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Jan Rideout • 1 year ago

So sad this is where we are as a human race. We had the perfect opportunity to come together and this is the direction Government and profiteers have taken us instead. They will continue to blame the unvaccinated, continue to push and mandate vaccines, chasing their tails to not have to admit what they did was completely wrong.

K Mit • 1 year ago

This was an opportunity for the common good to move above profiteering, I totally agree. It never happened, after this it probably never will. My CORPORATION, my secret formula, my profits first! And the dance continues, and the search for the guilty goes on. I trust those who have nothing at stake, I could never trust those who are profiting from this, NEVER!

Mac Duff • 1 year ago

Bill Gates has a HUGE profit motive. You certainly can't trust him.

karolekay • 1 year ago

Based on his history, he is also a super-climate-change advocate who believes in de-populating the planet to save it. This is working pretty good so far.

stephenverchinski • 1 year ago

And he will continue with GMO crops and health debilitating excitotoxins and glyphosate laden foods.

Isthisthingon • 1 year ago

Check this out if you haven't seen it already.


What do you think of this John Stone?

John Stone • 1 year ago

I fear it is on the money.

Isthisthingon • 1 year ago

Rang true for me too and the reality of it still hasn't quite sunk in and what it really means, especially as a parent. Far too many people are asleep and now poisoned.

Wish someone would use the new facial reading technology which can, within in a margin of error, determine his truthfulness and thus his credibility.

What was that, something like 22 different countries have class 4 labs playing around with nature for biowarfare and are stock piling pathogens...good grief on that crazy.

Do you have any inside thoughts on the "vaccinated" shedding the spike protein technology either through skin contact or their breath?

Rough road ahead.

Mac Duff • 1 year ago

They will NEVER admit to being wrong about anything. How come? Because they have too many billions of dollars to make off the 'unsuspecting' masses.

Marko1963 • 1 year ago

Likely 90% of the masses will always do what they are told (especially from a TV). That is why the Power hungry try to control all of the media. After corrupting the FCC, the Democrats and the Republicans huge media corporations were allowed to buy up all their competitors. Now 6 corporations control about 95% of what Americans See, Hear and Read. If you try educating anyone of anything outside of the official promoted position (of the media) you are not only starting from scratch but conflicted with what most have heard and believe. You should still speak the truth. Some wise up over time.

Donna • 1 year ago

Many more will die. It is horrific that these poor fools rush for the jab … and it Will Not save them. I am sickened by all this, but I place my Faith in God, & will continue to spread the word, do not take the Jab! For those who pray, Pray.

Mad Hatter • 1 year ago

And when the jab fails, a booster is the ticket.

Tad Cynical • 1 year ago

every 6 months, just to be safe...

kaoshispano • 1 year ago

AND WAIT for the next big COVIDian kaos created by the vacines, and then the big CRASH for the RESET, this is the just coming HORIZON on the world... THE END

Grumpy Granny • 1 year ago

This experiment needs a control group. I have volunteered for that group.

sabateur • 1 year ago

been in that one from the beginning ;)

truthurts • 1 year ago
Grumpy Granny • 1 year ago


Eleanor Fraser • 1 year ago

I believe they did "was completely wrong" on purpose!We need to stand up and fight back.

cantb • 1 year ago

This from our government:
enator Durbin's Codex Alimentarius bill, Plans to Rob You Of All Supplements.
Sign the petition "Stop the Massive Attack on Supplements"


Take action:

Quercetin, Curcumin, NAC, Bromelain and Zinc are all testing with beneficial results against covid.

Cathy Momeyer • 1 year ago

Thanks for the info., Cantb! I signed the petition.

stephenverchinski • 1 year ago

We the People need to demand a sea change.

Wolfgang Wodarg • 1 year ago

Sorry, but I am rather dissapointed about this "Escape Narrative". It presumes, that viruses are eager to be dangerous for our (their hosts) health or life. But this would be a blind way for their evolution. A virus is much more successfull, if its host almost doesn't feel, that it is present, and when its host travels along with it and spreads it. So if there is a successfull escape, we almost can be shure, that those variants will be the ones, that do not harm us seriously. This means on the other hand, that assymptomatic spreaders will only be reasonable for those viruses, that normally don't do us any harm. Waiting for falsification:
Wolfgang Wodarg

PS. Did you recognize, that authors like David N. Fisman,et al. (doi: https://doi.org/10.1101/202...
or Ong, Sean Wei Xiang et al. (http://dx.doi.org/10.2139/s... and more, who a trying to fearmonger new vacc. updates against delta, eta ..etc. .scanned their populations for lots of confounders, but did not mention whether the victims of the "new variant" were vaccinated or not? I think it's not the new variants but the jabs, that make the difference in mortality and fatality.

John Hanek • 1 year ago

Nobel laureate Luc Montagnier is on video saying "...vaccinating during a pandemic is an unacceptable mistake". If the world's most respected virologist does not agree with you, why would I?

sabateur • 1 year ago

where do you see disagreement?

John Hanek • 1 year ago

I could be wrong. It is hard for me to figure out exactly what his point is.

Mamabear • 1 year ago

Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg, together with Dr. Michael Yeadon issued an emergency petition against mass vaccination to the European Medical Association back in December 2020. He agrees with Dr. Luc Montagnier. Please read the petition below. RNA viruses mutate but they never get more lethal, just more transmissible as the virus is desperately trying to survive. If it kills its host, than it won't survive. The fact that it tends to me more lethal in the vaxed is exactly what Dr. Malone has been trying to speak about called ADE (Antibody Dependent Enhancement!). This is the petition that was penned by Dr. Wodarg and Yeadon in December 2020. Its an excellent read. https://czb8.files.wordpres...

truthurts • 1 year ago

Thanks for the link.
Surely the point is that what we know as normal virus will mutate in response to external pressure in an attempt to survive eg. flu.
Killing the host is not in their interest but becoming vaccine resistant is. We see a similar survival mechanism in bacteria.
Here, we have a ‘virus’ that has not been isolated/purified from a living host but rather man-made via ‘gain of function’ experimentation and a “vaccine” that injects a potentially toxic spike protein reeking havoc in those hosts with the most hospitable terrain.

* This book is on my list to read re. the subject of viruses.


Kim from Brooklyn • 1 year ago

Vaccines during a live pandemic are useless. Vaccines are only good "prior" to exposure. So I do agree with your statement.

Amy Redpath • 1 year ago

Explain why Polio vaccine worked, it was given during a pandemic.

John Hanek • 1 year ago

Seriously? I'm not the expert. I can only relate what Montagnier said.
After all, he did win a Nobel prize for discovering HIV.

I did not say vaccines don't work, nor did he.
But I will say, since you wanted to get confrontational, that all who've received the Covid jab have made a huge mistake. It's not a vax, it's an mRNA therapy that re-writes your DNA. Once you do that, you're done; it's not reversible. I won't get into the details. Do your own research.

Here's the thing about DNA:
DNA requires 75 pre-existing proteins to assemble.
But all proteins are made by DNA.
God created DNA.
There is no other explanation.

If you change your DNA you go against God.
Anything against God is not OF God.
Mark of the Beast anyone?

George Bryant • 1 year ago

For clarity, please read this - https://www.newswise.com/fa...

Lyn Rose • 1 year ago

Do you have a link for that? I've seen that statement attributed to him, but not a video of him saying it .. (Thanks!)

John Hanek • 1 year ago

Right. He speaks French. The English captions have him saying it at the 30 second mark in this vid. At BitChute search for this:

Nobel Prize Winner Prof. Luc Montagnier (88): "The Covid Vaccine is Creating the Variants"

HealthImpactNews (a great site, independently owned and operated), has an entire article devoted to Luc and that specific interview. Go there and search for this:

Nobel Prize Winning Virologist Professor: The COVID-19 Shots are Creating “Variants”

Lyn Rose • 1 year ago

Natural viruses evolve over time to become more infectious but less harmful ... But .. since this one is very likely not purely natural ... maybe it could become more harmful as it evolves? How tragic to have blocked, lied about, prohibited early treatment all this time ...

John Hanek • 1 year ago

Exactly. The thing is SARS-Cov-2 has never been isolated or proven to exist. You can't mandate an experimental therapy for something that does not exist!! A guy in Alberta, CA won a court case last week with that argument!

Or put another way, Covid-19 is a set of symptoms, nothing more.

It's being used to instill fear into people, impose lockdowns and get people used to doing what they're told in the upcoming new world order.

As for the mRNA therapy, falsely called a "vaccine": from what I've learned recently the vax is programmed to eject spike particles that accumulate around certain arteries near the heart (near or maybe in, not sure), causing clots. The fake virus was used to deploy a fake vaccine designed to kill us.

NoToGMOs • 1 year ago

The virus doesn't "choose" to evolve or mutate. It evolves in response to evolutionary pressure put on it from external factors, in this case frm mass vaccination targeting its spike protein. Virus particles that mutate their s-protein in a way that's advantageous to its survival/transmission get selected to replicate, and become a variant. With each variant, the immunity from the vaccine reduces until you get a variant that's completely resistant to vaccine immunity.

sabateur • 1 year ago

i can see why you'd go for private on here. pity for the likes of me.

arthur facteau • 1 year ago

'Asymptomatic spreaders'? Seriously? You just lost any credibility with that...

GrouchyMathGrad • 1 year ago

Wolfgang is talking about ways COVID could mutate. Asymptomatic transmission does happen with some viruses, and could happen with COVID.

Mom442 • 1 year ago

Asymptomatic transmission can happen with some Vaxes as well

Tharlene LakesMathis • 1 year ago

yeh,sounds like some more sugar coating BS to me!

Penelope Powell • 1 year ago

I b'lieve the article agrees w you that it's the vaccine creating escaped variants-- which are not necessarily greatly more virulent. However, a modest amount of increased virulence can't wipe out the virus through depriving it of active disseminators.

At any rate, whether increased virulence or increased dissemination they will blame the UNvaxxed. We must take back the media and end the censorship.

Henry Longstop • 1 year ago

You are correct Wolfgang: from a purely Darwinian perspective it does not serve the survival of the virus to kill its host. On the contrary the survival imperative is increased transmissability through infectivity coupled to reduced lethality.
However with the Sars 2 virus there are apparently not only thousands of mutations in play, but an individual can carry a number of these mutations at any one time. As these mutations are naturally able to combine, Geert Vanden Bossche's concern is that at some point this process might result in a misdirected 'Supervirus' which will prove impossible to contain.

Mom442 • 1 year ago

We have never seen a virus quite like this one, since it was generated via a computer program and contains genes from different viruses and different species. The mNRA synthetic component and spike proteins in the "vaccine" are also novel and untested, except for those of us who are currently being jabbed.

George Bryant • 1 year ago

Interesting! Please share your source for the origination of the virus.

AntiHypocrisy Advocate • 1 year ago

Very interesting and provocative posting in the main.

Refinements offered for a few key sentences above:

So if there is a successful escape, we almost can be sure that those variants will be the ones that do not harm "the vaccinated" seriously. This means on the other hand, that asymptomatic "vaccinated" spreaders will only be reasonable for those viruses that normally don't do "the vaccinated" any harm -- BUT THEY DO HARM THE UNVACCINATED DISPROPORTIONATELY.

Msh2011 • 1 year ago

Your links are not working

Ricky Ricardo • 1 year ago

Well; we don't have to worry about the "vaccines", because there are no covid vaccines!!!
That being said...those people who are naive/ignorant/oblivious enough to get the death jab, are already dead! They just don't know it yet! I'm getting weary of attempting to explain the truth of what's really going on, to people who's usual response, is laughter. This is no laughing matter.

Snowcat007 • 1 year ago

I call them the walking dead or vaccine zombies.
And you are absolutely right there are No vaccines, these are Genocide jabs!