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Truth59 • 1 month ago

Join WestonAPrice.org or at least spend a few hours on the website and you will see that nobody needs vaccines ever as long as you are eating healthy and definitely not based on the food pyramid. It's only the government that wants you to take vaccines. Become a George or Georgia Carlin and stop listening to the government.

Laura • 1 month ago

Exactly, let's keep the debate even simpler. No person or animal needs any vaccine...EVER. End of discussion. We don't need to try to get a "safe" vaccine because even a supposedly "safe" vaccine is completely unnecessary and unnatural! Our bodies were perfectly created and we don't need anymore interference from "science". Look at the carniage over 200 years of vaccines have done to humanity.

Ruthiemae • 1 month ago

Yes, the sordid history of vaccines is amply detailed in the book "Dissolving Illusions." Vaccines have always caused injury and death, increased the diseases they were supposed eliminate, been spurred by financial incentives and encountered pockets of resistance. Hopefully, this COVID vaccine debacle is the beginning of the end of the reign of vaccines since SO many people have had their eyes opened due to the widespread injury and death the vaccines have left in their wake. I shudder to think of the poor babies and parents who will have to suffer because of the willful ignorance and lack of backbone of those who were supposed to protect us but who have utterly failed to do so.

darnash • 1 month ago

I know. I was brought up a Christian Scientist. I had no vaccines and very little medical attention. I am a very healthy 72 year old as my wife has contributed to my healthy lifestyle including mostly vegan diet and lots of exercise. (I am not of that religion now but it certainly helped my mental frame of mind when it came to being frightened of disease which most people are). I never had COVID while many around me did.

darnash • 1 month ago

Just how long will America remain as a viable nation when it goes around injecting children with experimental vaccines and killing babies. This country is just as bad as the Aztecs, Canaanites and present day Ugandans and their practices of child sacrifice.

Gene Adaway • 1 month ago

Healthy children don’t need any vaccines.

cantb • 1 month ago

nonprofit group called The ‘Hood, led by their director, Sereca Friend, challenging the New Zealand regular Medsafe’s decision to authorize the Pfizer mRNA vaccine for 5- to 11-year-old in that nation’s High Court. "vaccine formulation is different than the one tested"

Dr. Clare Craig Exposes How Pfizer Twisted Their Clinical Trial Data For Kids

URGENT: OMG the Pfizer data for kids under 5
375 Sars-Cov-2 infections in the trial, 365 occurred before the third dose. Only 10 occurred after the third dose. Yes, you are reading that right. The efficacy figure is based on 3 PERCENT OF ALL THE INFECTIONS IN THE TRIAL.


The Food and Drug Administration authorized COVID-19 booster shots for children as young as five without approval from its own vaccine advisory committee.

Late April 2022, the FDA approved remdesivir as the first and only COVID-19 treatment for children under 12, including babies as young as 28 days. Remdesivir studies:
Remdesivir and Acute Renal Failure
Acute Kidney Injury and Drugs Prescribed for COVID-19 in Diabetes Patients
One study found that remdesivir “modestly reduced the time to recover from COVID-19 in hospitalized patients with severe illness.” Other studies found remdesivir to have “no impact of treatment on the disease whatsoever.” The fourth and largest study, by the World Health Organization, “showed that remdesivir does not reduce mortality or the time COVID-19 patients take to recover.”

Is the Public Still FDA’s #1 Client? Almost Half of Agency Funding Derives from Industry

Ektor • 1 month ago

Wrong again! The evidence is clear that all vaccines are harmful. No child ever needs a vaccination, and certainly not 60 of them by age 18. They will not tells us what is in any vaccination. There is no full disclosure.

Our bodies were designed to remain healthy as long as we do not interfere with the process. Vaccines very much destroy that process and therefore the long term health of humanity is in jeopardy.

Len Hughes • 1 month ago

Well said Ektor! Here's an angle that really upsets me about the covid shots. Even if one agrees with vaccines, so I'm playing Devil's advocate here. So, if you agree with vaccines why are those who have natural immunity being totally ignored? I remember talking with my long departed mom about this exact subject. As a child I didn't receive the measles, mumps and chicken pox shots (did receive the other shots, which weren't many in the 60s), why? Because I HAD ALREADY HAD THEM! School simply took my mom's word, no further discussion, school and the entire system accepted it. BUT now! Wow, medical authorities want jabs in everyone's arms! To me, this proves the medical establishment is bought and paid for by Big Pharma.
I agree with Ektor, no need for shots, but even if I play Devil's advocate and accept the other side's argument, their position makes no sense as they dismiss natural immunity. Hitler, Stalin and Mao Zedong could only have dreamed of such a propaganda campaign, this needs to STOP and now!!!

Isthisthingon • 1 month ago

Totally convinced all injections for so-called prevention of viral infection are BIOWEAPONS!

It has been proven over and over now that babies who get what they need, micro and macro nutrients, who are breastfed whenever possible and when that isn't possible they should be given breastmilk from a doner, and who are nurtured and loved and are allowed to play in the dirt and be immersed in the natural world as a priority for their healthy development, given security, hope and joy--then they are far healthier than children who are injected with these poison concoctions, laden with mercury and aluminum--which have no business being injected into our bodies!

Enough already! Germ Theory and controlled "science" for profit and population control is over! Far too many people make a living off of harming babies! And thus making lifelong customers for the medical industry!

Just like when I asked the wife of a soon be doctor, "How many people 'need' to be sick in order for your family to live comfortably?" She just looked at me and said, "Your funny", yeah, I'm funny.

America is a petri dish of dysfunction for profit on purpose!

Total fiasco and a waste of life!

BH387 • 1 month ago

Correctly stated, no children should be subjected to COVID "vaccines". Informed people know the purpose of subjecting kids to these is certainly not to protect their or anybody else's health.

Ricky Ricardo • 1 month ago

Nobodyneeds the nanobot shot! This insanity just goes on and on and on!!! As long as the masses fail to wake up and smell the conspiracies; the planneddemics will continue - in perpetuaity! The next one will probably be monkeypox or H5N1; although, they have so many to choose from!

sabateur • 1 month ago

and they don't have to be dangerous, or even real.

Ricky Ricardo • 1 month ago

...as long as the fear is real.

sabateur • 1 month ago

or people believe anything. like white foam on plants like every summer, we're all going to die!

bjo59 • 1 month ago

Haven't we been told this by the CDC itself from the very beginning of this incredibly dangerous and corrupt debacle? Isn't it the case that even the most unhealthy ( most frail of the aged and the most obese with diabetes, for instance) have above a 95% "survival rate"? Where's the emergency? It still hasn't manifested yet I'm pretty sure that there are no plans to end that oh-so-convenient EUA. What's really worrying me now is what looks like the intentional destruction and/or disruption of the food supply. Depressingly, I doubt there will be any significant blow back from the general population about this either.

Rai • 1 month ago

There is no excuse to keep calling a lethal injection a "vaccine." When are you going to stop doing it, CHD?

As an admirable attorney who for years has conducted many prosecutions against the vaccine industry, RFK Jr knows better than most what a vaccine is meant to be, what a vaccine is supposed to do, and the harm that many of them cause.

So he surely knows that this particular injection is NOT in any sense of the word, a "vaccine." From the start, it was known that it's a gene therapy. Then it was established that it neither prevents infection nor transmission.

But eventually, when the actual contents of this toxic cocktail were examined, by numerous independent scientists in separate studies in different countries, all batches were found to contain graphene oxide. And in some batches it was found in deadly quantities.

Just from a legal point of view, which is RFK's business, how can the word "vaccine" be applied?

When it comes to the alleged disease, Covid-19, nobody has been "vaccinated." They've been injected with dangerous, potentially life-ending toxins. And now they're sticking it into children...but still CHD calls it a "vaccine." Is this acceptable?

Stephen Simac • 1 month ago

This wasn't written by RFK jr. I call them inoculations, jabs, injections, not immunizations or "vaccines", although sometimes it's useful just to identify them for readers without much information, or to sound neutral and unbiased, which I believe was the intention of this author.

Rai • 1 month ago

I'm well aware that it wasn't written by RFK Jr. but the use of the term "vaccine" and "vaccination" in this particular article is not the exception, is it? It's the rule across all CHD articles on the subject. CHD represents RFK and he himself routinely uses the term "vaccine" without any qualifiers, so presumably he's perfectly comfortable giving the impression that he and his staff - against all the evidence - still regard these toxic jabs as actual vaccines.

Shouldn't he be asked to explain why? Or is he beyond criticism?

An important psychological technique of propagandists is to get people to unthinkingly parrot the inverted words and misnomers that have been repetitively hammered into their minds.

Anyone who does so is helping to sustain the lie, not helping to destroy it.

mimi33706 • 1 month ago

So why is the CDC, NIH, big-Pharma, Anthony Fauci, Bill Gates etc., etc., still pushing for EUA of Covid “vaccines” for young children??? This is the question no one is asking!! Why? Because the answer is too frightening: Young children are the primary target in globalism’s war on humanity.

sherry715 • 1 month ago

I am unvaccinated and recently tested positive for covid after a co-worker tested positive. The only symptom I had was a headache that lasted 24 hours. I wouldn't have tested myself had I not been exposed. I don't think many people would even consider they had covid if their only symptom was a headache. I did quarantine for five (5) days and still wear a mask to the grocery stores and running personal errands.

BChristine • 1 month ago

I am also 'unvaccinated' and have worked around 'vaccinated' people for going on two years now ... some of them have had covid, some not. The so-called PCR tests are not reliable, so I've never even had one of those. I try my best to keep my immune system strong by eating clean, taking supplements and try to avoid getting close to those who are 'vaccinated'. I refuse to follow and conform.

wandakate • 1 month ago

Glad you had NO other symptoms. And you are still good. YOU must have a fairly healthy immune system which is what matters...I don't get any shots anymore. Last flu vaccine was 2007, 15 years now with NO COLD, NO FLU, AND NO VIRUSES either. NO vaccines for me. Got the Polio Vaccine at the age of 6 for school and the Dr. told me in 2007 you are allergic to ALL of them SO no more, and I am just fine. Why would I put all of that into by system? People who got the vaccines have gotten covid. FAUCI had them (supposedly) and now he actually has covid. IF they are good and effective then WHY does he have the virus? Good question. WHY do so many people get sick from them and WHY have so many actually died from them? Ahhhhh !!! That must be what happens when things are fast tracked. lol.

john • 1 month ago

Some Views of a Non-Lawyer

The approach to fighting tyranny must keep differences in politics, religion, etc from weakening the common goal of recovering our freedoms. And these principles need to be applied across all resistance groups, even to those using resistance methods different from yours. This fight needs all groups working together, much more so than is the case now.

Legal actions are essential, but so are immediate trials in the "court of public opinion" that take place as soon as tyrant actions begin to cause damage. Such resistance would use timely public awareness to help pressure the tyrants into avoiding mass confrontations with the public, while legal battles continue.

Large, timely public outcries could be arranged, without MSM help, if the legal teams worked together to make prearrangements, as a group, with all freedom-advocating pod-casters (and any church leaders doing their jobs per the Bible).

Other weaknesses in overall legal approach include NOT attacking strongly enough:
___• National-level approvals of experimental public health measures intended for use on the general public (eg, experimental lockdowns, experimental gene therapies, experimental suspension of Hippocratic Oath, experimental insertion of bureaucrats between doctors and patients, etc). These approvals violated federal law by not empaneling Institutional Review Boards (IRB’s), of non-conflicted experts, to approve/disapprove the proposed experimental public health measures (per Administrative Procedure Act, APA).
___• The mid- and lower-level individuals that criminal leaders use to execute their illegal orders. If these people, see others at their level being attacked, and likely to be crushed, then there will be much more pressure on them to resist illegal orders, and even to get together with others in their situation to mutiny. These people broke federal law by enabling EUA approval processes to bypass APA, so they must be held personally accountable for the damages.

Jerry Alatalo • 1 month ago

"Our mothers are marching, marching for freedom...."

"All nations are marching, marching for freedom...."

"In love we are rising...."

"Hands Off Our Children" - the powerful new global freedom anthem, by Joydah Mae


Mahesh rathi • 1 month ago

It should not be a question of covid vaccine not needed for children. It positively harms n only harms. No question about it. If not seen in the short term definitely in the long term . The spike protein within these vaccines gets to circulate within our blood stream n does not remain in muscle deltoid area. it damages our blood
cells causing clotting. Also because it collects outside brain, kidney, ovaries , kidney..chances of these organs being harmed damsged goes up manifold.

Patricia Murphy • 1 month ago

or ANY vaccines - measles, mumps TB all parasites, bovine parasites - scarce and very limited unless your vaccinated 'against' them -

Citizen X • 1 month ago


Isthisthingon • 1 month ago

We do this with mass non-compliance and supporting one another! Creating a parallel society that works for the people--so we can remain human as well as free!

RESIST! Say the thing needing said no matter what! Exit the Matrix! Use Cash whenever possible! Buy Organic--most stores now have an affordable store label organic product! Grow and Eat Real Food! Ethernet Cable your internet! Ditch all Wi-Fi/Bluetooth, etc. and get involved on the local level and be a thorn in everyone's side! Be prepared with evidence of corruption of our so-called protective agencies!

Andy J • 1 month ago

I prefer to call them Depopulation jabs, they have nothing to do with the imaginary sickness called Covid.

john • 1 month ago

Collaboration/ Realism Needed

CHD does great work with litigations and things like the Joydah Mae video, the DC Mall event this past winter, etc, etc... But it has apparently not followed up well enough on a key tenet of the DC rally, where leaders of Jews, Nation of Islam, and Christians agreed to fight for freedom together (and only after our freedoms have been recovered will we bicker about the finer points of religion, etc).

Effective collaboration across all resistance group is very important and so is helping the masses to see the threats we all face with brutal reality.

Not an expert, but seems clear that winning any battle – be it couched in terms of Sun Tzu’s Art of War, used worldwide by militaries, or Col John Boyd’s OODA Loops, used worldwide by fighter pilots as well as by US Marines – is much more likely, if one gets out in front of opponent in both "intelligence" and "actions".

Believe American resistance has significant weaknesses in both areas, and if our strategies are not improved soon, Amish-like resistance to tyranny will eventually be met with brutal countermeasures, similar to what is happening to the Uyghurs in China. FEMA camps needed for this already exist, just add in military enforcement of illegal orders and our resistance becomes orders of magnitude more difficult.

“Action” Issues:
Believe there is less time than most think to block scenarios such as the above. That is, clearly the tyrants, who have always ignored the law until their hands were called, are getting bolder and bolder by the day. What children, and tyrants, need to motivate them to avoid bad behavior is immediate feedback that makes it absolutely clear that what they are doing is out-of-bounds:
___• Although absolutely essential, legal feedback to tyrants will almost always be too slow to prevent serious initial damage.
___• Immediate trials in the “court of public opinion” must therefore be available to “we the people” in ways that do not require support by MSM, etc.

“Intelligence” Issues:
Too few seem to realize how broad and deep the corruption is that is enabling the loss of freedoms for Americans and others.
___• Financial collapse is likely
______o (18:02-20:45) https://rumble.com/v17mn9u-edward-dowd-economic-fallout-of-covid-vax-fraud.html
______o (50:35-58:20) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d3WUv5SV5Hg
___• Many seem unaware of S1 bioweapon, hidden organizations/players
______o (all useful, reco’s 7:30-9:25, 9:25-11:32, 11:32-15:00, 15:57-19:25) https://ugetube.com/watch/dr-david-martin-no-more-mister-nice-guy-red-pill-expo_Uz8Jf4f2R83mDGk.html