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Greebo • 7 months ago

Those who act on emotions will be stampeded into taking a new type of vaccine that is only partially and hastily tested by those who stand to profit enormously from its sale. Others will prefer to take their vitamins D and C, zinc and quercetin which are not known to harm anyone and are proven to block or ameliorate the effects of COVID 19.

Lady Sane • 7 months ago

Vaers is playing TOTAL games with their weekly update. They won't LET you look at non zero rows of deaths - report 799 deaths but won't give a full report with adverse events. This is the message you receive:

Message The full results are too long to be displayed, only non-zero rows are available.
Message VAERS data in CDC WONDER are updated every Friday. Hence, results for the same query can change from week to week.
Message These results are for 799 total events.
Message When grouped by VAERS ID, results initially don't show Events Reported, Percent, or totals. Use Quick or More Options to restore them, if you wish.
Message Click on a VAERS ID to see a report containing detailed information for the event.

Also, they just came out with a handy dandy downloaded pdf to report deaths to bypass the online reporting and keep it out of the public eye. Need a full Freedom of Information Act request and a lawsuit to release full data. People are pointing out CDC website numbers are near DOUBLE reported on the VAERS site

And, the CDC had over 1000 deaths reported on THEIR site last week but that number went DOWN this week to 922. CRIMINAL.

This cowardly b.s. won't stand. We will get that information and the more they try to hide it, the more the public outrage when it comes out. UNREAL

MarkTwain2020 • 7 months ago

Del Bigtree did a good segment on this yesterday (poor guy is dealing with the storm in Texas).
https://thehighwire.com/watch/ around 30:30.

Madeline Sartori • 7 months ago

NSW premier didn't get the Pfizer shot today, as she's waiting for the Astra Zeneca vaccine which will be available in three weeks 🤦‍♀️

Face-palm to all COVID vaccines.

sherry715 • 7 months ago

Add Vitamin C to the cocktail!! It works against every virus!!

Greebo • 7 months ago

And a LOT of other stuff as well!

Eeezumblogspot • 7 months ago

The names; Bill and Melinda Gates are beginning to be associated with fear, loathing, disgust, and a strong desire for these people to be convicted of crimes against humanity... However, although Billie's name no longer suggests trust, his money continues to buy the right people, allowing him to continue destroying the lives of millions.

Tony Ryan • 7 months ago

Dunno if this is relevant but, Bill Gates and his dad are long-recognised eugenicists. Gates senior was a close friend and ally of David Rockefeller, another eugenics enthusiast. The Rockefellers were the genesis of Agenda 21. They all despised life-environment expert and inventor architect Buckminster Fuller, who convincingly ridiculed the global overpopulation myth which spawned Agenda 21.

Eeezumblogspot • 7 months ago

It's interesting that eugenicists don't actually seek out, (and save) the most intelligent, creative, or gifted... Nor do they work toward a healthier planet to live on... They are simply mass murderers and destroyers of everything... but I suppose they justify it by spinning a clever story.

Elizabeth_Hart • 7 months ago

The authority of the WHO has to be challenged.
The WHO is a front for the vaccine industry*, it's funded by countries which are developing massive vaccine markets, e.g. the US, the UK, Germany, Australia and others. The top funder of the WHO is the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundations, with the BMGF founded GAVI Alliance in 6th place.
There must be an investigation into the WHO, which has had enormous influence over the handling of the current coronavirus situation.
The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and World Economic Forum were also behind Event 201, a pandemic table-top exercise conducted in October 2019, which appears to be the blueprint for the industry-focussed and fear-mongering response to SARS-CoV-2/COVID-19.
Now vaccine products approved under Emergency Authorisations are being rushed out around the world in a massive experiment, without 'informed consent'.
We are in a disastrous situation, we must demand accountability for this NOW!
* See: WHO Contributors updated until Q4-2020.

kris • 7 months ago

i agree. it's one thing to start a non-profit.. it's another thing when all of a sudden that non profit turns into a global dictator. if these are non profits who get to form public policy... then they should answer to the public.. there should be some way to prevent someone from acting like a majority shareholder just because they donate so much money to them. that or limit how much any one individual can donate to them. the world health organization should answer to the world not to bill and enabler gates.

Bill Rood • 7 months ago

Must be an investigation but won't. It's up to us to take care of our own health and we do have a duty to inform friends and relatives of the dangers when we can. I'd like to see it all investigated, but I'll settle for no mandates, whether governmental or corporate.

Kalen • 7 months ago

The so called controversy about AstraZeneca “vaccine” and Modena/Pfizer “vaccine” is all corporate power play, it is all about money and who gets it as rejection of cheap Sputnik V and Sinopharm “vaccines” proves it. Whatever they say both types mRNA and adenovirus viral vector “vaccines” have not been proven safe or efficacious within targeted groups. Neither the west nor Russia or China published raw data and neither were internationally peer reviewed as all operate in under emergency mode approval.

As the irrefutable fact of faulty methodology of “vaccine trials” relying on flawed PCR test to determine infection status of trial patients, lack of sufficient testing of vaccines as phase 2,3 trials have not been completed and conclusions on safety and efficacy not reached while reality of unprecedented scale and severity of COVID vaccine linked short term adverse effects with unknown long term outlook sets in, opposition grows among broad swaths of population refusing to become guinea pigs in such medical experiment.

As a response more and more aggressive virtue signaling campaigns are being unleashed. From blatant threats of killing grandmas by refusing to take a jab to accusations of anti social behavior of harmful delinquency bordering to criminality to pseudo intellectual appeal accusing people mostly liberals and progressives, proponents of natural life of clean air, soil, food and clean drug free life of being hypocrites, Luddites tifling medical progress whose ideology becoming too harmful to society at large to be tolerated.

Similar fascist threats are directed for example to Orthodox Jews refusing vaccinations on religious grounds by alleged Israeli progressives calling for total subjugation of Jewish religion to state law. The COVID vaccination medial rhetoric became more blatant and aggressive than before aimed at fighting well founded skepticism and natural self-preservation instinct by calling for socioeconomic extortion and protection rackets to be adopted by governments and corporates as governing policies of metaphorical starvation of enemies.

What we witness today is Nazi style Medical Apartheid in addition to already exponentially growing socioeconomic apartheid being introduced under guise of phantom pandemic.

Like in the past fascism was fueled by alliance between degenerated liberals, lapsed socialists and corporate elites and landed aristocracy, the same alliance between progressive liberals, woke movement committed to the same ideology of identity politics of division that brought us institutional racism, is bringing us contemporary fascism and corporatism of today.

Max Sargeson • 7 months ago
What we witness today is Nazi style Medical Apartheid in addition to already exponentially growing socioeconomic apartheid being introduced under guise of phantom pandemic.

Like in the past fascism was fueled by alliance between degenerated liberals, lapsed socialists and corporate elites and landed aristocracy, the same alliance between progressive liberals, woke movement committed to the same ideology of identity politics of division that brought us institutional racism, is bringing us contemporary fascism and corporatism of today.

It reminds me less of fascism or national socialism and more of a theocracy under the guise of technocracy: Doctors are our new priestly class, and, like the priests of old, manipulate the populace by promising if not eternal life then at least a temporary reprieve from our gnawing anxiety about mortality. Speaking out against the scientific consensus is heresy and needs to be censored, with the dissenter punished harshly. I'm not religious myself, but I long ago realized that there was a value in organized religion in that it prevents something worse from taking it's place, and it seems there is a pretty direct correlation between new atheism and support for this societal overhaul, because to their minds we should all "trust the science" nevermind that science is not something you're supposed to believe in, but rather practice.

GrouchyMathGrad • 7 months ago

"there was a value in organized religion in that it prevents something worse from taking it's place" - Interesting idea. I'd never thought of it that way. I'll have to think about how that relates to various political power grabs, both successful and unsuccessful.

pjmauigirl • 6 months ago

Actually, in the corporate takeover of the medical profession doctors have been systematically stripped of power and now would more accurately be called pawns, not priests.

Gerard_Kane • 7 months ago
Indonesia announced a presidential order earlier this month stipulating anyone who refused vaccines could be denied social assistance or government services or made to pay a fine.

Sounds familiar: the poor are forced to get the vaccine, and the middle class can buy their way out by paying a 450.00 fine. Sounds like the draft.

George • 7 months ago

Absolutely wrong. I hope the truth is seen by all soon.

Kay 56 • 7 months ago

Actually that is not entirely true. Russia sputnick V vax was peer reviewed. They also have been working on their vax for 20 years. Also the Russian vax is NOT MRNA DNA ALTERING.
I do not wish to get any vax and will fight tooth and nail not too but if I was forced to it would be RUSSIAS vax

Kalen • 7 months ago

So far Russian and other vaccines could not be rendered safe by definition what safe vaccine means. And their trials data could not be peer reviewed even if released as it is incomplete, trials not finished. Initial data is meaningless except for advertising and selling untested vaccines.

In a year no VV vax manufacturer can complete adequate testing regardless of how long development of VV technology took in Russia , China or the west. Initial results of particular application of non reproducing adenovirus viral vector technology developed originally to kill cancer cells (not to stimulate immune system response) with at best mix results), are useless, give no sense of overall, efficacy and safety of “vaccine” deployed in population at large what they actually did.

Lack of animal studies make such trials medically unethical according to AMA and illegal experiments according Nuremberg Code but most of all make impossible for anyone to claim that they are safe and not toxic to human analogues and hence to human organs .

If you can point me to English language publication of raw data of phase 2, and 3 of Russian vaccine trials, not papers that confirm that it “works” 95% (which is meaningless measure of relative effectiveness but gives no hint about efficacy in certain age or vulnerability groups. Absolute effectiveness of Pfizer and Moderna is only 1-6% according to published their own numbers and no numbers of reducing transmission and infection so called number of vaccinations per infection prevented can be found in any corporate press releases including Russian or FDA EUA approval letters, falsely hinting that such studies were not undertaken, while raw data remains secret ), I would appreciate it.

The link containing original reports submitted to authorities would be helpful but still trials and then analysis of trial data, investigation of specific cases of trial participants regarding adverse effects vs COVID phenology and verification of methodology to identify SC2 infections as well as estimating effects of deadly pathogen priming, ADE takes a decade of tracking of trials’ participants exposed to wild mutated virus for vaccine to be finally rendered safe, efficacious for indicated groups and reliable, preventing epidemics.

MICHAEL • 7 months ago

The various pieces of the plot are coming boldly into plain site.

The use of false death and case numbers manufactured in the US by the CDC.

The WHO by their aggregate actions proves they cannot be trusted.

Unfortunately, based on everyone's actions, it appears that the RNA and DNA "vaccines" are a biological attack on the population as a whole. The infrastructure that Gates has built (seen and unseen) seems poised to maximize the long term damage of these DNA-altering shots as if under a directive to reduce population (the "useless eaters") with the WHO, CDC, FDA, and NIH in each country corrupted to follow their agenda.

Unless we can make visible a massive debate on the science of all this, I believe we're doomed.

Kay 56 • 7 months ago

Why does everyone do what a megalomaniac genocidal eugenicist psychopath says to do despite the obvious danger to their populations? Especially in India where Gates polio vaccine paralyzed 490,000 children?
Why does the government there ok this drug after what Gates did to Indian children?

Viva Hoffmann • 7 months ago

I thought he was a Wanted Man in India. Not only the paralyzed children but the suicided farmers as a result of his GMO projects. The whole entire thing stinks from the get go. We all know the PCR tests are never to be used to diagnose any illness or virus even if there actually was a virus which is questionalble. And it's those erstaz tests that are being used to close down the economy, schools, etc. kill small businesses and put everybody in face bandages which only impair lungs and promote pneumonia. a big YUCK to the whole business.

GrouchyMathGrad • 7 months ago

I imagine some of that vaccine money went directly into the pockets of decision makers. In countries where this doesn't work much, there are always campaign contributions.

John Stone • 7 months ago

I think this relates to this paper, which however does not implicate Mr Gates


CastleConnell • 7 months ago

They are brainwashed by authority figures who are paid to do so!

Ricky Ricardo • 7 months ago

The WHO needs to be dismantled, piece by piece, until there's nothing left and Billy Boy Gates (of hell) needs to disappear with them!

Donald Duck • 7 months ago

I can't stand Bill Gates and his solutions ...he has created misery in India with is agri business ..why not small organic farms without anything produced by Monsanto and how about organic food and high quality pure supplements, clean air and pure water as a defence against what amounts to me to be nothing more than a very nasty virus of which there is a 98% chance of recovery from..I have had covid 19 and wouldn't wish it on anyone but for me it was three weeks in bed and I have had three weeks in bed before once or twice with flu......my own experience of the medical profession is that they are brilliant at what I call battlefield medicine but their drug treatments for common diseases often are worse than the disease itself..vaccinating children with this new pseudo Frankenstein vaccine of which I wouldn't have on any terms is horrendous...this man is a maniac and should be exposed for what he is....a power hungry psychopath with a lot of really stupid ideas disguised as science which will make him richer than he already is ...
what about natural medicines and alternative methods of healing rather than chemical intervention ?
At the very least this so called vaccine should new a matter of choice worldwide .......
and I wonder if farmer Bill and his wife Melinda would like their salad sprayed with roundup?

Hooha8 • 7 months ago

How do you know you had covid when the PCR test is flawed and was never meant to be used to test for viruses? As far you or any doctor knows you could have just had a bad flu.

Steven Fishman • 7 months ago

Stop calling it a vaccine. It is unquestionably a Euthanasia Depopulation Experiment Initiative. Bill Gates wants to kill half of those inoculated and render the balance infertile and paralyzed.

Watch this:


Bill Rood • 7 months ago

Luciferase? Really? Couldn't be more explicit! And the Democrat's contact tracing bill is HR6666. I'm not religious, don't believe in the Devil, Lucifer, Beelzebub etc, but this is still really creepy.

Free Indeed • 7 months ago

Hi Bill,
I absolutely agree that it is creepy.
And explicit.
But also not surprising, given the prophecies that have yet to be fulfilled in the Bible, and in light of the hundreds of specific prophecies that have already been fulfilled hundreds to thousands of years after they were recorded.
If you look into that you might be very surprised, and possibly even change your mind about the existence of spiritual enemies.

This world is filled with such extraordinary evil.

John Stone • 7 months ago

It always was but now have technology.

Hooha8 • 7 months ago

I don't believe in any of that religious crap either, but these parasites do and are creating the evil. In my opinion the only place evil comes from is what man creates within himself and is more of a mental illness than an entity.

Kim from Brooklyn • 6 months ago

Its easier to control the population when the population is 50% less ...and in the meanwhile?? Why not get rich at the same time. Sick to my stomach.

CastleConnell • 7 months ago

Can you give us a substitute word that can be used with ease in a sentence. Your description is too long to use in conversation, even though it is accurate I think.

MICHAEL • 7 months ago

Probably not germane in the bigger picture but its clear the people in the middle of this pushing vaccines are operating from "the greater good" so that 100 people with serious anaphylaxis out of 400 is just the bad news that requires you to swallow hard and keep it moving. They have no idea what the long term death rate will be after the 2nd installment and try not to care.

INDIVISIBLE • 7 months ago

There's no way I trust someone who wants to reduce world population by 3/4ths, to convince me that his vaccine program, which literally redesigns your DNA, is actually good for me or will extend my life. Give me a break... The very fact that people trust him and those governments and corrupt entities enriching themselves by his master plan, is amazing. The dumbing down of humanity is further along than I realized pre-covid. I'll watch from a distance.

Jorge Cerra • 7 months ago

The WHO is now a deceptive device, a lying machine corrupted for ventriloquism.

Dendric • 7 months ago

Yep, its the horror show we expected. Its just a matter of how far this will go before sanity becomes more prevalent.

Antonio Miclavez • 7 months ago

vaccines have never worked an will never work.

Antonio B • 7 months ago

The sad thing is that in England they are starting to test it on children


Denise • 7 months ago

Oh no.

annemat • 7 months ago

All of this is the thin edge of the wedge. People reluctantly complying to the pressure of getting the Covid vaccine are demonstrating the power the Governments,pharmaceutical industry and health authorities have over our bodies. Our right to refuse invasive medical procedures and their serious side effects is being eroded daily, they are opening a tsunami of human rights that can be stripped from us at the whim of people we allow to be in authority. What a future for our children.

Kay 56 • 7 months ago

Um... Just saw this as I was perusing MSM propaganda

VACCINE passports begin in the US.
March 1st for travel


CrystalClearTruth • 7 months ago

The following should be the most important news and yet I don't see it reported on these sites.
NBC stated the whole thing is a hoax without knowing what they were doing.The chief epidemiologist of China's CDC stating that no virus was isolated at the start of this epidemic and even to the present time there is no isolated virus which can be shared.

“Return to Wuhan: What Life Is Like One Year Later | NBC Nightly News”
NBC News, January 23, 2021
Janis Mackey Frayer

1:40 timestamp
Frayer: Chinese officials took samples over a year ago and why has the data not been shared?
Dr. Wu Zunyou: They didn't isolate the virus. That's the issue.
Frayer: What about live animal samples?
Dr. Wu Zunyou: That doesn't tell you anything.

pete • 7 months ago

Made in Korea and India? People are dying, hospitalized, bed ridden to avoid what? A cold? But can still get covid, infect others, and die like lab rats if infected later on?? What is on the plus side, except filthy, blood drenched dollars???

Kim from Brooklyn • 6 months ago

Starting to sound like a war against our own country. I am not surprised that they are willing to kill so many people just to get the almighty dollar....which is now worth a nickel.

Free Indeed • 7 months ago

Well written! 👏🤜

Deepa sharma • 4 months ago

Vitamin C and D could work for the medicine .Free V-bucks generator Vaccine should be discovered for under !8 kids also.