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dbj3 • 6 months ago

THANK YOU, THANK YOU RFK Jr, and CHD! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

GarySummers • 6 months ago

"God Bless CHD, RFK.Jr"!
"Prosecute Now"! 'Dr. David Martin'
BREAKING NEWS: ''Covid-19 was deliberately released on the populations by entities with intent.'' Anthony Fauci's NIAID was paid ''400 million dollars in royalties by Moderna''. Covid-19 was ''engineered in the United States after receiving an 'infectious clone WIV1-CoV Spike' from Wuhan.''

Not only did Anthony Fauci knowingly and 'willfully lie in violation of federal law' in Congress about not funding Gain of Function, but Anthony Fauci continued these Gain of Function studies and requested additional studies during the moratorium. ''Ralph S. Baric created SARS-CoV-2 and lied to the world''.

The fact of the matter is. We the people are currently subject to a '''criminal conspiracy that is ongoing right now, the evidence is right in our face'''. ''This was all done so that the world could be injected with the 'Experimental Covid Vaccines' creating billions of dollars in profits'' and ''shaping the global agenda while killing and injuring millions of people around the world.''

holisticpoet • 6 months ago

in a country where nearly all high ranking politicians have been selected by the ruling oligarchy that stands in the shadows and forces their puppets to do their bidding, there is little hope of this suit producing any viable fruit. The big tech companies in question are run, ruled, and owned by the same entities that are running the country and its politicians. The Judicial branch of our government is largely run by these same entities and as such have abrogated much of the US Constitution and are on a course to demolish the parts still intact.

With this being said, I applaud the efforts of the CHD to bring to light the extent to which the Constitution of the United States is still enforceable. Without testing the waters, so to speak, we will never become aware of how much of our country and its principals have already been lost. It is only from this position of knowledge that we can make a sound determination of the course of action that is best for us to take.

God bless us all in this world filled with moral depravity from those who claim to be our rulers.

SYakoban • 6 months ago

Yeah, the judiciary is compromised all the way through the supreme kangaroo court. It's a great effort that will be bloody, dangerous, and corrupted at every turn.

AndrewCharnley • 6 months ago

It will take nothing less than a Kennedy with God at his side, his rear and in Front leading the way. Certainly, it will be a rough road, but the end is reachable, and this is a foundational starting point to take the first steps towards putting the criminals in the Dock who have been pretending to manage our affairs of Parliament. Surely, when proven the governments and their multiple government agencies have conspired to empty our minds before they have been filled is the biggest conspiratorial fraud.

GarySummers • 6 months ago

"Sharing Is Caring" & God Watch Over Him!
The U.S. Department of Defense along with Fauci, Gates, Tedros, Moderna, Pfizer, FDA, CDC, WEF, CIA, CCP, (WIV1-CoV Spike' from Wuhan) and others willfully and criminally engaged in racketeering, illegal advertising, fraud and mass premeditated murder of millions of innocent people worldwide.

They created Covid-19 in the United States, Spike WIVI1-CoV, Wuhan, from CCP, and released it on the world to deploy the lethal bioweapon Covid Vaccines. They paid doctors and nurses to murder innocent patients. They denied safe early treatments murdering millions of more innocent people. ''Over 20 million global deaths directly attributed to the Covid Vaccines and 2.2 billion serious adverse reactions.''

"#11:49 MIN Mark, Not A Vaccine!" " Sasha Latypova" She Stays Safe!

Helen • 6 months ago

Well said. Actually, they work for us in a constitutional republic. We should fire them and begin again.

The Central Scrutiziner • 6 months ago

More power to you! We all need to walk away from these platforms if at all possible. The point of the lock downs was to keep us from having friends and neighbors at the kitchen table where the government or technocrats are not there to censor our conversations. We need to pull ourselves out of the big tech web. Social Media and Search Engines are now nothing more than sales engines and propaganda promoters.

jann • 6 months ago

Fauci wouldn't debate RFK Jr. Now he'll have to on the witness stand.

Way to go CHD!

GarySummers • 6 months ago

''I Pray He Does!'' God Bless CHD!
''BREAKING NEWS: 20 million global deaths directly attributed to the Covid Vaccines and 2.2 billion serious adverse reactions''. These numbers are best estimates using government data. '''Anthony Fauci, Bill Gates, Ralph Baric, Tedros and others created a Pandemic to inject the world.'''

They first created a fraudulent Pandemic by deliberately releasing Covid-19 which they engineered in the United States North Carolina Chapel Hill University by Ralph S. Baric and his team which Anthony Fauci funded. Then they used a fraudulent PCR test to create excess case numbers. Then they blocked safe early treatments such as Ivermectin in order to get EUA approval for the Covid Vaccines.

2009-2023 Lockstep Vaccination Genocidal Pandemic Criminal Co-conspiracy defendants, including and not limited to individually and collectively:

Bill and Melinda Gates individually and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. World Health Organization (WHO) and Officers, Directors, Employees, and Agents Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus WHO Director General.

U.S. FDA Peter Marks, CDC Executive Directors and Officers, Rochelle Walensky. NIH, NIAID Executive Directors and Officers. Anthony Stephen Fauci. Alex Azar HHS, Ralph S. Baric, Peter Daszak. Moderna CEO Stephane Bancel, Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla.

World Economic Forum, Klaus Schwab and Officers, Directors, Employees, and Agents. Michael Bloomberg, David Rockefeller Jr, Rothschilds, Warren Buffett, George Soros, Ted Turner, Oprah Winfrey, Rockefeller Foundation, Global Business Network (GBN), Peter Schwartz, Chairman GBN.

Sioux Rose • 6 months ago

Once upon a time, you could find a particular Bill Gates interview--on You Tube where he was talking about the problem of over-population. Then he segued into vaccines and out popped the Freudian slip, "and we think these will help." One could only conclude that he meant the vaccines could help with the over-population problem.

I also remember a movie whose title escapes me, where members of the global elite DID test population reduction through the release of some contagious pathogen.

Given the historical fact that wars are engineered on the basis of false flags and other contrived triggers, and that these wars result in the very real loss of life (not to mention vital and necessary infrastructure), it is NOT inconceivable that certain minds might concoct a situation like Covid.

While I lean more towards Naomi Klein's Shock Doctrine insight--that chaotic times prove very profitable for those who can rush in with resources, it is hard to take the leap that this item was released on purpose. I never doubted--not from Covid's first appearance on the world stage--that this thing was engineered. So for now, I lean towards "lab leak."

Perhaps "gain of function" research should be added to the Bible's 10 Commandments for what OUGHT NOT be done.

Lastly, while all things mystical have been long banned by the re-emergent church-state, a genuine mystic by the name of Edgar Cayce once did thousands of trance-style readings in the U.S. and his work was assiduously recorded. He warned that there would be a surge of Atanteans born into the U.S. who would "bring their knowledge of genetic engineering along with them."

I have always felt that Bill Gates is one such Atlantean. Not only is he the key human through which one-size-fits-all vaccines have been developed and distributed, he is a big advocate for the genetic "modification" of plants, and he also views children's minds as machines which can all be generically programmed. It is a shame that he commandeers the funds he does with which to do such harm to all things natural.

kris • 6 months ago
Leslie Taylor • 6 months ago

I grew up feeling both proud and fortunate to be an American. I routinely engaged in political activism. I thoroughly enjoyed it and felt empowered in doing so; like who I was, what I thought and what I did mattered and perhaps even influenced our elected officials a bit. During political campaign season I would wake up early on Saturday and Sunday mornings eager to get my activist table set up at the farmer's market or at a county fair to distribute candidates' information and register voters. These past three years have demonstrated just how quickly all the reasons that I, and most Americans, felt so lucky and proud to be an American could be so completely trashed, and practically overnight. It's becoming more like a Stalinist or Nazi America than Land of the Free and Home of the Brave. I even think how naive I was and not at all confident our elected officials are legitimately elected or working on behalf and in the best interests of their constituencies. Thank you Robert F. Kennedy and the rest of your legal team at the CHD!!! You give us hope that we aren't entirely without a voice along with all other human and constitutional rights.

Steven Berge • 6 months ago

Unfortunately, the deep state showed its muscle when they assassinated the first and then the second Kennedy. It's just gotten more extreme now. If only we had the chance to see the world if JFK had been able to "scatter them in a thousand pieces."

THanX-1138 • 6 months ago

This statistically confirms your deepest fears.

GarySummers • 6 months ago

"Great Post"!

KooKKy • 6 months ago

Thank You!

I was suspended by Twitter several times for posting articles about Vaccine Injuries. Ultimately, I was banned in 2022 and remain permanently banned to this day.

#VaccineInjuriesAreREAL 💉
#NeverTrustBigPharma🤑 💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵
#Nuremberg2 👿
#ArrestThemAll 😡

NikkiB • 6 months ago

Same here. I had to repeatedly tell Twitter to discontinue sending me notifications to a permanently suspended account I could no longer access but was getting updates and notifications to get me to come back. This after only being on there maybe a week, then one comment about the vaccine, and I was permanently suspended. Twitter finally ceased sending the notifications after multiple requests. I recently set up a new account just to be able to view things posted on Twitter but not in other places. All of these tech companies behave the exact same way suggesting they are all derived from the same source and that is venture funding capital (CIA)

Patsy Johnson • 6 months ago

God Bless RFKjr and CHD! Thank you for defending us at the breach.

Dariel Blackburn • 6 months ago

I am so grateful for YOU, RFK Jr. and the Defender legal team for all that you have done for our country. It is so true that, "“If Government can censor its critics, there is no atrocity it cannot commit." We are all so indebted to you for standing for ALL of us. Never has a donation been so deserved.

Gog'n Omagog • 6 months ago

You wanna know something ELSE? I bought two brand new laptop computers only to discover that I have been banned from GOOGLE/YOUTUBE by THE COMPUTER'S OPERATING SYSTEM (Windows 11)! As soon as I registered those computers under my name, I was STILL banned from GOOGLE/YOUTUBE. Talk about an all-seeing predatory EYE!!!

Naga • 6 months ago

Are you really surprised? You're talking about Windows, which means Bill Gates. I remember when Windows first came on the scene and in those days, computers were loaded with the OS of your choice: You had Windows, OS/2, Sun Solaris, etc., then strangely, only Windows was around and it's not because it was necessarily the most popular or the best at the time Remember, this is about long range planning and this has been in the works for many years.

Beatrice • 6 months ago

Also, in early 2020, Windows stopped supporting versions prior to 10 which required an upgrade for continued support. Gates also retired from Windows that same month and he and his wife filed for divorce. It just seemed too obvious that Gates was protecting his reputation by disassociating with the Windows spyware and protecting his assets in the event he should get sued.

jann • 6 months ago

I bought an MS Surface because the charging port is sturdy before I knew that Gates was involved in what's going on. It crashes and collects data every time I'm in the site of one of the Disinformation Dozen. Strange . . .

NikkiB • 6 months ago

I have found that Microsoft as well is in the habit of doing this which honestly I did not realize that I had done anything, they did not tell me I had, just rather suddenly, I had an Xbox live account for my kids that was associated with a hotmail account I only used for this Xbox and rather suddenly they said I had violated their terms and this is permanent. This was a while ago, and I stopped using the account and unsubscribed not worrying too much about it. Then, my other children wanted to play a game or something and I needed that account to set up the old Xbox again and then I found out my old account was permanently locked. I later learned if you violate Microsoft's terms including potentially using Dropbox, which I never did that I was aware, but yeah, I had to create a whole new account with them. I feel that Bill Gates' software is predatory and if you have some software that does not work with his in some way (monopoly) then you are in violation. I am quite glad to have Microsoft operating systems out of my life as when I had a Microsoft OS it was nothing but hassles.I have had the same MAC desktop now for about 12 years, cannot say how many Microsoft based PCs that have stopped working due to their intentionally being designed that way in my opinion

Gog'n Omagog • 6 months ago

Congrats.....I guess. But we should stay mindful that a monopoly consists of all products and services --- under various names, distributors, managements, and so forth --- are OWNED by..... THE SAME OWNER OF THEM ALL

Sioux Rose • 6 months ago

I lost two computers to forced, long "updates." What OTHER machine updates itself all the time? I am convinced these are elaborate data downloads. Remember the facility built in Bluffdale, Utah to hold all those emails and whatever else as exposed by Edward Snowden? We live in such a short-attention span society that when a story passes out of discussion, many falsely presume the issue is no longer present. And I remember when the NSA and Homeland Security were arguing for all sorts of back doors to our computers supposedly to "fight terrorism." Smart techs argued these lax policies would allow thieves and worse to access our data. But this worked out well for Shock Doctrine Disaster Capitalists who then sold us the supposed security for said systems. The Matrix becomes more viable by the day.

Naga • 6 months ago

That's where the real spyware is coming from, these mandatory updates. These creeps are determined to spy on you and me, and they ARE spying on you and me. Be it Window or Mac, they are both doing it. It's al part of the plan.

Beatrice • 6 months ago

Yes Rose, you nailed it.

Bambi • 6 months ago

GREAT! But where is the punishment? If the people take part in anything that the establishment deems illegal they are thrown in jail!!! Evident by Jan 6 trials and witch hunts! These ppl need to go to jail! Crimes of treason!!

Beatrice • 6 months ago

AND held indefinitely as per Obama's Indefinite Detention law

chevymon77 • 6 months ago

He is 100% right in this effort. We can only pray he is resoundly successful.

Joan Perucca Higman • 6 months ago

If the public becomes aware they have been manipulated they will push back and everyone will know administration and agencies are liars. People don’t like liars.

Britt Lind • 6 months ago

I'm not an expert in legal affairs but if the perpetrators in no way have to pay for their crimes then why would they stop doing what they're doing and why wouldn't the next administration do exactly the same?

chaas • 6 months ago

This is the lawsuit we were all waiting for - arguably the most significant and impactful deliberation for determining the course of our country from here on out, testing the mettle and caliber of our nation and its people. May God give the victory.

PDouglas • 6 months ago

Sue them into bankruptcy.

catherine • 6 months ago

Pharma is using Tik Tok to get children addicted to drugs. It pays "influencers" to use the platform to advertise their killer drugs or some do it for free.

This is just one of the myriad of ways the war against children is escalating.

AlohaFreedomFighter_JMJ • 6 months ago

and to push CHILDREN to Mutilate their Bodies and change their sex ...XX and XY is all there is and that is SCIENCE

GarySummers • 6 months ago

'China's Fentanyl, from "Open Borders" Killing #300 Americans Daily.'

Joan Perucca Higman • 6 months ago

Tik Tok should be banned because it is an arm of our enemy CCP as it’s owner and operator against the US

Beatrice • 6 months ago

Our President is very cozy with China and communism which is why they hated Trump being so anti-China. So, in reality it's our own government working against us.

Cari Harris • 6 months ago

Glad my donations to Children’s Health Defense are going to legislate against the corruption in our country. Hoping for a huge win on this one @robertfkennedyjr

PonyBoy • 6 months ago

In early 2022 when my wife and I saw the death and disability which followed the mRNA gene therapy shots begin to appear on a much larger scale, I used my ability to inform others on Common Dreams, a alternative news site established in the late 90's via their comments section after articles relating to the so-called vaccine.
At this point in time our government leaders were not only turning friends and family against each other, they began pressuring this type of platform as Common Dreams was, to censor anyone who attempted to speak against the government and their "official narrative."
I did my best to educate my fellow commenters to what was happening as a result of the widespread inoculations that was detrimental to their long-term health, however a number of them turned on me, getting me flagged as antivax leading to me being suspended for an entire year.
I had been using that site since 2016 pretty religiously and was floored to find folks that I previously had a great deal in common with, call me names and become hateful. And what was I guilty of, attempting to help them prevent making a serious mistake with their life.
Joe Biden and Anthony Fauci were the ring leaders and deserve to be held accountable for the massive amount of murder and maiming their actions precipitated.

Cindy Perlin, LCSW • 6 months ago

I was banned from Daily Kos for posting an article about vitamin D and how optimizing levels could protect against COVID and my article was removed

Joan Perucca Higman • 6 months ago

How ridiculous and sinister!

AlohaFreedomFighter_JMJ • 6 months ago

the PSY-OPS were INTENSE! The Indoctrination Propaganda was equally INTENSE...those of us Wide-Awake on Day 2 of "2-weeks to slow the spread" BS (as a student of History I know humans have lived with viruses since the millennium and have NEVER shut the world down= Tyranny!!!) My own 100% unvaxed Healthy "Clean-Blood" college daughter was swept into the "protect the others" BS (she took Pfizer in June 2021-no Boosters thanks Be to GOD!) ..I told her we are the OTHERS! (my hubby & I were 1000% against POI$ON Injecticide$$$) UGH! Have Mercy on the Weak who chose or could not SEE the TRUTH...God Help US as we navigate the reality before us and PLEASE Continue to SPREAD TRUTH ! Courage IS the Best VIRTUE during these Times and KNOW you are not ALONE...there are millions of us...at least 30% per Matias Desmet (aka Mass Formation expert)

Sioux Rose • 6 months ago

I used that site for years. But they are not alone. Amy Goodman, Thom Hartmann, The Young Turks, Brian Tyler Cohen and other VERY intelligent Progressive voices (which exist in a communication spectrum that is very short on Progressive voices) fall into the bifurcated illusion that IF you challenge the vaccine orthodoxy, you MUST be either: 1. anti-science or 2. a Trump supporter. Whenever ideas are stage-managed to fall into ONLY two camps, progress comes to a halt. I have had comments censored on other sites for speaking up about these vaccines.

A glance at TV shows the dominance of pharmaceutical ads.

Many people in the Communication field must show deference for their number 1 donor: Big Pharma.

When corporations and the government work together, that is corporatism or early fascism. Thanks to unjust decisions like "Citizens United," bribery is legal and those with the most donor dollars get their policies put into law and practice. The rest of us must wrestle with the undemocratic results.

Beatrice • 6 months ago

I can't believe I used to watch the Young Turks. My gosh, they are evil..especially that Anna woman. But, I knew TYT had fallen into the censorship camp because the networks put their show on the regular TV news lineup when they removed RT News.

Joan Perucca Higman • 6 months ago

I had the same experience. The military industrial complex which ( we have become ) uses military techniques to destroy other countries by causing this in fighting censorship and mind control now used to control its narratives and usurp USA authority and our autonomy for corrupt power

Elizabeth Boyle • 6 months ago

And it continues today. Yesterday, on Nexdoor, when I tried to warn my neighbors about a Coyote who attacked my dog on a neighborhood beach, I tried to mention that our Vet boosted my dog's rabies and distemper vaccines afterwards. I was not allowed to use the word "vaccine" and received a message that it didn't meet their guidelines of kindness. How sick is that?