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Joe • 1 year ago

how do you remove light globe?

Chuck • 1 year ago

My ceiling fan cuts on after switch is turned on. Works ok. Then light turns on off and speed of fan cuts on and off. If just leave fan on it works ok. Turn light on. Goes haywire. Help me. I've checked light switch in wall. Checked connections. ? Clueless. Is it a bad fan. Had almost a year. Till now. Problems.

Jan • 1 year ago

I just installed a Harbor Breeze fan with remote. The fan and light both work and the fan can be controlled by the remote. I can dim the light via remote, but I can only turn the light off with the wall switch and not the remote. Thanks!

Steff • 1 year ago

I'm looking for the user manual for item 154623, the 56" wheatland ceiling fan by harbor breeze. Specifically, I'm trying to figure out how much air it pushes at high speed (in cfm). Thanks!

Jim Ginas • 1 year ago

trying to buy one Harbor Breeze Globe Part # A182-0130036. fits a Harbor Breeze 52" Ceiling fan Pacific Grove , LOWES Item #: 295008 | Model #: L808

Heather • 1 year ago

How do I program this remote?

Kip Huston • 1 year ago

I purchased an Aberly Cove ceiling fan, model 40842 with remote control. The previous fan operate with wall switches for fan and light, so I have black, red, white and ground wires. Instructions do not address the "red" wire. What are options for wiring to remote transmitter?

Heather • 1 year ago

How do I program the harbor breeze remote? Model RH787T

Heather • 1 year ago
Rita Zanca • 1 year ago

Can I get the manual for the Beach haven fan? I need to locate the dipswitches in the fan and I'd like to know if they are inside the receiver as I have 2 Harbor Breeze fans and the remotes are operating both of them.

Cooler Sr. • 1 year ago

Owners manual for harbor breeze bt52ch5lkrc

Jeff Miller • 1 year ago

Where is the reverse switch on the Harbor Breeze Lynstead?

Ceiling Fans HQ • 1 year ago

The switch is usually on the base of the fan, right above the fan blades. You can also refer to the manual on page 12

Jake • 1 year ago

I have a Santa Ana ceiling fan and an unable to remove the glass dome to replace the bulb? Any ideas? The dome will not rotate to the left at all and I don't want to break it!

beakt • 1 year ago

Hello! Manual for the Harbor Breeze Shelby Antique Brass Ceiling Fan, Model E-LKD52AB5CL?

I'll call Litex tomorrow, but figured I'd post here too.

Also, can anyone decode the Date Code? Mine is MR. It's in a condo we just bought.

Jeff Hildreth • 1 year ago

I need Wiring diagram for Harbor Breeze Freeport Outdoor ceiling fan Model # LP8072LAZ or LP8079

Ceiling Fans HQ • 1 year ago

You may need to call Harbor Breeze directly as this manual is not available online. You can contact them at 1 (800) 643 0067

steve shedroff • 1 year ago

Your customer service is the worst... Not open on weekends when most people do home projects. WOW! I have a Harbor Breeze Sail Stream 52. My dog literaly ate the remote, not much let. Fan/light do not come on without remote so I need a new remote or I'll be forced to buy a competitors fan. Can't find this remote anywhere. It has the reversing switch, that the standard repleacement remote does not have. The standard replacement remote does not work. Lowes is useless. Can you help tell me where to get a replacement remote?

Ceiling Fans HQ • 1 year ago

Take a look here, http://ceilingfanmanuals.co.... There's a Branded Harbor Breeze replacement available as well as a universal option that should work on all brands of fans. Both control the lights but do not control fan direction.

what keeps the motor from moving i bought this used and apart harbor breeze 42 inch cheshire hugger

Duke Barron • 1 year ago

I hope by now you are someone figured out the problem. I had just bought a used one Wed and it had no manual as I would guess you didn't have one and they are not on the net. But once my brain kicked in and I set it back in the hole and lined the square hole up with the tab on the bracket it was good to go. Then I placed the black plastic piece to secure it all. Now to install the blades and finish.

Johnny Gee • 1 year ago

Very angry right now. Purchased a Harbor Breeze Sail Stream 52" fan last summer (2016) from Lowe's. Installation was a mess because half the parts were not included (only found that out after we'd begun installation -- couldn't figure why it wasn't going together, etc. Ha! Missing parts!) Returned to Lowe's who basically opened up another box and told us to take what we needed. (If that's how they solve the problem, it's no wonder we got a box with missing parts.) Finally get it installed and it worked fine -- just what we needed to move a little air in our Family Room. Last used it in October. Now that we're into the warmer, spring/summer months again, went to turn it on. Nothing. The light will go on, but the fan won't move. We can hear a 'click' each time we hit the button. Anyone else have this problem/know the fix? Sorry, but this should last longer than less than a year, with maybe about 3 months of (not even 'daily') operation, so far. Can't even find a "Harbor Breeze" website so as to complain to them.

Lynn Delvecchio • 1 year ago

What ceiling fan is model number H557DTW3 SH 52? I need the installation manual.

Vickie Bustin Belzer • 1 year ago

I have a Harbor Breeze Oscillation wall fan that has stopped oscillating. How do I fix that?

theneilmeal • 1 year ago

Is there any way to disconnect the adapters for light wiring? https://uploads.disquscdn.c...

Sean • 1 year ago

I recently bought the Harbor Breeze Pawtucket 52-in White Flush Mount Indoor Ceiling Fan with Light Kit and Remote Control. I have two switches on my wall that run to the outlet where the ceiling fan is installed. One is meant to control the fan. The other is meant to control the light. This means that in the ceiling outlet I have two black wires and one white. This model appears to be setup to run both the light and fan from the remote. My question is, would there be a way to bypass the remote unit so I can connect the the second black wire in the outlet and run the light off the second wall switch? Is there a more detailed wiring diagram for the unit? I like the remote for the fan but not the light. If neither of these is possible, I may just return the unit and get one without a remote. I really like having no chains though.

Greg • 1 year ago

I am looking for a manual for a Harbor Breeze D5201 or E163438 or ELC52AB5LK4RC, i got all these numbers off the fan itself, but my searches have not found anything...can someoen help? The bottom line is that I need a new light assembly because it continues to short out and trip my breaker... thanks Greg

sarah • 1 year ago

I purchased this fan alittle over 7 years ago. A screw on one of the blades has come loose and has fallen inside the fan itself so I can not use the the fan on high. Recently the lights have also decided to stop working. So I need to take this down and fix it but I do not have the instructions anymore, Can anyone please help me with this? Thank you so much!

Ceiling Fans HQ • 1 year ago

Do you know what brand or model number it is?

sarah • 1 year ago

its the same as the one in the picture

Ceiling Fans HQ • 1 year ago

Judging by the picture i'm not sure which fan it may be.

sarah • 1 year ago

I googled harbour breeze leaf blade ceiling fan and found these pictures, do these help? As I said I purchased 7 years ago so I don't know the name or number of it lol

Ceiling Fans HQ • 1 year ago

OK, it's the Harbor Breeze Tahoe ceiling fan. We have been unable to locate this manual. You may be able to contact Lowe's directly to get a manual for this fan. The fan is still listed on the Lowe's website. https://www.lowes.com/pd/Ha...

sarah • 1 year ago

Ok thank you I will try that. I had looked on their website but could not find it lol

Sarah Lawrence • 1 year ago

We recently bought a home with a harbor breeze sail stream 52 inch. The light function works on the fan but the fan function does not work. We have tried to program the remote (following forum and you tube video instructions) using the "learn" button in the battery compartment and nothing has changed. We tried adjusting the frequency but again nothing changed. We checked the wiring and all seems correct. We can't find the manual online and are at a loss. Any suggestions?

Ceiling Fans HQ • 1 year ago

The Sail Stream fan is one we are unable to locate a user manual for. However, based on other manuals it sounds like your issue may not be covered in a general user manual. Does the fan work manually with the pull chains? If so, i would suggest getting a replacement remote.

Sarah Lawrence • 1 year ago

There are no pull chains on the fan, the only controls for the fan are via the remote. The remote is controlling the light, and the light does respond when trying to reprogram through the remote. But the fan function does not respond to anything. Any other troubleshooting techniques or information of where we could look to get the fan working? Thanks for the help!

Ceiling Fans HQ • 1 year ago

Could be a more advanced electrical issue or perhaps you just need a new remote and receiver. If you have the fan off the ceiling and/or taken apart, it may be less of a headache to go ahead and get a $30-$40 replacement. Check out our remotes page here: http://ceilingfanmanuals.co...

Gene Moseley • 1 year ago

I bought two of the fans and installed them in separate rooms. However, when I work the remote in one room it activates the fan in the other! As you can imagine this is very irritating. If I turn on the light in the living room, it comes on in the bedroom as well. Not good.
Any suggestions?

Ceiling Fans HQ • 1 year ago

There's a great write up and video on del-mar fans on how to fix this issue. Check it out below.

Gus Falkenmeyer • 1 year ago

Harbor Breeze fan works, lights don't, power from pull chain switch to circuit board in light fixture, no power coming out, is there a replacement?

Raan • 1 year ago

I bought a Harbor Breeze Oceangrove 52 Ceiling fan (model #40778) with light kit and remote control. It was working fine but suddenly 2 days back the remote stopped working. I can turn on the lights with main switch on the wall but couldn't turn on the fan. Changed the battery in the remote but don't find any button to reset or reprogram the remote. Need some help how to make the remote
working again.

Ceiling Fans HQ • 1 year ago

See if this page helps you at all. http://ceilingfanmanuals.co...

Raan • 1 year ago

Tried the options mentioned in the link above but of no help. Also the remote doesn't have any learn switch near the battery compartment. Completely lost.

Ceiling Fans HQ • 1 year ago

Could you post a pic of the remote?

Raan • 1 year ago
Ceiling Fans HQ • 1 year ago

i would suggest replacing the remote, seems like it may be dated. You can get universal replacements here: http://ceilingfanmanuals.co...

LR Ryan • 1 year ago

I recently bought this house with a Harbor Breeze Pacific Grove Ceiling Fan, can a light be attached to the Harbor Breeze Pacific Ceiling fan?

Ceiling Fans HQ • 1 year ago

I do not believe you are able to add a light kit to this fan.

Capkirk • 1 year ago

Bought a new remote it worked great. Had one light not making good contact took all out and cleaned all four light fixtures, reinstalled bulbs. As I was installing the last bulb across from one that had been a problem there was a loud pop as if the bulb burned out in my hand, it continued to burn. the remote no longer works on the lights., fan works fine. Wife no happy!!