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Andra Salzberg • 1 month ago

Makes one wonder just how deep in the US slop is every Canadian institution.

Trauma2000 • 1 month ago

If you've read all this (as I have) then you may also like to see the series titled: The Dismissal - It is not 100% correct but provides much more information - One of the MAIN reasons Whitlam wanted to 'close Pine Gap was that it came to light as result of investigation that U.$. may have been using Pine Gape - not just for intelligence against it's enemy's, but also for CORPORATE ESPIONAGE against Australian Businesses. U.$. was using Pine Gap to steal Australian Intellectual Property from Australian businesses operating in S.E. Asia, and within the Asia Pacific Region. Several companies complained about having their I.P. stolen by U.$. corporations and their business operations being 'tapped' and business relations sabotaged by U.$. corporations who 'had no way of knowing' what those business operations were or the types of business being done. YES - most U.$. "intelligence operations" involved targeting of 'allied companies' in order to gain UNFAIR ECONOMIC ADVANTAGE and steal the business of their Allies companies. Economic aggression has no ALLIES. Everyone is a target of the U.$. Germany, France, Japan, Australia, Canada, England, New Zealand - EVERYONE is a target when Money and the U.$. are in the same sentence.

itchyvet • 1 month ago

Absolutely spot on. Meanwhile Ozzies blissfully sleep away their lives in total ignorance. If you dare speak out, your attacked and called all sorts of names. When they rant against China, point out where all their wealth has come from over the last 30 or more years, and it goes right over their heads. All they see and hear is the propaganda the U.S. spews out daily and ensure our Government follows it's instructions to the letter, OR ELSE ! Frankly, I believe a nation like this, deserves everything coming to it, and believe me, there's a shit load of crap coming our way.

nick1111 • 1 month ago

Australia is a one disgusting political whore

Paul Sharpe • 1 month ago

Did you just not read what happened to us when we showed our independence? Our time will come.

itchyvet • 1 month ago

Not in my lifetime. I have seen the good Australian politicians drop dead one after another. There's not ONE good one anywhere on the horizon, just the sycophant rubbish sucking up to the Yanks, cutting their noses off, to spite their faces, all for the thirty pieces of silver they get in their golden handshake on retirement. THAT is their sole aim, nothing more.

cechas vodobenikov • 1 month ago

unfortunate, but unsurprising----amerikan influence in the anglosphere has increased but decreased elsewhere...polls show that outside of Canada, amerikans r despised everywhere, although polls in Russia show that Russians r indifferent to amerikans---even in the UK 60% disapprove of amerikans...too self uglified apparently. this poll did not include Australia, NZ