yes but it took Rome being sacked by the armies of the Holy Roman Emperor before our beloved Church could be moved to reform. Expect a similar sacking (investigations and raids by law enforcement, bishops and cardinals being arrested and jailed, civil suits for millions of dollars of damages) before the Church will move past the current crisis.

Paul • 4 years ago

Except, in Luther's time the heretics left the Church. This time, they are running the show!

Emjay • 4 years ago

How true!

cyberman304 • 4 years ago

The "Reformation" brought about the glorious Counter-Reformation. For every Good Friday there is an Easter Sunday.

Goofy • 4 years ago

Very important article. May it be widely read!

Our Lady of La Salette said: "There will be two worm ridden popes in the last days.”

One prophecy from Our Lady of La Salette is that the two worm ridden popes will die on the same night.

The Vatican will never publish this, as it's too incriminating.

GracieAlanna • 4 years ago

Gaius_Suetonius_Tranquillus--Yes, do you have a link to this? I have been searching the Internet for the "La Salette prophecy: "There will be two worm ridden popes in the last days.”

One prophecy from Our Lady of La Salette is that the two worm ridden popes will die on the same night.

....and yet have not found any mention of "two worm ridden popes in the last days" NOR that they will allegedly die on the same night.

Can you please provide proof of this "prophecy"?
Thank you.


This is a better connection.