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Sentinel • 1 year ago

The CDC and WHO investigations are like the fox guarding the henhouse.

Leslie • 1 year ago

More like the wolf, like evil GATES! Wolves in the sheep heard! https://uploads.disquscdn.c...

Aneta ThinkofAll • 1 year ago

Unfortunately, W-O-L-F is the opposite of F-L-O-W ... so when some/all to many people *Go with the flow* vs stand up for our rights, we give our power to the W-O-L-F! Now, our challenge is HOW do we stand up for our rights given how hedious the political party in charge now is restricting us? Ideas anyone? Please pour forth! Please. Thanks. P.S. While I appreciate this opportunity to chat with one another, I wish we could connect somehow to be more united.

sfrobink • 1 year ago

Well, they won't know how we feel if we don't say anything to them. I suggest contacting their offices to have a major discussion about the negative consequences that are being reported..

Albert Benavides • 1 year ago

I'm the "VAERS" guy on Bitchute, I do see anybody taking deeper dives into VAERS than me. Please visit my channel Welcometheeagle88. From there you can get to my social media pages on FB and MeWe, GAB, Minds, etc...

Leslie • 1 year ago

You know? I don't put any perspective beyond my own, by design, or beyond my own, meaning? I don't doubt anything now, especially with the covid plandemic! I don't trust much anymore, but me of course, but not about the people leading/controlling us, but I also don't doubt anything! 😉 Thank you Aneta, I've also heard that WHEN "I"USE THE WORD EVIL, AS IN GOVT'S ARE alllll EVIL, it's not necessarily a good thing? I know MY perspective is MY reality, but I still struggle with some exceptions! Thanks for your reply! Always appreciated!!!😊

Kay 56 • 1 year ago


Jon Dough • 1 year ago

A pic is worth a 1000 paid off in-corporated politicians! And most of the Stalinistic two party, from the narrowed down ancient Greek crowd Con-Trolled, only allows a two choice system!
So duh "they" only really need to man-Nip-U-Late two factions rather than large "groups" of free-people!
Stalin said..."I don't care how many people vote, all I care is who counts the votes!" Tah tah dah!

Tatiana Podesta • 1 year ago

Why is it Jon you care about what Stalin said 90 years ago? You have your own Capitalism system that is supposed to be the best in the world - free and equal for everybody. So it is not perfect after all, that you have been advertising to the rest of the world , often with bullet and espionage.

Jon Dough • 1 year ago

1. "Those who don't know history are doomed to repeat it.". ―
Edmund Burke.

2. I don't have a clue what you are trying to CLAIM, without any QUOTED...copied and pasted QUOTES about "capitalism!"

AND.... I just found...
All of my posts, and I've downloaded all of them into, Print / PDF available docs!
And I did a word "search," of the entire file, and I did NOT use the words "capitalist, capitalism, NOR "bullets" nor "espionage," in any post, nor on any other forum, (have them also,) or any other "chat" on the NET!

Back to you.....

ALSO.... include the QUOTED, as in "copied and pasted"... references that you are claiming that I ever said, such as in the WORD...."bullet,"
and do the same with the word "espionage!"

And if you can really understand the FOLLOWING.....

18 U.S. Code § 1001 - Statements or entries generally

(2) makes any materially false, fictitious, or fraudulent statement or representation; or

(3) makes or uses any false writing or document knowing the same to contain any materially false, fictitious, or fraudulent statement or entry;
shall be fined under this title, imprisoned not more than 5 years or, if the offense involves international or domestic terrorism (as defined in section 2331), imprisoned not more than 8 years, or both.

If the matter relates to an offense under chapter 109A, 109B, 110, or 117, or section 1591, then the term of imprisonment imposed under this section shall be not more than 8 years.

And do sign it under the "pains and penalty of perjury, with full liability," while you be stating your evidence!


MolokaiAdvertiserNews • 1 year ago

If the herd had at least 30% RAMS with horns, those wolves would be very much checked.
But I rather like real wolves, so the crooked government is Devils.

MarkTwain2020 • 1 year ago

Exactly. Just multiply every VAERS number by 100, and that's probably closer to reality. As Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. recently wrote to Biden:

Since VAERS captures “fewer than 1%, it is prudent to assume that the actual number of deaths of the elderly over 65 who died from the COVID vaccine could be as high as 111,200.

This probably means 300k+ "adverse events" in the US alone. A 39-year-old man in the UK was so sick that his wife called his family at 3am, wondering if she should rush him to the hospital. The man later said he was embarrassed by her actions and didn't want to "contribute to anti-vaxxer misinformation" by reporting to the MHRA. More details on Ryan Cristian's TLAV

lillyrx • 1 year ago

I was recently informed by my chiropractor that a person he knows whose father had the vaccine died 2 days after the second dose. They attributed the cause of death to cardiac problems, but he had absolutely no platelets; Zero! His son is convinced the death was associated with the "vaccine" as his father never had any cardiac issues. The non existent platelets could only have come from the vaccine. Unfortunately since life insurance companies do not pay on policies where people participate in experimental treatments, and die as a result, it was recommended that he not pursue the issue. If proven he died from the "vaccine" his wife would not receive her husband's life insurance benefits. Perhaps another reason these deaths go unreported. Thrombocytopenia is absolutely a side effect of this "vaccine" and others as well. This is not the first death due to reduced platelets associated with this "vaccine". The word does not get out because it is censored or there are incentives to keep it on the hush. Horrible!

MarkTwain2020 • 1 year ago
They attributed the cause of death to cardiac problems

Wow, that's like saying President Lincoln died from a brain problem. Or calling starvation a stomach problem.

sfrobink • 1 year ago

Or calling a bullet wound a hole that somehow just showed up.

Penrose • 1 year ago

RE: "Wow, that's like saying President Lincoln died from a brain problem."

Didn't Lincoln commit suicide? I heard the Play was really bad and they just hung a bad rap on JWB. :)

Dr_John_H • 1 year ago

Can anyone provide solid evidence about Life Insurance not paying for death from experimental vaccines? I'd like to share that with a lot of people.

Karen Bracken • 1 year ago

People need to check with their life insurance carrier NOW. There are some that pay for deaths from the vaccine and some that will not. Better to find out now if yours pays or does not pay. Do not assume they will or won't pay.

GrouchyMathGrad • 1 year ago

Normally life insurance policies in the US can't be contested after two years. Within two years they will not be paid for suicide, and may be contested for pre-existing conditions and if the person lied about smoking. That is all they can be contested for. I don't believe anything has changed for COVID.

sfrobink • 1 year ago

No platelets - that's exactly what happened to that 56-yr-old gynecologist in FL recently, who happened to be a pro-vaccine enthusiast until it ended his life!

Leslie • 1 year ago

At least? Being conservative about those death numbers! Unlike the CDC and their bogus covid death numbers?

BH387 • 1 year ago

More like 300 times as many serious events, based on the figures from the v-safe app that leaked, which reported a serious adverse reaction per 36 participants by 5:30pm of day 4. That corresponds to a million serious reactions that caused them to be unable to work or carry on ordinary activities within a few days per 36 million shots!

Jon Dough • 1 year ago

Thank you Mr Twain.... more info please,. . . as in where I can download these FACTs that would not go unrewarded!
I can be reached on my web site, in bio here, thru telegram!

MarkTwain2020 • 1 year ago

Mr. Dough, it's tricky because any number that could be considered "official" is probably wrong, and any number that is probably correct is considered "unofficial." The best we can do is follow Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.'s lead when he says, "deaths...could be as high as 111,200." Ryan Cristian has a good method imo where he uses big pharma's data against them. He spends up to three hours, several times a week, pouring over CDC docs and Fauxi statements to show how they are wrong.

lakewoodsteve • 1 year ago

Mark; The "adverse" event [in the closet] was USA’s stupid taxpayers paying Big Pharma to enhance up SARS2 to the (*Made in the USA) Coved 19 level [so Bill Gates et. al. could make vaccines to sell, & laws to enforce] Then the audacity calling the made in the USA, flu, the Wuhan flu! (Nothing new under the sun) as Big Pharma demonstrated with its USA made *”Fort Riley flu”, AKA. “The Spanish flu”! “Death is the wages of sin” and the USA’s sin well deserve the Death of Big Pharma’s 100 million ++ unmentionable Deaths!!! God help us! Steve
[* According to the good Dr. Judy Mikovits’s best guess] [*”Fort Riley flu”, Google it!]

GrouchyMathGrad • 1 year ago

I'm just guessing, but I would imagine that maybe 25% of deaths in people under 65 will be reported to VAERS, because it's so jolting. Maybe 10% of deaths in those over 65 but living independently.

Joe F. • 1 year ago

I already know that I won't be reporting any deaths or side effects to VAERS should any family members/friends/loved ones die or be injured from the experimental shots, as I would find it too traumatic to do so.

I'm sure many others feel the same.

sfrobink • 1 year ago

I feel where you're coming from, but at the same time, if enough get reported, it might eventually dissuade others from doing the vaccines and save them from the heartache of loss.

DLT88 • 1 year ago

So true! The actual numbers are through the roof!

Gerry Eaves • 1 year ago

Ditto for the vaccine trials.

Sentinel • 1 year ago

When they say the benefit outweighs the deaths and injuries, I'd like to see the peer reviewed study underlining that conclusion.

JulieB • 1 year ago

All for a virus with a survival rate of 99+%, also.

DLT88 • 1 year ago

And they haven't even proven virus exists. MDs around the world have requested proof -- but have not received anything more than a slide of exosomes! I fully believe it's a 5G radiation illness that has been planned for a very looooooong time.

Ricky Ricardo • 1 year ago

I'd like to hear of even one benefit! ...and I mean for us - not "them"!

Windy1219 • 1 year ago

There are only risks, any benefits are not intended.

Leslie • 1 year ago

Unless, it's their family that is harmed or killed, it doesn't matter, take one for the team 👍 who could care LESS ABOUT YOU! NONE of the elite will not die by poison vaccine, watch and see, it is their tool of harming, and a new way of (depopulating) genocide!

Beatrice • 1 year ago

I can't help but wonder if the establishment actually got a vaccine -rather, faux vaccine. Several years ago, I had a young dog that had a terminal disease and he was at risk of receiving vaccines and other medications. His dear beloved vet knew that the vaccines could harm him and she would fake his vaccines for us. I still had to pay for them but I knew my dog was safe and that's all that mattered. That vet could no longer tolerate the draconian abuses of the vet med industry and she decided to quit and begin another career.

Karen Bracken • 1 year ago

I refuse to vaccinate my dog. Even my vet agrees with me.

lillyrx • 1 year ago

even rabies? I had to give my dog rabies shots twice, but now I just have titers drawn to show immunity. Just wondering if somehow they can be avoided. Did you ever vaccinate? Puppy shots? I did, but that's it. Just wondering if they are even needed.

DLT88 • 1 year ago

Love that vet!

Guest • 1 year ago
Rattlerjake • 1 year ago

All of the elitists who are part of this fraud are getting "fake" shots or are simply given a fake record of receiving it, guaranteed!

DLT88 • 1 year ago

So true. I've seen videos of the fake shots where a needle didn't come out of the person's arm. It was an up close video, too. They have these syringes where it is not actually a needle but a blunt steel post that goes back inside the syringe barrel when it is pressed against someone's arm. The it's supposed to pop back out again -- but this time it didn't and stayed up there so everyone is asking in posts "Where is the needle?!!" The liquid also empties into that same opague cartridge where the 'needle' goes so it looks like that fluid went into their PR person. It's all HOLLYWOOD.

GetCheckedNow • 1 year ago

I remember reading somewhere that the family dr to Bill Gates said that BG will not allow his kids to be vaccinated. It was supposedly a secret recording of a small group of people in a private discussion. The response was, allegedly, that the dr who said that was on bad terms with Gates & that's why he said it.
BUT... it makes sense! BG knows exactly the harms & potential death of those shots!

Karen Bracken • 1 year ago

He also doesn't send his kids to a school that uses Common Core. The fake education standards he used his stolen wealth to push down our throats.

John Stone • 1 year ago

The story was not well accounted.

CranesForever • 1 year ago

ICAN tell you! (Pun intnded.) The RISK is the dollar value of estimated litigation on injury/death claims vs. INCOME (needed for capital budgeting) and future estimable earnings for further short and long term sales of other medicines and chemical-based therapies as well as psychiatric and other controller medicines. In a nutshell, costs vs. income. RFK Jr. with OTHER PERSONAL INJURY LITIGATORS from all other commercial industries have had this legally disclosed OVER AND OVER AGAIN! Besides, very few people ever file legal complaints after injury and deaths, even from nursing homes. It's a lose - WIN-WIN-WIN-WIN situation.

Leslie • 1 year ago

Yeah, cause the lawyer costs more then the govt "capped" benefit!

Vanessa W • 1 year ago

They consider any litigation costs or awards the "cost of doing business". The profits are so huge that it is a drop in the bucket!

BH387 • 1 year ago

Maybe so, but the law does not protect them from fraud. The figures from the v-safe app are out there, so the CDC has better data, and knows the actual rate of serious adverse reactions. There's our proof, where's the litigation?