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Peace Forall • 1 year ago

I wrote in the morning that the hausa-fulani ministers of death will
like to contest this as their suppose zoo high spirit, high
professionalism and gwo gwo ti gwo did not even make the first 10
because the world knows that both their police and army are nothing but
bunch of terrorists. Whether the zoo police accept it or refuse it does that make any sense and change them from been the worst criminal police on the planet. The four domains are capacity, process, legitimacy
and outcomes. Of the four domains mentioned here the zoo failed in all
domains. Capacity, the zoo police and
army always complain of poor capacity to discharge their functions. That
is why it’s difficult for the police or army to arrive at the trouble
scene at the right time and when they eventually arrive, they arrest and
detained, most of the time kill innocent people and their army will
arrive after the Fulani atrocities and even cause more pains on the
victims of the attack for complaining or protesting. Process, there is
nothing like process when it comes to zoo murderous police or army
because as confused people army do the work of police while the police
do the work of vigilant group. There is confusion everywhere,
uncontestable absent of due process visible from all quarters.
Legitimacy, there is nothing legitimate about nigeria and we don't even
know upon which legitimacy that nigeria exist. The amalgamation
agreement has expired and we have not voted on referendum to form a
union call nigeria therefore making nigeria illegitimate entity itself.
Outcome, the outcome is evident for all to see, extortion, corruption,
illegal arrest and detention, disobedient of court order, extrajudicial
killings, harassed and terrorizing of their supposed citizen. Nigeria is
a crime against humanity.