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Dr Bunmi Binitie • 1 year ago

BTW, who will be President between May 29 and the time the tribunal conclude it's work??

Chukz • 1 year ago

You. Or don't you want to be the Nigerian president? Buhari will hand over to you so that you can safe-keep it for him with your powers.

Concerned Nigerian • 1 year ago

That's a very stupid question. Sorry I put it that way. You should have asked that the tribunal speed up it's work to meet up the deadline. What's so hard with the tribunal seating to resolve this petitions?

Your comment simply shows some level of bigotry, ethnocentricity and ignorance.

Dr Bunmi Binitie • 1 year ago

I honestly thought I had blocked all you abominable boys who just rise up with pain (no free money again) and hate and attack PMB supporters!! You will soon implode with hate becos God has spoken through the people, using the ballot!! Abeg, no more free money to loot!! Go and lick your wounds in the darkness of the hell you chose for yourself!! Blocked!!

Dr Bunmi Binitie • 1 year ago

Oh, I forgive you! You could not help using abusive language becos your parents raised you on it. Your stup1d parents are the ones who fed you with "bigotry, ethnocentricity and ignorance" becos that is their nature. Sad, but my people say if they did not raise you well, you too should try and raise yourself well nau!!

Dr Bunmi Binitie • 1 year ago

Did the tribunals stop any inauguration of those President's who won when PMB lost those three times?? Is this a joke??😨😨

Divi Prince • 1 year ago

This woman what iz ur own with this buhari ?I really pity u yorubas UV been a betrayer since independence, I strongly believe ur ignorance of the fact that the hausa fulanis are trying to islamise Nigeria and hold power to themselves thereby enslaving the rest region, as it is this present govt. Is not bothered about anybodies well being not to talk of catering for it citizens as u can see all key strategic political position is held by these people, by the time u all realize what had hit u it'll be too late, u can't see the hand writing on the wall,

Nanbo • 1 year ago

Hope, PDP Sponsored. They should just forget it and start dreaming of 2023 now. Next level have come to stay for the next four years.

Divi Prince • 1 year ago

God has the final Say ,all flesh and souls belongs to GOD

Vita • 1 year ago

Wish the petition succeeds. But in Nigeria, power and money reign, so the petition is most likely not going to be treated on its merit.

Divi Prince • 1 year ago

Well spoken ! The Bane of a curropt system ,

Guest • 1 year ago
Divi Prince • 1 year ago

Ur enslavement begins

Vita • 1 year ago

Next of level of madness

Idris Kwame Khrumah • 1 year ago

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Salma tony • 1 year ago

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Osiyoku Dada • 1 year ago

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Olupona oluwasanumi • 1 year ago

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