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krofter • 2 weeks ago

Perhaps the scariest thing is that Klaus Schwab was mentored by the godfather of world-domination-by-globalism, Henry Kissinger of the much older Bilderberg Group. https://secularheretic.subs...

Guest • 2 weeks ago
Isthisthingon • 2 weeks ago

I believe they have always been this way, just take a look at history. I call them the "No Hearts", totally narcissistic--they are bred this way! Now they feel so brazen because the criminal elite have infiltrated governments and monopolized everything, well, they just can't contain how giddy they are and feel liberated to say all the "quiet parts" out loud now.

We have to get the truth out about EMF/RF 5G, etc. Here is a video of a science teacher conducting an experiment with his students:


They really have done their job on all fronts, most people I know are a complete danger to themselves and me and mine...total fear and completely brainwashed...America is a lie and has been all along...we need a new Flag all of us who see can Unite behind. They have purposely tainted this one, so much so, if anyone talks about Liberty or Freedom, you are automatically a rightwing nutjob domestic terrorist!

I, as a lifelong democrat, tried to discuss the importance of honoring our Foundational Agreements that govern us all, and I got eyerolling and some, "good griefs"...even when I spoke of all who have died to give us our Liberty and Freedom! This condemnation of our Flag, and the division of our country has been on purpose in order to divide and conquer us commoners--total PSYOP! I've always known this and only registered as a democrat because our election process is so rigged that as an Independent I wasn't able to vote in the primaries...this is how they keep this game going! The perps are always controlling the opposition!

The statistic that only 2% of the population is really "thinking" and another 8% "think they are thinking", and the other 90% "don't want to think at all" is why the criminal elite have chosen this time to take over the world!

We have to slow down and fix the holes in our Foundation! I'm blown away on how violent and dumb TV has become...our children are being indoctrinated into mass compliance and slavery in every way possible...you can't tell me that the government not regulating violent video games has nothing to do with gun violence...the technology the perps have is light years beyond what they allow us to know...they are already implementing mind control...I totally believe watching the MSM is why so many people I know who were against "vaccines", then rolled up their sleeves and offered up their babies!, for this Con! So many, it is freaky!

We have to stop supporting all the things that are killing us! We have become human cash cows for the criminal elite! Know thy self--get off of the "fake everything" that is harming and addicting! Get back to some basics and hyper localize! Get off of this train to nowhere and stop complying, especially where your babies are concerned! Try to engage with your neighbors around the simple things, especially around disaster preparedness and food security. Grow food anywhere and everywhere! Time to get indignant and shake things up as well! All these Tyrants need is for good people who know, to do nothing! Every little way you resist is important! I say my peace and then keep showing up to lend a hand....

Jjule • 1 week ago

Right !
I live in an area that was mocked on a late night show for refusing Vaxes for kids a number of years ago.
Whole Foods was a virtue signaling place to shop at.
Holistic medicine was great
Farmers Markets were also well supported.

Now. 90% vax rate
Masks everywhere and on children, although that is getting better.

But WTF happened to these people?
Media fear and Societal Pressure .
Still. How does one go from being a Whole Foods zealot, to an experimental vax Zealot !?

Deirdre I Hobson • 1 week ago

and use CASH in transaction's NOT elastic plastic

Leslie Taylor • 1 week ago

Another thing I want to point out but have just been lazy about doing the work to provide specific quotes. I will soon however. In Dr. Jeffrey Mishlove's book, "The PK Man" (PK for psychic kinesis) he tells of his investigations and relationship with a man, Ted Owens, who claimed to have been abducted by aliens and had a chip implanted in his brain. This gave him superior mental abilities and access to the aliens whom he could make requests of, such as changing the weather and the appearance of UFOs on a vast, observable scale which would go on to be reported of in the newspapers (and they were). The problem was his childish ego and though he was quite able to provide proof of his abilities (in the 60s and 70s) he was dispensed with by the press, academia and others as a crackpot. I doubt the deep state intelligence community ignored him though. I suspect, for example, that Elon Musk is transhumanized similarly and is developing, or already developed, similar technologies with his Neuralink company as his SpaceX company is launching 43,000 satellites working along with the 5G infrastructure. Get rid of your cell phones and buy few new things (cars, no wireless technologies, clothes even). I realize this sounds hopeless but we are not without help. Without fear, meditate with the intention of becoming more loving. Love, not technology which is contrary to love and to life, is the source of the greatest knowledge and creative power in the universe. You will receive.

Isthisthingon • 1 week ago

I totally believe it. They, the government, now have the technology to implant chips in the brain to make people tap into their genius as well as using magnets to alter the brain...I also totally believe a lot of these sightings of UFO's, are the doing of reverse engineering, along with us being visited, seeded, and herded like sheep.

Yes, meditation and breath work is where our answers lie in discovering our true nature and power. The shift in collective consciousness through these techniques should be a priority for everyone. The perps know we have a lot of power when we are in our true element, this is why they keep us distracted, addicted, and dumb us all down--this is why they keep the fear dial turned up so we can't access our innate healing abilities and our collective power.

So much Propaganda going on with this Multi-layered PSYOP, keeping the masses in their state of Hypnosis/Psychosis. This is of course why the Russians were on the ready to invade Ukraine--keep the fear going and give a new distraction to focus on while the covid con loses its grip! It is our job to align ourselves with Love and speak our truth from the heart...disrupting the brainwashing going on...keep pointing to the things that don't make any sense...remind people of what they already know about our history!

The Media is now a Monster more than ever! The criminal elite want to take essential vitamins from us for crying out loud. Just read a newsfeed trying to feed people the bogus lie that they can get the nutrients they need from their food! You can't make it up that the Standard American Diet's acronym is SAD! The fake food industry, which most people eat from, is not providing vital nutrients! You have to supplement!


Then I saw this around mask wearing:


Total propaganda! We are somehow still stuck on "slowing the spread", when the genetic modifying injections are causing the spread! These lies they are telling around masks are just ridiculous at this point. I see many just giving them up as everyone around them who is double, and triple stabbed are getting sick no matter what they do.

Critical Thinking is "Critical"! Word usage is so important these days...so many are just in a trance though and now fully injected with who knows what...people just look glazed over and hollowed out..."soul crushing", is the agenda!

It just pulls the rug right out from underneath you when you realize our government has the power to single a person out and control their minds with targeting mind control technology! This and they can zap you with a drone, killing you on the spot from anywhere!

This is not a world I want to live in, but this is where we are. Doing all I can to stand up tall in the face of it--pointing to and saying the thing needing said, with a smile and from the heart. :)

Mercola is hitting it out of the park, hope all here are tuning in to him.


For anyone injured:


What we are up against:


Stay strong! I appreciate you Leslie! Thank you for keeping us informed of our true powers and nature! Let's manifest our new reality!

Peace and Love!

Leslie Taylor • 1 week ago

I just went to one of your links and watched the interview with Dr. Devra Davis, cancer epidemiologist from the Environment Health trust. https://youtu.be/z5ZOJZQbkmI . It is very good. I read a chapter featured from a book written by a Norwegian author. It referred to a man who was developing increasing numbness starting at his mouth, then went into his cheek, down his neck and then down the left side of his body. The doctors were at a loss as to the cause of the problem. The patient then decided, being a heavy cell phone user, to quite the phone and the condition reversed itself. Coincidentally, a few days after I read this I met a man experiencing numbness spreading from his mouth area to the cheek, and again the doctors know not what the cause was. He too was a heavy cellphone user and the numbness was on the side of his face where he placed his phone. I told him what I had just read and his eyes got very big. I don't know what the outcome was. Anyway, I see bikers in front of me, strong and healthy, wearing spandex athletic wear with cellphone pockets at the lower part of the spine and they place their cellphones in them.

Isthisthingon • 1 week ago

The fact that Steve Jobs would not give his own daughter technology until she was 14 because he knew exactly what it would do to her physically and to her development overall, but the SOB made iPhone Covers for other peoples babies tells us all we need to know about the harm being caused. I would watch people go into the grocery store with their kids trailing behind them just staring at their phones or pads as their parents shopped! WTH--no wonder kids have no instincts left and don't know how to "shop" for groceries--let alone care about the Natural World. I would also see babies in grocery carts playing with these harmful devices as they held them in their laps! --we know it causes harm to our microbiomes and reproductive organs! The other facts around the FCC using a grown man to determine the safety specks for children is totally criminal!

Over and over, our so-called protective agencies allow this or that to become ubiquitous and then the harm this or that is causing comes out years and years later--totally ass backwards from what I understand their jobs to be!

I'm glad you were able to give some reason to that man for his suffering--hopefully he went straight to his doctor with it. So many people wearing these devices in their pockets or bras, just bends the mind. I saw a report that was showing rectangular hot spots on infrared heat scans on the body! Love when Source uses us to help others in this way!

Mercola suggests using a selfie stick to keep it 3ft away from you while using it and to simply turn it off otherwise--if you must have one.

This harm, as we all know now, was allowed as they have sinister plans for total surveillance! Our government is totally against our "health"! It is also criminal that by them not acknowledging the harm at all, then these people go without being helped!

If it's too good to be true....

BoopJr • 1 week ago

You are on point!

Leslie Taylor • 1 week ago

I forgot to mention something of interest (see my previous post in this feed), Owens called his ET contacts Twitter and Tweeter. Again, this was in the 1960s and 70s.

Isthisthingon • 1 week ago

Can't make this crazy up!

Betty • 1 week ago

All of Americas rich society families supported the Bolsheviks who murdered up to 100 million White Russian christians. The bush family, Rockefeller family, Anderson coopers family the Vanderbilt’s, the DuPont family to name a few. The Bolsheviks never went away they just changed their name to new world order, the world economic form, globalist ect…. They are satanic psychopaths.

Linda Lin • 2 weeks ago

I think it should be the other way around. These rich people’s conscience has been swallowed by money, which is the tool of Satan to control the world. That’s why Lord Jesus warned us “ You cannot serve God and mammon” (mammon means money). Furthermore, because they gain wealth so easily that they have no empathy toward most people who have to work hard to earn money. Some of them gain wealth through unethical means and were never caught or sanctioned so that they thought they can do whatever they want with money.

Robbi • 1 week ago


Mary Madigan • 1 week ago

GREED JEALOUSY POWER there is LOVE and FEAR ( FEAR is pulling ahead at present) LOVE WILL EVENTUALLY WIN but we are in for a bumpy ride..

brbg • 1 week ago

Money corrupts.

cantb • 1 week ago

Need more of these
Texas is going after the great reset (WEF).

nick quinlan • 2 weeks ago

These lunatics will fail, of course. The only question is, how much damage will they cause to society and humanity before this happens.
No punishment is too severe for Klaus Schwab and his minions.

Python Lee Jaakson • 2 weeks ago

America will fall.. God's judgment..John MacArthur's June 15th program..a good listen

C R Lord • 1 week ago

God will yet have revival of his dead church before he closes out time. Fatalism is not what is needed at this hour of time. Perhaps we have been brought to the kingdom for such a time as this. I believe we have.

Nichole • 1 week ago

In reading the scriptures, it would seem that these things have all come to pass before. There is a scripture to answer for all that we are seeing today. What is needed is to arm ourselves with the armor of truth, no weapon is more powerful than fighting evil with the truth.

"14 Stand firm then, with the belt of truth buckled around your waist, with the breastplate of righteousness in place, 15 and with your feet fitted with the readiness that comes from the gospel of peace. 16 In addition to all this, take up the shield of faith, with which you can extinguish all the flaming arrows of the evil one. 17 Take the helmet of salvation and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God. (Ephesians 6:14-18).

Jjule • 1 week ago

America will fall because we allow it to.

Leslie Taylor • 1 week ago

There are two things things here that stand out to me. I've always thought that it was sound waves that ultimately, and seemingly suddenly, brought down ancient, highly technologically developed civilizations globally. I believe they also had access to anti gravity technologies as does the WEF/NWO deep state which is becoming more widely known. I've seen two anti gravity craft; one huge and perfectly soundless as it flew overhead and the smaller second one parked, suspended in the air, but a few feet right above me. Anyway, when tuning my flute with my teacher I could hear when the sound waves, not just the sound but the waves, cohere. This can explain a lot, such as advanced musicians brain waves cohering (been scientifically observed) when playing and less so, the audience but their brain waves as well. Imagine these sound waves suddenly cohering over vast distances and the frequencies becoming powerfully destructive to vulnerable soft tissues while leaving stone structures in place. Of course there is also embedded subluminal messaging in electronic music directed specifically at the young. The other thing that can't be mentioned enough is do not use Meta's VR goggles for obvious and similar reasons. Yet, the goggles will be promoted as a tool for spiritual "oneness" and telepathic development. No. The EMFs emitted by the goggles will penetrate directly through the optic nerve to various regions in the brain and input thoughts, visions and feelings collectively fooling users into thinking they are collectively becoming part of a more advanced, peaceful and loving specie when in truth they are being mass controlled by these arrogant and perverse transhumanized, or rather dehumanized beings.

Nichole • 1 week ago

Not to mention all those scary neuro technologies and Brain to Computer Interface technologies Remote Neural Monitoring, Neuro Linguistic Programming these things have been secretly being worked on and weaponized by the Deep State just look at what one Dr. James Giordano has to say on this: https://www.youtube.com/wat...

Robbi • 1 week ago

Is 'The Battlefield of the Brain' also 'The Battlefield of the Mind'?
Don't feel one is wholly as the other...NOT THE SAME.
Could be incorrect.

BoopJr • 1 week ago

what is the safest surf engine, to not use google?

painwise • 1 week ago

They won't fail if it's according to God's plan for the last days. The agenda and technology seems to fit perfectly based on Biblical prophecy. Nations have never had so much global agreement. Wait and see.

David • 2 weeks ago

Do you know that all hospitals get immunity from malpractice lawsuits when a person gets tested positive with “Covid-19” with the fraudulent RT-PCR test…..WHY? Because the CDC PROTOCOL of Remdesivir and Dexamethazone destroys a person permanently! My poor elderly mother went to the E.R for diarrhea. The bullied and manipulated her into getting tested for Covid. Of course they said she had it. They isolated her from all family. They never even tried to stop the diarrhea!! They only gave her Remdesivir, which fills the lungs with fluid so she could barely breath, destroys the kidneys and liver, and causes diarrhea and septic shock! They tried to kill her!!

Dexamethazone is a steroid used on Lupus patients and strengthens the deadly side effects of Remdesivir! Remdesivir also brings out a persons co-morbidity’s for the rest of their lives. Her legs, ankles, and feet are so inflamed and rock hard. She needs oxygen now from her scarred lungs from all the fluid in them. Hospitals are death cults and EVIL places now! She was beautiful and full of life when she went into the E.R. 18 months later she looks like she’s aged 30 years! Hairs falling out and is dry like straw. I think they will end up amputating both legs above the knees, as they are HUMONGOUS!!
The CDC knows exactly what Remdesivir and Dexamethazone would do to people. The CDC PROTOCOL is whats killing people! Not Covid!

Jjule • 1 week ago

Oh I am so sorry!
Hospitals murdered my brother and my best friend w the Fauci protocol .
Fauci is a murderer.
He did the same with AZT and Aids .

BoopJr • 1 week ago

You are right, It is very scary

aj54 • 2 weeks ago

Katanji Brown Jackson filled out a questionnaire for her Congressional SCOTUS interview; in the question about the existence of natural rights, the backbone of our Constitution- that we have rights given by God, not granted by government- she stated she had no opinion

biopro1 • 2 weeks ago

Also, she doesn't know if she is a woman....

Jjule • 1 week ago

She’s a useful idiot. Does she have a brain chip already ?
How is she or her family being blackmailed?
How did she put aside common sense for Woke BS?

Jonathan • 2 weeks ago

Oh boy... thanks for putting this together, let's share it around

Brett A Gleason • 2 weeks ago

All we are to them is useless eaters, they used us and now no longer need use, they just would like us all to die so they can continue their demonic agenda. There are so few of them, yes many countries are in on this but not the people of said countries, there are billions of us, we just need to wake people up to what is really happening, do not give up, DO NOT GO QUIETLY INTO THE DYING OF THE LIGHT, FIGHT, FIGHT WITH ALL YOUR MIGHT.

Python Lee Jaakson • 2 weeks ago

America is in the final death throes as we speak..repent and seek the Lord

Deirdre I Hobson • 1 week ago

AMERICA has a MAJOR++++++ cleaning out to be done!!!

brbg • 1 week ago

This plan is clearly demonic. We are very close to the reign of the Antichrist.

Brett A Gleason • 2 weeks ago

Corporations loot the world of its natural resources through various means and all for share holders to get a bigger dividend check or to buy back stock to make them look more successful when in fact they make nothing , they sell you, your the commodity. They sell your info. to businesses, name one thing google, Facebook, Instagram, amazon, etc. makes.?
The other corporations like management asset companies use their clout to destroy, gobble up intimidate or speculate . They rig the system and screw everyone up the ass without Vaseline. Then you got the Pentagon and all the agencies that are beyond my comprehension. But I remember Rumsfeld touting just before 9-11 how they couldn't account for 7 trillion $.
You know how much a trillion is? A billion is 1 followed nine 0's: 1,000,000,000.
A trillion is a 1 followed by twelve 0's: 1,000,000,000.,000
So that means a trillion is one thousand times a billion.
To give you some idea about these numbers, 1 billion seconds ago was about 32 years ago. So if you were to count from 1 to a billion, saying each number once per second, it would take you 32 years to count to a billion.
If you counted to a trillion, saying one number per second (and no sleeping or eating) it would take you about 32,000 years!
There looting the world people, murdering people with gene therapy, genocide, slaughter of the innocent, when I ask you when you going to say enough is enough and rise up and take back what belongs to us all? our freedom.


Python Lee Jaakson • 2 weeks ago

Rumsfeld planned the 911 attacks

SuziAlkamyst • 1 week ago

With the help of a few others of course...

Deirdre I Hobson • 1 week ago

ENOUGH is ENOUGH - the motto

keep saying it and take action

Voyt Regnal • 2 weeks ago

Mercola repeats here the same nonsense as before: "Other Young Global Leader graduates include....Russia’s Vladimir Putin"without checking timeframe.

Putin interacted with WEF, he may be involved in freemasonry (which you have to be, to occupy that kind of government position), it doesn’t mean he has embraced their evil agenda in his heart.
Putin has always taken a bold stand against the new world order, and has gone out of
his way to expose their plans. His speeches are all over the internet, where he warns humanity for the satanic one world government ! ! He has publicly exposed George Soros, Bill Gates and the Rothschilds, removing their influence as much as he can, from Russia.

Beatrice • 2 weeks ago

I agree about Putin which is exactly why the US badmouths him and his country all the time. Putin is no dummy and he takes good care of his people. Most Russians adore him. How much of the same could be said about the US? ZERO

Deirdre I Hobson • 1 week ago

better the friend you know than the one you don't know.. I can understand him still attending WEF

Anthony William • 1 week ago

I think that Putin is the most intelligent and most experienced politician in the world today. BUT I believe that he is just another puppet providing controlled opposition.

Interestingly Zelensky is a Klaus Schwab puppet. I believe that the war in Ukraine has been orchestrated by the NWO in order to create a world wide crises including food shortages. I believe that Putin and Zelensky are two sides of the same coin.

It seems to me that the reason the WEF is so brazen is because their puppets are in control of the world. From now on we can expect to see a rapid progression of events intended to bring about the destruction of the old order with a view to ushering in the new world order / global reset.

larsetom1 • 1 week ago

Putin's Covid policies are not much different than the WHO-controlled West. So, maybe Putin's Russia is not "controlled" by the WEF (the WEF is really more of a mouthpiece than a controlling body anyway). I can't see any reason to think that the Russian people are any better off. We need to overthrow all oligarchies!

Terri Capinski • 1 week ago

I am disappointed Kennedy's site will post a Mercola article. Similar to Ardis, he is a sensationalist.
Months ago, I took Mercola off my list of credible talkers. He's pushing his website. However, the Wef and many things he discusses are real, I just don't get info or updates from anyone selling their services on a website - they use big topics in sensational ways always. I just need truth, plain and simple.
On Putin - I also agree, he has pushed back on the Wef from the get-go. To say otherwise, is ... Sensationalism ... a Lefty (likely a Zelensky fan) thing to do. For heaven's sake, Putin did not want this war, Z and the leftists/globalists DID.

Ed Sather • 1 week ago

Excellent article.....
Had no idea the WEF had such nefarious goals, all designed to dehumanize the human race.
Who do these people (Schwab) think they are?
Pretending to be their own version of little God's would get anyone else committed to a mental ward.