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el Gallinazo • 1 year ago

Lots of theocratic BS, angels dancing on the head of a pin among the "experts" who have, for the most part, deliberately got it all wrong from the beginning in order to lock down the planet and destroy the middle class. So let's make it real simple.
1) Bossche is right that the vaccines will destroy the effectiveness of the immune systems of the vaccinated as they were designed to do. The hundreds of millions of casualties will be blamed on the deviants - I mean variants.
2) Bossche is totally wrong that the viruses which escape from the vaccinated will endanger the unvaccinated. If anything, they will be less dangerous, perhaps even innocuous. These viruses will be specialists in killing the vaccinated. That is why everyone must be vaccinated.
Isn't that simple? They can put those vaccines where the CCP puts their swabs.

Charlie • 1 year ago

Unfortunately, those that are unvaxxed will be blamed for the vaxxed becoming ill. No matter what, the unvaxxed will become the villains and be blamed for all the illnesses to come.

Nadya Ilionova • 1 year ago

Can the blaming of unvaxxed for sickness of vaxxed be forestalled by studies that prove there is no such thing?

el Gallinazo • 1 year ago

The MGT (malevolent gene therapy) manufactures only make one claim - that the vaxxed will not get serious symptoms. So if they do get serious symptoms, it will be a tough sell to blame it on the unvaxxed, even for the walking zombie brain dead.

Libeterian • 1 year ago

They will actually blame unvaxxed as they are the people created the mutant variant that are deadlier than ever and will blame all death on them that way

el Gallinazo • 1 year ago

I prefer the term deviant viruses to variant or mutant. Adds a certain depravity to these viruses.

Amandandapanda • 1 year ago

I prefer the phrases 'demonant vaccines' and 'variuses'.

Amandandapanda • 1 year ago

All viruses are innocent, blame altered genomic therapy theory, vis-a-vis, profit focussed technoprats.

solitairecat64 • 1 year ago

Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi in the video Blood Clots and Beyond (on BrandNewTube) believes the spike proteins will end up permanently locked in the blood stream of those who received the mRNA injection. If this is true then the vaccinated will only be a danger to themselves.

anna • 1 year ago

Had to LOL....LOL... your last sentence... LOL

guest • 1 year ago

We are now experiencing the battle of the experts. Unless we ourselves have training and advanced knowledge in this particular science, we are going to have to decide on what is the most plausible. Considering that mRNA vaccines are a whole new species I don't believe anyone can predict anything. What we can do is look back at what occurred in previous prophylactic vaccine campaigns. Polio,Smallpox, Measles have generated a number of mutations that have had adverse affects on the health of our children and adults. Whether the medical establishment believes that the increase in autoimmune diseases, cancers, asthma, diabetes, SIDS etc are attributed to the rabid vaccine campaigns is irrelevant because profits blind them to reality. Even Dr's who have had a child damaged by a vaccine will deny the reality such as Dr.Peter Hortez.

I think one of the most honest Dr's around in regards to vaccine science is Dr Andrew Wakefield. I remember him saying in a talk that the body's immune system is activated when the virus enter the body via the nasopharyngeal route because that will initiate an immune response, Th1. The immune sytem develops a memory for th virus and is able to fight it off if it encounters it again. Vaccines, injections, initiate a Th2 response which “it drives the infection deeper into the interior and causes us to harbor it chronically.” So, if this is how immunity is developed and in the mRNA vaccine there is NO virus-what is being driven deep into the interior of the body? Considering the info that all of the makers of these vaccines have cherry picked the info they want to release to the public and other independent researchers-this is a nightmare waiting to happen.

So I think that every expert that jumps on this has forgotten the basic of so called vaccine science. Vaccines do not create immunity. There was a time when scientist were focused on making vaccines that mimic the Th1 immune response but no more. They can throw anything together, get it approved and inject it into millions of people with impunity. This is what happens when money, no oversight and no liability enters the picture.

Ektor • 1 year ago

By doing a bit of research, you can discover that Polio, Smallpox and Measles all were well past their peaks with cases falling 80-90% before any vaccines came on the scene. I believe vaccines have been over-credited, as if it is a religion, in the control of many diseases. With much improved sanitation, better foods and healthier living conditions, most diseases of the mid 1800's into the mid 1900's were very much lessened.

solitairecat64 • 1 year ago

Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi in the video Blood Clots and Beyond (on BrandNewTube) believes the vaccine injuries are all neurological because the spike proteins end up in the brain where they release toxins causing the white blood cells to attack which results in blood clots.

Wahobbert Brewbaker • 11 months ago

Mrna vaccines were developed in the 1960's. They're not all that new.

Spacepymp • 11 months ago

If you could link a source to this claim, that would be greatly appreciated. Everything I can find online suggests that no mrna vaccine has ever worked, until now.

Eaglesees • 1 year ago

I have no expertise but only needed common sense to know that experimental, un-trialed, laboratory products given worldwide with no consideration for individual health conditions, and ignorant of short and long term effects, is criminal. It was/is also criminal to shut down society because of the virus excuse. I and billions of others who aren't yet mind-numbed zombies, are angry, economically damaged, and ready to revolt.

Whether a virus will escape. or one's natural immunity will be harmed, I know not, but I know that I am going to escape from ever playing along with the insanity. Real time scientists' debates were non-existent before the vaccines appeared and not allowed or censored after they appeared.

I have my Covid kit from Americasfrontlinedoctors.com That's the group of doctors who tried to join the Covid conversation and were cancelled. In the end, theirs may be the only advice worth following.

Marco Collins • 1 year ago

You got that 100% right. I will NOT allow myself to injected with any experimental jab. I don't get sick, never had a flu shot, very strong immune system, spend over $300 per month on supplement to supplement my immune system. Why the hell would I take this toxic experimental garbage? for a "flu" where over 99% of the population recover fully.

Electra Addams • 1 year ago

I agree, I too go the natural/supplement route. I haven't had a vax since for over 50 years. I take no prescription drugs, I don't even take aspirin. So putting all that toxic stuff in my body would cause toxic shock. I refuse.

deb • 1 year ago

Same here Marco Collins....never had a flu shot, I take some supplements, I never get sick and on no medications. Iam 68 and in great health, eat extremely well, and exercise regularly. No experimental jab for me !

Ektor • 1 year ago

In complete agreement. The fact that here can be no debate tells me there is something very sinister afoot and it needs to be squashed by those of us willing to question this insanity and think beyond the dictates of the big pharma bullies.

Electra Addams • 1 year ago

https://frontlinemds.com/ is where to get Hydroxychloroquine. Other than that I agree with you.

Eaglesees • 1 year ago

Thanks, Electra. I have corrected the web address for America's Front Line Doctors so that it is accessible now.

Ektor • 1 year ago

Thanks Mr. Verkerk. I ask myself why I would ever need to be vaccinated and especially with some unproven potion that wants to scramble my RNA/DNA? I haven't had any vaccinations in over 40 years and am relatively healthy at age 71. My immune system seems to be working just fine and I feel like I do not want pharma trying to adjust it to their specifications of which I will NEVER trust in any event.

I will take supplements and eat a better diet as my first defense against disease. I am not in the slightest convinced that SARS CoV-2 has yet to be firmly, positively and unequivocally identified. I think the current gene altering potions use an algorithm to attempt to estimate what the virus might be. So where is the accuracy and truth in that? And according to the vaccine makers themselves, they say that these vaccines will not prevent any deaths nor will they prevent the transmission of any disease..what? Then why would I need it?

Further, these previous trial methods used the resulting data and computed the RRD, or relative risk reduction of the vaccines and of course the data was mulched to fit the desired efficacy of 95%. That is what the FDA allows, the RRD method. I believe the true measure of a vaccine's efficacy is determined by using the ARR, or absolute risk reduction calculation. This provides an efficacy of less than 2% for Cov-2 vaccines and gene therapies. I believe that most flu vaccines would have similar efficacies of 2% but that would be seen as not to much of an impetus to sell or force people to get vaccinated.

I don't know what to think of this doctor and/or if he has some ulterior motive. These days, the actors are impervious to telling the truth and the media doesn't know the word truth even exists. In any event...no gene therapies for me even if some monstrous virus invades the planet. The only thing that might stop it is our native immune systems and a good dose of nutrients and maybe even some L-lysine that seems to work against Covid.

Kalen • 1 year ago

This is excellent scientific review of GVB open letter and interviews with which I mostly agree but as in case of Rosemary Frei response, central point of GVB exposition in open letter, a call to halt of unprecedented mass vaccination program worldwide as empirically unknown but potentially dangerous consequences of such never attempted before global vaccination experiment that enables and even promotes immune escape, was ignored.

Dr Verkerk (RV) himself indirectly acknowledged that GVB himself was not surprisingly ignored in his call and meritorious debate on scientific epidemiological fora denied.

RV writes:
The selection pressure on a human virus will never have been as great as it will be assuming the planned target of over 70% coverage globally for the current crop of COVID vaccines is achieved. No scientific references for this are required — it’s never happened before. While many vaccinologists tend to downplay the potential or commonality of “vaccine escape’ (shedding), it definitely does occur and can produce more virulent variants.

Does Dr. Verkerk think that concerns of Dr. Gert Vanden Bossche about new viral variants, for which current vaccines are not only useless but detrimental, warrant immediate halt to COVID vaccination for reasons of potential SC2 viral immune escape (IE) or for any other reasons that can aggravate the IE problem like among many others advertised adverse effects of temporary suppression of immune system as those “vaccines” were not adequately tested for efficacy, effectiveness, safety and toxicity and long term effects as trials have not ended? It is hard to say, RV did not explicitly address the issue. Why not?

In my previous comment on CHD I addressed issues related to Rosemary Frei’s response to GVB interview and open letter, especially being puzzled also by her downplaying GVB call for immediate halting to COVID vaccinations worldwide. I rhetorically asked: What would be a problem with such call? Is the core of the problem related to GVB motivations to issue such call seemingly career and/or money driven, unscientific, unconvincing to RF who described viral Immune escape, GVB is warning about, as mere theory, not adequately proven?

But that should not be a case for RV who acknowledged possibility of immune (natural or vaccine) escape that actually was observed in other vaccination campaign, most notably flu and common cold but also among animals and emphasized unique quality of global pandemic dynamics in situation of unprecedented massive global vaccination program coordinated by WHO.

Reasonable person would expect that WHO would jump on GVB concerns and immediately gather empirical data to prove or disprove it among different demographics and locations as its is easily done. But I guess Gates money is too good for that.

Lack of devout interests in addressing urgent immunity escape issue while continuing push for mass vaccination with no warning is inexplicable from medical ethics standpoint and from standpoint of out of control consent-free experimentation on humanity being performed as I write.

Have vaccinated people been informed that they may possibly enable much more virulent strains if vaccinated potentially making their family more ill than otherwise and that they in next wave of pandemic may become themselves victims of similar but more virulent disease similar to COVID with no protection from any available vaccine? I guess not and that alone invalidates any notion of informed consent.

But WHO apparently does not want to know (typical corporate defense strategy) why in many homes for elderly that fared well in 2020, few weeks after vaccinations massive deadly outbreaks were observed. Utter lack of interests, no autopsies, no analysis of the strains that killed them and most of all what exactly killed them vaccine or virus or something else. Nothing was published addressing the issue but empty assurances that they just died of old age or.. COVID.

Ignoring and suppression of GVB call, by authorities regardless of his not so clear motivations, is just another element of proof of state/medical conspiracy of COVID silence and censorship to protect corporate profits while following policies of carnage and dependency on medical-industrial complex run by Big Pharma oligarchy.

For those who so far concluded (as myself) that COVID pandemic is at least highly problematic if not artificially concocted as data artifact (there are no reliable tools to assert if COVID pandemic actually occurred) and hence see no sense in academically discussing GVB COVID immune escape, I just say that global scale vaccinations with untested bioagents may by themselves create qualitatively new situation that has potential to impact humanity globally and change immune response to existing respiratory infectious diseases including high possibility of dangerous pathogen priming observed in context of vaccine research studies regarding common cold alphacoronaviruses.

Isthisthingon • 1 year ago

Does make one wonder! Gates put his money into suppressing any conversations regarding vaccines just prior to this plandemic! --and all the big tech/media are doing just that! Why anyone would trust Gates philanthropic-get-out-of-paying-taxes scheme when compared to his investments-- in everything that is killing us to begin with--is beyond me. Why is it so hard to get straight answers in our democracy that is supposed to be for the people? John Trudell called it Free-dumb. All the to-each-their-own has come to haunt--we are simply way too separated as a people and have been raised in a far too competitive environment and pitted against one another. People aren't even aware that it is their own fear and addictions driving the greed! The commodity is your body and what they can put in it, filter through it or make it do. Where did we all think we were racing to to begin with? This is the scene of the crash for sure. Most people have become essentially like domesticated cows only worse because cows can't vote, shoot you or mount an insurrection. Now we know how the Greys got so grey--they were literally put in the toxic soup and that's what came out. Ha. I know, it's not funny--but if I don't find a way to laugh, then all I do is cry! -especially for my son and all the innocent children. The powers-that-be know we can't come together to save ourselves, so they hold all the cards and simply stir the pot and call us all conspiracy theorists, blah blah blah Hence the lockdowns--keep the herd apart. blah blah blah SAD!

Amandandapanda • 1 year ago

Fantastic analysis, we all need to gather up email addresses and copy paste your explicit understanding, and a link to this web page.

Amandandapanda • 1 year ago

Too true, Dr.'s are no less egotistical than their own professional projections. You put it, as if it was a pissing contest in the last chance saloon.

Haruhuani Spruce • 1 year ago

Thank you, Kalen, for your thorough and informed discussion. We were taught in medical school that over time, viruses, due to natural selection, tend to become more infectious and less lethal. They were talking about time periods of years or many years, often, in scattered episodes of epidemically-infected populations. The rationale given to explain this often-observed this phenomenon is that a less lethal virus, by preserving the life of its host longer, is provided more opportunities to infect new populations. As I understand what GVB is saying, with Covid we have an entirely different type of evolutionary pressure. The vaccines suppress a single (or closely related variant) of this virus in a situation where there are huge and changing reservoirs of potential victims, as GBV explains. In this situation there are virtually no curbs on the development of more lethal strains of the virus, at least not in the short run. Am I understanding this correctly?

Kalen • 1 year ago

You are right. The low lethality respiratory infection Vaccines as general principle promote viral mutations into strains that survive vaccine “assault” and are able to infect and reproduce as GVB correctly posits. However, only mechanism that actually stops the cycle is not another vaccine even NK cell based vaccine with their own inherent dangers of suppressing immune system but the mere fact that vast majority of infected people fight infection via mechanism of memory trained healthy innate immune system de facto drastically limiting or preventing infections, right there in upper respiratory and/or digestive tract with no need for producing monoclonal antibodies at all (natural inoculation is not required). Shedding viral load (via digestive tract) may happen also when there was no infection to speak of as virus is simply broken up, unable to bind to cell receptors and replicate.

In other words mass viral vaccinations for low lethality infections (all of them vaccines are therapeutic, prevent no infection, or active viral shedding), have dubious record of and broader individual patient benefit in clinical setting while simply prolong epidemics among population, definitely not shorten or stave them. One may assert that returning seasonal flu may as well be a direct product of mass vaccination driven immune escape, luckily of only 5% or less of world population.

As much as it seems ironic and contradictory to what is taught in medical schools, it is those who are innately resistant to viral infection and those what actually got mildly sick and fully recovered are those who ultimately save lives of those vaccinated as they break the cycle of vaccine induced immune response and self perpetuated immune escape.

Similarly to immune escape, dangerous effect associated with viral prophylactic vaccines is called pathogen priming, a primary concern that prevented successful development of traditional alphacoronaviruses (components of common cold).

I cannot imagine 70% people globally vaccinated or more ( as Gates wants it) by those experimental pseudo vaccines for betacoronavirus. It is sure recipe for global disaster as GVB correctly asserted and hence vaccine deployment must be stopped immediately before is too late. Most of young must be engaged in building population immunity by close interactions at work, school and play to kill all those new strains and variants by their healthy innate immune system, needs be organize free COVID rave parties, as it was being done in Wuhan since July 2020.

Western Public health policies are disaster in themselves costing millions lives worldwide and must stop.

anna • 1 year ago

thank you. for taking the time to share your knowledge. For caring... I am all for free Covid rave parties..I have pretty much done just that.. I have purposely hugged and talked closely to people at dancing meetups who supposedly had covid.. and have been injected..I been spit on and coughed on..LOL And doing well.. I believe I continually develop natural immunity.. therefore, my immune system is healthy.. have not been sick since I cured my hypothyroidism and allergies in 2009-2011 it took about 3 years to detox and build my immune system mainly my thyroid. never took medication.. I am 72 now. Eat organic, drink organic water.. Adya Clarity.. take my vitamins, not religiously.. I don't do many things religiously...LOL...except for eating organic .. I am still going strong.. and of course have a spiritual curriculum I study called ACIM.. A Course in Miracles that has kept my mind sane...LOL

Amandandapanda • 1 year ago

Following your lead from now on.

Amandandapanda • 1 year ago

The annual 'flu' is a case of official interference. Have you noticed that every year since the 1970's there are medical programs, or viral research trials that employ a few dozen volunteers to be injected or subjected to a live viral flu strain, and after a week or two, the recipient is released into the public domain carrying a 'bug' that infects everybody around them passing on to everyone else in turn, over the autumn / winter months ?. Yes, you guessed it, the government do this 'annually', to thin out the elderly population, it lessens the burdon on the health care system, it saves multi millions in payments and frees up housing stock through put from premature mortality. This has been a scam for 50 + years. The MMR jab is also causing a pandemic in autism, but it is unclear if this is medical oversight / incompetence, or government planned malpractise.

Kalen • 1 year ago

Thre is no doubt that since Rockefeller foundation involvement vaccine development was focuses around following medical problem: how to make vaccines, developed to protect colonial management from local diseases and to infect people’s psyche and conscience worldwide profitable and self reproducing like virus.

The new mRNA vaccines in search of virus that they do not kill or prevent from replication or shedding and spreading among cell as well as among community are excellent examples of profit driven vaccine developments as they are at least 10 times cheaper than traditional attenuated vaccines.

There can be no shred of confidence in Big Pharma including vaccines production.

Jeannine Jacobs • 1 year ago

I don't like the idea of killing all viruses; they must not know the implications of this. BigPharma pays God, but is far from it or even Nature. I've seen a documentary Netflix where viruses balance out bacteria, just as I had suspected. Of course, they work in different manners. This mass hysteria is beyond reproach. BigPharma has always used fear as a carrot, we have to get some relativity, have faith in our immune systems, and walk/less talk.

MarkTwain2020 • 1 year ago

Was waiting with baited breath to watch Bigtree's show today, which comes out on Thursdays. He thanks his audience for "spreading the important news" about Bossche's theory, and then pivots to a story about going to Mars. That's it. Nothing about the debate. Nothing about a "catastrophic bloodbath" that he mentioned in the last episode. It's as thought nothing happened, and as though hundreds or thousands of us aren't wondering if we were tricked. Is this just an ego problem? Perhaps it's too strong to address the elephant in the room: Is Bigtree part of a controlled opposition? As he was the loudest megaphone of the Bossche interview, imo he should have devoted all, or most of, his show to this topic today.

Nadya Ilionova • 1 year ago

Bosshe may be right about viral escape as the first new variants came from the countries where vaccine trials took place.

unacceptable views • 1 year ago

As I do with all big pharma based 'medicine', I'm basing my choice to get or not get the 'vaccine' on science and not just what one scientist says, what many say re. different factors of this mRNA delivery system. I'm also a fan of building and trusting the immune system, especially for an illness like the flu. You can only do what is right for you, the individual as only you, the individual knows what's right for your one and only body.

anna • 1 year ago

Germ theory vs. terrain theory.. I like Gabby trust my Terrain, my body to, if I respect it and treat it right and have learned what works and what doesn't, keep my immune system strong and working. I cured my hypothyroidism and seasonal allergies. I Have not been ill or sick for over 10 yrs.. and as I mentioned before I am 72 yrs young.. that is my proper pic.at 72.... I do not believe in the Germ theory. as the determining factor of my health. My body, internal Terrain, has evolved and continue to evolve the internal mechanisms to perfectly make the necessary adaptions to work in harmony with the world outside my body... its a balance one needs to achieve "homeostasis" between the two worlds.. That's what works for me.. for my one and only body... :)

holisticpoet • 1 year ago

The proof in the pudding will be to keep track of everyone you know who got vaccinated. When the pandemic gets worse and multitudes of people start dying, see how many of those who are dying were vaccinated and how many were not vaccinated. I suspect the vast majority of those who die will be those who were vaccinated as this vaccine is already known to weaken natural immune systems. This may be the only way to prove that the vaccine is a population control device made purposely to reduce the population.

Chrissie Biggs • 1 year ago

I see a problem or two with that... blood donations and blood transfusions... this is something no-one seems to be talking about yet.
If you don't get vaccinated but then need a blood transfusion... for whatever reason... what happens then? How does anyone know where the blood came from... from a donor that has been vaccinated perhaps... ?
Will that vaccine contaminated blood then be passed on with all of its properties, ie the very thing that we are worrying about, ie we might as well have been vaccinated?
If that is what happens, how can we tell apart accurately, who was affected by what... Covid, the vaccine or a transfusion...? Put it this way... the water is very muddied already and the further along we go... well... no-one will be keeping those sorts of records... will they? In theory, eventually, everyone could end up vaccinated, but indirectly, like with passive smoking.
I would really like to know what the risks are with a blood transfusion.

Guest • 1 year ago
Isthisthingon • 1 year ago

And, interestingly, they ruined all the control subjects they had in the placebo groups by offering them these experimental vaccines out of "good conscience" (?); totally against other scientific advice to keep these control groups intact for the very scientific data you speak of. I believe I read that these mRNA vaccines are in "trial period" (experimental testing mode) until 2023! They are not FDA approved even! Testing on babies, children and teens is so gross it makes me sick inside! None of this should be this hard at this point! The whole botched PCR testing situation should give anyone pause, but the information doesn't get in the mainstream--suspicious at best--why wouldn't the WHO, NIH, etc. be more transparent in general if it were all on the up-n-up, blah blah blah. Follow the money! I believe all this is happening because the writing is on the wall as far as the environmental impact of human driven climate change and over population is a serious problem as there simply isn't enough real food and resources to go around!; we cannot live in a finite closed system with a socioeconomic platform of "MORE". We humans have allowed ourselves to become a danger to the Earth and literally parasitic in nature. The question still remains as to whether this is all happening because of something "naturally occurring?" or "man maid to order?"; it does make sense to me that the powers-that-be in America and in Europe would implement population control on the downlow considering there is limited space and resources and we supposedly have better human rights laws than other less industrialized countries. The allowance of "guns for everyone" and population control tactics of black on black crime in underfunded and unsupported communities of color(just look at the rate of death in child birth comparatively between black and white; as well as, how we in the United States of America are like 24/25 on the list of infant mortality in general) is being implemented on a larger scale of "othering" all across the board as they divide us more and more and we have no real place to point as the cause of our suffering.... As John Trudell would be advising us now, "we need to think clearly and coherently!" We are a "system" and it is a pyramid ponzi scheme by design! The rich and powerful may just really think their new bunkers are just that good! Microwave technology weaponry is super scary and should be a huge concern for all! Sociopaths all around! I say we implement MRI scans for anyone in a government position, so we can really see what parts of their brains light up when asked certain questions concerning our welfare, etc.--this would go for scientists as well who claim to be informing us. Peace and Love to all. Find joy and do lots and lots of dancing: love and happiness are truly good medicine, along with all the necessary supplements and using food as medicine! In fact, we all need to be hyper-localizing our food, so grow what you can where you live and support your local farmers! Remember to smile and think of things that bring you joy; this tells your whole body you are good and there is no threat it can't handle...

Chelsea Yorkshire • 1 year ago

Let's cut to the chase and LOOK at the rest of NON Western nations:

LOOK at Cuba - vaccines totally controlled by the government. Done. Few talk about Covid.

LOOK at Russia- further reduced restrictions. Sputnik V has been very effective. The Russian population has moved on.

LOOK at China/parts of Asia - they've moved on, too.

Only the Western Nations with their multi-billionaires/Big Pharma, Big Medical Institutions & Journals, Western Media who broadcast this nonsense 24/7.

Wake up Americans & Europeans.

This Bossche person is a sham and totally under the thumb of.....Gates/Big Pharma/Big Medical Institutions, ETC, ETC. End of subject matter. We're sick of this.

ace • 1 year ago

Look at say, Guatemala...

Still no routine mail service for years since the Canadian contractor pulled out...

Now, what COVID vaccines are they getting? Oxford, AstraZeneca and Sputnik V. And since Astra Zeneca has been associated with blot clots, which one would you bet on?

Philippines is also betting on Sputnik V. Also Argentina. Also UAE. Also some doses going to Israel.

Meanwhile the US and the UN are worried about corruption in Guatemala.

This is like one of those existentialist films with no satisfactory ending. A microcosm of the vaccine debate which leaves one's head swimming. Read something 2 or 3 times, and, just when you think you understand some of it, another curb ball is thrown.

hanky2 • 1 year ago

Does this mean that I can hug granny if she took the shot? Can I get in the car with her? He said that the vaccinated ones will be the Typhoid Marys this time (I thought they were for previous things like Flu, Measles, and Shingles anyway).
Either way, they will work their hardest to pin the blame of the next hellscape, tangible or imaginary, on us, who don't jump to every one of their ridiculous commands and narratives. All we can do is try to mitigate the pogrom against us. Thank You Mr. Bigtree, Corbett, Frontline Drs. et al.

Amandandapanda • 1 year ago

Just eat your Vitamin D, C, and Zinc. If you can afford the access to HCQ, that's ok, or even the 'Ziverdo kit' which is available from India. www.ziverdokit.store/.
I am not endorsing any drug or website, I am just quoting an untried and unknown therapy. As always, ''Do your own research''.

Dani • 1 year ago

Something's not quite right about this guy ... I'm hearing that it's nothing more than an astroturfing campaign.

Amandandapanda • 1 year ago

Doctors by definition are supportive of their respective fields, and are emphatically transplaced from the commonly motivated directive. They are generally paid to 'hold shop' to products or services, which we may not want / purchase or agree with, wholly or in part, from each individuals' perspective.

CheeseEdWest • 1 year ago

I appreciate the Defender encouraging debate! My main critique is of Verkerk and the potshots he takes along the way, without support or details, which cast Dr. Bossche in a bad light. He makes several unspecified and IMHO unnecessary aspersions. Why? They seem to make things which aren't known real in a murky and backhanded manner. Your editorial staff should ask such things to be reworked with specifics, or removed before offering the Defender as a platform.

For example: "For me, it is the sheer, unashamed certainty of his pronouncements that give me cause for concern" The writer seems to think he should be ashamed? "Chances are there is some kind of back story. Possibly one that wouldn’t work in Dr. Vanden Bossche’s favor if it was accessible in the public domain." Why are you so sure there is a negative backstory that you must say this without any substantiation? A third example. After saying there is nothing to indicate this is true, the author says "it would be foolhardy to rule out the possibility that there wasn’t a biotechnology company interested in the technology somewhere in the background."

Please, give examples, provide proof, but don't include negative speculations which assail the character of your subject without providing a basis.

vic73 • 1 year ago

Yes if it is a game of speculation, this article beats Dr Bossches theory hands down.